Monday, September 29, 2008

Hate me if you have to

Know what that is? That's right. It's a lobster tail, baked potato, steak, roll, fresh fruit, and some kick butt cookies. SNAP! Forgot about the steamed brocolli on the side.
Know where I got it from? The galley on base. You read that right. For the lovely price of $3.85, I got to enjoy a lunch with my husband last Friday that would cost half an arm and leg out in town. When The Man found out it was Surf & Turf, he said I ought to come eat with him. I went him one better and told my friends (who's husbands are either retired or active duty) they might need to come check this out with me. They agreed. We all agreed we'll be hitting the galley again real soon.
Best part of the whole experience? The Man's friend ate with us and his fork stopped half way to his mouth when he saw me taking a picture. I just shrugged and said..."It's for the blog, man." I'm seeing a t-shirt in there somewhere.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Slow down, Man

I really like the 4K program The boy is in. They do loads of fun things that keep the kids busy and learning. This past week they had a Bike-a-Thon. The study has been about transportation and the many different ways you can travel. In honor of transportation week, the kids were allowed to bring a bike, scooter, or skates to use in the Bike-a-Thon.

The Man and I decided to let The Boy take Makenna's scooter. Reason being is because he's like lightning on the bike since he doesn't use training wheels anymore (and hasn't for a year!). He has only recently learned how to take off from the curb on his own. Stopping? Well, let's just say we hope there aren't any vehicles or brick walls around when he goes to stop. Suffice it to say he hasn't mastered that part yet.

Now the scooter is a different story. It's one of those two-wheeled razr ones that can zip like crazy. And he does. Zip like crazy. The Boy's balance is as sure footed as a mountain goat. He can ride that scooter like nobody's business. You can see our troubled thoughts from here.

Bike-a-Thon day broke and beautiful weather was our friend.

Tennis shoes- check
Helmet- check
Scooter- check

We picked the boy up at the end of the school day to find that he had gotten a speeding ticket. They have a circular drive-way in front of the school that was closed off for some wheeling fun. That Boy of ours was zipping through "traffic" like crazy. Weaving in and out and having a high time. The "police" brought that to an end and he was issued a citation and put on the curb for a couple of minutes. I can see it all going down. He's just not used to speed traps and going slow. This does not bode well for the future.

The teacher was sweet enough to send a few pictures my way of his fun filled morning. I hope you get a chuckle out of them like I did!

Zipping right along. Leaving three wheeled scooters and bikes with training wheels in the dust. See the police man in the back ground? I think they got a couple of base security to come play along.

Busted. It's cute now, but I better not see this in 12 years.

How sad is this? I bet it was like having a Harley and having it taken away and given a Pinto. No speed. No zip. No style. Still fun, though!

That's how it goes, Internets. Be careful how you zip or you might be given a ford to drive.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Educational Walking

Neighbor Debbie and I walk the same route every morning for our daily exercise. It's a nice route....very low key with no real hills (we don't count the rotting bridge). When you walk it every day, it tends to get boring. That's to be expected, I'm sure.

You already know about our encounter with the armadillo (scroll down a few, would you? I'm too lazy right now to hunt it up and hyperlink for you). Well, we've also discovered the HUGEST spider web you ever did see right on the edge of the woods. Smack dab in the middle of it sits this spider that is as big as my palm. We usually stop on our way back past it to check it out. Every time we marvel at how big that sucker is. After we had a windy day or two, we made note of the damage it's done to the web, which I swear to you starts at a branch about 15 feet up. We'll see what kind of repair work has been done tomorrow.

Heck, the other day we stopped to notice some of the foliage that would make a great topper for a pumpkin project we're considering. Stopped right there and talked about how if we snapped this piece off and did this, it would work for that, etc. etc.

Before reaching our cul de sac, there's this fruit tree that is just loaded with....something. We can't, for the life of us, figure out what kind of fruit this is. It doesn't appear to have seeds and it doesn't have a pit. It favors a nectarine and peach and plum. Crazy looking, I tell you. We know it doesn't have seeds or pits because we smooshed one on the path. Stomped it right there.

*Mental note to self: See if Carla and Dulcie are seeing super cool things during their walk in their neighborhood.*

So, you see, Internets, walking can be quite educational. Neighbor Debbie and I are enjoying the local wildlife, foliage, and worker men who are building new housing.

