Sunday, August 31, 2008

Repeat it enough and you'll believe it

My boy is a blessing. My boy is a joy. My boy is the beat of my heart. My boy needs his ears checked!!!!!

We had to go get tennis shoes for Kenna and The Boy today. I've been putting it off for as long as possible because good shoes aren't cheap and I'd have to take that boy of mine in public.

We went to the shoe store first because I needed my kid to be fresh and not worn out from shopping. Little good that did me. By the time we left, I knew for certain that before long? Either he or I will be on medication. It's like his ears just turn completely off and he is unable to function and listen like he's supposed to. I'm not asking the kid to be perfect, but QUIT RUNNING LIKE A FROOT LOOP AROUND THE FREAKING STORE ALL READY. I had to put Paige and her friend at the front doors because he heads for freedom and will burst through and just keep going...right into traffic. That's how bad it is.

We did manage to get him a pair of shoes. And one for his sister. My 9 year old is in a women's size 8.5! Her heel is so narrow, we have to lace them up like crazy. Makes no sense. Two pair later and we were out of there. I guess that's done until the next growth spurt which is when? Two months? Growing kids are expensive for sure.

The Boy deemed it so that we eat at Cracker Barrel. He loves that place and I believe that is the one sign he can read with no problem. I threatened Paige that I was gonna blog about her licking her salad plate because she's all about a good salad and dressing but I changed my mind. There's no need in embarrassing the child about licking a plate and how I started basically hollering at her and I think I might have forked her to get her to put it down but she was laughing too hard at me to do so. I called her a redneck and she said I acted like more of one attacking her with my fork. I beg to differ. I was being a Mama trying to instill good table manners in my child. There's a difference, you know. So, I won't blog about it and shall spare her this time. I'm cool like that.

Another reason for braving the public today is because of it being Labor Day. There is the stead fast rule in our home that you get NOTHING after Labor Day. This is in preparation for Christmas. Years ago, I realized that my children had great potential to be spoiled beyond rotten. I wanted to stop it. So, when Kenna was little, I made the rule that no one gets anything after Labor Day so that Christmas will highly anticipated and enjoyed and appreciated. Oh boy, The Man had some issues with this when we started dating. He was a single dude who got what he wanted when he wanted. When I informed him the rule applied to him also, it took some getting used to. He didn't like it one bit, but I wanted him to show the kids he could do it and quietly wished for him to capture some Christmas magic back from child hood. The girls accept the rule and have made it a part of their lives. The Boy was just thrilled to get something today. I realized that The Man and I truly don't go buying like stupid heads on a regular basis. We have brought it down to birthdays and Christmas (with the bonus Labor Day). If the girls have their own money, they can make purchases. The Boy doesn't even really know what the toy aisle is in W*lmart. Why take the child down aisles of toys if we're not going to buy anything? We start looking around the end of October through November where you are allowed to say, "I sure would like to have that." or "That would be a really cool Christmas present right there." or " Tell Nana I want that because she'll get me whatever I want at Christmas" or "This movie is coming out so please tell MiMi I want this movie because she always gets the good movies!". My husband and I aren't poor, but the military doesn't pay THAT well. Add in the fact that these kids will be on their own one day and they need to learn now that this sense of entitlement their generation carries won't help them pay the bills when they are OUT OF MY HOUSE. I'm just saying.

Tomorrow, my girl marches in uniform in a local parade. She's nervous and excited and I can't wait to see her show off what she's been working so hard at learning. I'm so proud of her dedication. Of course, I plan on taking pictures of her in her "salt and pepper's". Of course, I plan on blawg'ing about it so you can see her, too!

I apologize for my rant about The Boy earlier. The kid is a bundle of energy that would make a nuclear power plant look like a 2-watt light bulb. You know I love him.

Friday, August 29, 2008

The Meeting

The meeting went well yesterday. I had to laugh to myself a little bit as they assured me over and over how smart The Boy is. We know this already. That's part of his problem! He's too smart for his own good at times.

I was pleased that it was emphasized that there are NO labels involved or stated. The director/principal said that each child is unique and some times it just takes a little longer to figure out how to make their class room experience the best it can be for them. They assured me that he isn't in danger of being kicked out (WHEW! I was almost a puddle of relief over that statement)...yet.

I was blown away by the fact that time-outs are no longer allowed. It hurts the child's self esteem. They are redirected to another activity. Oh, this is after they sit and think a minute about their actions. Sounds suspiciously like a time out to me. Behaviour charts are no longer allowed because a child may get depressed if they don't do as well as they think they should. Plus, you don't know how parents react when the child gets home. You beating the crap out of them if they didn't behave or locking them in a closet. There I sat with my mouth hanging open as I listened. Of course, I had something to say. I said....uh, you can't incorporate corporal punishment so when they do something wrong you just write them up and make them "think" a minute?? And you've taken away the behaviour chart so they have nothing to work for . My son GETS the chart. He had one last year in 3-K and he knew that if his bumblebee hit the ground from bad decisions? He was gonna have a bad day when he got home. I told them this. I said, he needs to have something to work for. He needs to know that if he makes bad choices, home won't be fun when he gets there. Guess what? My boy had a behaviour chart waiting on him this morning. I provided the stickers for it. I picked some up on clearance last year just because and was hanging onto them. We'll see how he works with goals and such starting today.

I was a little bit ahead of them yesterday. I was saying stuff before they got a chance to. I finally told them I was a certified child care specialist and had done this job before. They told me I seemed to be on top of my game. That's where I had to laugh at them and myself. You see....I told them....I have two older daughters who have NEVER had a behaviour issue at school. I put the fear of God in those girls and they would have rather run away to China than come home and tell me they misbehaved at school. Paige would interject with a "You got that right!!!" at this point. The Boy? No fear. I think that's what bugs me the most. He's not scared of Mama's Wrath. Oh, he acts like it when he gets his butt cut, but it's all for show.

