Monday, March 29, 2010


This weekend I thought it prudent to have a little talk with Makenna. We're not huge on birthdays around here. We do celebrate with cake and ice cream with presents added in. The kids have had a party or two under their belt. It's just not alot of fanfare. It's how we roll.

This year is a little different. Paige is turning 16 in a few weeks. Wow. Sixteen years old. I gotta hold that thought for her birthday post because it just blows my mind.

Sixteen is special. Lots of grand things can happen with sixteen. You might can get a driver's license to further steps to freedom and Independence. Dating becomes a bit more important. I loved sixteen. I recall it fondly and I just believe it should be special.

I thought I would have a talk with Makenna about how this year, Paige may get a little more because it's a monumental birthday.

What was I worried about? That kid is smooth as glass and doesn't mind a bit. I love that my kids aren't jealous of each other. I don't know if having them five years apart has made them this way or if it's just how they are.

I know she was smooth about it all but I felt I needed to go a step further with the whole explanation.

It went something like this:

Me: I know it may seem like Paige is raking in this year and all but just think! Next year you turn 12 and I get to take you to the Clinique counter and have them show you how to apply make-up (age appropriate, of course) and really make a day of it!

Makenna: (confused look) Huh?

Me: You remember when I took Paige when she turned 12. It's a great thing to get your first little bit of make-up.

Makenna: (perplexed look) Why on earth would I want make-up?

Me: (confused look)

Makenna: I don't care for that makeup stuff. I mean, what is makeup but pancake on your face and what good is a pancake if it isn't edible?

Me: Alrighty then. Let me know if you change your mind.

See? My oldest child was chomping at the bit to wear make-up by age 10-11. Middle kid? Could care less at this point.


I'll never be able to keep at the rate they're going.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


One thing in this life that I am so very grateful for are the grandparents God has provided for my children. My children have no doubt that they are loved so much by these people.

It still amazes me that I have three children and they are all so different. We have the biggest melting pot of characters that live in this house. What would you like to see? Because we have it all. Comedy, drama, singing, dancing, loudness, laughing, crying, philosophers, advocates, politician wannabes....yes, we have it all here at The Edge.

I see my mother's hands and feet with my oldest. She moans and complains about her short fingers and stubby toes....but I think she secretly is thrilled that her Nana can't deny her one little bit. I see my father in law in my son. They have similar mannerisms that make us laugh. An example is being ticklish under the chin. The both of them will go into spasms if you go near that sensitive spot underneath the chin. I see my Daddy in the middle girl. How they both are deep thinkers and contemplate subjects deeply so they are able to present their cases with complete confidence that they are right.

Have I told you lately how much I love my mother-in-law? I am so blessed to have the best MIL in the entire world. I stand by that statement fully. The coolest thing? I am safe and secure knowing that I am her most favorite daughter-in-law. It doesn't matter that I'm her ONLY daughter-in-law. Being the favorite is what counts, Internets. I had to tell you that to tell you this little story.

Yesterday, I was cooking supper. The lid was on the pot simmering, and the biscuits were in the oven finishing up. I was sitting at the table going through some mail when I noticed Makenna over at the stove. I saw this odd expression cross her face before she laughed. She had walked up to see what was cooking in the pot. Normally, I use glass lids but my new set of pots have metal lids. She had walked up and couldn't understand why she couldn't see the food. Then, she saw the reflection of the microwave above the pot and realized the lid was metal. Bless her heart, she doesn't mind laughing at herself. Serious as can be, she said, "Well, I feel stupid."

I just laughed because it reminded me so much of my mother-in-law. (Mrs. M knows I'm totally saying this with love.) Mrs. M always claims that she's having "blonde senior moments". Makenna claims her own blonde moments. I felt it necessary to call my MIL after supper to tell her to come get her grandchild. I told her the both of them could have Senior and Junior Blonde Moments together. I'm here to tell you...if she lived closer? I'm willing to bet she would have been here in a blink. If she has her way? That girl of mine will go spend a summer in Nebraska with her Mimi one day.

I don't know if my children realize just how blessed they are. I was fortunate in that I grew up with wonderful Grandparents. I still have my Grandma and I get all comfy and cozy feeling knowing that woman loves me. She never fails to tell me that she loves me and is always praying for me when we get off the phone. Can't beat that feeling with a stick. If my children don't realize it now? I hope one day they will look back and realize that their grandparents love them dearly...even from far away.

