Friday, June 29, 2007

Am I Dead Yet?

I will elaborate on the title in a moment. First, I want to tell you that, yes, we did indeed go on to the water park yesterday. Do I have stupid written on my forehead? Think about it for a second. I knew that if we took The Boy to play in a big pile of water, he would wear himself out. I was right. He swam and played for 3 hours and we stopped by Sonic on the way home. He ate an entire corn dog and drank a whole thing of milk. He and Dad took a hot shower upon arrival home and he was just about weaving after that. He slept until 9 a.m. this morning. THAT'S what I'm talking about! And the cartoon thing? He was jumping off of high things, thinking he could a slow 360 in mid air and come down with one leg sticking out while making kung-fu noises. At least that's my take on it. Hate those fighting cartoons.

Now for the Dead Post.

*Names have been changed to protect the innocent.

Georgia is kiiiiiiilllllliiiinnnnngggggg meeeeeeeeeeeee.

Everyone assured me that getting the driver's license would take all of ten minutes. They didn't know me, did they? I got there to find out that 4 picture i.d.'s , two of which are military and S.C. driver's license aren't good enough. You gotta have a birth certificate, too. Ok. Come home, got said certificate and headed back. My S.C. D.L. says *Hope Cattlecall Nutsoso. Birth certificate says Yamello Hope Cattlecall. The lady stops and says...oh no, this won't do. Apparently in the state of Georgia, all documents MUST show legal name. Hope Cattlecall Nutsoso IS my legal name. It's on my social security card. She informs me that if I want to use just H. C. N., then I must legally change my name. (Apparently dropping an unused first name isn't an option later in life.) Uh...I don't think so. I literally went rounds with her. Said Georgia could pay to change my name, I was perfectly fine with what I had going on. What the heck is up with Georgia?? I decided to go with Yamello Hope C. Nutsoso on my license. Whatever. Who really cares? She misspells my last name on the license and I have to do it again. THEN. THEN. THEN she tells me as I go to walk will be getting a letter from the social security office. Do not ignore it. You have to go get your card changed to this legal name. I leaned in and sweetly said....don't tell me. I'm getting ready to go to ANOTHER town to get tags and the social security place is in yet ANOTHER town? Yep. It is. The heck?? What happened to One Stop Shopping? Is Georgia so desperate for you to view their woodsy goodness from the interstate that they make you travel to all small towns in a 40 miles radius just to take care of something simple? I was livid by this point. And shooting daggers at my husband who, because he owns a penis, never has to go through name changes in his life.

It gets better.

We get to another town to do the tags. No waiting. Walk right in. The lady was super nice and I enjoyed talking with her. Roadblock. S.C. registration shows Hope Cattlecall Nutsoso. New license shows Yamello Hope C. Nutsoso. I kid you not. I had to sign two forms saying I was who I am. Is that not crazy????????

I am not impressed with the state of Georgia right now.

And even less impressed with good old South Carolina.

Because Georgia doesn't take old tags in. I ask around. Some say trash the plate or put it on the garage wall. Others say turn them in!! They'll charge if you don't. I call S.C. I got five days to turn them in. FIVE DAYS. No exemptions for military or dependants. The heck??

I need nerve medication or a good stiff drink by this time.

So, we're going to good ol' S.C. next week. With Georgia tags. And I'm going to give them back their precious piece of metal. And they're going to give me a receipt saying I did so.

And the next time I think about doing something that requires tags or registrations or licenses?

I'll go buy a bicycle.

Living in this country is a hard thing to do sometimes.

I also want to add. How funny are the changed names for those who know my real name?


Paige comes home today!!! I've missed her something fierce. I did want to pinch her head off last night, though. She hadn't called to check in and when I called she didn't have time for me and there was some serious eye rolling going on on her end. I just know it. She's already called today to tell me that she and three friends didn't like the choice of restaurant the church leader chose, so they went across the road to a swankier sounding establishment. She chatted for a few minutes with me....talked with Vitt who kissed the phone and said he loved her (everyone together now...AWWWWEEE) .....then told me she had to go because her soup had arrived and it looked yummiful. Yeah, I'm counting down the hours til I get her in my arms again.

Ha Ha. Spell check went insane on the name change names.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Burn Him a New One

We're set to go to the water park today. Yay. Mak and Vitt have been excited all day long waiting for Dad to get off of work so we can go.

Time was drawing near, so I allowed the two of them to put their swim suits on. Excitement level eased a notch higher.

I'm in the bathroom when I hear a car alarm going off. That's not so unusual. It happens here from time to time.

As I came out of the bathroom and was walking across the living room, I happened to see Makenna fly by the window. Outside.

Uh oh.

Apparently in his excitement to get to the water park, my son decided to climb up and get the key to put in the lock we installed to keep him contained inside because he was going A.W.O.L too often. Just wasn't safe.

He had gone to the van. Opened driver's door. Climbed inside. Started laying on the horn.

Did I mention he locked the door with the auto lock so no one could get in?


I started counting and by the time I got the number one out of my mouth, the door was unlocked.

