Friday, August 31, 2007

Tell and Show Friday from The Edge

What a week we've had. I am still recovering from our adventures this past Wednesday. That, and the fact that Paige is running for President of the Student Council of her school. She is wearing me out with all her ideas and the fact that this is only her second year in this town and no one will vote for her because the other girl that is running has , like, been here for forever and she won't work like Paige will and is, like, all about other stuff that is not for the better good of the school but Paige really can't put the girls down because she's, like, so popular and really nice too so it's just a bad deal but she still wants to win and bring power to the people!! See what I mean?

The girl is upset there is no formal debate in front of the whole school. They pretty much get to put posters up and try and win a popularity contest. Too bad. She's already put in a request to the teachers to be allowed to speak publicly about her ideas and platforms. Girlfriend doesn't play when it comes to her beliefs and when she gets into her competitive mode. (I know. She gets that from me.)

We've been campaign headquarters this week.

Now to The Boy.

Vitt had his first dentist appointment this past Wednesday. I wasn't too awful concerned about it as I've been taking his sisters for ten years now. The first trip is never completely smooth. Except for Paige. She got to lay on top of me in the chair and she loved the hygienist so much, fear was never an issue. Makenna wasn't so easy. She refused to let the machines near her mouth, but she did lay in the chair and let them brush her teeth with a toothbrush. After that? I never had another problem with her.

Now we got Vitt.

The Boy wouldn't even sit in the stupid chair. And this is a pediatric dentist. I thought that would make it all smoother for him.


Back home in South Carolina, our dentist there would NEVER make a child do anything. This practice? Was all about Vitt sitting in my lap, then putting his head in her lap so she could check out the pearly whites. And I know he needs to have his mouth checked. He's just so freaking strong. We were both sweating by the time all was said and done. Fred stood to the side trying to reason with a screaming little boy. He had to step in and grab a little fist that was determined to make contact with one of the people holding him. I gotta say, though, they never hurt him. That hygienist kept talking in a sweet calm voice the whole entire time. She rubbed his head and crooned to him right through his screaming.

And guess what?

When you scream, your mouth is open and all teeth are showing.

We did the same trick when the dentist came. All was pronounced well. It was remarked that he had beautifully white teeth. I responded that it was all the milk he drank. Then, we were told to back off on the milk. Yeah, okay. You tell Cow Boy he can't have his milk. I'm not gonna do it. Sometimes that's the only thing that gives me peace at The Edge.

Carla and her kids went with us at the same time. We didn't know if we would have to tag team and help each other out, but they took Vitt first. Then all three of hers went back at one time. It was Jace's first visit also. He and Vitt are the bestest of buddies now. I had to get a photo of the two of them practising showing their teeth. Jace, in all his four year old maturity, cooperated fully. Bless him. Maybe he'll give Vitt some "cool" lessons. (And he's quick to tell you that Miss Hope loves him, too.)

Of course we took pictures for future blackmailing purposes. Did you doubt that?

Oh, and Vitt wasn't allowed to get a sticker or prize at the end of the visit. He saw the stickers. He saw the prize drawer. I wouldn't let him have one. Am I a hard case? I sure am. I informed him that the next time he came, if he let them brush his teeth, he would be allowed to pick something. The hygienist looked at me in wonder and said, "You're old school. I LIKE that!" Mama don't play. I will not reward a child for acting like a complete froot loop. The hygienist said she wished more parents were like me.

Without further ado, I give you Vitt's first dentist appointment.

The partners in crime pose in a very serious manner out in the waiting room.

Hopefully, he'll get his heart right and come around to my way of thinking. Mama believes in good oral hygiene. There's no negotiating allowed on this issue.
And I truly hope this embarrasses the snot out of him one day.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Actions, for the most part, do speak louder than words. I have a prime example in my son. Some kind souls have called him "busy". Others just look at me with sympathy.

The other day, my son received a thick envelope in the mail. Addressed only to him. It was big and yellow. He was so excited and kept saying over and over again, "I GOT MAIL! I GOT MAIL!" (Thank you, Blu*s Clu*s)

This unexpected, yet very cool present was from our very own Domestic Diva (Miss Em) and Mr. Jer. Miss Em had been out shopping when she came across this item. After her visit to The Edge....she knew without a doubt this was something meant for The Boy. She made a special trip back to the store to purchase this and mailed it right away.

We had to save this special present to wear to school today so Mrs. K. could see it. They were appropriately tickled and totally agreed.

Thank you, Miss Em, for the coolest present EVAH. You already know him all too well.
I could seriously eat this boy up sometimes.