I just had to give a shout out to Grandparents today. I was feeling the love and just want them to know that I appreciate them and all they do. My children may not see them on a regular basis....but love is always there.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Some House Stuff

Around the time my husband retired, I received a package in the mail. In it was something so special. A fellow sub-wife had made me something and sent it to me. What makes this so special? Well, for one, this fellow sub-wife is also an active duty officer in our USNAVY. She is a very talented individual and is able to take her craft and hobby with her on deployments. She put a little note in with the gift that said this pattern made her think of me and so she took it with her on a deployment to work on.


How cool is that?? It just made me feel so special and I am humbled that someone who was so far away serving our country thought of me in her downtime.

The note also stated that this was a housewarming gift for the new house I was going to get and the new chapter my family and I were about to start. Of course, I hung it in a temporary place and packed it with care when the move happened. Since we got here, I have walked my house and squinted at walls trying to figure out the best place to display this favorite gift of mine.

Yesterday, the light bulb went off over my head. My favorite room in the house is my kitchen and breakfast area. The kitchen is roomy and the breakfast room is able to hold my big old wooden table with ease. When people visit, we end up sitting around the table talking and hanging out. Last week when Carla-Girl and her family were over eating, we sat 8 people around that table and we weren't overly crowded! I love that table. I love those two rooms together. We all know I'm Southern and we Southern people tend to gravitate to the kitchen. It's just the place to be, you know. I personally believe that hospitality begins at the table. For instance, there was a ...uh...woman that was married to a co-worker of my husband back when we were dating. Oh, how she hated the South. Oh, how she stated loudly and rudely to anyone who would listen her distaste of the South and all who resided in it. I looked at my then boyfriend and said, "Do NOT expect me or ask me to put my feet under that woman's table because I will NOT break bread at her house." Breaking bread is pretty important to hospitality.

So, you see, I finally decided that this gift would find a home in my favorite room. I want people to see how proud I am of it and how much I just adore it. Dani? I know we've never met face to face, but you nailed this one good! I just thank you again so much for thinking of me and sending the perfect housewarming gift! You are amazing. Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful baby girl and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for serving our country.

I thought above the pantry was the perfect place. Everyone can see it and no one can touch it!

"HOSPITALITY........Welcome*Generosity* Kindness" And, yes, those are pineapples on the side!

p.s. If it doesn't show up? You can click on Dani's name to go visit her blog and she's listed to the right of blogs I read!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Homework Smarts and Such

The new school my son attends has homework in Kindergarten. At first, I was all a dither because why on earth would you give a five year old homework??? As the weeks progressed, we discovered his homework truly is only five minutes worth of work and not hard at all. It's just a small thing to get him in the groove for his school future. We haven't had any real issues getting him to complete it at night. He finishes supper before we do and brings his folder to the table so he and Dad can get it done while we all finish up.

Carla-Girl and her family were here last night eating supper. She and the kids are visiting her hubby this week and it was their ten year anniversary. (Her husband and mine got jobs at the same place, but she and the kids are still residing back where we came from as they have to sell their house before's tough living like that, folks.) Anyway, in all the hoopla, we forgot to do The Boy's homework.

At breakfast this morning, The Man pulled out the homework sheet so The Boy could get it done. He had to write a sentence using one of his sight words (list of words they work on each week). There were no arguments and the task was completed.

I heard my husband laughing and asked what was up. My son had written:

"There are zero white birds (in the tree). (I *think* the (in the tree) part was in there.)

And drew nothing to illustrate it.

Because there were zero birds and they were white.

That's my boy.

I'm not sure if I should be proud he's smart enough to do that or worried about his future homework assignments.

When that kid of mine explained it to me and grinned? I wanted to eat him up.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tuesday's Thoughts- Fashion Woes

I just have a teensy gripe about today's fashions. What is up with them???

I have two beautiful daughters who are different as night and day. Both encounter fashion woes on a regular basis and it just frustrates me to no end. Some times shopping becomes more of a chore than an fun pastime that girls of all ages like to do.