What we would never admit to in a gazillion years? We stop so we can give our aching feet and backs a teeny tiny break. Nope. Not gonna admit it at all.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Picture Wednesday

It's a little overcast here today and the weather is just pleasant. Back home, I hear it's on the cool-ish side. It's pretty much perfect here. We sure appreciated it this morning on our walk. I've gotten a few pictures lately I want to share with you. Hope you enjoy as much I have!

Michelle sent me some pictures from Stacey and Jay's wedding. Told you my baby was on the front row trying for the garter! He was ready for action!

Here's the picture The Man was thrilled about. This will be the first time he's seen it. I didn't tell him I had it! Why is he wearing his glasses? He rarely wears his glasses. It's like a camera comes out and he puts them on. Drives me crazy. How beautiful is my girl??

He doesn't know a picture is being taken. Notice something? NO glasses. Jeesh. But ya know what? I think this is the sweetest picture.

What a gorgeous picture this turned out to be. Oh, Stacey? I do believe I need one to put up in a frame in my house. I'm just saying.......

My cell phone shows you yourself on the display when you turn the camera on and shut it. My kids go into froot loop mode when you do this so I like to take the occasional picture just to see how goofy they'll look. Miss Hope sure is brave to do this with no makeup on.

Meet Miss Emma. This is my brand new GREAT niece born on September 19, 2008. My friend Lu is her new Nana and she's already spoiling this sweet thing rotten. Once Nana sees this, I'm sure I'll be getting even better pictures to share with you. Congrats, Jeff and Amber!

Lastly, I received this today from Michelle. Some people call it a tombstone...or a head stone....or a grave marker. I call it a beautiful way to portray a beautiful life. The detail is just amazing. I am so touched Michelle thought to send to this me.

That concludes Picture Wednesday. Just a few photos I've had around and wanted to share.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Banner Day it wasn't

Ahhh...the best laid plans.

The Man and I were all set to attend this year's Khaki Ball. This is a Chief Thang they do once a year to celebrate the induction of new Chief's to the Navy. Making Chief is a big deal, Internets. It opens a whole new world of responsibility, not to mention an entire change in uniform.

I wasn't thrilled about going. Don't get me wrong, I've got nothing against the whole process and the tradition behind it. I totally respect and admire it. I have issues with how some people handle themselves when at the function. They tend to imbibe a little too much and their actions are ...uh...that of the drunk sort. Many can partake of the alcohol and maintain a semblance of dignity, but there are always a few who can't. Plus, I have a personal moral issue with how we stress to our teenage daughter that she doesn't need to be where people are drinking because some stupid head will think they can drive and will proceed to do so. We tell her that if she is at a place where many are drinking, to PLEASE call us and we will get her out of there ASAP. So, how can I tell my kid not to do something and then do it myself? Granted, I know the argument is that I will be around adults and she will be around kids, but it's all personal and me. I never said I would make total sense about the way I think, now did I?

That being said, I had resigned myself that I was going to have to attend this function no matter how I felt or thought. ~sigh~ I dreaded it so much, I had no pleasure in purchasing something to wear. While I enjoyed going over to Carla's to borrow cute shoes and some appropriate jewelry, my heart just wasn't in it.

Saturday morning found my uterus staging a revolt and threatening to leave my body the hard way. Sorry, guys, if this offends. We women call it our way of life and if we can deal with the pain and agony? You can deal with a few words stated about the whole deal. I have made a pact with myself to ask my ob/gyn at next physical to consider taking the offending body part OUT. I no longer need it or want it. I'll hang onto the ovaries for hormone purposes, but I would surely be glad to give my uterus to someone who needs it. About that? Why can't they do uterus transplants? They do all kinds of others. There are so many women who want babies and don't have a cooperating uterus. Think of the possibilities if doctors could figure out how to do a uterus transplant. I would gladly give my slightly used but functioning one so that a mother-in-waiting could have the chance.

I do know how to get off subject, don't I?

We didn't go!! The Man woke up sick Saturday morning. I mean S.I.C.K. He took Makenna to her golf lesson, but barely. He even took his sick self to buy a beautiful bouquet of five roses for our anniversary. But, once he got home? He was on the couch the rest of the day. Or in the bathroom praying to get sick. Around 3 p.m., I told him to "Buck it up, Chief, and get dressed so we can go." He was unable to move. I was upset over the fact of losing the money it cost to get the tickets, but what can you do? If you're sick, you're sick.