Friday, August 24, 2007

People I Miss

I may be liking my life here in Jaw-ja Land, but there is still a hole in the fabric of my being I am missing that makes me complete. That would be my Mama and Daddy. My Dad told me when I took this picture, I better not put it up on "that internet thing" I got. Ok, man. Like he really knows how to turn the computer on and get to my internet thing to see if I've actually done that.
There are things that comfort me in my life to help ease the missing of my parents. Paige has her Nana's hands and feet. The girls have the coloring of their Papa (and me!). Paige moans about the fact that she's shrimpy in height (coming in around 5 ft 1 inches to my 5ft 6 inch self). Gee...I wonder where she got that from? Makenna has a passion for watching television that can only come from her Papa. She is his buddy when we visit. They sit in side by side recliners and enjoy his big screen goodness in perfect harmony. While snacking on Papa's stash of goodies hidden within reach.
So, this eases me somewhat when I am needing my parents near to me. I see pieces of them in myself and my children and that comforts me and takes me on through.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Time Served

I am eating some humble pie whilst I write this.

When Fred and I decided to move here to Jaw-ja to be together as a family....I reconciled myself to be lonely friend-wise and for the most part unhappy. I'm kind of crazy in the way I operate sometimes. My Mama will blame my Daddy for this and vice versa. I am blessed...or cursed...with a stubborn streak the likes of which most mortals have never seen.

I was determined with our move to make our family a complete unit. To provide my children with both a mother and a father figure that they could count on no matter what. We got to do family outings on a regular basis that have been fun and memorable. From going to Sea World last year to just visiting St. Simon's Island and hanging out at the water. All of our fun times have been together. It has bonded us in ways I could only hope and wish for.

The first ten months of my "exile", I was almost a recluse. I didn't venture out of the house if I didn't have to. I was physically sick from the change in environment because where I am? It has been verified as the Bermuda Triangle of allergies. I was physically homesick, too. I'm not joking. I missed my home so bad I couldn't hardly stand it. If I had to say what I missed would be my Mama. And Daddy. I couldn't call her enough and I'm sure she got right tired of hearing from me all the time. I didn't whine or cry to her, I just needed to hear her voice. Just because I'm grown doesn't mean I don't need my Mama from time to time. I missed my sister in law, Des, because she and I were pretty much inseparable for years. We really depended on each other a lot since my brother worked long hours and my husband was gone with the Navy too much. We tag teamed raising the kids and always knew we had each other as back up.

I was so noble (*warning- take what I'm saying with a grain of salt because it's pretty much stupid). Anyway....I was so noble in my cause. I was going to move to this place and tolerate it for the greater good of my family. I was going to serve my sentence here under duress, but not let my angst show. (are you ready to throw up yet?) Oh, what a personal sacrifice I was making.


Now that I got my act together? I just shake my head at myself. I'm in a good place. With good people. No, they aren't the family and friends I've had since grade school. But, they are now my family and friends. I still miss my Mama, family, and friends back in South Carolina. Some have kept in touch with phone calls.....others have even come to visit me. (Hey Lu!) Others have slammed me in the face with their lack of communication or care. It's taken a while to get over that, but I'm still breathing after the hurt passes. That means I'll heal from it.

During my self imposed seclusion, I made friends with other submarine wives all over this great nation of ours through the internet. I am proud to call Hawaii and Washington (state) the homes of some mighty fine ladies that I am proud to know and call my friends. Domestic Diva (who is Em) resides in South Carolina and I've already had the great pleasure of meeting her.

So even while I thought I was being the perfect martyr (is there such a thing?), I was still reaching out for friends because that's the type person I am. I NEED girlfriends because Fred can only understand so much girly stuff before his eyes glaze over.

I've decided I've been stubborn and stupid long enough. I am ending my sentence and deciding to enjoy my life and what I have here with me for as long as I have it. I'm already torn about one day leaving what and who I've come to know and love here. That's why I refuse to think about it and will just hope and pray it will all work out.

We women are such fickle creatures sometimes. (no comments from the men's section on that, please)

Just to prove to you I take blogging seriously, I looked up the word martyr to see if it truly applied to the way I was thinking. Yeah, you're gonna love this:

2 : a person who sacrifices something of great value and especially life itself for the sake of principle

And I wonder where my girls get their drama gene from.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Military ABC's

Anyone who has ever seen any type of war movie has heard military ABC's. Yeah yeah yeah. I know it's called the phonetic alphabet or something like that. Whatever. Just nod your head and tell me you know what I'm talking about already!

