Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Post for a Tween

As of February 6, 2011, there is now an official tween living in my house. That second child of mine turned 12. This is turning into some sort of banner year for me. Major birthday coming up (and NO, we are still NOT going to talk about it, okay?), teenager who got a license, and now a tween. A female tween. Go Edge!

For those of you out there who have more than two kids, do you find it kind of hard some times? I mean, you have the oldest kid who is your "Learning Kid". I was the oldest and can totally relate to this mind set. This is the kid you test your parenting skills with and hone them for the upcoming kids. My teenager is a beautiful gal, but she can wear a Mama out at times. Then you have the youngest that is the baby. Need I say more? This is your last child and you want to pay close attention to all the small details (if you can focus after dealing with the other two) and just savor the last time having to potty train a small human being. I've always worried that my middle child would suffer because the middle sibling is notorious for being the peace maker and keeping it below the radar for the most part. The Man and I have always tried to make the extra effort to let her know we love her and make sure she has her moments in the spotlight.

I'd like to tell you a little bit about my Makenna.

She's not into boys. Yet. Boys are just boys. They are her Cat Navy (her name for The Man for those of you visiting The Edge later than the rest), her Papa, her brother, nasty kids at school. She just has no interest in boys as of now. She won't even give them her cell phone number because, as she puts it, "I don't want them bothering me at home when I have to tolerate them at school all day long." I do have to share that when I asked her if she liked any boys and she replied "no" that she also was quick to point out that she doesn't like girls that way either. *blink*blink* I didn't even think of that but thanks for pointing that out, kid.

She is into drawing. Oh, how that baby loves to draw. If she's not reading, she's drawing. Her sketch books are full and I can see her talent improving with every page she touches. She will spend hours perfecting a picture, either on paper or on the computer. She has taught herself complex computer programs with drawing and coloring that make my eyes go wide and wonder just how far will she go with this talent?

She is into singing. When we went to open house for her first year in middle school, she marched around and took care of her schedule all by herself so she could make sure she was going to be in chorus. I have become accustomed to hearing her singing all over the house because she doesn't even think of what she's doing. She just makes a joyful noise all the time and it is a pleasure to hear. She loves singing so much and has improved so much that she made Georgia State Honor Choir. She sure did. That was what we did last weekend on her official birthday. We headed to a town below Atlanta so she and two other girls from her school could do some intensive training for an amazing performance on Saturday. (I have to do a Mama Brag here. We're 2 for 2 now! Paige made South Carolina State Honor Choir in 4th grade and now Makenna. Your turn, Boy!) We were so exhausted when we came home Saturday night and she was hoarse from giving it her all for the performance, but it was an experience none of us would trade for the world!

She is into hats. I have always had a secret jealousy of those that can wear a hat. My girl can wear a hat. It really doesn't matter what it looks like, either. She has quite a few hats that she'll plop down on her head when heading out the door. She has a unique quirky fashion style that makes you look twice and think, "Dang, I wish I could put stuff together and be that cute." Maybe it's because she has great self confidence and so she has all of us believing she really is that cute? I don't know, but it sure works for her. Did I mention that she wears toe socks with flip flops? And I let her do it...when it's not freezing outside. Hats, scarves, and toe socks. Give her one of those as a gift and she will adore you forever. The funkier they look, the better she loves them.

She is into performing. Give her a stage and she will burst forth and entertain you to the fullest. I've always had issues with stage fright and I made a vow when I had kids that I would find a way to make them comfortable on stage or in front of people. My girls did pageants and dance recitals from young ages and so they have no problem walking out in front of people with big smiles on their faces. Makenna is a key player in our dinner theater. Yes, evening meals are very entertaining around here and more times than I can count, when she has the spotlight, she has to get up from the table and act out whatever she is telling us. She talks with her hands like her Mama and when she's excited her voice gets higher and higher in pitch until you wince and have to tell her to bring it down a notch or two or three.

She is into anime. Apparently, there are many kids her age that are lovers of this Japanese form of entertainment. She can draw the characters as well or better than the makers and she is always telling us stories about the characters. Of course, we are clueless because we aren't all about this art form, but we nod and smile and every once in a while we remember something she told us previously that we can relate to the current story she's telling and she is satisfied that we are, indeed, listening to her.