It was not a banner anniversary in that we didn't get to celebrate in any way. But, I can say we were together. He wasn't out to sea somewhere. He wasn't at work. He was 3 feet away from me and that's just fine with me.

Paige made it back from her overnight field trip where she spent the night on a carrier. She had a blast and is more determined to join the NAVY at some point and time in her life. Yeah, okay. This from the kid who was freaking over spending the night on a ship until they assured her the ship was in the water ON the ground. She was smooth then. *rolls eyes* I told her that she needed to get over that water fear deal (kid swims like a fish!). We'll see how it goes. I'm glad she had a good time, and even happier she made it home safe. Letting go is hard! Dang.

Now, we're off to a busy week. As usual. Let the Edge moments begin!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

5 and Holding

Wow. The Man and I have made it five whole years. This time five years ago, I was waking up and preparing to marry a Navy Chief. He had just been pinned chief 4 days ago and was taking some well deserved leave so he and I could tie the knot.

It's been a wild ride, Internets. I've had to learn a whole new world in the past five years. An easy ride it has not been at times. I've had readjust. I've had to move out of my comfort zone. I've had to relocate. Whew. It's a wonder I'm not on serious medication. I'm a Taurus. We bulls don't like change, you know.

It's been worth it. I can' t argue with the new experiences and friends that are in my life now. I'm so glad I took the chance on this guy. If you had told me I would marry some NAVY guy I met on the Internet and that he was going to move me over 300 miles away from my Mama? I would have laughed my entire butt off at you and probably run the other way screaming. Good thing we can't foresee the future. God is good that way.

Best thing about being this man I met over seven years ago?

I still like him.

And he likes me.

It doesn't get any better than this.

This adorable candy bouquet was given to me by my secret pal. It was delivered yesterday and I am just over tickled with it. The sad part? It's all chocolate and that means I will have to eat it. The Boy has discovered it's chocolate and it's a full time job keeping him away from it. At least I'll have pictures of this lovely creation. Thanks, Secret Pal! This has got to be the best bouquet I've ever gotten! (Minus the tulips from Valentine's day. I'm still in love with those purple flowers)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Things I forgot

There are a couple of things that have slipped by without me giving proper notice to.

We took The Boy to the doctor Monday. This Mama was on a mission. I had my binder with all the information concerning his behaviour and teacher notes all nicely arranged under my arm. The Doc asked what the problem was and I flat out said...My baby doesn't talk well. He's having issues in class and here's what we're dealing with. Then I proceeded to whip my binder out and show him. NAVY people are all about paperwork and information and graphs and numbers and what have you. I was ready to impress. He read every single page while nodding. He spoke with The Boy for a few and agreed that may be he could use some help in the area of speech. Lungs were listened to and ears were checked. The Boy was glad to show off his ability to hop on one foot. I looked at the Doc and said....he's a beautiful healthy child who can't communicate. We are now waiting on the referral to get here so we can get some speech learning going on! This was week two of him seeing Miss Rose, his therapist/counselor for behaviour. He loves to visit her and play with all the toys in her office. She's wonderful with him and I'm pleased with how she interacts with him. Still waiting to see what her take on the situation is.

Last Tuesday evening Makenna was invited to participate in a group who spoke in front of the monthly board of education meeting here. The librarian at her school had a group of kids representing grades 1st-5th to tell what they believed knowledge to be in their own definition. The Man and I took her while Paige and The Boy stayed behind at home. It only lasted a few minutes and we were dismissed from the meeting (I kind of wanted to stay and see what it was all about!). We decided to surprise her and stop for coffee on the way home. She was allowed to pick out a piece of cake for the three of us to share. She also insisted that she wanted an iced coffee, but I knew she wouldn't drink it. (Of course, I got her a de-caf one!). It was nice to hang out with her and spoil her a little bit. She was tickled to death to be the center of attention. We try to do this once in a while with the kids so they keep feeling as special as we think they are. We were so proud of her standing up there in front of all those people. She spoke clearly and looked cute, too!

