Monday, June 27, 2005

Diets, Pizza, and Rain

My, how time flies. This summer is flying by on wings that never rest. We all have the lovely pre-cancerous glow that has found it's way past high SPF sunscreen. All you see from the 2 youngest in this house as they streak through is incredibly white tushies attached to lovely brown limbs. For the first time in years, I'm not ashamed to wear shorts! Believe that.

My self imposed diet has faded into nothingness. ~sigh~ When am I ever going to get my act together and get some of this off of me? I know it can be done but the thought of losing 100 lbs again just makes me weary. I am 8 years older with 2 more children. I still await that magic pill that can erase all this damage done by my emotional eating. This all weighs (no pun intended) on me as I broke down and ate the two leftover pizza slices a little while ago. I did better eating when pregnant last time than I'm doing now. argh.

I am excited to say that my friend Ms. M's hubby is coming home from Iraq this week for his 2-week leave. I am freaking giddy for her. She hasn't seen said hubby for almost a year and is beside herself in anticipation. Who can blame her??? She is polishing toes and furniture, getting the yards in order, and getting nervous when she pauses to think about seeing him Tuesday. It makes me want to cry because she has been on her own with 2 young kids for a while now. She's gone through a health scare or two, not to mention Christmas without him. We spoke after her health scare and she was laughing as she told the story (understand that it was NOT funny as it happened). She was in the Dr.'s office telling them to goto Iraq and get her husband right then!! Thankfully, that has passed and she's superfine now (super is my neice's new word and I think it's cool). Ms. O is Ms. M's daughter and she is coming over tomorrow to play with my Makenna. Ms. O doesn't know Daddy is coming home this week. All she knows is that it's now really really really soon. Mom is going to bring home a surprise for Ms. O and her sister Ms. S Wednesday morning. Oh, how I would love to be a fly on the wall because Ms. O is the epitome of Daddy's Girl and will simply be over the moon when she sees her hero walk in. I cry now just thinking about it.

So I plan a FUNFILLEDPICNICSWIMALLDAY Day for tomorrow. Ms. O and Ms G (another close friend who makes it a lovely trio) are planning to come over and swim all day in the Big Boy.....picnic at the outside in the sand box and generally just get worn out. It is supposed to rain. Dangit. Go to Plan B. It will be a MOVIEFESTPLAYDRESSUPEATALLTHEJUNKYOUCAN Day. Always have a backup people. We are going to make rice krispy treats and veg out in front of the t.v. with all our favorite animated characters. The Olsen Twins might make an appearance...not sure yet. So Monday will be Monday. We are prepared either way!!

My dear sweet hubby came home this weekend after being gone for 2 weeks. I must've called him a dozen times Friday as he did his 6 hour drive home. I think at the time I thought that if I called him, it would get him here faster. I got butterflies because I was just so excited to see him and couldn't wait. I sang the "Daddy's coming home" song to Vitt over and over until I'm sure he was sick of it. And it was good. We went nowhere but to church today but it was good. I need more time with him and I'm not going to get it anytime soon. From what he's told me, he's going to be even more scarce. Some Navy blah blah blah he has to do come August. Can't a gal catch a break? This too shall pass and he'll be one more day closer to retirement. I can say that at this moment because I don't miss him yet as he just left this evening. I'm sure I will have plenty to say about it later..........

Btw...the intense counselling is working wonders! I have a semi-normal kid on my hands and I'm loving it! I'm also waiting for the other shoe to drop and the sullen, unhappy, goth-acting pre-teen to emerge again. Raising tweens nowadays sucks!! Hard work, people, trust me.

Til later my friends............

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

I do believe we've struck gold

Yes, we've struck gold, friends. I'm so freaking worn out from this pool, it's not even funny. It took almost 5 days to get Big Boy completely filled. I went on a frenzy last Friday and off I went to Lowe's. I bought a picnic table...sand for the sand box, tiki torches. Dang, I bought so much stuff, I have NO clue what is really out there. We spent Friday evening getting chemicals right and the pump running. We were all shaking in anticipation for Saturday! Saturday I have my son, neice, and nephew (girls were at their dad's house fri-sat). Have I told you how much I hate being outside? I am truly not an outdoorsy type person. It seriously just isn't my thing. humph. I spent from 9 a.m. Saturday to 10:00 p.m. that night outside. No lie. The three kids went next door to Nana's for a nap and still I toiled outside. I stained the lovely picnic table and would just have to stop and envision all the good times. I got fried. sigh. I was so careful with the kids..slathering them down with high SPF sunscreen so they wouldn't burn and here I was...with a lovely pre-cancerous glow about me. I just forgot to cover myself. We have already gotten our money' worth out that pool. Today found us out there from 10:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. There were 8 kids ranging in ages: 1,2,3,5,6,6,6,11. My fellow amigo (SIL) and I pulled tag team duties. The babies wouldn't stay in for long and so one would get out with them whilst they played in the sand box and teeny tot pool and the other would get to cool it in the pool with the rest of the crew. It was a wonderful situation. And guess what. I got fried. Again. DANGIT. I promise I put on sunscreen at least 3 times!!! and it was SPF 40 or 45. I just can't believe this. I am so glowing this evening and can just feel those skin cancer cells growing. I'm already paranoid about all the tanning I've done as a teen and 20 something. Now I'm 34 and just as bad as I was at age 15. No wait. I used sunscreen and not Hawaiian Tropic TANNING OIL. omg....can you believe we put that stuff on our bodies?? Especially those of us who are "Original White Girls"???? Sure, I would end up with a tan...eventually. sigh ...again.