At one point we discussed him watching television. Kids his age should only be was either 30 minutes a day or week. I looked them straight in the eye and I said, "He watches nothing but educational programs with the occasional power rangers thrown in. When I have to get something done that can't be interrupted like cooking? I need that television to keep him occupied to get it done. If I don't? Then I can promise you he will be into something as soon as I turn my back."

I feel like the meeting went well. Miss Kim said she will have some documentation for me to carry to the psychiatrist next week when The Man and I go for the initial visit. The director gave an open invitation to the psychiatrist to come and observe The Boy in a class room setting if she needs to. Miss Director also said that if the doctor has any suggestions, they will be more than willing to work as a team in order to help. I really can't ask for more than that, can I? I keep thinking we might, just might, be able to do this without medication being involved. That's my wish and hope right now. We'll see. Still keeping the open mind here, you know.

Can I just say I'm blown away by all the comments from yesterday? You all stepped up to the plate and your support and words of encouragement were just what I needed. When situations rise up in your life, you feel so all alone. To know that there are others who understand and just get it? Wow. That's like gravy on mashed potatoes to me.

There's a long weekend ahead, Internets. Enjoy the last official weekend of summer and the ability to wear white pants and white shoes freely. After Monday? You're taking a fashion risk! Well, in The South you will be. Don't be fooled. You can hear that the rule no longer applies, but if you are in this region and wear white pants or white sandals/dress shoes (tennis shoes are excluded) after Labor Day? The Southern Belles will be talking smack about you behind your back. I'm just saying.....

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Hard Time

Oh, Internets, Miss Hope is having herself a hard time right now. I try really hard to keep the Edge light and funny so you'll come back and visit and enjoy your time spent here. There comes a time when not so much is funny and you just put it out there because you hope and you pray that someone can maybe help just a bit.

It's my boy. My sweet, beautiful, stubborn Boy. God knows I love that 44 pounds of dynamite. He is my baby and I can't imagine my life with out him in it.

He's not doing so well in Pre-K. Well, I call it 4-K and he corrects me and says "It's PRE-K, Mama!" The first few weeks were pretty decent with an incident here and there where he had issues with pushing or not listening. It's gone downhill quick. He's had THREE incidents this week alone and The Man had to go get him from school at 10:30 this morning. He has the sweetest teacher and I just adore her. I spoke with her yesterday and flat out asked her if she thought he needed to be tested for anything. Her hands were shaky and she reached out to touch my arm and said she got so nervous when talking to parents about issues like this. I put my hand on hers and told her that I was not that kind of parent. If there was an issue? I wanted to meet it head on and get it solved.

My baby is having impulse control issues mixed in with being a touch hyper. Especially when he hits the outdoors. It's like he explodes when he hits the playground and it carries on in to the class room when they get back in. He's not making the right choices. Miss Kim (the teacher) says he knows what he's done is wrong, but it appears he can't stop long enough to think..."I really shouldn't do this!" And I know this is true because that's how he is here at home.

The Man is just beside himself. We've talked and talked and talked. I've worked with kids since I was 15. I'm a certified child care specialist for ages 2 to 4. I've been in situations with children who've had problems and now I'm the parent of a child with a problem. I don't want my baby to be that kid that when the teacher sees him coming, she slumps and knows her day probably won't be a good one. He's not broken by no means. He's sharp as a tack and learns amazingly fast. Bless his heart, he has an issue and it needs to be addressed. I want school to be a wonderful experience in his life, not a self-esteem beater. He's so loving and sweet, Internets. I want people to see the good in him, not the negative.

I prayed today that God would lead me to the right person to help my baby. It seemed like every psychiatrist's office I answer or machine. I got in touch with one office and the receptionist said they don't handle kids The Boy's age, but there was someone who was good who could. I got the answering machine there, but she called me back promptly her self. This woman I've never met was the most reassuring voice I've heard today. She told me she had 25 years experience with kids The Boy's age. I told her we really didn't like the thought of medication, that it scared us. She said it should! We didn't know if he even needed medication! She told me I was to quit stressing over it. WE were going to figure out what was going on in that beautiful little mind of his and WE were going to figure out how to handle it. I know I felt better after talking to her.

Due to the incidents The Boy has had at school, we have to meet with the director and teacher tomorrow. ~sigh~ But, I have a plan of action in place. I'm not going in blind. I will keep an open mind and my eyes open to possibilities and solutions. I am The Mama and I can love that baby like nobody's bizness, but I am not educated in the areas he needs me to be. But, I will be before all is said and done. I can promise you that much.

I was speaking with Em via I.M.'s tonight telling her about the situation and I said I am in the perfect place right here for the support I need with this. I have friends who have children with issues and their support and sympathy has literally lifted me up. Instead of beating myself up wondering what I've done wrong or what I could have done differently.....I can focus on going forward and helping my child from this day on.

I'm going to use my little corner of the Internet to share my son's struggle and hope that it might help someone else. Even if it's only in a small tiny way. Because no matter what happens in can choose to gripe, moan, and complain...or you can turn it into a blessing.

I choose the blessing.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Stacey and Jay's Wedding

I have to do a little something special for two great people.

Our normal 4.5 hour drive turned into a little over 6 hours due to Miss Fay's fury. Whew, that was some tough riding. I'm glad The Man drove it because my nerves were quite bad over in the passenger seat. Especially when we would drive over bridges. Being in the wide open with wind and rain was not a good combination. The Hoe was sturdy as a rock and I marveled at the stupid heads who were driving pregnant roller skates just zipping along like they had never heard of hydroplaning when taking the driving course. Again, I put out there that I adore my gas guzzling big as TEXAS vehicle.

All that bad weather gave birth to a beautifully perfect day on Saturday. It wasn't even hot towards the evening. Which is hard to believe in August in the South. I'm telling was perfect.

We arrived early as I was determined to get a good seat. The church looked amazing. We had to take The Boy with us, which made me nervous. My sis-in-law saved the day and let him sit with her and my brother. And he fell asleep. I almost went into panic mode until I realized this might be a good thing. We let him sleep through the ceremony so he got a good 30 minute nap. Ahhh..peace reigned.