Busy weekend coming up here at The Edge. Paige is heading out of town early Saturday morning with the ROTC on her overnight field trip. Not too thrilled about it, but at least she'll be somewhat near family if something happens or goes wrong. They'll be able to get to her quicker than I could. I expect some picture text messages from her to let me know all is well. She's ten kinds of excited about spending the night on a carrier.

The Man and I are celebrating our 5th anniversary this Saturday (Yay us!) . Too bad I have to go to the Khaki Ball instead of celebrating. Oh well. At least I scored a manicure and pedicure out of the deal. And a new shirt to wear. I'll give more details on that later, I'm sure.

The diet is going well. I'm missing my snacks. I want my snacks.


Each child had a letter out of the word "knowledge". Makenna's was the letter "O" and every one picked on her and said it looked like an egg.

The Man read these words that our child had written and said it sounded alot like integrity to him. I think what she said was perfect and beautiful.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


A health kick has started over here on The Edge. It has finally gotten through my thick skull that some diet and exercise are a must for Miss Hope. Thanks to Carla, who has put her foot down and gotten me all psyched up about it, there are four of us trying to make a difference in our lives.

Morning time finds us walking. Carla and Dulcie are walking in their neighborhood, while Neighbor Debbie and I walk here in ours. We get the kids off to school and lace up the shoes and head out. No choice on that. If we don't walk first thing? It's hotter than eggs frying in a cast iron skillet past 10 a.m. Add in the liquid air we call humidity and we'd do more crawling than walking.

This morning Neighbor Debbie and I headed out. I had a couple of fans (we had gotten from a parade) in the Hoe and we used those gently fan ourselves and convince bugs we weren't interested in a closer relationship. We were almost back to the house when to our right, what did we see?

An armadillo!

I still have problems wrapping my mind around the fact that we have those here in southeast Georgia.

There it was in all it's glory, ambling along in an open space. I've seen them smooshed on the road and a few from my vehicle, but never one this close.

I said to Neighbor Debbie...."Hey, Debbie! Don't those things roll up in a ball when threatened? How about run at it and see if it does!"

Gall dang if she didn't do it. She took off from the path and was flailing her arms (with a fan in one hand), hollering at that armadillo like no body's business.

The sucker took off running. Dangit.

There I stood with my mouth hanging open. She came back up to the path and we started walking. About five steps later, I had to stop and bend over I was laughing so hard at the fact THAT SHE RAN AT THE ARMADILLO. I told her.."I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU RAN AT THAT THING!!"

Now that's friendship for you. Yep. That's the kind of home-girls I got going on here. You ask them to run at an armadillo to see if it will curl up in a ball...and they do it.

Walking just took on a whole new side of fun.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Our Time

This past Saturday found Carla, Dulcie, and me doing some shopping. Not serious shopping, mind you. I tagged along to get out of the house and ended up with a few good things because I smart shop. We didn't hit too many places because it was just so dang crowded where we went. It was decided that from now on, we would go on a week day in order to find a parking place and to be able to see more stores. As it was, we only hit three places. Four if you count where we ate.

Ahhh...where we ate. What good food this turned out to be. I am pretty sure we'll head back to this place as there were other things we need to try on the menu. As we were sitting there, I found myself humming along with the music playing over head. 80's music? Awesome! Dulcie and I had to sing along with "Let's Go Crazy" by Prince at one point. I got to thinking then. Right now, my age group is considered the major consumers in this country. We're the 35-45 age group with kids, mortgages, hopefully good jobs, and are established with our fannies firmly planted in the job chair of our choice. I guess that means we get to hear "our" music when out and about shopping. Is it supposed to take us back to that time in our lives where we were care and free? Because I'm here to tell you. I didn't have money back then. I worked, but that money bought my lunch at school, put gas in my car, and paid for my weekend. I guess hearing the Memory Music is a reward for making it this far in life.

My next thought after thinking about this and sending a text to my email so I wouldn't forget to mention this?

What are we going to do in twenty years when we have to listen to my oldest daughter's music? I can hardly stomach most of it now.

I just know I want to be around so I can go in public with her and her kids and watch them get ten kinds of embarrassed because their Mama is doing a small chair dance while waiting on food to get to the table.