The other night Fred, Paige, and myself were in the kitchen chatting whilst cooking supper. Somehow the phonetic letters were brought up. I was trying to go through the whole list to see if I could remember them. I did pretty decently for a person who doesn't use them on a regular basis.

I do have one teeny tiny beef about those letters, though. And it's not like what I think matters because the letters have been that way for a while and I'm pretty sure they're not going to change any time soon.

I was reciting letters and got to the end when I realized I had no clue what the letter "Y" stood for. And for good reason! The phonetic thingy is "Yankee". Now hold up a minute.

Where is the fair representation in all of this?

If Yankee can be used why can't you use "Rebel" for the letter "R" so that both sides of the coin can be seen? That's not hardly fair and I'm starting to lean toward some discrimination.

Paige totally saw my side to this argument (of course Fred just stands there and lets me rant and rave with his arms crossed not saying a word).

Paige: I know, right? "R" could be used for Rebel or REDNECK. We're not picky.

I got me one smart kid there.

I hope I'm never in a situation where I have to use the Military ABC's because if I am?

I'm totally gonna use Rebel or Redneck for the letter R.

(For those who don't know....Romeo is used for the letter R. How sucky is that?)

Thursday, August 16, 2007

A Few things going on....

Life is puttering right along for Miss Hope in Jawja Land. It's hotter than blazes right now. We are all awaiting a magical cool front to come through and provide some kind of relief. ANY kind of relief. Then, we turn on the television and see stupid hurricanes forming. YaY. Nothing like a good evacuation to get the blood all stirred up. Thing is? If we ever have to do that? I'll have a caravan behind me heading to South Carolina because there's too many gals here with kids with no family near enough to run to. It's all good. My mother knows how to cook for an army. Too bad the menfolk would miss out on that good cooking because they have to stay here and man the fort.

Let's see if I can recall anything interesting happening around here......

Oh! Last night we put Vitt to bed and truly thought he was asleep. Nope. Our neighbor was outside with a friend working on his motorcycle. Almost right in front of Vitt's window. They weren't loud and rude about it at all. But, my son had pulled his mini blinds up and was standing in the window on the windowsill watching and supervising from the inside. Yeah. I love my neighbor (who I call my extra son). He put the bike up for the evening so Vitt would go on to bed.

Let me talk about Paige a minute. Talk about a firecracker. The other day she was voted to be a classroom representative for the student body at school. This was HUGE for her as she went against a few friends. Now, I must mention Barry. This boy is going far. He loves politics with a passion. We met him at open house with his mother before school started. He and Paige grinned at each other while the parents made small talk. Apparently by age three, he had memorized all the presidents and even knew all their dog's names! I was quite honestly surprised he wasn't elected as a classroom representative. Nothing against Paige at all...but this boy lives and breathes politics. She is debating on whether or not to run for President of the Student Body. She see saws between going for it and being scared of trying. I told her to go for it if she wanted to. I even went so far as to tell her to let Barry be her First Man. He can be the power behind The Woman. Shoot, anyone with a lick of sense knows our Presidents have wives who yield powers behind the scenes.

I told if she really wants it and she decides to let fear rule her life....she will regret it the rest of her life. Sometimes, you just have to step out of your comfort zone and see what the world is all about. I haven't told her TO do it or NOT to do it. It should be ultimately up to her. I think she has as good a chance as anyone. She has the personality and the smarts to pull it off. She already has the teacher's eating out of her hand. (example: Her technology teacher threw down on her desk some hair care samples...explaining they were free when she got her done the previous day and she thought Paige might like them. See what I mean?)

If any of you are inclined to offer her words of encouragement on this, I would appreciate it. You know how Mom and Dad are stupid and don't know anything about life. All the smart people in this world are the ones NOT related to the teenager themselves. I see you out there, Internets, nodding your head...totally getting what I'm saying here.

My Makenna is loving her learning goodness right now. She still visits her teacher from last year and talks more about her than the ones she has now! She went to her first gifted class yesterday and the only complaint she had was that they made her go outside. In her words: "Kenna don't do hot." She'd much prefer to hang out inside where it's nice and cool. Can't say I blame her one bit.

The boy is doing well in school. He was so tired Tuesday afternoon when he got home. Wednesday morning I made mention to his teacher how tired he was. She said he was trying really hard to follow the classroom rules and it was showing. Well, it must've worn his butt out trying so hard to keep that bumblebee at a decent level on the classroom hive. I'm not going to argue. He needs to just get his heart right about it all and realize life is all about "The Rules".