He got in trouble. And by the time Dad got home? He was still standing in the corner where I dared him to move.

Right now, college is looking reeeaaall good for him.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

So Tell Me...

So tell me this. How do you explain to your three year old who is trying to reenact something he's seen on a cartoon that cartoons are make believe. They aren't real so real people can't do what they do on television.

How do you explain this when just last week that very same three year old went to theater and saw his CARTOON hero come to life on stage in human form?

Should've thought that Diego thing through a little more.

Summer Camp Update 2007 plus a couple of thoughts...

That girl of ours is having the time of her life!

We've received short phone calls around 11 at night because they have to be in the dorms by 11 and lights out by 11:30. I'm digging that.

Of course, I'm hearing all the updates on how "hot" the guys are and that the balcony of their room has a clear shot of a room of guys and it was all cool and giggly until they realized those same guys have the SAME view into their room. Then the screaming started. So there's alot of peeking through the curtains going on.

I can't even begin to tell you all the stuff she's done. That's why I'm going to let her post on here when she gets back and fill you all in. I do know they're doing some mission work. She went to a children's home yesterday and was jealous because the other half of the group went to an old folk's home. Paige is all about some old people. She loves them all. She's the kid that when we are at a rest area on the interstate and she sees an elderly lady go in the restroom by herself, she follows at a discreet distance and keeps an eye on her until she's safely back in her car. I'm sure some of the old gals think Paige is a stalker, but she's very protective of them!

The food isn't the greatest, but they have salad so she'll survive. I had to laugh at this because how many kids do you know could live off of salad and be perfectly content? Told you she was weird.

I get the occasional text message telling me she misses me. Or that there's a thunderstorm going on. Or asking what Vitt is up to. Bless his heart, he's been looking for Sissy and can't understand why she won't come home.

For those of you who are fans of Christian rock or pop or whatever...the band Big Daddy Weave was supposed to make an appearance at the camp. She got to see them perform twice on Monday. It blew her mind. She was talking so fast I had to make her slow down a few times just so I could understand her. Apparently the band/group is at the camp the whole entire week and she gets to enjoy their singing goodness every single night! How cool is that? And she is totally buying a t-shirt because they have merch. HUH? What is merch? Can you hear an eye roll through phone lines? I'm positive I heard one because she got all Southern and drawled out "merchandise, Mooooooooother. Jeesh."

I know she's missing me. But not alot. Ouch. My baby is growing up and being a teenager. And not needing me quite as much as she used to. How on earth do you ever get used to that feeling? My own mother gets this serene Mona Lisa smile on her face when I make these comments because she, too, had to let me go. Well, I don't like it one little bit. At least I got a couple of kids behind Paige so it can be a gradual learning thing. Still don't think I'll like it when Vitt gets to that point, either.

She threw a cup of ice cold water on her room mate, Addie, while Addie was taking a shower. I do know she'll get you back? That's the fun part of it, I guess. I know it was when I was that age and we had a Girl Scout sleepover and Janet had a hole in her underwear and she was laying on her stomach watching television and someone (wasn't me! I promise!) poured nail polish in her butt crack. Good times. Don't forget putting wet bras in the freezer overnight. I was scared to sleep at those things!

Anyway, the Edge still keeps edging. Literally! We have yard inspection today as the Commander is driving through to see if we're keeping up the yards and such. Tim(neighbor) and Fred did an amazing job on ours yesterday. Looks right professional since they borrowed Deb's (next door neighbor) electric edger and blower. I think I see new toys in Fred's future. The whole look is kind of ruined right now because I got four containers of recyclables sitting beside the curb. Look. I need them gone and pick up is today. The Commander should be impressed that we are striving to save the environment and make a better future for our kids! (that sounded so soap boxish, didn't it?) I just peeked outside. My hubby has lined all containers up in a neat row. ~snort~ He can be so military precise when he wants to be!

We're off to FINALLY get the tags done and a new license for me today. So not looking forward to that. Do I smile? If I do, then my eyes will squint. If I don't smile? Then, it'll look like a mug shot. What to do????? comes the recycle truck now. I'll get Vitt to go outside and get the containers so Tim and Fred's hard work with shine without the sight of blue containers ruining the view.

Oh. One more thing. My friend Coty is having her baby today!!!!


p.s. I honestly believe the recycle guy is a perv. He was flipping through my redbook and glamour magazines. I bet he puts them to the side and takes them home with him. Perv.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Dawn broke and she was out of here.....

At 5 a.m. this morning, I hugged and kissed my oldest child at least three times and watched her walk off down the sidewalk pulling a suitcase and bag. She was leaving to go on her first adventure. Alone. Without me. She turned and looked back at me and grinned.

Then it hit me. She's going to be gone for a whole week. Well, five days. Without me. She's going to go to camp and stay in dorms with other giggly girls. She's going to stay up late and chew gum and talk teenager stuff. The word "like" will probably be said at least a bazillion times. She's going to balk at doing the zip line course. Doubt herself ten ways from Sunday. Hopefully, peer pressure will kick in and the others will talk her into taking the chance.