Quick note about Mama. She is home and doing well. I speak with her every day and she sounds wonderful. I find myself wanting to call her over every little thing that happens or that I think of. Kind of how I was when I first moved here...away from her. I have to stop because it'll end up getting all over her nerves eventually. That's just my Mama, Internets. Those couple of days I couldn't call and talk to her were very hard for me. I kept thinking.....there will come a time when I won't be able to call her. I'm just not ready for that. Me and God are square. He knows how I feel because I sure talked to Him enough about it.

P.S. I'm still ticked about the gas issue.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Are you kidding me?

What is up with this control over gas? I find out this morning that it's being jacked out of the roof again and if I don't want to pay TWO arms and TWO legs, then I better get to the nearest gas station? Argh. This drives me crazy. I called Neighbor Debbie (who owns "The Mav" (a suburban)) and told her to put some shoes on, we were heading on base to the gas station. We did and got gas at a semi decent price. With no limitations or restrictions. Gall dangit. I just get so bent out of shape over the whole deal.

I think I'm gonna call a guy back home I know who makes his own ripple...uh wine...and tell him to crank up production. The stuff he makes should be able to run vehicles no problem. Jeesh.

I went to get my hair did on base and on the way home, I saw the lines at the gas station on base. LINES. Gawd. At least it was still at the price I paid around 8 a.m. this morning.

Want to know what ticks me off the most? Back home I was told there's no gas to be found in the small town I'm from. Bags are covering the nozzles to show how bad it is. Guess what I found out?* The owner's of these stores have gas, they're just saying that they don't so when the gas trucks deliver today, they can charge a MUCH higher price. That makes me just beyond pissed off. Why aren't these people reported? They never run out of gas like this and to want to squeeze the crap out of the people who live in that small town and support them with their business? I want a front row seat with popcorn on Judgement Day is all I'm gonna say right now.

So, I guess we all need to "Fill 'er up!" by close of business day today, Internets. Man, sometimes I would love to flip off the fat cats living off of our misery.

*This is a rumor. But, I know some of these people and believing this story is not a stretch for me. Those of you back home reading this can verify it I'm sure. Just ask the right people.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Catching up...

Things around The Edge have been moving at a pretty fast rate. That doesn't help when there are things I NEED to put down here so all the nosy people can see what's going on.

Mama is home. Apparently, she's rocking the use of the walker and didn't require the stay in a re-hab facility for intense physical therapy. She'll have someone coming in to her home to do the therapy instead. She sounds great. What a relief that is. Every time I talk to her, she insists she's fine. She's moving slow to answer the phone, but she's managed to get to her computer so she can check her email and play a game or two. That'll heal her up quick.

I have a few things to write about, but chose one for this post (besides Mama). My girl, Paige, is just rocking the ROTC world. I can't get over how much she loves it and is just thriving in the environment that is military related. Which blows my mind, because she and I are so much alike and I ain't about authority. What.So.Ever. You try to tell me what to do and we're all gonna have us a big ol' laugh cuz it won't happen. Sorry, that's just my personality and how I roll.

She brought home a permission slip for us to sign for her to go for the weekend to Charleston with the ROTC. Girlfriend handed that paper to us and expected us to just sign it with no questions. You'd think she'd know better by now. I wanted to know who was going, how many chaperones, where would she be sleeping, where would boys be sleeping, etc etc. It was time for the eye roll then. The Man had business related stuff at the high school and he dropped in to visit the ROTC building and talk to the Commander about the field trip. He was reassured that there were chaperones and that it was a wonderful experience. Out of about 100 or so kids, 30 were chosen to be invited. Paige was one of them. After getting the facts, The Man decided that this was a good trip and it was okay that she go. Bad thing about his visit? The Commander and Master Chief invited him back to inspect "the troops" one Thursday. I flat out told him he could NOT do that to her. That was just wrong. Every time he thinks about maybe showing up to do an inspection? He gets all tickled and just laughs and laughs. Paige came home today and said she was glad that weekend trip was during Khaki Ball and our anniversary. They were wanting to invite The Man to go with them and Paige was like OH HECK NO. Can't say I blame her. She's not even open to a bonding experience with Dad.

I'm so proud of that girl of mine. She's so flippin' tired of me taking pictures every time she's in uniform, but I can't help it! My child...the one who is a fashion bug...and accessorizes like no one's business.....wearing a uniform. That's not even fashionable. Wow.

