Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Thanksgiving Holiday 2006

Thanksgiving Holiday 2006 is now officially over. Thank goodness. We went home for the week as there were many things to do in a short amount of time. It was nice until I realized when I had one minute to sit down....I had no computer! I had nervous twitches thinking about all the spam and emails I was missing. Cold sweats haunted me when I'd think of all the good deals I would be missing on my favorite websites. I don't necessarily buy all the time...but I sure like the option if I so choose.

My son was asking to come "home" around Tuesday. How on earth do you explain to a two year old that he IS at home and that home is in Georgia also? He was so confused by the time we pulled out Saturday and in desperation, I asked him if he wanted to ride his "Bee-Bee"? (that would be bicycle for the rest of you) OH YES! After a grueling almost 6 hour drive that normally takes 4 hours, we pulled back in to unload two vehicles stuffed to bursting with purchases and containers of Christmas ornaments and decorations. He went straight to the bike. My conclusion to that is....home is where the bike is.

The girls spent Wednesday through Saturday with their father. His in-laws have a time share in Hilton Head and that's where they went. Bless his heart. He thinks he is the MOSTEST ....and he owns nothing....it all belongs to the in-laws. Apparently the girls had a good time until Paige suggested Makenna take a bath and step-mom said she was fine...didn't need one. Of course, Paige being my child....informed them that that was just nasty. So started the fireworks. My phone then went haywire with all the text messages she started sending. Paige has come to conclusion that she can visit her father...but two days is the limit. After that, it all goes downhill. I found out after we met them off of I-95 enroute home, that the step-mom made a few remarks about me. I just shrug them off because she seriously means absolutely nothing to me. Paige? Well, sister won't let anyone talk about her Mama. That's my girl.

Fred and I got to go to a soiree at my old friend's house. We were aghast to realize it had five years since we had a get together. It was the best time. It took all of 30 seconds to fall back into our routine of dishing ancient dirt on each other and literally screaming with laughter. We had left Vitt with the oldest "adopted" grandkid so she could earn some cha-ching to shop with and we kept putting off leaving. Finally, we picked him up around 1 a.m. I wouldn't even go in because of the shame of being so late. Ah, good times. Good times. Before we left, we decided to get started around 4 p.m. next time since we all had kids now. We'll still be 1 a.m. picking the kid up.

Fred, myself, and our partners in crime did hit the Black Friday sales. It was simply marvelous. My husband and I make a good team. Breakfast was great and so was the four hour nap I took when I got home. We're still marveling over the good deals we got. We're like that...Fred and I.....we'll discuss things to the absolute death!

Now to prepare for Christmas. My body has decided to come down with a bout of bronchitis since I'm back and really need to get some stuff done. But, time and shopping wait for no one.

Friday, November 10, 2006

The Shredder

Never EVAH send a man by himself to buy something simple. I know this. Yet, I did it anyway.

Fred and I have been discussing buying a shredder for a while. Back home, I used my mom's when the junk mail pile got too high and it sufficed. Now, that we're in Georgia, there are things that are not easily accessible....hence the purchase of a new shredder.

I'm not all about fancy. Or high tech. Just give me something simple that'll get the job done and I'm smooth.

Earlier tonight Fred volunteered to run to the Super M and get some creamer for me. I am out and the thought of enjoying a Saturday morning cup of coffee without it made me very sad. Very sad indeed. He mentioned as he was going, he would pick up a shredder. No problem. I was sitting outside chatting with my neighbors..enjoying the evening. I really didn't think anything of it.

I knew better.

He came back around an hour later with a shredder. A forty something dollar shredder. Are you kidding me? Is it going to shred my documents AND take them out to the garbage can? But, Darling, it can shred DVD's and CD's and credit cards...etc etc etc. That's nice, dear...but why on earth would we need to shred DVD's or CD's???? And I have a perfectly good pair of scissors to decimate old credit cards.


Lord spare me from a gadget junkie. I hope he's gotten his fix for a while.

Friday, November 03, 2006

She might be a TAD too smart.....

Makenna has a field trip at school today. Nothing big or fancy...just a drive over to the High School to see a play young thespians are putting on.

And my children love to wear dresses. There is nothing more unattractive than a female who cannot wear a dress. I've seen children my own children's age that when put in a dress or skirt the first time.....suffice it to say it's a sad thing to witness. I've put dresses and skirts on my girls since they were born. They are comfortable in them and sometimes prefer to wear them. ~pats self on back~

When there are field trips such as this, a skirt is in order. And it's a cute little denim skirt. Tights that are black, red, and white striped, with a white long sleeved shirt. I remembered I had the CUTEST pony tail holder. A black fuzzy pom pom on a black pony tail holder. Put on the black mary janes and we are set, people!!

As I am dressing Makenna, the conversation goes:

Mom: Makenna, PLEASE pay attention and let's put these tights on right.

Makenna: ~trying to watch television~

Mom: Makenna, this has GOT to look right now, so quit looking at the t.v.

Makenna: ~sighs~ You ALWAYS dress me up for field trips. Why?

Mom: BECAUSE...when you are out and about, you are representing Blah Blah Elementary School, your teacher, and myself. You should look your best.

Dramatic pause......help us....she is thinking too hard.....

Makenna: I get it! You're using me!!! You're using me to make people think you're the world's greatest mom!!!

Mom: ~huffs indignantly~ I am not! But I do not mind people looking at you and thinking...."look at that little girl....she must be loved alot because her hair is fixed and her clothes are ironed..."

Makenna is holding the black pom pom pony tail holder while I fight her hair to look smooth and sleek.....

Makenna: Whatever. Hey, look Mom!!!

She puts the pom pom up to her nose

Makenna: With this I can be a GOTHIC clown. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Mom: Whatever.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Good Stuff

~peels wrapper off 'nother bite-sized candy bar~

~types with chocolate on tips of fingers~

So, have I told you how much I love Halloween? About how the timing this year was perfect...when I require certain amounts of chocolate in order not to kill the nearest person? About how I can tell the girls they can't have but so many pieces? About how I can hit that stash all day long while they are in school? About how I can totally blame Fred when all the good candy bars are gone?

Yeah, I like me some Halloween.

~peels the wrapper of a tootsie roll~

Yesterday I came into the computer room and saw like a dozen wrappers littered around the keyboard. I knew they weren't mine because I clean up my evidence. I started interrogating the girls. They were Makenna's. I asked her what on earth was she THINKING eating that much candy???? And I said it with a straight face, too. Her reply? "Mama, that stuff is so good and I just couldn't resist just one more....at least 6 times."

I feel your pain, sister.

Wonder who she gets it from?

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Lawd, if I'm not ill with that man of mine right now.............

I'm not gonna air any laundry because that's just cheap.

Suffice it to say that it might have been puppies and rainbows in that last post of mine but now I gotta flip to other side of the coin.

Now I just can't hang up and refuse to answer the phone if I get all mad and stuff. I gotta sit there and look at him. Although he can now FEEL the daggers mine eyes are shooting his way instead of me wasting perfectly good expressions he couldn't see over the phone.

Yeah, he washed those dishes.

That's what I thought.