There was a gorgeous flower arrangement dedicated in memory to Spencer , Stacey's brother. Davey and Michelle lit the candle for that arrangement after they did the parent's candle. I had to wipe tears away because I can only imagine how hard it was to be so happy for one child while missing another one.

My girl was just stunning. The only word that comes to mind is radiant. I had to turn my head to see Jay's face as he watched her walk towards him. That was one happy man and I can't blame him.

Well, if you know me, then you know me discreetly bringing out the cell phone camera wasn't a surprise. I felt like paparazzi snapping the illegal ceremony picture, but I couldn't wait for professional photos to come back so I could share. Maybe I can get a formal one for later. I was gracious enough to wait until after the vows were spoken. My pictures were during the song where they stood and chatted and laughed. I'm going to make a mental note to ask her what was so funny later on.

The reception was just as beautiful as the church and ceremony. My family and I enjoyed ourselves as we visited with family and friends we haven't seen in a while. The bride and groom finally made it in to our delight. I always do my best to stay until the bride and groom leave. I think that's the most special part of the day...where they leave and start their lives as man and wife. They need those who love them to see them off and give well wishes and blow lots of bubbles.
I'm gonna throw in here there's nothing like seeing a former pastor and his family you haven't seen in many years and you blow his mind when he sees your husband and it's not the same man he remembers. heh heh. THEN, he finds out not only are you d.i.v.o.r.c.e'd? But remarried, moved to another state, and given birth to a BOY! Good times.

A cute moment was when the garter was being thrown. Those nut head boys/men didn't want to participate and every time Jay would toss it, it would end up on the floor. My son would run to get it and carry it back to Jay. This happened a few times and my son thought it was the greatest game ever. I hope they got a picture of him doing that. I was laughing too hard to think about taking one. Makenna missed the bouquet by a few inches, but I'm sure she'll snag one sooner or later in her life.

A HUGE chariot also known as a fire truck waited to take them off. Jay volunteers his time with a local fire department. That is so appreciated because it's men and women like this who keep our rural homes safe and are there night and day to serve and protect.

As we stood outside waiting for them to leave, I noticed a rainbow in the sky. Which kind of seemed odd to me. It hadn't rained all day long. I pointed it out to the preacher's wife and she went running to Michelle. Apparently since Spencer has left, rainbows have appeared through many special occasions. This was no different. It was a moment that made you pause and catch your breath. God is good. He, in his wonderfully kind and compassionate way, was letting them know Spencer was there in spirit. I felt blessed to have seen it. Want to know what else was crazy? As soon as the fire truck pulled away with Stacey and Jay in it....the rainbow was gone. Just that quick. Yeah, I got a chill, too, watching it.

Now, I get to share the few pictures I managed to take. Granted, I won't ever win prizes for the quality and such, but I'm pleased with them. My only regret is not getting one with Jay in it. I apologize for that, but I only had a moment to speak with him and I don't think he gets the whole blog thing...yet.

Not too bad to be a few pews back. The short dude to the right is my nephew. He was the ring bearer and was all studly because he got to escort TWO girls (flower girls) for the ceremony. (Proofreading and realized Jay is in lots of pictures! Ha on me!)

I know the people behind me had to think I was the rudest thing EVAH. I was in a hard place, Internets. It wasn't like I could stand up and say..."It's for the BLOG!"

How do you keep a little boy entertained while waiting in line for food? Let him play with Dad's combination cover (it's not like Dad can wear it inside).

I got a few minutes with the beautiful bride who fully understands and appreciates the blog. See The Man back behind us cheesing? Trying to get his uniformed self all up in our picture??

Well, look here. I did, too, get one with Jay in it. I forgot I made The Man take his tall self over and get one for me. There they go! Off to start their new life!

Congratulations, Stacey & Jay! We love you and pray you have a wonderful life together!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Made it on through

We weathered our first tropical storm pretty good, I think. There's still a few outer bands to go, but that'll be mostly rain with a little punch of wind here and there. I felt like we waited and waited all day long yesterday for happen. Of course, it waited til about dark thirty before it did. The winds whipped up and within a short amount of time, we had water about 4-6 inches deep on the road in front of our home. This morning it had all drained off, but I had visions of boat paddles before I went to bed.

My brother is the King of Being Prepared. He was working the graveyard shift last night so we had a right nice time texting back and forth. He was getting weather updates on his phone so he knew what was happening here. Why...that's almost enough to think he might care!

I've got to say I'm impressed with some Dish Network. Our satellite stayed on the entire time with no problems. We even maintained internet. It sure made our lives smooth.

The kids are out of school again today as Ms. Fay wraps up her party and heads on out. Coastal areas tend to flood a tad, so I'm sure some people are enjoying boat rides around their neighborhoods this morning.

We are still preparing to head to South Carolina. The Man had to go in and get a few things straight, so we're here eating some breakfast. Well, Mama is drinking her coffee so she can function at a somewhat decent level. I'm hoping we'll hit the highway around lunch time. It'll take a little driving before we get past the rest of this storm, but I have faith in the Hoe. She's a sturdy one, she is. I do believe this is my favorite vehicle I've owned thus far. Whoever decided to put a DVD player in a vehicle deserves a HUGE bonus. They had to be a parent.

Now I gotta go crack a whip and get these girls t'moving and packing.

Oh, I have to give a birthday shout out to the love of my son's life. Miss Erinlee is 4 today. We intend on celebrating in big style next weekend. Her Daddy is out to sea right now and is missing his girl something fierce. Thoughts that he has a good day would greatly appreciated. We already know turning 4 rocks and the day will be great! Happy Birthday, Erinlee! We love you!

This Friday I leave you with the challenge of doing a spontaneous good deed this weekend. See the world get a little brighter.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

She has a sweet heart

At Kenna's school, they let the kids bring a snack in to eat around mid-morning. All they ask is that it's on the healthy side meaning no cookies or things of that nature. I don't mind picking up boxes of granola bars or a bag of apples for Kenna to take and enjoy.