Anyway, we are loving summer and the kids are passing out when they hit air conditioned doorways. My SIL ( who lives down the road a small piece) said my nephew was asleep before they pulled out of the driveway to go home. She sits him inside the doorway so that she could return to the vehicle to retrieve another child. She told him....take off your suit and put on a pull-up and go lie down. He takes off his suit where he stands and falls to the floor....naked....asleep. Same with my neice. She managed to get on a pair of panties before falling out in deep sleep. That's what I'm talking about. Keep them busy...keep them active...make them sleep! Now I need to get that to work at my house.

My father accepted his wild print shorts with dignity and wore them with pride and very white legs!! I have not seen the man in shorts in 20 years but wear them he did and in the pool he went. It was only one time, but I feel sure there will be more.

My son no longer looks related to me. His tiny bit of Mexican and Mayan blood is coming through and he is so dark and handsome I am in awe. And this happened with a SPF of 50!!! I will have to beat the girls off with a cattle prod when he is a teenager. Girls do go silly over a good tan.

And I hope all this paddling around will tone something I own and/or move an inch or two or I will be pissed. Tanned, but pissed.

Monday, June 06, 2005

A Pool...Issues...and Hawaiian Trunks

It is done. My brother, his wife, my parents, and my family are the proud owners of a pool! And this sucker is huge. After long debate and discussion it was decided that the purchase of one might help us maintain a grip on our sanity considering we have 5 kids. We talked about the 3.5 ft. compared to the 4.0 ft. It was determined that we would get the 3.5 ft. due to the small stature of 3 of the 5 kids. Well, suffice it to say, I got to Walmart and just couldn't pass up the 18 ft circumference of the 4 ft. one. We are big people! Well, I am and my hubby ain't no little boy. (have I told you he's tall, dark and handsome? I am so lucky!) My SIL loves the fact that I caved and the Big Boy. We had a fun time tonight getting it started. Mr. Anal Man aka My Dad...what are we going to do with him? He is hating this pool idea and grumbles the whole time we are setting it up. Excuse me? Is that my Dad out there on his hands and knees with a level? Is that my Dad out there making us move the tarp/ground cover 4 inches this way and 2 inches that way? humph. He complains about putting up with women (that would be me, Mama, and Des) I tell him there are men out there tonight that would kill to be in his shoes. He rolls his eyes. Did I mention the psycho kids running around ready to strip naked and swim?? Such sweet babies. It just couldn't sink in that it will be 3-5 days before we can even think of swimming because it will take that long to fill The Big Boy due to the fact we have an inground well and my father is convinced we're going to drain the water table below us and have to fork out 3K to dig another? For those of you who are not familiar with these kinds of pool (and you would have to be on another planet not to, because every other freaking house has one I think), you blow up the ring and as it fills with water the ring will rise and VOILA! have a pool. My sweet baby discovers he can throw himself OVER the ring into the inch of freezing water to run 18ft to the other side. And he didn't know the bottem would be slippery and he would bust his butt halfway there and skid the rest of the way. No fear has that kid. My dad mutters under his breath that he is putting up a death trap. My SIL and I choose to ignore this time. Oh yeah, good times will be had if we have anything to say about it. The Three Amigos (me, mama, and Des) are even talking about a picnic table and chairs. I even made the comment to my Dad that he and Mom could come out at night and that we could get some tiki torches......hook up a radio under the shed.....oooo la la. I say this while doing a sorry imitation of a hula dance. My oldest starts gagging. Daddy asks her what's wrong? She mom's a pervert. Girlfriend, you have NO idea! LOL.