Both of us were just nasty to each other yesterday. Fought like cats and dogs. Then I realized we were both heading to the Edge of Anxiety. After that, we were fine for the most part. How can I sign her up for this experience, pay the fee, buy the things she needs to have in order to go...then act like a butt about it all? Cause I'm crazy like that. Because that is MY baby. Because that's the child who lay in an incubator for almost a month while I sat outside and watched her and all the lovely machines that go with being born premature. Call me paranoid, but I've always been a little bit more protective of her. And she's fought me all the way for independence. I have to admit, for the most part? She's won her hard earned independence.

As she was leaving this morning, I asked that she text me periodically until they reached camp. It's going to be a seven hour drive. So glad it's them and not me! She is then to call upon arrival there. I told her to give me a quick call daily, even if it's only to say..."Hey Mama! Having fun. Too busy to talk. I love you! Bye!" I figure if she can take the cell phone that we are paying for, she can take a minute out of the busy schedule and check in so I can rest easier at night. There goes my controlling nature again. She tolerated my last minute instructions for about 30 seconds before the eye rolling started and she reminded me that she and Fred still had to stop by Wal*art and get the disposable camera she forgot to get and they really needed to get going.

I just can't get the picture of her walking down the sidewalk pulling that suitcase behind her.....pimpin' sunshades propped on her head (her words- not mine). Grinning so big back at me because she's so excited and ready for this adventure. Not needing me right then. I'm so freaking proud of that girl. She makes my heart just swell right up until I'm positive it's going to bust right out of my chest.

College is going to flat out kill me.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Things To Do

My list of things to do are longer than the amount of business hours in a day. I thought by now I might have a break of sorts. Reckon I thought wrong.

Compass is over for a few weeks. We have gone forth and educated more Navy Wives on this great military of ours. In a few weeks, I get to take the mentor class. That simply means when classes come around, I can help with presentations and such. Plus, I get a super cool pin to wear on my name tag. Oh, and don't forget how meaty and juicy that resume of mine is going to be.

We took Makenna to the ENT yesterday for her post-op visit. She's lost 11 1/2 lbs. That's quite a bit for a kid her age, but she's finally started eating again, so I'm sure she'll find it all before too long. She was cleared for swimming pools, but we were told not to overdo that angle. I really thought about it and I'm not going to let her take swim lessons next week. The swim instructor really works the kids to make they learn what they need to in a short amount of time. It would wear Mak out quick like. She's still weak and I just don't think her stamina can handle jumping into swim lessons. That being decided, I've also called my mom to tell her we wouldn't be going to SC for the week. There's really no reason to now. Sure, I need to work on the house there. That's a given. I'll find time to do it on another visit. When Fred can be there to help. Now doesn't that sound like a better plan? I thought so, too.

That just leaves a few things left to do that need immediate attention.
Such as....

1. Get a Georgia driver's license.
2. So we can register both vehicles in Georgia.
3. So we don't have to pay taxes out the butt like we do back in S.C.
4. Because one vehicle will have expired tags on July 1.
5. And the other vehicle is due in July.
6. Some where in there, we gotta get the list of things for Paige to take to camp.
7. We gotta go shopping to get said stuff for camp.
8. I gotta get her packed and every thing listed in her suitcase so she can do a checklist before coming back home because if I don't? She'll forget half the stuff she's taken with her.
9. My posse (Carla and Debbie) and I have a function to attend tonight around six, so I have to make sure I'm home to get dressed for that.
10. And find time to finish all this laundry so Paige will have clothes to take with her next week.

I'm kind of sad about giving up the S.C. driver's license. Call me sentimental. Pangs will go through my heart when I hand it over, but I'll recover quite nicely, I'm sure, when I don't have to pay those high taxes due on the van. Georgia is kind of cool to the military. We get a break on that stuff to a degree.

I'm thinking something might go lacking in that list. And all of it is important and has/needs to be done. It's amazing, you know. Sometimes I can sit back and let life do it's thing and just glide on by. Other times? I pass myself a dozen times trying to play keep up and I never get to even see the finish line.

One thought comforts me through all of this.

At least my hair will look good.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Mambo Time!

Around three months ago I discovered that suave and debonair Diego was going to be performing locally (well, locally enough it wasn't much of a drive). I called Fred with ten kinds of excitement and told him to buy the tickets! We were taking The Boy to see his most favoritest character in the entire world. do realize that Diego is a character on a Nickelodeon show? Some of you are blessed and fortunate enough not to have your brain slow cooked with preschool shows on a regular basis. I get the full Monty. I get preschool shows in the morning and Billy Ray's daughter in the afternoons and the hormonal Drake and Josh in the early evening. I am so happy when primetime comes because Mama has had her fill by then and I refuse to watch anything G rated after 8 p.m.