Yesterday morning I was walking through the kitchen when I saw her struggling to open a new box of granola bars. She stopped me and asked for help as she was running late (as usual). I opened the box and tilted it towards her so she could get one. She grabbed one, hesitated and grabbed another one. I looked at her and said..."Are you getting one for your friend?" (She has her very good friend in her class again this year). "Yes ma'am," she replied. I was going to leave it at that when she went on to say, "Her Mama said they don't have the money to get her snacks so I always share what I have. If I can't take two, I share what I have with her."

I was humbled by my baby girl. I could easily see her in the shoes of a little boy who only had five barley loaves and two little fish , but was willing to share what he had. I just know that what she does without a second thought makes God smile upon her. I know it encompasses my entire heart and makes me love her even more...if that's even possible.

Life goes by so fast, especially the life of being young. You wake up one day and realize you've let so many good deeds pass you by. To know that her sweet little heart shines through when she's in the world on her own is just a blessing. I want to go forward from this day and be like her......

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Storm is a Coming

Looks like The Edge may experience a little rough weather in the upcoming few days. Nothing like a hurricane to get the juices flowing. Being raised in South Carolina will make you no stranger to such phenomenons of nature.

I was talking to my Daddy on the phone last night and telling him about how many people who live here are in mild panic mode as they've never had the "joy" of going through one of these. I jokingly told him that I tell them it's an excuse to fry up all the chicken in the freezer. Because that's what my Mama does. I remember a couple of hurricanes and while we were preparing the best we could, she would be steadily cooking what she could. We always evacuated a couple of miles down the road to our church. It's a right sturdy building and we've always been safe there. One classroom would be devoted to food. It was like a never ending picnic. Last major hurricane (I can't remember the name), Kenna was a baby...around 6-7 months old. Paige and I could have been naked, but I had an amazing supply of diapers, formula, wipes, and baby food. The wind would howl around the corners of our church making the hair on your neck stand up and my baby would be crawling down the flashlight lit hallway, content as could be. We were without power a few days, which was normal, but all ended well.

No evacuations have been issued here as of yet. Neighbor Debbie let me know the base police came around to tell everyone to put away anything loose in the yards. That's a given, right? I've never been this close to ocean water before, so we'll see how high the surge goes. (Back in S.C., we're 30 miles uh...only a few miles at most) I went to the commissary today to get some staples and whatnot. If we lose power for any length of time, we're screwed and I will lose my meats (unless I start cooking like Mama does!).

I'm not nervous or out of sorts over it. I guess it's like those who live with earthquakes. You know they happen and you deal with it when they occur. Same with a hurricane, although I do appreciate the more advance warning.

I've been keeping track with this. Every few hours, I'll pull it up and see if the course has changed. Right now it looks to almost hit us dead on. That can't be cool. Hopefully, Ms. Fay will downgrade herself to a tropical storm and we'll just end up with rain and a touch of wind. We'll see, I suppose.

If the opportunity presents itself, I'll be sure to let you know how it's going.

So far we're planning a trip to South Carolina this weekend. Stacey is marrying her Jay! I am so excited to see this. She's special to us, as is her whole family. The Man is going to wear his uniform and look GOOD. He wears his dress blues for special occasions and he considers the occasion to be very special. I've already texted and told them to make sure to save us a good seat. I need to cry a little, I do believe. Stacey? We're gladly driving 300 miles to see you get married!

By the way, I'd like to give a shout out to my friend Crystie! It's her birthday tomorrow(20th). Girl, I wish I was there at the beach to celebrate with you. I hope you have a wonderful birthday and tell Tom I said to buy you something pretty! Love ya, Girl!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Picture Monday

Pardon me and my abnormal silence. I'm trying to rid myself of this horrible sinus infection. You know how you go and do what has to be done...only to get home, find your tank is empty so you crash? That's been me the past week.

A few things have come up that I want to share. Where I took pictures! Always Show & Tell here at the Edge.

Before I forget. Pikes Pickles and her oldest baby pickle are trekking cross country. Oh, the fun we have had exchanging text messages. Boredom in the car can be dangerous is all I'm saying.

Let me share something wild with you. You may not think this is, but I do. I noticed this dime on the driver's side running board of my truck. I didn't think anything of it until the next day. That flippin' dime had ridden all over town (up to 45 mph) and didn't budge. I picked it up to see if it was glued. Nope. So, I put it back. That dime rode all week long. Even on the interstate up to 78 mph. It was the Amazing Dime. Until this morning. I went to take The Boy to school and noticed it was gone. The Man had the truck cleaned this weekend and I'm thinking the cleaning duo took it as a tip maybe?

See it towards the inside straight under the H and the O. (I wanted you to have perspective.)

It was a real bona fide dime, I tell ya! I thought about putting another one there to see how it would fare, but it wouldn't be THE Amazing Dime. I think I'm sad about it being gone now. I think this is where my husband would shake his head and be bewildered over what entertains me.

What happens when you feel bad and don't wish to slave over a hot stove? Why, you find meat that the menfolk can fix on the Man Stove.

Not sure what the thought process is behind this picture. All I know is maybe I should have been scared of the over sized cooking tools?

It's another week in life starting. I refuse to think about all I have to get done at this moment. It'll happen soon enough.

Friday, August 15, 2008

And the Winners Are......


Congratulations, you two! Miss Anne has offered all my readers a 10% discount on Paknaks. Just enter the code BTS10 at checkout. Thanks, Miss Anne, for letting me do something so fun! Head on over, Internets, and grab some Paknaks for your very own!

Because this is my first give away, I want to show you how seriously I took the job.

I used my very best yellow salsa bowl with every one's name on a separate piece of paper! Hand written by my very own left hand.

I employed the help of The Boy to hold that bowl up high. As usual, the television has more interesting things going on. This was drawing name one.

Drawing name two. The bowl almost tipped over, but was saved.

Congrats again to the winners and thank you each and everyone for playing along!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Last Chance!

Last chance to enter to win some Paknaks! Scroll on down a couple of posts and enter while you can. The Man will be drawing two names when he gets home from work (usually around 4:00-5:00 p.m. EST). I'll even take a picture of him doing so and make sure he wears his uniform. Why the uniform? So he will be true and because I think he looks good in it.