We are going for counselling tomorrow. This will be Paige's 2nd straight week and I think it will be interesting. She had a big blow out on the phone with her dad this past weekend and I can't wait to see how she retells it tomorrow. Watch that poot-head not let me in on the session and I'll miss it all! No fair giving her the power to let me in or not. Dangit, I'm paying for this (or writing the check for it!) and I want to be nosy and know what's going on. Sometimes I wonder if my little girl is the only one with issues, then I get an email from an old friend whose daughter is dealing with issues too. Where on earth did all this stuff come from? Is there really a conspiracy with Happy Meals? I know they use steriods in the meat, but it can it really affect them this much? whew.

All in all, it was a decent day. Decent Mondays usually make for decent a week. I am going to cross my fingers.

Did I tell you my Dad does NOT wear shorts. I believe the last time I saw him in shorts was down at Santee when he swam. I might have been 14? TTA* have decided that he needs some bright Hawaiian print trunks so that he , too, can enjoy the Big Boy and drag a shorty kid around who is over their head. My husband is in on it and will check at the Navy Exchange tomorrow to see if he can find some. Ten bucks says he will wear them and will get in the pool. Any takers?

* The Three Amigos

Friday, June 03, 2005

Guilty, Your Honor

I did something today I've never done before. I went to court for a speeding ticket!! When I was stopped a few weeks ago, I was not a happy camper. But the day had been so long (was coming home from Vitt's eye appt....2 hours away), that all I wanted was to get home. Ya know? So he said I was going 60 in a 45. No I wasn't. Ask any of my friends, they'll be glad to tell you I am the slowest driver ever. I actually have one friend who almost refuses to ride with me (mostly because I drive a mini-van and she's too cool for that). When she does that rare thing of riding, I am constantly reminded that I need to go faster. Longevity (27 years of friendship) gives me the right to flip her off and keep doing what I want.

Being the stay at home Mom that I am, I decide that the girls need to go with me. Might be educational. No, Vitt did not go. I did not need my 14 month old to be put in jail for disturbing the peace this young. I mostly took Makenna because she has a virus and Des's house did not need any more sickness added to it. I secretly thought maybe she would breathe next the officer's way who stopped me....give him a few days off from work to let people drive freely. ANYWAY...we arrive and Paige (who loves to send her axiety level higher than Jupiter) asks me if I am nervous. Makenna is behind me preparing to get out of the van ..talking in a voice full of mourning...."Here goes the pool money (Insert BIG sigh here)" I notice a young lady getting out of her car next to me.

We cross the road to go in and I make small talk with the young lady. We both agree not to drive through this town again and pay for their parks. She is nice..friendly smile. So, we enter this metal building. We're talking bare bones here, folks. Metal folding chairs...concrete air conditioning vents above hanging out of ceiling. HELLO? We're paying for ugrades here, people. Allott your dollars the right way, ok?

Guess what? The whole process was very interesting. I totally listened in what the charges were for each person going up there. They made no move to be quiet about it. And it wasn't all for speeding. There was disorderly conduct....loitering...etc etc. (Did I mention that before we went in I had a serious discussion with the girls on how if they did not behave- they would be put in jail? and Paige better not hit her sister or she'll be arrested for assault and battery?) Had to mention that in order to tell this. During the judicial process a prisoner was brought in complete with orange jumpsuit, white socks and orange flip flops. OH, don't forget the handcuffs with hands behind his back. You should have seen Paige's eyes. How big did they get? I leaned forward to whisper in her ear...."That could be you." She turns to look at me in horror. I nod my head and say.."Keep up with that nasty attitude and it will get you right where he is" She shakes her head emphatically and says...."Not me. Uh uh. No way." My parenting success story for the day there.

Remember the young lady? She went before me and after her fine was stated, she proceeded to tell the judge pretty much how it sucked in that town. That the signs needed to be put in better places and how the town was just sucking in poor unsuspecting souls to pay huge fines in order to keep from having points taken from their license. THEN...she says...I was discussing this with someone (pointing behind her now) as we walked in. During this, I was looking at my ticket because I knew I was coming up. As I hear this, my head shoots up and this look of "OMG...don't look at me...don't point at me" flew across my face. Right then and there I decided to listen to my Daddy ( I am Southern and therefore allowed to call the man who sired me that until the day I die) for the first time in a very long time. He told me to go in, plead guilty, keep my mouth shut, pay the fine, and leave. And people, I did just that. I called the judge "Ma'am" and smiled and she was right pleasant with me. In fact, I got that fine reduced just a little bit more I think by being polite.

I walked out that place knowing I had done something that probably most of America has done. Get caught speeding. I was grown up just a little bit more.

Besides, how cool is this? When Paige goes back to school and they tell her to write a paper on the most exciting thing she did this summer I can see the title now..."When I went to Court with My Mom".......