I'll talk about Paige first. My beautiful amazing Paige. She will be sixteen next month and I'm still in shock that I am the parent of a child who will be that old. She has inherited her petite height from her Nana and even though she doesn't want to hear it? I believe 5' 2" may be her lot in life. She is also very mature looking for her age. It's like she got all female DNA from both sides of her family and the result is a very voluptuous figure. Bless her heart. She's a modest gal and all but she still wants to be pretty and cute and all that is teenagery. Yet, the clothes for teenagers are made for those young ladies that are a size zero. You know the ones, right? They have no boobs or hips? How disheartening it has become because she just wants to wear the cute clothes other girls are wearing. Therefore, I make it my mission to find cute shirts and such that she'll feel pretty in. Thing is, I'm afraid, is that they are mostly low-cut and that just won't work. Camisoles under all she wears has become the norm. I'm betting she owns camis in every color known to man. I hate it for her and wish designers would just realize that not all teenagers are a size zero and make appropriate clothing for the gals with hips and boobs.

Then we have Makenna. My long legged blonde beauty. She just turned eleven, Fashion Designers! Why are you making clothes for her to wear that look like she should be walking the street corner? It confounds me that you go from adorable smocked sundresses and Disney Princess to Hootchie Mama. Add in the fact that she wears a women's size 8 1/2 shoe and there is trouble. Hold up now. You're probably thinking, "Wow! That kid has a big foot!" No, she doesn't. She has a long narrow foot that is dainty. What do you have to choose from in that size? Hooker Heels and Grandma's Pumps. Seriously? Tennis shoes are no problem, but try to find an age appropriate church/dress shoe and you, my friends, will be searching many stores all day long. I am so grateful that ballet flats came back in and I truly hope they stay. It is almost the only shoe that can keep an eleven year old looking eleven.

I truly hate that the fashion society has apparently made it their mission to age and mature our daughters way before it's time. I will be 39 this year. (ACK!) I remember being in my early 20's and loving life. Going to the clubs, bars, parties, and etc. Women are empowered in their 20's. Many are finishing college, finding themselves, and living life. A few might be looking for a husband and what would we do? Dress like we love life! I wore my share of short skirts and dresses (back when my butt was decent and would cooperate and not hang out). I wore the heels and low cut shirts to the club to get my groove on. I can guarantee you one thing. I wouldn't have been wearing that mess when I was 11 ....or 16. My Daddy would have turned me around at the door before I got one toe over the threshold. I fondly recall blue eyeshadow being the thing to wear in the late 80's and I did my level best to support the blue eyeshadow factory. Many times I was sent back to the bathroom to take some of it off. Especially before church. I have become my Daddy somewhat in that Miss Paige has been sent to the bathroom a few times to get a handle that godawful black eyeliner the girls favor these days. I gladly look forward to 10-15 years from now when these girls look at pictures from today and cringe over the heavy black eyeliner and duck bill lips in every single picture they take. We older ones know they look stupid because we did our own stupid pictures at that age. I can't wait until they figure it out themselves. I mean, hey, I am 5' 6" and in high school I was 5' 9" with the hair. I see pictures now and ask my high school friends, "WHY on earth did you let me walk around with hair like that???" Then I realize they had the same hairstyles I did. So, it's all good.

I just wish that people who believe themselves to be fashion designers would throw that standard mannequin out of the bloomin' window and make REAL clothes. Shoe designers? Girls have long feet at a young age. Keep that in mind, would you? I wore a size 10 in 5th grade...still do 29 years later. And let me tell you...I wore some ugly butt shoes back in the day with my Mama trying to keep it age appropriate. ~shudder~

One thought about dresses must be stated. I look at dresses today and I think...Wow. I find it sad that my daughter's have to wear a sweater to church over their dresses to appear decent. Am I old fashioned? Yeah, I guess I am. I look in stores today trying to find dresses for my daughters to wear to church and what I see looks more suitable for nightwear than walking around in public. Hey, Designers? It's really and truly okay for dresses to have sleeves and for hems to meet a knee or two. Sure, a slinky sexy dress is cool when the occasion calls for it(and you're the right age and shape for it). I'm just not cool with wearing that mess up in God's House. Get what I'm saying? Let girls be girls!!! We become women and grown ups soon enough with all the bells and whistles that go with it. Dang.

Oh, and Internets? My baby lost his first tooth and you didn't comment? Poor guy. He'll need some therapy over being ignored later in life, I'm sure.

I would love to know your thoughts on today's fashions for little girls, tweens, and teens. Am I a stick in the mud or a properly concerned parent? Remember playground rules apply. No finger pointing or sticking out the tongue.