Good luck everyone!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I Love it When Everyone Plays Together!

Keep those comments coming, Internets! You have until The Man gets home from work on Thursday for a chance to win your very own....
As you can see....regular programming will resume around this awesome event.

Not Again

Back in June, before the Mom-in-Law got here, I proceeded to do what any normal woman would do. I did some deep cleaning. That's when you go beyond the surface dusting to behind things, armed to get all renegade dust bunnies out of your house. The Man and I got sick. I'm still thinking that flu shot started the whole mess and cleaning finished us up.

I've been doing the surface stuff since. Maintaining, so to speak. This past weekend, I deemed it necessary to do a dust bunny round up again. Armed with my vacuum cleaner, I started hitting corners that normally don't see the light of day. I meant to clear it all out, mind you.

Saturday evening found us with a nice clean place to call our own temporarily. Then I noticed I was sniffling some. I figured some dust had found its way up in my sinus cavity, but that's to be expected.

Dang, if The Man didn't start feeling the same way. Awe, Dude. Both of us being sick is NOT an option. Those kids will gang up and take us down if we do.

Sunday wasn't so bad, but I could tell it was getting worse. ~sigh~ I had JUST gone through all of this less than two months ago. Being sick is not my favorite thing in the world to be.

Yesterday was when the Mack truck hit me square between the eyes. I didn't know your cheeks could hurt so badly from pressure. I took some drugs in the hopes of finding some rest last night.

3 a.m. found me staring at the clock. I had to laugh. I really did. I'm a stomach sleeper and when I would lay on my stomach? My nose turned into a dual faucet. When I would turn to my back? I would start to doze and wake up choking from the drainage. What's a gal to do?

I encouraged The Man to go to Medical today and get checked out. He's the breadwinner and one of us HAS to stay on top of the game. He called me from his office when got back to tell me all they gave him was Sudafed. Are you kidding me??? They are leery about giving him an antibiotic after the penicillin scare. Do these people not know that there are other forms of safe antibiotics? I was disgusted. He has a sinus infection and nothing but stupid old Sudafed. He also went ahead and made an appointment for me. How sweet is that?

This could not bode well for me.

I made my way to the band-aid clinic on base to see what kind of nonsense they would throw my way (there are separate groups of doctors for active duty and active duty dependants). The receptionist told me I was seeing a new doctor who was filling in a for a few weeks. Lovely. This was looking worse and worse.

Eventually, I got to a room and here he came. Ten minutes later I am out the door with a prescription for an antibiotic for my SEVERE sinus infection. I told him my self-diagnosis of being allergic to dust and he took me seriously. A mask next time is my weapon of choice. We'll see how I fare after that.

While waiting on my drugs at the pharmacy I texted my hubby and said....

"Dude. Your doctor sucks. Mine rocks!"

If I felt better, I might do a "Neener neener", but I'm not rolling that way today.

We'll see how this goes and if I start to feel better. I sure hope so.

Answer me this, would you?

If I am allergic to dust....wouldn't it stand to reason that I would need someone to come clean my house so as to prevent something terrible like this from happening again?

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Edge History!

I am just tickled to say that you are a part of Edge history, Internets!

Last week I was contacted by Miss Anne of Paknaks fame and was offered the chance to do a give away. Me? A give away?? I immediately emailed her back and told her I would be thrilled to share the love with my people.

Miss Anne went on to say that she would do TWO sets of five for you guys! How cool is that? Two winners? Who each get to pick out five a piece? Get out of here!

You've seen The Boy's favorite PakNak in a previous post. So many different things can be done with these cuties.

Please go check out the PakNak Gallery and see what you can do! Headbands, back packs, lunch bags, bicycle helmets, and on and on. I have the dolphins I'm saving for just the perfect thing for my Submariner hubby.

How can you score your very own set of PakNaks, you ask? Well, let me tell you how! (I'm feeling like an infomercial right about now. I knew that insomnia would pay off one day!)

Take a stroll on over to the PakNak site and pick out five of your favorite ones. I know, it's hard. I already see a couple more that are new that I might just have to have. I have the vision of doing Makenna a headband or two or three. Miss Anne has also informed me that some PakNaks are made from recycled plastic. I'm all about recycling. Drives my family nuts how I have things sorted into their proper bins.

Pick out five of your favorites and leave a comment here on this post listing your favorite five. I'm going to run this giveaway until Thursday so the winners will know before the weekend to expect a package in the mail of their very own! I'll have an unbiased party (prolly The Man) pull two names on Thursday evening. I'll be contacting you to let you know you've won and so will Miss Anne. Please make sure I have a way to contact you-preferably by blog and/or email.

What have you got to lose? All you lurkers? If you know a child or you are a child at heart? Go for it! Pick your five and comment!

I am very excited and thrilled to be doing this and hope you enjoy playing along. Everyone who knows me personally will agree this particular one fits me perfectly! I think everyone representing the U.S.A. overseas right now should have one of these. Miss Anne's daughter has done a cute little Tube demo'ing the coolness.

Now, go visit PakNaks and enjoy yourself. Tell your friends to come visit The Edge and give it a shot. Be a part of Edge history!

Unless I come back and state otherwise, this is open for United States and Canada addresses.

P.S. I did not tell any of my friends about this so as to keep it all a fair playing ground. That, and the fact that Carla held my birthday party plans a secret for MONTHS makes it all the sweeter. It was a good weekend.

Visual reminder of how The Boy's turned out. All the kids at 4K think it's cool. He was all over that green frog when I opened the envelope. If it's green? It's his. The oldest was out the door this morning before I could get a picture of her peace sign on her backpack. I'll have to make sure I get one for you!

Friday, August 08, 2008

Score another one for the girl

That girl of mine came in the house wide open yesterday. She had her first inspection.

She passed.

She passed so well she got her first ribbon.

This past summer she went to the school with Britt to do some cleaning in the ROTC room so she could meet some of the teachers and get a feel for the place.