I have a few more things going on that I will fill you in on later. It's like poker...I'm holding my cards to my chest right now trying to figure out what kind of hand I'm holding. (are you curious yet? (insert evil laugh))

Now. Let's all edge on over to the weekend and see what kind of trouble we can find!!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Dinner Theater

Long ago when Paige was small, my mother stated often that: "Children who sing are smart and happy." She's encouraged all of her grankids to sing everything from Sunday School songs to whatever strikes their fancy (they just had to keep it clean, of course).

I am now living to regret her doing that.

For one, my son now sings that stupid spider pig song that Homer Simpson sings on the commercials for that movie. How about that? He knows all the words that are seen on the television.

Fred and I are trying so hard to establish manners and etiquette in our children. Tables manners are a hard road for us to travel on. I live in constant fear that these kids of mine will be a guest in someone's home when I am not around to give them THE EYE, and they will do something so atrocious and ill-mannered, I will never be able to hold my head up in public again. This is a big deal for me, Internets.

We are about to give up on it all, I do believe.

Take tonight, for instance.....

(Admit've missed my dinner conversation posts.)

We are constantly telling the girls "No singing at the table." "Please, don't sing at the table." "It's not right to sing at the table while people are eating."

They deem it necessary to ignore us. They find it impossible to make it an entire meal without busting out into song. Tonight we were entertained with songs from Veggie Tales ....Michael Buble...and I think Backyardigans.

I finally threw my hands up in the air and said,

"We have GOT to be the only parents on this Earth who get dinner theater every single night!!!!"

So, if you're inclined to be entertained with fledgling singing artists, feel free to come on over to the Edge for the evening meal.

Ticket prices to be posted soon.

We gotta pay for college somehow.

Friday, August 10, 2007

New Friends

Miss Hope is a very lucky gal. I mentioned that the Domestic Diva was headed my way last weekend. She and the hubby travelled through some rough weather and made it in Friday afternoon.

Who said first meetings are awkward? We immediately did that girl thing where you squeal and laugh and hug and laugh and hug and talk ninety miles a second. Her hubby was very tolerant of us having to do all of this in the scorching hot weather when he had driven a long ways and was probably tired.

We had a marvelous time hanging out Friday evening and hated to see it end. The next morning was just precious. I awoke to my hubby leaving to play golf. He hasn't played in a year due to his knee injury, but he was being the gracious host and taking Jer (D.D's hubby) for a round of early morning golf. He was decked out in his newest golf shorts he's worn everywhere but the course and baseball cap. The previous evening we had to make a special trip to the cigar shop because I was informed that there is no better place to smoke a stogie than the course. Uh...ok, man.

DD and her gorgeous little man spent the morning and part of the afternoon here at my home. We made a big breakfast. I made sure to fix a big pot of grits the RIGHT way as she had never had them. I am hoping she has converted to Southern way of thinking now. We had a great time just sitting and talking. I love friends like that...where you can just be comfortable with each other and not feel like you're constantly putting airs on for them.

John (who had gone golfing also) and Carla, along with their half of the brady bunch (our kids added together make for a busy house!) came over for supper. We fed the kids and sent them away. The adults sat at the table for hours and just ate and laughed. Times like this remind me when I was growing up and seeing adults around the kitchen table at my parent's house.....wondering if I would ever be grown enough to have friends over like that. Three desserts were brought out and presented and it was deemed acceptable that since it was a special occasion....everyone could have a piece of all three. I'm pretty sure we went into sugar shock afterwards. In fact, I'm almost positive we would have collectively blown a glucose meter to the moon.

Jer gets to leave for more school (for our Navy!) in a few months and I am doing my best to convince DD to drive back down and hang out with us again. Maybe do some retail in a nice restaurant...or just hang out. I don't think it would take much to convince her.

On that note, I'll leave you all to your lovely HOT weekends. (Except for C. and Melinda who are in Washington state and don't have to own air conditioners, which I can't even fathom). My Lu is heading this way this evening with my twins to spend the weekend before their school starts. I can't wait to see them!

It's never boring around The Edge. That's for sure!

p.s. I've had to become a name dropper. Lu was fussing at me because I fail to mention her more regularly and that was just unacceptable because we've been friends since we were seven years old.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

So, we lost The Boy last night.......

We did. Our child got misplaced.

It was bed time at the Edge for Vitt. His teeth were brushed and pajamas were put on. Dad tucked him in and went to the kitchen to get him a cup of milk.

When Dad returned to the bedroom to give Vitt a cup of milk? He was gone. Disappeared.

Dad started calling Vitt's name and there was no answer. He came back through the living room, heading to the other side. He explained that Vitt had obviously snuck by me and I didn't hear him.

Whatever. I continued to play a card game on the laptop. I hear Dad and Sissy calling Vitt's name on the other side of the house.

