Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Moving Right Along.....

*As we sat down to eat our Sunday dinner (that would be the noon meal for those who are not Southern), we waited for The Boy to bless the food. I stopped him to tell him he needed to close his eyes when he prayed because that's how it's done.

He said...."I not see you if I close my eyes." And refused to do so.

*Paige's phone died. Again. That pink Raz*r just hasn't been a good phone at all. I hope other people are having better luck with it than she has. I made her call tech support and ask them about it. I'm not going to have kids afraid to take care of their own business. Tech support said the phone was officially dead and needed to be replaced, but it was still under warranty. I called last night to see what I needed to do in order to have her a phone that worked. I really lucked out and got a fellow mom with teens in customer service.

Paige isn't eligible for an upgrade until August. She had decided she wanted an EnV like ours. I told her we paid the monthly service fee, so she could pay for her phone. I would get her a basic low cost phone with an upgrade, but if she wanted something fancier? She'd had to pay for it herself. Yeah, we're horrible parents. She immediately started putting money aside every time she worked. At last check? She had $75.00 towards that orange piece of love. This lovely woman who works at the V-carrier was so impressed that a 13 year old was motivated enough to work for something. She went ahead and put me in for an early upgrade. Yes....that girl has her orange EnV on the way. At what cost? A lovely $79.00. To say she's excited is a massive understatement. As she had pretty much the whole amount saved....I called us even and told her she better take care of this one like a new born baby.

Tonight begins our first Compass session of the year. It's in the evening time this go round, so it'll be a few late nights for the old lady here. I've been working my butt pretty good trying to get my responsibilities taken care of as in the registrations and whatnot. Now, I've got to do a hard study session to brush up on my information and be prepared to get in front of a right decent sized class. Of course, I'll probably end up taking my shoes off so I can talk straight. I'm thinking that quirk of mine will keep me out of cooperate careers later in life.

I had a long self absorbed post almost completed yesterday morning when my phone started ringing and the whole reason I was writing was on the other end. Sounds all mysterious, but it's not. I believe I'll be sharing later on in the week. I want to get this class out of way first.

I have to go get my son dressed for a field trip. His Dad is going with him to some farm to ride ponies and a wagon....I think. All I know is I saw the slip of paper from school that said an outdoor field trip and Miss Hope doesn't do outdoor field trips. Hate it. My mother was the one who went to the petting zoo with my girls back in 5K. I just don't like outdoors. Good thing Fred's around to participate with Vitt. Otherwise, my boy would be missing out. Sorry....that's how I roll.

How cute is he gonna be with his jeans, cowboy boots, and baseball cap on? I see a picture in a future post.....

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Things that Make me Feel Good

There are a few things that have made me feel good lately.

The other night out of the blue, I informed Paige that she was to pull her M*space page up. It was time for a surprise inspection. Without hesitation, she opened it up and I sat down to see what was going on in her world.

She has over 200 friends and she was able to tell who each and every single one of them were. She has a few of my friends on there who help me "police" what she does. Invasion of privacy? I think not. It's called doing what we can to keep our child safe.

I clicked on a couple of her friends to see their pages. One kid from back home kind of surprised me. I'm pretty sure his parents don't know what's on his page. Uh....girls in thongs showing the backside? Picture of him trying to be all sexy with no shirt on? Gotta hand it to the kid...he's a cutie. I did like the pictures of the fish he's caught. Boys a natural like his dad, I believe. (Now I'm sure we've all figured out I've given clues here so Mama can go check his page if she so desires. That means I haven't been tattling per se and he can't hate me later.)

Another happy thought for Miss Hope is my little group of friends. We all get along splendidly. At the moment we are engaged in covert operations. We pulled Secret Pal names at the Christmas supper. Now our missions are to deliver at least one gift a month without being caught. Carla and I have successfully completed a mission or two. I am usually the driver while either Carla or Paige do the quick run to the door. We go late or early...depending on if we know our Pal's schedule. I've yet to receive anything this month, but since we're nearing the end of January? I'm all excited waiting to see what shows up on my door step.

One more happy thought. I love riding behind certain police cars in our town. Nothing will give you the warm fuzzies more than reading on your local officer's bumper: This vehicle purchased with confiscated drug and weapon money at no charge to the taxpayer. I might be paraphrasing here as I can't recall exact wording....but you get the idea.

Oh....got one more for ya. Makenna received a lot of art supplies for Christmas. She got a wooden case with the art pencils, oil crayons, and paint from Grandma, along with a high dollar sketch pad. She got a monogrammed bag from the SIL and my brother to carry such supplies in. Apparently, my girl is into the still-life drawing style. Her self proclaimed project of late is drawing a wine bottle, wine glass, plate of bread and cheese along side the bottle. She drew it first in plain pencil as she needed an idea of what to do. Then she drew it in the colored pencils to see the effect. Now, she's done it in the oil crayons. Same picture. Everything in the same place. How she's done that is beyond me. How she even know to put a picture like that together is beyond me since we do not have wine in the house. Leads me to believe girlfriend is more observant than we think. I enjoy watching her draw and study her colors. She retreats into her own world where she just draws. But, she cannot be an artist. Or move to Paris for inspiration. Or hook up with some foreign speaking punk.