We left out yesterday morning around 8 a.m. because show time was at 10:30. We wanted to make sure we had plenty of time to stop for breakfast and gas and make sure we found the place, plus get to the will call window to pick up the golden tickets. Vitt was so excited the whole way there. I did notice something on our drive. Jacksonville is alot like Charleston. A bunch of one way streets that make no sense. You literally have to go around your butt to get to the elbow. I was put out with all of that by the time we got there. The parking lot across from the performing center cost us a sweet fifteen bucks to park there. I just about had a heart attack over that. And a teeny tiny loss of religion. Talk about robbing someone in broad daylight! As we got out of the car, I asked Fred if he had an umbrella because the skies were looking a tad bit heavy. Of course, he didn't.

When we finally got inside and tickets were taken care of, we wandered around and finally decided we would get the boy a "Rescue Pack". It's the ultra cool back pack that Diego wears. Vitt was beside himself with joy. So much so, he has not really taken it off since. He tried to sleep with it last night...which was adorable. It was his day and we deemed it okay to spoil him just a tad with this purchase.

We had okay seats. There were no cameras allowed in the theater. Yeah, right. I'm sure this sign was made before camera phones were invented. And, of course, I took a few before the BattleAx Usher saw me and told me to quit doing that! YES MA'AM I said before snapping another one. I'm such a rebel.

I'm not gonna lie to you. The show started all action packed and when Diego made his grand entrance via the hang glider? The look on my son's face almost made me bawl. It was like he was seeing a dream literally come true. He was hooked from that moment on. He was enthralled with every single little detail happening on that stage.

Vitt's all about some audience participation, too. Fred sat on the end, so he let Vitt dance in the aisle beside him. Most of the kids around us weren't that brave, but when the groove hits? You just gotta go with it, man. My all time favorite moment? They were doing the mambo on stage and Vitt was catching that move and going with it when an older lady usher came by him. He grabbed her hand as if to dance with her and Fred grabbed him back. She got so tickled over that. I honestly think she would have danced with the kid if given the chance. After the show when we were walking out, she made the comment to me.."That's a little Don Juan you got there!" How right she is.
When we walked out, the skies had opened up and it was pouring rain. We literally walked across the street and got right in the car. There was a line going in every direction of people with small kids walking. Some were in strollers. Some were being drug along by the hand as they hurried to parking garages blocks away. I totally did not mind the fifteen bucks as all ten raindrop spots were dry on my shirt by the time we cleared the JAX area. (Did I mention that it looks somewhat ghetto-ish around there? Could be a very scary place to go to at night!)

We were driving home and I turned to look at Vitt in the back seat. He was cool and calm. I could almost see him assimilating all he had seen. He also informed us he was ready to go back and see Diego again. I told him we would go home and see Diego on the television.
The picture you see at the top is courtesy of the show. They take the picture and you can access it online. For free. How about that? I have a few more to share with you when I finally get a few extra minutes to play around and download them onto this computer of mine.

Good times were had by all.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Blown Away

The last 24 hours have just blown me away! I sit here and feel that now I can share them with you, Internets, because you are my readers. My friends. And I know all those numbers aren't from people just reading....they're mostly me and Paige showing anyone who walked in what a cool thing she's done. I shall tell of the incidents that have occurred that have been amazing to me.

1. My son. Now we can all shake our heads collectively and I can see all of you on the edge of your seats just waiting to see what he's done now. Just for the record, I feel I must state it out loud again. He's three. He turned three back in April. He walked at eight months two days. I really didn't want him to walk that early, but Daddy was getting ready to leave and just needed to see him take those first steps. Now? He's riding his bike. Without training wheels. I kid you not. Back in SC this past weekend, he was given the chance and just flew. Fred only had to stabilize him as he climbed on and off he went! I watched in amazement as he went back and forth in the back yard..on grass no less! Yesterday Dad took the training wheels off of the bike here and into the sunset he rode! I think they told me he went around the whole cull de sac twice before gracefully falling off because stopping hasn't been perfected yet. He's only three. And I'm sorry, but this doesn't mean he can get a car at age 13. He can over achieve to his little heart's content, but I gotta draw the line somewhere in this shifting sand.

2. My neighbors. God, I hate being older sometimes with this life experience under my belt. I really do. My neighbors K and D are newly married (less than a year) and nothing doing she had to get pregnant. She's 18 and he just turned 21. See what I mean? They don't know jack about life. They are leaving today for a 16 hour drive to Michigan because someone is giving her a baby shower and she has to be there or she will just die. She has pushed the envelope until D was forced to go over his higher up's head because his leave was denied. He did get the leave...but at what cost to his career when he comes home? Best part? She has placenta previa...a life threatening condition to both her and the baby. I asked what the doc said and she just shrugged and said she didn't tell him she was going to travel by vehicle for 16 hours and she would just lay on her side in the back seat anyways. I just looked at her. I still can't believe how ignorant she is. Truly. I tried to talk to her. Fred tried to talk to D. But, to no avail. I just hope and pray they aren't made to pay for their stupidity with her life, the baby's life, or both.

3. Finally. I am blown away by your generosity. You guys were cool to comment like that. I let you off the hook now. If you want to comment...go for it. If you don't? Well, I hope you've enjoyed your visit to the Edge. (Aunt Anne? I'm sticking my tongue out at you!)