She got a ribbon for that, too.

The only freshman that she knows of to get 2 ribbons within the first week of school.

That sister is an over achiever for sure.

She met another guy yesterday who has been doing this gig for about four years. His chest is covered in medals, ribbons, and cords(sp?). She looked at me and said, "Mama, when I saw his uniform? I told myself that's how I wanted mine to look." I'm inclined to believe she will accomplish that personal mission.


Good news. The Boy's toenail fell off of its own accord. I know you all think I'm crazy for being like I am over that thing but it was NASTY looking. He came home from school the other day and pulled the gauze off and the toenail came with it. No pain. No blood. Just a nice pink toe with a new nail doing it's best to grow. Relief is an understatement. Now he can wear his croc-odile shoes to protect it and not have to worry about gauzing it up three times a day. I know this probably won't be the last injury in his life time. I might go ahead and fill an order for nerve tablets. He's aging me quick!


Kenna starts her beloved Challenge class this coming Monday. She LIVES for that day of thinking outside the box. Her only problem? Obviously the food isn't as good at this school as it is at her regular school. Hate it for her. I'm not about packing lunches and I'm not about to start now. She's smooth with having a male teacher thus far. Methinks she might wrap him around her finger if given the chance. This baby loves men. Has always gravitated to them. I'll worry more about that when she gets a little older, I think.


Another point of interest? If you purchase anything from Lowe's (yes, I'm doing a free shout to them), especially a large appliance? And it breaks? On a regular basis? They'll work with you. I spoke of the situation earlier and said I would do a follow up on it. A manager there by the name of Darb told us he would give us a washing machine at their cost. I immediately went to shopping and little while later found what would become one of my most favorite toys thus far. (Mine is white) One thing you need to know? The markup on these bad boys is stupid. What we paid was probably half of the price on this site. Now Darb told us he couldn't do a whole lot with our fisher, maybe give us a little store credit. First, he had to deem it unrepairable. So be it. He sent it off to a local repair shop. Five weeks later he calls to check on it (we checked with him about every week or so lest he forget about us) and guess what? They had to order the part from New Zealand. When it got through customs and arrived? It was the wrong part. Here passes another few weeks. Darb saw our issue. We could have possibly been without a washer for a few months. The Man went by a few days later to pick up a Lowe's gift card for around 500 bucks. Sweet. We were amazed at how great they were. Of course, there's always something you need from that store, so we were perfectly satisfied with the results. All in all? We spend around 700-800 bucks for a washer, two years later it's bought back for 500. I can live with it. We were fortunate to work with great people to solve the issue. (note: if you can't keep up with paperwork like receipts? Use your credit card for a major purchase. I was able to call my credit card company and get a statement proving we purchased this item in June of 2006. I'll do that, you know. Buy stuff with a credit card and pay it off. It helps me have a backup record and keeps the credit report looking good.) I took the advice of the sales guy working in the appliances and put all my paper work (along with extended warranty lasting until 2013) in a Ziploc bag and it's taped to the machine. Smart man to tell me that.

I wasn't ugly (although I had potential to be) and used logic and maybe just a tad bit of Southern Charm and grace. You, too, can succeed if you sneak in a little drawl now and again.


That concludes an Edge update for the moment. I have a surprise for everyone next week that has me tickled to no end. That means you have to stay tuned because Monday is the reveal. No ones knows about it but me so even my friends can get a wide eye'd look and say "OHHHHHHHH".

*wiggles in chair*

Stay hydrated, Internets. It's hot out there.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Aye, That's my Girl

My girl is loving her some ROTC-Navy Style. I would have never thought she would have to be honest. She has thrown herself into it with all her might and her perfectionist self is doing whatever it takes.

She brought home her new uniforms that she will be wearing on Thursdays. Being the stubborn person I am, I told her she is on her own getting them straight and whatnot. Does that stop her? Not hardly. Now, don't get all riled up. I am not capable of hemming pants nor do I know what to tell her to get it all straight.

She had The Man take her to W-mart to get the stuff you can use and iron with to make your hem(Stitch Witchery?). She had The Man put them at the right length and she hemmed them herself. We didn't have a ruler to help her measure, but we had a tape measure.

Midnight still saw her getting that uniform ready for school today. I went to bed and left her and The Man to it.

Here I stood firm that I wasn't going to support her in this endeavor. I can't say that I do now in the way that she needs me to. But, I support her perseverance and determination to do a good job. How can I argue with that? I can't.

I can't say I'm all about tucking in the shirt that tight. I tried to talk Paige into blousing out the shirt a little bit this morning and Britt (who is Deb's daughter, extra kid of mine on occasion, pal of Paige's, fellow ROTC companion, and the one I keep grits for in my pantry) informed me quickly that she cannot "blouse" (and said with disdain also) as the line has to be straight. I shrugged and said that was shame because not all people were meant to tuck clothes in that tight. Know what I mean? Paige informed me I was being mean because I was smiling the whole time I was taking pictures. I wasn't being mean. I'm just so proud of her for standing up for what she wants to do, no matter what the obstacle is. Right now the obstacle is me.

It was a pure joy to watch The Man work with her last night. He helped her prepare her uniform and I get to sit back at the table while they talk "shop" during supper. This might be the thing that bonds them good. This program that I don't want her to do might be the one thing to cement their relationship as father and daughter.

I am through arguing. If she keeps her grades up, she can march all she wants. She can do a thousand push-ups and I won't blink an eye. I will listen to her excited stories about something new she's learned about the Navy.

Sail on, Baby Girl.

The Chief is a tailor in his spare time.

I never knew there were so many rules on how to wear a belt. This is "How to Wear a Military Belt 101".

The Chief irons clothes like nobody's business. Is it just me or does it look like he got suckered into doing the job and she's not paying that much attention?

Don't forget to shine those shoes! Chief let her use his handy dandy electric shoe shining thingy. Note he is keeping a close on her so she doesn't break his toy!