Dad comes back through and searches Vitt's room, our room, and the bathroom again.

He comes back past me on the way to the other side muttering under his breath.

Still, I am not alarmed. Both doors are deadbolted and he simply can't get out with people in both living rooms.

Dad comes back around the corner and bellows, "I CAN'T FIND OUR SON!"

I huff because this means I will have to get up. And I do. Get up, that is. And I huff.

I say in a loud authoritative voice all three formal names belonging to my son. I inform him to come out immediately.

He pops up from the floor on the far side of his bed laughing his narrow butt off at his Dad saying..."YOU NOT FIND ME! HA HA HA AH HA AHAHAHAHAHAHAH"

Dad looks at me and I just shrug. What can I say? Kid pulled a good one on Dad.

Later I addressed the tone of voice my husband used with me because the man was a half inch away from a full panic mode. His response?

"All I could think of was he was somewhere hurt and not able to tell me."

In the house.

Around 2,000 square feet.

I worry about that man because this kid is only three. Imagine what sixteen has potential to do.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

My Sweet Boy

My boy has been through a lot in the past week. It's almost as if we hit the fast forward button on his life and he's zooming at warp speed up and away from us. Dad is having a harder time with all of this than I am. Sure, this is my baby, and I'm sad at the thought that he truly is no longer a baby. He's become a little boy right before my very eyes.

Last Friday night, we attended the open house for Vitt's new school. It was chaos on a stick. So many parents and children roaming the halls looking for their child's class. We found Mrs. K's class where Vitt was going to be spending his time. She had little buckets with their names on them in front of teeny tiny chairs. In each bucket was a pair of scissors (with the protective cap), crayons, and a glue stick. She had a goody bag with a balloon attached for them to take home. I was touched at the little lab coats hanging on pegs in the Science Center. Each had a student's name on it with safety goggles in the side pocket. We visited for a little while and headed back home. On the way, I heard a sound behind me and when I turned to look? I saw my son had jacked the scissors out of his bucket and was having a good time opening and closing them. ~sigh~ My boy done jacked his scissors. This could not be a good sign. (They were returned this morning with big apologies.)

Sunday night was another new experience. At our church, we have Cubbies. This is Bible study for ages 3 and 4. They have to cross the road to get to their building and, in order to do so, the children have a rope where they each are instructed to hold on to a knot and not let go crossing the street. Later that night at home, Vitt was sitting in Fred's lap before bed and they were discussing Cubbie Class. Fred asked him what he learned that night. Vitt replied..."HOLD THE ROPE." Works for me.

Tuesday morning came quickly. It was time to dress and head to school. YaY! Fred is taking a class this week but was excused first thing that morning so he could go with us for the first day. Vitt walked right in and made himself at home. Gave us a kiss with a big "BYE!" and grew up a little more right before our eyes. Fred just stood there in the door way of the class room. I took his arm and pulled him out with me. I know how he feels. Three times over. A part of you is so glad your child is confident enough to try new adventures, while still another part of you wishes he would act like he hates to see you leave...just a little bit.

Today I went to pick up my Trouble and he greeted me with the fact he did not receive a lollipop for good behavior. His bumble bee had fallen to the bottom of the hive because he hit a friend and took someone's toys. ~sigh~ He was upset ten ways from Sunday because he did not receive a lollipop. Both Mrs. K. and I talked with him about class room rules. She wasn't upset in the least, having raised a boy her own self that has older siblings. I was encouraged that she made sure he listens well and will stop when told to. He is compelled to tell everyone he sees at the moment he didn't get a lollipop and his "bubblebee" is at bottom (he provides a swooping down hand motion with this piece of information). Hopefully, his bubblebee will stay in the lollipop area tomorrow.

Did I mention Fred bought Vitt his first fishing rod when we were visiting South Carolina the other weekend? Oh yeah. One handy dandy Spon*ebob floating rod with a plankton weight on the end. It's set up for casting practice right now because all the fishing catching skills start with good casting. I had nothing to do with this purchase. The menfolk visited Bass Pro Shop whilst the women hit some sales. I don't believe men are capable of leaving that place without making a purchase. Upon our arrival back to my parent's house, The Boy was allowed to start casting practice. I believe he hit everything there was to hit in the front yard. The Tahoe. The tree. The porch. Himself. He did get a few good ones in purely on accident. It is now hidden from view because I feel he could do some major damage to my house if given the chance to cast unsupervised.

I'm going to put your pictures up now. I didn't want all my paragraphs to get jumbled up, so I waited til the end. Seeing my little man doing all these just makes me want to squeeze him and hold him tighter.