I'd also like to give a shout out to my Mama Di. This is an extra "Mom" I've had since childhood. Her daughter and I grew up together and I spent so much time at her house and vice versa both sets of parents really should have been able to claim an extra child on their taxes. One bright memory I have of her is that woman can pop gum like no body's business. She can literally chew gum and make it pop with every single bite. I was always in awe of that talent. I have tried to do that so many times, but, alas, have never acquired that particular talent. She told me this past weekend she got to take a peek at the Edge. Sooooo...HEY MAMA DI! I LOVE YOU! Don't forget to give my Chelle that message please!

I got class tonight. "It's gonna make my resume look good. It's gonna make my resume look good." Ya know...I keep repeating that to myself and it's not working yet.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Our Weekend and the Awesomeness of Paige

Our weekend went well. There was some rough travelling around the Savannah area as hard rain fell upon us. Vehicles were doing a mass exodus off every exit we passed while other smaller cars simply pulled off to the shoulder to wait it out. We trudged on at a nice 40 m.p.h until we made it through to the other side. After that, it was rather smooth driving.

The girls'...uh....father.....well, I just can't state too much because it could probably held against me in a court of law. I'm all about being a law abiding citizen. Now.

We made it back home late last night and I continued my love affair with 800 thread count sheets on top of the 400 thread count mattress topper. There should be a law against something feeling that good to sleep on.

I am gearing up for a busy few week, Internets. I have class (at night) this week. Not exactly sure why I am attending as I'm not teaching, must mostly sitting there. I just know I'll be sure to add the hours to my log sheet so I can work on getting that sweet little pendant when I reach 100 hours. I just keep repeating to myself..."It's to make my resume look good. It's to make my resume look good."

Paige heads to camp next week whilst the two youngest ones and myself head back to good ol' SC. I'm going so Mak can take swim lessons with all her friends she had to leave behind. I need to work on that house that is stilled turned upside down by frantic packing...almost a year ago. I've put it off long enough. I'm going to just start cramming stuff in garbage bags and be done with it. I've got a set of mattresses waiting at a friend's house and my grandmother has a headboard, foot board, and rails waiting at her house. And she's getting right testy about me getting it because she can't stand clutter of any type. It interferes with her comfort zone. I'm not looking forward to doing this, but I AM looking forward to having a decent place to sleep when I visit instead of a pull out couch. That does NOT have 800 thread count sheets AND comfy mattress topper.

Speaking of Paige. I must brag about her awesomeness. Her word, not mine. I told her I wanted a site counter on my blog so that you and I could see how many visits I was getting. I'm doing this because word has gotten back to me that certain people are visiting me on a regular basis. And NOT leaving comments.

Let me explain something to those of you who just visit. If you have something to say....then say it! The ultimate compliment to a blogger is a comment. We are sluts for comments for lack of a better way to say it. It validates our thoughts...even if you don't agree with what we say.
Enough of that.

Paige sat down with me and figured out how to do this counter thing. She hates sitting with me at the computer because she is at a higher operating level than I am. I'll admit it. I've never claimed to be a computer genius. I know just enough to be dangerous. To myself and the computer.

I'm pretty sure she's going to play around with it some more so you might see it flit around the screen before she gets it settled where she wants. Even then, I won't promise she'll leave it there for long.

And did I mention that my family is coming back for the 4th? Of July? Oh, joy! I gotta rush back and get the joint cleaned up quick like. My hubby will be here by himself for 5 days and I'm sure he'll go all bachelor-like and enjoy himself immensely. My house will more than likely become a fast food graveyard. Pizza boxes.....cheeseburger wrappers.....I will have to pick my way through upon my arrival back home.

Oh. This is for my brother. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let Trinity come back with me for a couple days before you get here. I promise to keep her in one piece. She will only smell a tiny bit from being spoiled rotten.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Missions and Plans To Go

We're heading out this afternoon to trek back home for the weekend. I need to go pet my Daddy for Father's Day. I know I didn't go home for Mother's Day since it was the Royal Weekend and all that. I got a cool Mama that totally understands stuff. My Dad? Will totally pout if I don't go. He says he won't...but I know better. He is King of the Clan and ,therefore, deserves recognition as such. So he shall get it.

I feel sorry for my hubby, though. The girls'...uh....father.....thinks he deserves to have them with him this weekend. I'm not going to dispute that. I never would. I just wish he were more involved and sincere so it would be okay inside. And that's all I have to say about that.

So, Fred gets gypped. He will be minus two kids this Sunday. Eh, that's the way it happens. He got to open his presents from them last night. I figured we would driving today, the girls would be gone tomorrow through Sunday afternoon when we will drive the moment could be lost. He was completely fine with that because he's a total sucker for presents. He was gifted with nice new tools for the Man Stove. Of course he knew they were in his near future, but I decided to get a really nice set so he could be KING of the Man Stove. Paige and I put an apron together for him also. Actually, I bought the apron at wa*mart and we ironed on letters.