She's in this picture, but I'm not allowed to point her out. That girl was doing some serious marching!

Look at girlfriend looking all tough in her khakis. Dad gets to wear his ribbons with his khakis. There are two different types of khakis, you know. Whatever. I was just tickled to see the two of them in a similar uniform.

Got a few things about The Boy (who had his first therapist visit today) and Makenna (who had a great night last night!) I'm going to share with you very soon.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Sunday Evening News

Mama is doing well. Thank you all for your continued prayers and thoughts. You have no idea how much your well wishes mean to me and my family. I've spoken with her at least once a day over the phone and she sounds SO good. I didn't get to speak with her until Friday evening and I just started crying when I heard her voice. That's my MAMA, Internets. She was groggy, but kept insisting that she was fine. That's a Mama for you. She may need some extra physical therapy where she goes somewhere to stay for a few days, but today she said she's doing well and might can get by with in-home therapy. We'll see. I know my Daddy will make the right decision for this (along with her input, of course). A walker is still needed for her weak left leg, so it'll be going home with her. The thought of it breaks my heart, but if it helps to keep her independent? I'm all for it.

I may not have been right there sitting in the hospital with her, but I think it might have been easier mentally and physically on me to be there. I have worn myself ragged worrying about that woman. I've told my husband at least once an hour he needs to hurry and retire so I can get home to her. God bless that man, but he's a patient one to deal with me on a regular basis. Please continue to keep my Mama and Daddy in your thoughts and prayers. Recovery is never an easy road.

Yesterday my son was invited to a fellow class mate's birthday party at our beloved aquatic center. I called my partners in crime, Carla and Dulcie, and told them to let's go enjoy the last day of water goodness. (The center closes for the season after this weekend.) There was a huge group of parents attending with their kids for the party. They probably had the same idea we did. I was a little on the rude side, Internets. I really don't know a lot of the parents in Vitt's class, so I didn't hang around the party. I know. I know. I need to get to know them and all that, but I just didn't have it in me and I NEEDED the ability to sit and just do...nothing for a few. The Man was understanding and did the party scene with The Boy and even kept an eye on him. We partner in watching our kids, but that kid of mine? He's a wild one in an unstructured environment.

All in all, the afternoon was a good one. I got to sit with my girls and just be there. I can't believe how tired I was. A quick stop to pick up some food and family night was our order of finishing up a good Saturday. The Man did a little pressure washing of our back patio and Paige convinced him to let her play with his toy. She was right thrilled to have all that power at her fingertips. I worry about her.

A few pictures were taken before we left the center. I'm all about recording milestones. I can't wait to compare this year's pictures to next year's!

I give you....End of Summer 2008:

As you can see, The Boy was pouting and letting us know that he was NOT happy about it being the end of the season. Also note his ladylove beside him trying to smooth his feelings. See the big metal spider? Apparently the storm the other week deemed it necessary to go ahead and take down the fabric...or it blew away. I meant to find out, but forgot to ask.

I don't know what the two little ones were so engrossed in, but it must've been good. Ainsley and Makenna are good for striking poses, aren't they? Yes, I realize that you will never this many kids to cooperate for ONE BLESSED PICTURE.

Busy week ahead for The Edge. Got a couple of upcoming things to blog about I hope you'll enjoy. I hope you all know that now I have to consult with Paige on who is going to blog about what. I should have first dibs, right? Thought you'd agree.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Bringing to Notice

I must apologize to my friend, Pikes Pickles. She's got ten kinds of excitement going on over at her blog this week. With all that's been going on the past couple of days, I didn't get to compose the eloquent post where I tell you to get on over there and be a part of it. Head on over to the East Coast, would you? She's doing a week of give aways that are just awesome. She's cool like that, you know.

Tell her I sent you.

The coolest week of give aways!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

My Mama

My Mama is sick. I received one of those cursed calls from my brother last night. Daddy was taking Mama to the E.R. She had fallen. Her left leg wasn't "working". Her left hand was tingly feeling. Her color wasn't good. She wasn't talking coherently.

That's just not good, Internets.

This was at 9:30 p.m. I got off the phone with my brother who promised to call as soon as he heard word.