And did I mention that the first day of school, I met some friends at a local coffee house, where I got jacked up on the best cafe mocha EVAH? And that I stayed there running my mouth the entire three hours he was in school? Yeah, it was nice.

Vitt was the caboose coming back across. When he reached the other side, Mr. John told him to let go of the rope. Obviously their teachings were well done because my baby cried when he got kicked off of the train.

Dad had the pleasure of taking the formal shot for first day. Mama did a preview and decided we needed a "smiley" shot. I kept telling him to say cheese..which is code for SMILE BIG. He kept cheesing and pointing to his teeth to prove to me they were showing. End result? Every picture had him with a finger in his mouth. Like this.....

Last...but certainly not favorite picture of all. I love the walking in picture of Dad and his little man. I'm almost certain this will make my mother in law call all weepy and sniffing to see her son and grandson in such a sweet way.

So there you have it, Internets. The Edge never stops going it seems like. I still can't believe my BABY is growing up!!!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

A Diligent Update

I'm composing a sweet piece about my Boy starting school today...complete with pictures. I'm excited to share it and I will. Soon.

I am following this issue concerning Two Bomb Dudes. I'm curious to see just how it plays out and what kind of information the media will share with American citizens.

This is the latest I've found to share with you. Dang, if it still doesn't concern me. A lot.

I admit to being more attentive since it is my home state. I feel little bit of ownership in that base since my husband is in the United States Navy and worked there for a term. I just keep seeing in my mind's eye all those young men and women walking around so proudly in uniform.

There are just a couple of things that make me raise my eyebrow.

1. They called in the robot to remove items from the car.

2. They felt compelled to shut the road down for fear of explosion.

But...they're not saying it was a bomb or anything.

Uh...okay, man. You take those precautions with every single car that goes through a roadblock?

The Sheriff was on Headline News this morning saying that those Two Bomb Dudes were acting mighty suspicious when stopped. Slamming down the laptop quickly before cops got to the car. Wonder if Mapquest directions were on screen?

And if it wasn't a bomb...and they were law abiding dudes riding around...then why did they request bail be denied because they are considered a flight risk?

Makes a person wonder, doesn't it?

Two words......

Be Diligent.

*Post of my sweet baby coming up.......*

Edited to add:

I went back and read the link I provided you with again and this is apparently a forum of sorts. I saw that that T.B.D.'s (Two Bomb Dudes) were stopped for speeding. I'm just unclear on the reason they were apprehended. But, does that really matter? They were stopped and something out of that car was detonated.

Monday, August 06, 2007

We Must Remain Diligent

There's a lot happening at the Edge right now, but I gotta step away from here for a moment. To me, there are more pressing matters that need addressing.

First, I will let you know that I have actually sat down and researched my information before coming here and typing some random words. I do not wish to provide any false information or get sued.

That being said, I feel I must tell you out there in Internet land that now is not the time to be stupid. Sorry if that offends your sensibilities, but I'm not famous for sugar coating life. You could say I'm quite the opposite. My rose colored glasses broke a long time ago and that left me with a view on this life that's not so perfect after all.

This morning I awoke to my normal routine. I ironed Mak's clothes for school and was watching some Headline News to get my morning started. I never did this until I married my husband. He never fails to watch one thirty minute cycle and get his daily dose of information. Well, he says that, but I think it's because Robin, the anchor, is a gorgeous woman with a great persona (I just need to know why the woman can't wear earrings every day...for some reason that bugs me).

We sat in silence when the story turned to two guys who were taken into custody for allegedly having bomb fixin's in their vehicle. Location of this incident? The local anchor stated it was Charleston, South Carolina. The banner on the bottom stated Goose Creek, South Carolina. A standard roadblock interceded and stopped these fellows.

Now, here comes the good part. I'm not going to tell you any classified information. That's probably because I don't know a lick of it to begin with. But, do you pay attention? I mean, REALLY pay attention? Because if you did, you would know that we have the Navy Nuclear Power Training Command in Goose Creek, South Carolina. I know this because my husband was an instructor there for three and a half years. This is where we have a few thousand kids that are fresh out of boot camp. They are cramming so much knowledge into their young brains in a short amount of time so they can go out in the fleet and protect our country. I've had the honor of being on this base and, believe's loaded with our smartest and brightest. It holds our hope for a generation that will love this country and continue to protect it and serve it well.

I will give you the link of the article that I found online so that you may gleam more information. Plus, it'll save me alot of typing.

How about that? Are you surprised? Truly?

This worries me. Of course, it worries me. I wouldn't have taken the time to write about it if it didn't.