I have to stop here and say that most civilians will not get this and I truly apologize for it. Those of you connected to the Navy will and I hope you get a good chuckle off of it. When you are in the Navy it seems you have to qualify for every single little thing. You have to qualify to stand watch......qualify to teach....etc etc. I'm not exactly clear on all of it, I just know it has to be done. The other day I was talking with a neighbor and her hubby has also gotten a new Man Stove recently. We decided to get the aprons and put on them:


Yeah, it's cute and so appropriate. (and you all know I'll get a picture for you because I'm cool like that)

There is one present left for Sunday morning. It gets to travel all the way to South Carolina for the honor of being opened then.

I am so dreading that four+ hour drive today. Just not in the mood, but am ready to see my people!

On another note?

Hair mission accomplished. Ohhhh it is so very very very accomplished. I got through, swung by the house and got Paige, swung by my friend Carla's house and got her and OFF we went! We went and did some retail therapy that I've been needing. (Some addictions just HAVE be fed) While were shopping I informed the gals that since we were out, we simply had to go get something to eat. We called another friend who met us at this little place that serves Italian.

While we sat there, I had an epiphany of sorts.

We were sitting and laughing and just having a decent time and I realized......I'm okay.

Hold on now...go with me. A year ago this time, I was so stressed about moving and literally starting a new temporary life I was almost physically sick over it. How was I going to do this? I would never have friends like the ones I hold so close to go shop and eat out with. It was soul crushing.

But, I'm okay.

I've made new friends. Good ones. Doesn't mean I've lost and forgotten the ones back home. Heck no. Those sisters back home are a part of my very being and I plan on keeping it that way.

I'm just happy. I like the gig we got going on here. I promised my husband I would make the best of it and I feel like I have. I told him I wouldn't let him down and I don't feel like I have.

In the space of just a few hours I got my hair done and had an epiphany.

Looks like I accomplished two missions. Not bad.

**Remember I was getting the eyebrows waxed, too? Uh huh. Since it had been so long since the last time, you could say my skin was a tad bit tender and RED. Did I care? Nope. I went right on out and about. Carla looked at me at one point and said....uh...did you get your brows done? I just grinned and are they?

Must clarify! I went back and proofread again after posting and to my horror, I thought someone might misunderstand. My Dad is King of the Clan...with a C...not a K. Okay..glad we got that all cleared up.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


I'm taking care of some personal responsibilities today, people. It's all about me and I'm not ashamed to say it out loud. Uh....write it out loud, if you please.

This afternoon I have an appointment with a cute gal to get my hair done. I have not had anything done to my hair since the sub ball back in April. There's a story behind that, you see.

Good hair stylin' cost money. If you want it done right and by a professional, there's no way you're gonna get off lightly unless she's your friend and is feeling generous. I miss my stylist back home so much it ain't funny. She was my friend and would have a pot of coffee waiting when I got there. I would end up being there way longer than I needed to because we would sit and chat as she created hair miracles.

Where we are now? Good LAWD. I was blown away by how much it cost to get the same thing done. But, I bit the bullet and did it anyway. I've ended up with this teeny tiny gal who is adorable. She's around five feet tall and about 80lbs soaking wet. She's good, people. And if I have to slump down in the chair for her to reach the top of my head, I don't care. I had the full works done for the sub ball and after tipping, I was minus around 100 bucks when all was said and done. I was cool with that. Good things cost. It's the way of this great nation of ours.

Due to my hubby being on limited duty as he was injured in the line of duty last year on a submarine, we are minus a few pays the Navy doles out for certain things. Like...oh.....sea pay....sub pay....etc etc. And it adds up. The Navy will find you something to do while getting over an injury, but they'll put you low on the income list in the meantime and still sleep like babies when they lay down at night.

I got all magnanimous and told my husband that I would forfeit all hair care and do at home coloring to save money for our family. Yeah. Ok. That lasted all of about 3 weeks. Before the root rot starting setting in. Then the ends started fraying. There went the style I had going on. I've done the at home color before and it wasn't successful and I had nightmares about trying it again so I stayed far away from that aisle when at the store lest temptation and stupidity override my good common sense. All scissors were put away because high school was a time when Hope *had* to cut her own bangs (omg. bangs.shudder). ~sigh~

I tried. I really did. I made it all the way to week seven (it's now week 8) before I gave up putting hints out there in front of my husband to see how he would react to me reneging on my part of the deal. He finally put me out of my misery last week and said it truly was okay and he wouldn't hold it against me. He might once or twice just to get my hackles up, but at this point? I don't care! I need styled hair!!!!! I guess me screaming at my hair while trying to find a decent way to put it and then coming out of the bathroom telling him with this primal look in my eyes that I hate my hair and it sucks and I will not be going back out in public from here on out because it's just nasty looking and I look like the poster child for white trash worked finally. Hints out of the window, Internets!