Ready for inspection and pissed at Mama for making her stop to take a picture. That's my girl and I am so very proud of her.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008


I am such a bad Mama at times. My poor baby is still having issues with that big toenail of his. It's barely hanging on at the cuticle. When he realizes it's there and starts to wailing about it, I direct him to his Dad. When he rips the gauzy bandage protection off, I direct him to his Dad. I don't even like looking at it. It makes my insides feel yucky.

I can't handle the retching sound people make when sick. I can if I've been least I think so. That was WAY back in college when I'd help a sister out. I don't know how I would do now going on twenty years later. After sitting here thinking about it a second? I prolly wouldn't do so good now. Where this thought come from, I have no idea. I guess I felt it had to be put out there in case I ran into any of you and you decided to go and get sick on me or something.

School is going well thus far. We all know how it goes. The first week, they hit the floor smiling and ready to face the day. As time progresses, you literally have to threaten their very lives to get them up and moving.

Paige brought home her uniforms for ROTC-Navy style. Argh. Let me just say I do not support her doing ROTC. I've heard all the pro's and whatnot. Trust me. I just want her to focus on getting as many gifted classes she can and get a college degree. She's all about going to college, being an officer, and changing the world. I'm just not the type person (and there are many who will testify to this) to be told what to do. My daughter is a lot like me. I'm curious as to how this will turn out. She will either excel and rock it or throw up her hand in disgust and walk away.

Now is where I have to learn AGAIN how to balance it all. Make sure the evening meal is served on time and home work is done. Bathe the boy every night and get him in bed because he's in SCHOOL. Full time! Have I mentioned that already? I'm not bathing him at the present time because that would mean I have to deal with that toenail. That's right, Dad is handling that. We have 10 months of school and 2 months of summer, but routines have to be re-learned. How crazy is that?

All I know right now? Is that my oldest child has two huge laundry baskets of dirty clothes outside her room that I told her to bring to the laundry room so I could get them washed today and she neglected to do so because she "forgets" all the time and if I get my stubborn streak cranked up, I won't do them and she'll be all kinds of upset this afternoon and they just won't get done. Reckon she'll have to remember next time, then won't she?

I'm going to stop thinking now. I've got a jumbo cup of coffee here that is the perfect temperature and I hear a little word whomp calling my name.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Edge Note to Readers

Dudes. I am trying my best to upload pictures from The Boy's first day of school. Blogger is giving me issues at the moment. I'll get them to you as soon as I get some cooperation! it! Finally!

Three Down and Free to Go!

I sent my baby boy off to full-time school this morning. He awoke with gusto and shoved Makenna and I out of the way in the bathroom (where I was drying her hair) and informed us, "I'm going to SCHOOL and I gotta pee!" Far be it from us to get in his way.

He had picked his outfit out on Friday while the girls were gone for their first day. I laid out four shirts on his bed and let him choose. He was torn between the submarine tshirt and the baseball one. He finally settled on the submarine one. (Go Navy!)

It was a mad house around here this morning as we rushed to get all kids dressed and out the door. Of course, The Man was going with us for the first day because that's how He rolls. We decided to drop Kenna off first and head on to 4K. It was touchy here and there as anyone who has kids can tell you the first week is just crazy until all settles down.

My baby went in with his head high and his eyes bright. Didn't hesitate once. I had to remind him to come back and give me a kiss.

Carla, Dulcie, and myself decided we needed to head out as a celebration of sorts. My thinking was for some coffee. I was in dire need as I had not had the chance to drink but a half of a cup.

I kept thinking about my baby during the day. Was he having a good time? Was he being a good listener? Was he happy? I've done this with all three of my kids as they've headed off into the land of big girls and boys. This was bittersweet for me as I wasn't left with an infant at home to focus on. Fourteen years and I have no one left at home but me. I am not sad about it. Fourteen years is a long time, Internets!

I'll even admit to taking a small nap before every one got home. Because I could. I'm still thinking the perfect job for me out there includes an afternoon siesta.

I came home from taking The Boy and walked next door to sit outside and visit with my neighbor Debbie for a few. We were sitting in her glider outside when we heard colors resonate across the base. In one accord we stood up and faced her flag with our hands over our hearts. As I stood there and thought about my post from yesterday, I knew then I might not can do a thing about those who refuse to show respect, but I can make sure to teach my own how to do it the proper way.
A quick shout out to Nana! When she came to visit a couple of weeks ago, Kenna asked her if she brought the funnies with her. (You know...the comics out of the newspaper?) My mother went home and saved the funny page out of the newspaper for two solid weeks (including Sunday) and sent them in a big yellow envelope. I got the local newspaper and Paige got a magazine. It was so unexpected and special! Thanks, Mama!

Of course, I shall end with pictures. What kind of Edge would this be without pictures!

He was a little put out with me snapping pictures. He was ready to go!

This is the brand spanking new backpack I ordered and Miss Dulcie monogrammed. Note the frog paknak (links to the right).

I LOVE this. These are my boys and the bond they have just amazes me on a daily basis.

This is...uh....the coffee I told you about? Yeah, we like a little egg with our coffee. And hash. And bacon. And pancakes.

Thanks, Blogger, for finally cooperating!

Sunday, August 03, 2008


I have put a very prominent name in the title for a reason. I'm hoping that search engines will find this so that many will see it.

Dear NASCAR and Fans,

I watch your racing goodness every time you roll. My husband enjoys the fast pace and spin outs on a Sunday (and some times Saturday) afternoon. He visits many race tracks located throughout our great nation through your miles logged in on many tracks.

I also think we can safely surmise that this sport is no longer the country boy sport. This is evident in your boxes where catered meals abound. This is also evident in the maxed out R.V.s that rest in your infields. Many walks of life are enjoying the business empire called NASCAR.

Because I truly believe that a person should enjoy the chance to relax and if you so choose to watch this in order to do so, then so be it. I have (and will continue) to enjoy many afternoons lulled to sleep on my couch by the sound of tires on asphalt. The sounds of air guns changing tires will echo in my dreams.

I do have one issue to take up with you, NASCAR, and your fans.