Let's just talk hypothetically now. Let's just say these boys were seriously thinking of doing harm. (Remember, it's supposed to innocent until proven guilty here in for now...we'll just do some "suppose this or that" talk). Let's just say they managed some how to get on base. Let's just say they even managed to get as far as the school where our young men and women are sleeping in barracks....or even the building where they attend school. Let's just say they blast this rolling bomb of a vehicle and take out the school.

Have you any idea what this could do to our Navy? Any idea at all? It could have the potential to severely damage an entire generation of sailors. I can't even fathom what the repercussions could be in the long run. But, I'll be more than happy to let you stew on it for a few.

Because I have another concern I need to address.

Again, I'm not giving out any classified information. My husband doesn't tell me stuff and I don't ask. I respect his job and duties and would never in my life ask him to betray an oath that he has taken.

So, do you know what else is at our Goose Creek, South Carolina Naval Training Command?

A brig. That's a jail. And it's a jail that holds some of the worst bad guys that threaten our country.

Take for instance:

If you hung with the article long enough, you would have seen where Mr. Muhajir is being held.

Yeah, scary, isn't it?

It's enough to make a person wonder. Were Two Bomb Suspects harboring thoughts of taking out some of our kids? Or were they thinking about breaking out this Muhajir character..or even taking him out so he can't rat on anyone? Will we ever know?

Now comes the good part.

This is where I once again spout my love for this country because I am getting ready to state some of my very own personal opinions.

All you tree hugging jerks who keep talking out of your butt about stopping this war and cutting funding?

Shut up.

When you know every single little detail and get a full complete picture of what's going on? THEN, open your mouth to speak and just shut up again. You don't know it all. You seriously don't. The media will only show what is guaranteed to boost ratings and if that's something that slants against our troops and defense plans, what do they care? Anything to stir up controversy and keep viewers tuned in to their stations.

Let the people do their jobs. Let them keep us safe. Let them keep OUR CHILDREN safe. Let them work to keep our country a "free" country for future generations.

I'm all for everyone having an opinion. Unless it's a stupid one and I've heard too many stupid ones on this subject to last me a lifetime.

If we are to survive in any capacity, we must remain diligent. We have no choice. We have to have surprise roadblocks. We have to have someone standing watch at all times.

I welcome any and all comments and arguments. For or against. I reserve the right to delete stupid stuff. Cause I'm crazy like that.

I love living here in the U.S.A.

Friday, August 03, 2007

So Many Things...One Little Post

Have I told you how much I love school? And I'm sure I will continue to hold it close in my heart until the first tuition bill for college comes due.

Both girls are back in their elements and happy as can be. Makenna, more so, because homework hasn't started yet. Paige, because she is back in the midst of her friends who are cooler than we could want to be in this lifetime.

I don't think our county is doing the "year round" school year. They might gearing up for it and taking it out for a test drive this year by starting back early. I think I would like it better. And not because I don't want my children home with me, but bad habits are easily established when home for summer. Paige was sleeping until almost noon...which is what teenagers do. Makenna was getting that way the week before school started back. I personally feel if they went all year with long breaks here and there, they would retain more. I did see on our local news that our county is the only one who has started school back. Floridians still have a few weeks to go and so does my home back in South Carolina.

Pictures. Yes, I have pictures! I was informed yesterday by the girl's Aunt Gail that school started back on August 1 and it was already August 2. Where were the pictures? Well, Aunt Gail, I'm here to put your pictures up! I just wanted to spread my posting goodness out as much as I could because we have a busy weekend ahead.
A quick note to anyone using blogger: I love to do pictures, but the last picture always ruins the rest of my post. I am unable to do paragraphs after the last picture is put on. It all runs together no matter what I do. If you know how to fix this problem, PLEASE let me know. I'm kind of anal about paragraphs and it messes me up when this happens!! So, my apologies for the run on part at the last of the post. That is NOT my intentions!

Without further ado......

As you can see, Miss Mak is in the latest fashions. Paige is into accessories now, so Mak thinks she should be too. Note the little purse she decided to take (contents: tissue, lip gloss, snack). I love the way she goes into pose mode and even does "Princess Fingers". Yeah...she's a Diva-in-Training.

Date wrong...should be 8/01/2007

This is my clown. It seems like lately, when a camera comes out...two fingers come up. I'm all for peace in the world...but every picture? Please note the funky green necklace and matching dingle dangle earrings. With all the green she was wearing, she felt compelled to tell everyone..."I'm feeling lucky today!"