Those are some happy thoughts I've had of late. It doesn't take much to make me enjoy my life. Methinks I'm going to be enjoying it a little more soon as we are in the process of finding a new vehicle! I am beginning to hate the word "research" as that is all we've been doing. I'm sure it's all gonna pay off when Mama gets behind the wheel of her new ride!

Monday, January 21, 2008

That Boy

A month or so ago, The Man and I were at the commissary shopping for our groceries. On the cleaning supplies aisle, we came across this small contraption. It was a mini-snake...related to that huge tool high paid plumbers use. It was blue and plastic and only worth a buck or two. I told my hubby that it might be something I could use to unclog Paige's bathtub instead of calling in the Calvary. I used it with doubt in my mind and was pleasantly surprised when it worked like a charm. I put it away for future use.

Fast forward to the past few days.

Paige claimed she had need of the snake as she suspected The Boy had done some damage to her toilet. Again. Fred got it out and proceeded to get things "moving" again.

Then he discovered our toilet was not flushing correctly.


Again, we had need of this plastic little snake tool.

He was lucky enough to catch the edge of the obstruction so he could pull it out.

A comb.

I do believe that is one of the best purchases we've made in recent memory. I'd even go so far as to say it even beats the flat screen television.

This morning our son, once again, brought the caps that go to his cap gun Santa was gracious enough to bestow upon him. We only allow the use of caps outside as it does set off a foul odor.

I hear my husband mutter as he walked through the house....

"I'm running out of places to hide things from that boy."

You are all cordially invited to attend a grand ceremony/party when we get this young man grown and gone out of our house. We expect trophies and nice presents for having survived raising such a rascal.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Warm Fuzzies

Apparently absence makes the heart grow fonder. The Boy and I stayed in South Carolina until Wednesday as The Man didn't want me driving home during the evening hours. A woman driving alone after dark, plus the fact that the stupid check engine light had come on during my stay meant waiting until I knew I would have all daylight hours to travel.

I appreciate the kinds words of those who left a comment on the previous post. The service was so far the sweetest one I've ever had the honor of attending. Both pastors got choked up recalling fond memories and the songs were fitting to the lady and the occasion. I'm so glad I went.

As I drove up in front of our home, I was greeted with the site of both Paige and Fred racing out to meet us. I found out a few minutes later that Paige had "Called dibs on Mama" and Fred was making her work for it. You would have thought we had been gone three years instead of three days. I have to admit, even though going home for this funeral was what I needed to do....I now feel incomplete when I'm not with my full family unit. Now I'm not saying I'd turn down a free vacation for two to some exotic island. There are exceptions to every rule, my friends.

I learned a couple things while away. My son will have to potty every 50 miles. There is no way around this. His bladder is the size of a peanut. It's gotta be. On the way back to Georgia, I pulled off of an exit in the middle of nowhere as he was insisting he had to go BAD. I got him out of his car seat and told him to pee on the ground in front of the van. He looked at the ground, then up at me. He grinned and said, "On the rocks?" Yep, Son, on the rocks. This was way cool for him. After that five minute pit stop, he insisted every couple of miles that he needed to "pee on the rocks".

As the van dies a slow death, Fred and I have been researching new vehicles. We teeter between an SUV and another mini-van. Honestly? I don't care as long as it has a built in DVD player, three rows, and plenty of cup holders. But, HE has to research something to the very smallest detail. You thought researching cell phones was bad? Have you any idea how many SUV's and mini-vans there are out there? Holy smokes. I informed him while I was gone that it was time for action. Mama needs a newer more reliable vehicle. Preferably in silver. As I have travelled up and down I-95 quite a few times since Thanksgiving, I have taken the time to do a little window shopping as I drive. Yesterday as I drove home, another vehicle caught my eye as it flew past me. I called Fred to tell him to add that one into our research. Find out what he could about it. Who knows what we'll end up with. Soon. As in in the next couple of weeks. Before we drive back to S.C.

Oh. One more thing. For all ....uh......Northern drivers? When I am going 77 m.p.h. in a 70 zone? In the left lane? With the right lane full? I feel that I am sufficiently going fast enough. You coming up on my butt flashing your lights for me to get out of your way is going to have the opposite effect. I will not move. I might even slow down a tad. Once you hit North Carolina? Slow the heck down. You got a head full of white hair old man. I'm figuring you're around retirement age. Slow down a little. Look at the scenery. I can see your blood pressure rising every time I glance in my rear view mirror. Fact of the matter is this: People, when you are in the South, slow down a little bit. You can get in all the hurry you want, but we're still not gonna get out of the way.

