Thursday, August 12, 2010

Eleven Year Old Logic

I believe it was last week when my middle kid came up to me and The Man with her simple request.

M: Hey, Mama and Man? Can you put me in some kind of medically induced coma or sleep for the five years that I'm going to be a teenager?

Me: What?

M: repeats request

Me: Why on earth would you want to do that, Sweetheart?? The teenage years can be some of the best years of your life!

M: Because if it's anything like Sissy makes it out to be? I don't want no part of it.

Me: Look here. You can't set any standards by your sister. She's is a one of kind original.

M: But, she makes it seem so hard and dramatic. I figure if I could just sleep through all of that? Then I wouldn't have to deal with it.

Poor kid. She's serious as she can be. This is where you have to dig deep and try not to fall on the floor laughing and very seriously explain that everyone is different and handle things in unique ways. That, and her sister is plain crazy.

I have a feeling she intends to get lost in her golf game. She has big plans.

And I'm perfectly okay with that.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Hi. It's me again. I think I've been avoiding this page for a while now. Nothing against any of you out there. I'm still having my moment.

I like for my blog to be fun and funny. I like to share humor because, God knows, there's enough crap out in the world like it is that's depressing if you listen long enough. I haven't felt so fun and funny lately.

I don't think I'm depressed. Not really. I think I'm still adjusting to this new chapter in my life I got going on. I haven't quite snapped out of my "Dangit, I had to move AGAIN funk". Intellectually, I know this wasn't a bad thing for our family. We live in a great neighborhood, in a great little town, with decent schools, in a beautiful home. I told The Man that I was just having a hard time adjusting to the weather and just finding my way around in a new place. Now, I am Southern born and raised, to set the record straight. I've never been more than 35-ish miles from the ocean. I didn't go to the beach all the time, but I had comfort in knowing it was less than an hour away should I need to go see some big water. Now? I live in a hilly area that's inland where I almost wreck on a constant basis because of looking at the hills and the neighborhoods on the side of hills. It is so miserably hot here. I know it's just as hot at the coast but it's almost like you could excuse it because you knew that's the coast rolls. I know, it probably doesn't make sense to anyone else but me.

Now, don't go getting worried that I've holed up in the house and lay on the couch watching soap operas in a couch potato haze. 1. I don't watch soap operas. Haven't seen the first one in almost ten years. 2. I got a new chair that is all mine and that's my seat cushion of choice. I've been up and out quite a bit. We went on vacation this summer to Nebraska to see my most favorite Mom and Pop-in-law. We had a wonderful visit that went by too fast with lots of laughs and games of Boggle. My FIL cooked every night and I thoroughly enjoyed the break from cooking. Paige kept me busy all summer because of her doing summer school and driving school. We've had quite a few visitors that I've loved having here and hated to see leave.

I've just got to find my niche is all. I want to wake up and say out loud, "I'm going to finish a project in this house today and make it more our home!" I'm tired of mostly bare walls and no curtains. I want some color and pizazz (am SO tired and over the word "pop" in relation to decorating...someone needs to teach the designers on HGTV new words when they paint a wall a bright color or put a snappy pillow on a couch.). I've been window shopping online and came across a test that said something like "See what your design style is!!" Did you know you can fail one of those? Honest to goodness, I failed the stupid thing. I like so many different things that the final test result was, "unable to determine a design style." ~sigh~ I'm undetermined and design-less. Woe is me. That zapped my decorating confidence straight down the toilet right there.

I know I missed the whole month of July and I still haven't finished that flower bed post. Speaking of the flower bed. It is my nemesis. All that fabric we put down before the mulch and I STILL have to go weed the stupid thing. It has been so hot here that almost all the plants we planted with high hopes and sparkles in our eyes......they died. I told The Man to just not worry about it. We'll maintain the integrity of the overall bed itself and figure something out come Fall or next Spring. (Yeah, I basically said "Screw it.")

My children started back to school yesterday and I think I'm a little bit lonely today. Oh, I know that feeling won't last but a day or two. I enjoy time alone. Wait, there's Prissy, who is my partner in crime. She keeps me company and stays under my feet. She's on point to guard when I go to the bathroom and to do laundry. If I'm working anywhere else in the house, she lays right there within a 5 foot radius and watches my every move. She's always on standby to lick whoever comes in the house within an inch of their lives.

It's just a Hope Thang, I suppose. I never claimed to be normal or perfect. I'm not a fast mover (unless a kid is in danger) and I will eventually find the right pace and path that works best for me. If you are so inclined? Find a little patience and bear with me until I do. Thanks.