Now, how could I resist this picture? She informed me this is the new pose everyone is doing. Named after some celebrity, I'm sure. Truly? She's showing off the Vera Brad*ey purse she bought the day before. With her own money. Cute. Not my taste. I think they're all ugly. No offense to lovers of the Bradley line...I just personally don't like them. She is thrilled with it and that's all that matters. That, and the fact I didn't have to pay for it. (not that I would)
My girls are growing up so fast. I know the school year just started, but I am already dreading next year when Fred and I will be the proud owners of a High Schooler. *gasp* This makes me feel old in a major way. My time with my babies is slipping through my fingers like water. Somebody grab me a bucket!!
Are you ready for this? Are you? ARE YOU????
The Boy starts school next week!!!!
Yes, sir. Yes, ma'am. We got that boy all registered and he will be starting 3K preschool next Tuesday morning at 9:00 a.m. sharp. I think I've found the perfect program for him. He will be in a structured environment from 9:00-12:00 Tuesdays-Thursdays. He will learn to say the Pledge of Allegiance every morning to our country's flag. Hopefully, by Christmas, he will know numbers and letters by sight and how to write his name. I am so excited about this.
He needs the structure and, Lord Bless him, the social skills. Fred's not so sure about all of this. We're at opposite ends of the spectrum. He knows Vitt needs to go, but he's still a baby. Yeah, a busy active into everything gonna kill himself jumping off of high things baby. Fred went to register him and brought home a supply list. How precious is that? Paige got so tickled over it. She said..."My baby has a supply list! I'm going to cry!" Fred and I were searching all over the Super Wall last night getting his stuff together. We are attending open house tonight so we can see the facility and all of us can meet the teacher. Vitt has been begging to go to "kool" for a while now. Let's just hope his enthusiasm will stay around.
I have visions of going grocery shopping by myself.............
Do you have any idea how thrilled I am at the prospect of going into a store and not hearing "Mama, I want this..." over and over again until I check out? Heaven, people. Pure heaven.
One last thing before I head off. My friend, the Domestic Diva, will be here this afternoon!!!! That's right......her hubby, son, and D.D. herself will be in my town by this evening. I'm looking so forward to meeting her face to face and having a fun weekend! We both have a case of root rot going on, but swore we wouldn't get our hair done before the visit. We are going to take pictures and post them without shame. Fred, John (Spare Hero Guy), and Jer (D.D.'s hubby) are going golfing tomorrow. There will be laughter, talks of sports, talks of the military, cigars smoked, and no wife and kids around. I'm betting the boys will have a fine time whilst the women and children loaf around town.
Good living around The Edge going on right now.
p.s. My thoughts and prayers go out to the victims of the bridge collapse. My husband used to live in the area and has driven over that bridge a few times. Just goes to show, you never know when it's your time to go..........

Thursday, August 02, 2007

The Hair Cut

I got me some impatient friends in this world. Lu, my bestest homie from back in South Carolina, called me yesterday and told me when she read that I was going to let Mak cut her hair she liked to fell out of her chair. I had to laugh because she has twin girls the same age (who will tell you Aunt Hope loves them best) and she catches flack like this double time.

I promised some before and after pictures. After loading and cropping and working on this...I feel like I'm working. With no paycheck. What's up with that?

Without further ado.......

This was right before we left the house and headed to the salon. I felt I need to make sure people understood just how long this child's hair was!

Oh, and those are formal portraits of the girls on the wall taken when they were three. They are as sweet as they look, too!

Here we are right after the major first cut. We only cut a little over 8 inches off, so we couldn't donate the pony tail. Locks of Love likes a good ten inch one to work with. That's time might make enough hair to send on. I saved this one just in case we could in the future.

This is the finished length. When we went to leave the salon, I told Tinkerbelle (our stylist)..."See this? I want this color next time!" Ha ha...
The date is wrong on the picture. This is the First Day of School Picture. I am providing face shots in the next post. The date should be August 1, 2007. Gotta love technology.
Fred had a hard time with this. He thinks her hair looks great, but he's sad she's getting to be independent minded. I told him that Paige was born independent minded and be grateful we had as much time as we did with Mak. He sighs real deep and says he knows and understands...but he really doesn't. He wants his girls to stay girls. And they refuse to comply. Poor Dad. This parenting gig is killing him.
This morning before Mak left for school, she sashayed in front of him with a new outfit on and her lovely shorter hair fixed a different way. She twitched and twisted and put her hand on her hip and lifted one eyebrow expectantly at him. He just sat there looking at her. I said...Uh, she's waiting for you to acknowledge how cute she is.
He, of course, complied. As she walked out the room...he just shook his head. I feel sorry for the boys who think they're gonna waltz into our home one of these days............