When this guy finally had a chance to whip around me in a huff? He had New York tags. 'Nuff said.

I'll leave you with that. Before those of you outside the circle get all upset, I'm not insulting you. I'm just making a statement or two.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Heavy Heart....

I got a heavy heart today, Internets. My friend Lu's mom just passed away only an hour or so ago. Miss Emmie was her name and I always considered her one of my "extra" Moms growing up. I spent so much time over at her house growing up with Lu, I thought of it as a home away from home. I went on a few family vacations with Lu growing up so you could say she was definately an extra mothering influence in my life.

Now, Miss Emmie was a fine Christian woman who loved the Lord more than anything. I just feel if she could pick a day to go home and meet her Savior...Sunday would be her pick. If you don't believe in God, please don't use this post to comment on in a negative way. I'm grieving here and my heart is hurting.

I have so many memories of this lady. She handled a bunch of giggly girls pretending to be Girl Scouts without batting an eye for years. She knew Lu and I snuck out of the house as teenagers and that we even took the car for a joyride. Yet, she only said years later that all she did was pray that we'd get home safe. And we did. (uh....sorry Mama for telling you about that in a blog) She cooked southern style and you never went hungry at her house.

Now, I have a friend who will have to learn how to go through life without her Mama. And I know we all come to that day sooner or later. I'm not looking forward to it at all. My world without my Mama is something I can't even fathom. I only hope that I can provide some level of comfort when I see her.

Lu and I have been through thick and thin since meeting and becoming friends in the second grade. She stuck by my side when my Grandaddy passed away years ago and I want to be glue for her now.

She reads my blog on a regular basis and if you are inclined, my Internet friends, a word or two would be mighty appreciated.

I am off to pack and mentally prepare myself to ride alone with a 3 year old who has to potty every 30 minutes. The Man is holding down the fort with the girls whilst I am gone. Can't wait to see how he handles the single parenting gig for a couple of days.

I'm just sad.

I'll treasure the memories, Miss Emmie. Heaven is happy you're home.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Hear That?

You don't hear that? Well, I'll tell you what you can't hear. That, my friends, is silence. Pure golden silence. Surrounding me and soothing my tattered nerves.

I am a Taurus. Anyone who knows anything about zodiac signs will tell you that a Taurus is a bull and the Bulls don't like change. Mess with their routines and you'll find yourself holding a red flag in your hand. Don't get me wrong. I love the holidays and all that goes with peace, love, and getting presents. I just don't like the adjustment period it takes getting back into my lovely routine after all is said and done.

I survived two extra kids with ease. They were great and I missed them when they were gone. But, during that week, my neighbor was sick and put in the hospital. I volunteered to help with the 2 1/2 month old as Dad was back and forth between the hospital and home. Again, not a problem as that baby girl is sweet as sugar and was golden while hanging out at my house. I did look around one day and mentioned to my husband that I must be on crack to have six kids up in my house at one time.

School. School did not start back for my kids until today. Paige was ready last week to head back to the hallowed halls of Middle School. She's all about the social scene and she was missing her peeps. We had no problem getting her up, dressed, and out the door this morning. I don't anticipate it being that easy next week.

Makenna, on the other hand, could go the rest of her life without stepping back in school, but she was ready this morning, too. I think she needed a break from The Boy more than anything.

Ahhhh.....now we get to The Boy. If ever a child needed structure, routine, and time outs on an hourly basis? My kid qualifies hands down. He's gotten into so much stuff in the past week. Purely out of sheer boredom. He's cut a phone charger cord in two with a pair of scissors. He's brushed his teeth a thousand times. He's took the arms off of his new Power Ranger action figures only to beg me to put them back on. He's gone AWOL out the door every time you turn your back. Being a double hand full has been his goal and determination from sun up to sun down.

This morning I found my freedom again. I awoke with a spring in my step because everyone was going to be gone! I was going to do my Thursday morning class on base without a care and a skipped heart beat wondering what my son was in to at that moment. Now I have about 30 minutes left before The Man brings that Boy home from school. And all will be fine. I've had a moment to breathe and am ready to face the afternoon.

I got a few things I'd like to throw out there in future posts. Election year. Oh, joy. What fun are we, as a country, going to have this year, Internets? I see lots of political blog reading in my future. Nah, I won't get all opinionated over things. I choose to look at the funny side of life when it comes to this.

I'll leave you with a scene from my life this morning:

Vitt and I were walking to the van so we could head across town to his school. He insisted on taking the long way around some bushes. And back through the bushes. And back around the other way because he missed a bush. I kept telling him to get in the van because we had to go!

As I helped him inside his door, he jumped away as if he were going to make me chase him to the back row.

I said..."Dear Lord. PLEASE help me not to snap this boy in half. If you are so inclined, Dear Lord, PLEASE help him listen to his Mama and GET IN HIS CAR SEAT!!"

As my son sat down in his car seat he said...."Amen."