I should be ashamed. I know. And I will feel twinges of guilts as I sit in that chair today and let TinkerBelle work her magic. Then she will be done and I will have freshly waxed eyebrows, perfectly done roots, and gloriously styled hair. I will brush those twinges of guilts off of my shoulders as I convince myself that it was for the good of the people that I did this. I will no longer be laughed at as I walk the aisles of Wal*art. I will be able to put all the headbands away for a while. You know the ones? Really wide and covering the root rot? Yeah. I am so past wearing them right now.

I'm doing it for me. I'm doing it for my family. I'm doing it for America!

Responsibilities. I take them very seriously.

Monday, June 11, 2007


My son. Sometimes that's all I have to say and those who know him will nod their head solemnly in sympathy. Because he's a tough nut, People.

Lately he's using his newly learned smarts in a different way. I say newly learned, because, at this age kids learn at a constant rate. A constant scary rate.

He now has a Big Boy Bed in his room. Since we moved here, he's been on a toddler bed in our room which is right where I wanted him. Now, I feel he's too the point that he can sleep on a regular bed just feet away from our bedroom door. It only seems right since he loves to sleep in our bed from about 4 a.m. til daybreak. We've put him to bed in there a few times and it's gone okay for the most part. Mostly what he does is just fight sleep. He hates to go to sleep. We know, he knows, that if he is still for five minutes, he will be completely out. He still doesn't make it easy for us.

Yesterday, I told Fred he needed some quiet time. Just make him lay on a pillow with a blanket for 30 minutes. We ALL needed a little bit of quiet time. I really didn't care if he took a nap or not. I was just tired of wondering what he was getting into. So, Fred made him come in the living room with us and lay on the floor. The race was on...or a bunch of interviews since the race was rained out. I was on the laptop playing games and Fred was reading a book. Nice and quiet.

I looked down at Vitt and he appeared to be completely engrossed in the interviews going on. That was odd. I motioned for Fred to look at him because he had his little head propped up in his hands and was seriously paying attention.

No, he wasn't. He was pulling his new trick of doing everything possible to stay awake. And losing. I've caught him doing this a couple of times already and have, of course, taken pictures. All we can do is laugh. One day I hope and pray he will bring the love of his life around so I can thoroughly embarrass him within an inch of his life. It's the least I get to do after raising his stubborn butt. Right?

Friday, June 08, 2007

Makenna's Ballet Recital 2007

This ballet thing confuses me. For ten years, I've had a child in dance classes. That makes for ten very stressful recitals and extra rehearsals. For two years I had two girls in dance together. Talk about being busy! Three costume changes per child. Whew.

We got Makenna into dance around November of this year. She was missing it and I wanted her to be able to do something that was familiar and comfortable in this new place we were in. I did not like the instructor from the beginning and neither did Mak. She's tough and hard and gets very strict with her dancers. This can be good in some ways. It makes them work harder and do better overall. After last Saturday night, I could see why. Her group danced to the songs "Tomorrow" from Annie and "I Just Can't Wait to be King" from the Lion King. The ballet was exquisite. They had good flowing movement and I just want to bawl when I see her on stage performing. She's been doing this so long, she's no longer nervous.

My family made the trek down to see this fine performance. I was so glad because my heart was breaking over the fact that I didn't have a picture of Mak and Toot together. They're only 13 months apart and I just want them to grow together and be close for always. I'm not close to any of my first cousins and it's just sad when there's 15 of them to be close to.

We get a picture like this every single year. A close up of the two of them. Last year Makenna was the one missing teeth. Now it's Toot's turn!

Paige volunteered to be the stage mom for Makenna's group. This was so she could stay in back and get her dressed for each dance. I didn't ask, she volunteered. And she did a wonderful job. I was able to sit in the audience and enjoy the show and have no worries. Well, there were a few frantic text messages where she's screaming for Nana to come back because the strap broke on the jungle costume. All was well after a quick visit from Nana and everything went off without a hitch!

Then you have those moments where the sillies creep in. It can't always be perfectly positioned feet and hands, now can it? Isn't that dress just precious????

Then Toot has her turn at being silly. Paige took this in the dressing room and a while later I was looking through the camera and came across this. Des about had a heart attack, but I think this adorable of her. She has such a spunky personality.

Paige is totally gonna hate this picture, but it was good of Des and I'd rather have Paige mad than Des. She may be small, but she's spunky like Toot. Like Mother, Like Daughter.

I decided to jump in for a quick picture. Not my usual style, but I did. It was a rainy night..which was fine as we needed the rain. But, my hair goes all funky crazy curly frizzy in humidity, so I just threw a headband in and called it a day. Yep, that's all natural curl, folks.

And there you have the photo gallery. More than I usually do, but the pictures turned out right decently, I think. Note the bouquet Makenna is holding. Fred made a special trip in the pouring rain Saturday morning to purchase them. All dancers MUST have flowers after performing, you know! The collages on either side of the girls are the professional group photos of each group that performed. It was alot of people. Alot.