I sat here in my glider rocker. And I started rocking. Hard. You see, I think better when I get to rocking. That might be because of the hours I've spent rocking babies throughout my life. Who knows. I was a thinking machine, though. I made the executive decision to start calling and texting my people back in South Carolina. My home church people whom I've known my whole entire life. Didn't take long for the ball to get rolling. My Daddy's fellow deacon got his phone cranked up and prayers started rolling.

A heart felt shout out to Cindy and R.D. She is my "big sister" (which is hilarious because she's so tiny and petite...and I'm not). I called her and within minutes, she and R.D. (her hubby) were on their way to the hospital to check on things. I felt much better knowing my Daddy wasn't going to be alone.

People showed up to keep Daddy company and I got minute by minute accounts of what was going on. Mama was sent for a CAT scan. Her sugar upon arrival was in the 500's. ( I found that tidbit out today)

I was worried beyond normal borders.

The Man and I managed to grab some sleep around 1 a.m. or so. I called my Daddy first thing this morning to get an update.

Mama had a stroke.

Funny how some words have the power to echo through your mind. It's like your mind splits into two pieces. One part turns into a five year old who is crying because Mama is hurting. The other part continues to have a conversation with Daddy and asking all the right questions and is even able to remember what is said for the most part. I can't even begin to tell you how much power that one word had over my entire being.

It's a light stroke. Her leg and hand are giving her issues, but her face is fine and so is her speech. Daddy says she's been running her mouth all day long. She's in a fine place and is being taken care of. She'll be there for a few days until her sugar is under control and some re-hab has been done. I'm sure all the tests aren't done being run and a new medication is in her future.

My Mama had a stroke. I'm still in shock. Daddy said not to come home. He promised that if I needed to, he would give the word. Another good reason? Ms. Hanna is heading their way and it looks like they're in for some bad weather in the next couple of days. I secretly hope they'll keep Mama long enough to get past this storm. Their home will lose electricity for sure. Hopefully, not for long. I swear you can fart hard and the power goes out. That is one thing I DON'T miss at all. I don't mind country living, but dang.

My day has been filled with what happens regularly on Thursdays. During that time, I've stayed on the phone with my roots back in South Carolina. I may be 300 miles away, but I was making sure to get updates at least every 30 minutes. Those of you who made that happen? I am forever grateful. I even had a childhood friend and fellow Duran Duran lover, Michelle, call and say that she would be my hands. Whatever I wanted/needed her to do for Mama, she would without hesitation. You can't buy that kind of friendship.

My Mama is sick. I need your thoughts and prayers sent her way if you are so inclined. She's a mighty fine woman. Shoot, she had to be to have Miss Hope!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

A little says alot

In the mornings, Miss Hope isn't the best of spirits to be around. I've stated before that I am not a morning person and my family has reconciled themselves to the fact that I won't be changing any time soon.

Some times I iron the next day's clothes the night before. Other times, I end up doing it in the mornings. It's a mood thing, you understand.

This morning found me ironing Kenna and The Boy's clothes. I hollered for Kenna to come get her clothes and get dressed. She proceeded to do so while I finished up The Boy's outfit. As I was finishing up, I told her to go ahead and go get a piece of ribbon, hair brush, and comb so I could fix her hair when I was done.

Out came the tween. Hands went to her hips and she said, "Why are you always about a piece of ribbon in my hair????"

Out came the Mama. Hands went to my hips and I replied, " Because when you walk into that school with your hair fixed, people know you are being taken care of. When you are clean and your hair shows some effort has been taken? Then they know that there is someone at home with you who loves you and cares for you. They know that you are being taught hygiene and how to take pride in how you look to the world."

In a quiet voice, she said, "All that in a piece of ribbon?"

I replied, "All of that in a piece of ribbon."

When I came around the corner, she was waiting for me with a brush, a comb.....and a piece of ribbon.

Monday, September 01, 2008


My oldest child has decided she wants to try blogging again. She's been waiting some what patiently for me to link to her and I've been waiting to see if she would continue doing it before I put up said link. We're at a stalemate.

If you get a chance, please go visit my child and give her some love. Be warned. She's just like her Mama. And you might need an interpreter to understand all the "teen language". Let me know if you have troubles understanding. I'll have her translate for you.

Welcome to my world Headache from the Edge. I love you, Baby Girl.