She is into writing. She has this flash drive that she has connected to an old Wii remote strap and it is never far from her sight. She has all her computer art and stories in this precious piece of plastic and has been known to panic if she can't immediately lay her hands on it. Before she leaves for school, she will leave up a story she is working on so when I get The Boy off on the bus, I can sit with a cup of coffee and see what her mind has conjured up. And I am impressed. Her writing style is far beyond her years and I know this because I read. I read everything and I've seen so many writing styles and hers? Blows my mind. I am seriously considering submitting some of her work just to get an opinion because I am her Mama and may seem a tad bit biased when it comes to her talent. I want to write like her when I grow up.

She is into golf. When she was 8 years old, we gave her a choice of either soccer or golf. She needed to get out of the house! She chose soccer at first, then thoughtfully said, "Ya know, you have to run with soccer. I'll take golf." She took a few lessons at the golf course on base and was hooked. She's on her second set of golf clubs (thank you growth spurt), has a net set up in the back yard, and is about to go get her second pair of golf shoes. We are waiting until March to enroll her in a golf program because we do live in one of the golf capitals of the nation and so these programs are readily available. Her P.E. coach at her school is excited for her develop her skills so she can play on the high school team (and I suppose make him look good?). I'm just happy she enjoys the game. Every time her Poppies comes for a visit, she hits the course with him and The Man for an afternoon of golf and golf cart driving. I'm still not sure which she enjoys more because we all know that driving a golf cart is loads of fun. It tickles my father-in-law to no end that he has a grandchild that loves his favorite past time.

This is why I feel that some times this kid of mine may fall by the wayside due to where she was born in a three kid line up. I am humbled by her peace keeping ways and proud of her feisty nature when she has been wronged in this life. Makenna is a very bright light in this world that keeps our family shining and warm. Our calm in a storm and bright star to lead us when we need to be shown the way.

I love this kid and can't wait to see how she shows the world that she is a force to be reckoned with.

Happy Birthday, Mu.

p.s. I'm secretly very glad you don't want to wear makeup yet. It's really is overrated.
Now it's time for pictures!!! The opening picture at the top was taken when we went for Neighbor Greg's retirement a few weeks ago. She wanted to jump off of the fountain and I let her. Note she did take the flip flops off before jumping. Oh, to be young again. You know, where you don't injure something major by doing something like jumping off of a fountain.

I love love this picture. We at The Edge love a good fountain. When we see one, our cameras come out and start snapping. It was hard to leave this fountain behind when we moved because it's just so fabulous. See what I mean with the hat? How cute is that?

We went to South Carolina this past weekend to get our taxes done and, of course, we stop and eat at our favorite Mexican restaurant because that's what Makenna has to do on her birthday. We have eaten here for many years for her day. So many, in fact, that we laugh because the first time she wore this hat? It was down to her nose because she was so little. How about those Happy Birthday glasses? I found those at Cracker Barrel a few weeks ago and just knew they had to be hers. Gah, how does the kid even work a sombrero?

Pictures are tad bit out of order. This was on her birthday. We were all so tired from a chorus filled weekend, but we went out to one of our favorite places for the best dessert in town. We noticed a fountain outside! A big fountain! Of course, instinct kicked in and out came the cameras. Note this is hat number 3.

This is a dessert order for a piece of cake. Her favorite one, might I add. One piece covers an entire plate and we are all perfectly okay with this. We didn't get a birthday cake on her birthday because Nana made her a red velvet cake that we got this past weekend. And, yes, she wore the hat without blinking. Even to Best Buy afterwards, where people would wish her a Happy Birthday.

She has worn this shirt for five birthdays now. I remember ordering it a size larger than what she was wearing. Little did I know she would grow straight up and be able to wear it many more times. Every year she pulls it out the closet and wears it proudly. Surely have gotten my money's worth, huh?

This was right after her chorus performance when parents were allowed to go down to the stage to take pictures. She was one out of 250 kids in this group (there were two groups). Thank goodness she was on the end and we were able to find her. What an amazing once in a lifetime experience it was!

Poppies (The Man's Dad- can you tell?) is now working in Georgia for a while and he made the drive to see his golf buddy perform. If ever one little girl had two men wrapped around her tiny pinky finger...this girl OWNS these two grown men.

I don't know....I think maybe we favor a little bit in this picture. Lawd, I love this kid of mine.