We're not sure if dance class is in our future this coming year. I think Vitt needs to attend 3K for some social skills and all the extra activities add up after a while. Rumor has it that the base is offering karate classes at a decent rate and Makenna has been asking for those for a while. I think it'll keep her limber and fluid in case she decides to go back to dance. Plus, she's already told Paige: "I'm going to learn how to kick your butt and I'm not going to show you how I did it!"

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The Infirmary

Makenna had surgery yesterday. I know. I know. I'm behind on my posting due to the busy weekend, followed by surgery. I've got pictures for show and tell and will do my best to get them out this week. First, though, I want to talk about tonsils, adenoids, and nurses I don't like.

Fred, Mak, and I showed up at the hospital at 6:30 a.m. Tuesday morning. We totally went by Mickey's to get some coffee. Makenna moaned from the back seat that she could smell pancakes. Nothing makes a person more hungry than NOT being allowed to eat. Not to mention that we made her eat a huge bowl of cereal at 11:40 p.m. the night before. Her cut off was midnight and I wanted to make sure she wasn't going to be starving any time soon. Also, I'm of the mind set that if my baby can't eat, there's no way on earth I'll eat in front of her.

For this to be a small hospital, it was impressive how they were on time and didn't play around. She and I were taken right on back where she was put in a lovely backless gown and paper shower cap. These people are on top of things because they have a t.v. and dvd player for the young ones. Pop in a movie and they're totally distracted. The anesthesiologist came by to chat with her and asked if she wanted to be sleepy going back to the O.R. or would she rather remember it all. Her response? "Shoot, I'd rather be sleepy." So, sleepy it was. Twenty minutes after the dose, she was yawning and propping her eyelids open. I, of course, had my handy dandy cell phone with the camera to record this. Hey, now, it's a major event in her life! I don't scrapbook, so pictures from the phone it is!

As you can see, she's always posing and loving the moment. I walked her to the hallway. She went left. I went the waiting room where Fred was. He went down to the cafeteria to see if breakfast was decent....and it was! He brought us back something good and we proceeded to eat while my baby was getting her throat worked on. We had a visit from a friend from church and before the hour was up, the doctor was poking his head in to let us know it all went well and she was already in recovery. Wow, that was quick. Ha.

The recovery nurse came within minutes to get me. Apparently, Makenna came out of surgery calling for MAMA. She was out of sorts and blind. This is what usually happens coming out of anesthesia...the vision is the last thing to come back to you. The nurse chuckled telling me how she sat up in the bed, exclaimed "I JUST CAN'T TAKE THIS ANYMORE AND I NEED MY MAMA." They promised if she would be quiet for five minutes, she could have her Mama. I walked in there and she was curled up sniffing. I rubbed her head and when she looked up and saw me, she started crying. I told her that it was okay, I was there, and to stop crying so her throat would be okay. She literally relaxed and started snoring then. Oh, the power of a Mama's hand.

I didn't know that when she started snoring, she wouldn't stop. Girlfriend was out. We got her to a room because she was to stay at least four hours afterwards for observation. Within the hour, another patient minus tonsils was wheeled in. This girl was 14 and she didn't shut up the whole time. Never slept either. She ate and complained and put her tongue bar piercing thing back in against medical advice. They were really nice people and we all got along great. We were to go home an hour before this girl. Ha. Makenna woke up long enough to pull and exorcist on us and projectile vomit. She got the sheets, the bed, floor, wall, and me. For her trouble, she got a shot in the bum that was pain reliever and nausea medication. AFTER the shot, the nurse informed me that Mak couldn't go home until she was sitting up, lucid, and able to ride in a wheelchair without falling out. I was livid. Anyone who has had this cocktail (no pun intended..well, maybe a little) shot knows you are out for the count. And the girl was a snoring. I know because I videotaped it. On the phone, of course. So, lunch was eaten from the hospital cafeteria. The nurse was not my friend and it appeared to me that she did things her way and her way only. Is that how it goes? I did what I'm capable of. I complained about her lack of professionalism. When talking to other nurses, they knew exactly to whom I was referring and it looked like to me we got the bad apple nurse of the day. Yay. She even got to the point she didn't come around. Makenna's I.V. started beeping. After 20 minutes, I strolled down to the nurses' station and said..."I can totally take my child's I.V. out, right? Because it's been going off for 20 minutes and no one has come even though I've beeped you to let you know." They started scrambling then.

As you can see, there was no pain in her world at this moment. She was snoring and sleeping even though there was a blood pressure cuff squeezing her arm and an I.V. in the other hand.

We finally made it home where her Cat Navy waited on her hand and foot. He set his phone alarm for the middle of the night to give her the pain medication. He even put her in our bed to sleep with me and slept on the couch himself. Although, the boy got up in the middle of the night and went looking for "DAD" and proceeded to not let him sleep because..."I NEED MILK" came out of his mouth every 15 minutes until Fred finally got up and got him some. That boy knows he better not come to me with that. Mama don't play that getting up and being your waitress all night long stuff. Uh uh. Not happening.

We are keeping it low key and laid back for the day. I'm finally getting to catch up on my personal thangs on the computer and will be loading pictures of the weekend for your viewing pleasure.