At the beginning of every race, you are prayed over and our National Anthem is sung by various people.

Tell me this, if you can.

Why can't you respect the song when sung?

Each time we watch this, we stop whatever we are doing out of respect. Our children must place their right hand over their hearts. No talking, please. Sing if you want....that's perfectly acceptable. We are in our homes. Accountable to no one but ourselves.

You, on the other hand, are being viewed by millions of people. I see pit team members in their brightly colored suits standing there. No hand over the heart. Chewing gum or tobacco with all their might. I see driver's with an arm propped on the car. I see their ladies standing there in their 200 dollar shades with arms crossed or hand on hip. I see fans on top of 250K R.V.s with beer in hand spitting over the side and shuffling around waiting on the race to begin.

You, NASCAR, have become one of America's top viewed sports, on par with baseball.

Can you not then be an example to those watching and stand with respect and with your hand over your heart when our National Anthem is being sung?

Choose not to bow your head when the invocation is delivered, but be rest assured we know who you will be calling on should a bad wreck occur that proves to be fatal or near abouts.

I am saddened and disheartened that such a blatant show of disrespect is shown on my television.

I am proud that military members who are in attendance will stand at attention and salute our flag gladly. I am proud of fan and pit crew members who do the same.

If you have a leg in a cast or your are confined to a wheelchair, we understand your issue. If you got a right arm? Put it over your heart.

Michael Waltrip, Sir? You touched me today as you stood there with full respect and sang along. My hat is off to you, Sir, and I appreciate the example you set for our viewing country.

I will not apologize for this letter and hope that you will see the impact you are having on our country.

If you feel you don't need to show respect? We have borders located to the North, East, South, and West. Please exit the one closest to you and send us a post card from your new home. I can promise you it won't be Land of the Free, Home of the Brave.

I thank you for your time and look forward to seeing more respect for our flag and our song in the future.


Miss Hope

Friday, August 01, 2008

Where did They go???

To school, that's where!!!!!!

I was not in fine form this morning, my Internet family. No, Miss Hope was on the verge of needing a good smack. At least, I'm pretty sure my husband was thinking about it.

It has been the busiest week EVAH. Not only have I had that Compass deal going on in the evening time, but there's been three open houses at three different schools and let's not forget that program I'm doing at the base chapel on Thursday mornings.

My sweet Kenna had the first open house. She made a flower pen at crafts one week to give to her teacher that night. She's got the one male teacher in 4th grade. She didn't know what to do about it until he asked her if that flower was for him. He thanked her big and put it on his desk. Scored points in my book right there. If you have elementary age children, you know how the rooms look. Those teachers put up valances and posters and knick knacks. Your child will have their name on their desk with maybe a little pencil holder? This guys' room was stark. Nothing fancy or soft in there to speak of. He had one board decorated with some neon paper. Wonder if his wife had something to do with that? We stopped to speak to Kenna's 2nd grade teacher because we just loved her and she assured us that everyone loves this particular teacher as he is funny and great to be around. We'll see how Miss Thang handles it.

Next we had The Boy's open house. I'm accustomed to stopping in, speaking to the teacher, checking out the classroom and heading out. Silly me! This is a D.O.D. (Department of Defense) school. You gotta be briefed for a solid hour on what your kid will be doing, how they will be reprimanded, what size blanket is acceptable for nap time, how the Navy spent good bucks to have a water play playground installed (where the water pops out of the ground), etc. and etc. You are properly impressed, I promise. Meanwhile, your kid is chomping to get into the centers set up and you're trying to act like you're hanging onto every word the teacher is saying. Afterwards? The Man recalled even less than I did.

Last night was Paige's open house. Holy moly in a bucket. There's no way. I'll take my small alma mater high school with a graduating class of around 82 any day of the week. There were thousands of people there. I kid you not. Thousands. It was beyond bedlam. We walked at least 2 miles trying to find the different hallways her classes were located. No maps. No bread crumb trails. I looked at her during our quest for the biology class and said..."Baby Girl? You are on your own." She is so excited and ready for this adventure. She's the one I'm praying for today. I would be scared out of my entire mind. Not her. She just sees the potential to meet new people and make more connections. God Bless her. And Thank You, Lord, Miss Emily is there working and can look out for her!

I was out of sorts this morning. Compass being at night just threw me. I like to get the first day's outfit ironed and set out the night before. By the time I got home last night? Kenna was in bed and had done her best to pack her own backpack. Oh, lovely. So, we got up a little earlier this morning. I didn't do much school clothes shopping because clothes from last year still fit. No jeans are needed in this hot weather. A new pair of shoes and a few pieces of summer clearance clothing and we're good for a while. Paige got some new pieces of fashionable attire and a couple bags of cool hand me downs from Miss Coty yesterday. Coty is married and a Mama, but she's totally cool in Paige's eyes and wears the bestest stuff.

The Boy starts his adventure Monday. That'll give me more time to get his stuff straight. He has a list as long as my arm that they require he have on premises. Jeesh. Miss D. has his new backpack with her so she can put his name on it proper like. Her baby girl is the love of my son's life and they'll be at the same school together...which thrills me and Miss D. to pieces. We have deemed it so that they should have the cutest backpacks, blankies, and pillows of all. It's only fitting that they do.

Without further ado, I give you the required first day of school pictures. My girls don't argue about it as it won't do them any good.

This is my golf playing, book reading, FOURTH GRADER. I had a hard time finding her name on the third grade list the other day. I think I'm trying to keep her from growing up.

Note the backpack. She's used it since 4K. That's a good backpack.

Yes, I know there's a glare on her glasses. She knows there's a glare on her glasses. But, she's so cute!!!!

This is Britt and Paige. Britt is our next door neighbor and a good pal of Paige's. Britt is a Senior this year and loving life. She's a regular here at the Edge. To the point that when she knocks on the door, we open it and she says "HI!" as she goes straight on past to find Paige.

This concludes the first day of school post...until The Boy starts Monday. I'm already planning my day starting with coffee somewhere in this town!

Have a good weekend...especially if it's tax free like it's going to be here!