Thursday, May 31, 2007

Visitors are a comin'

It appears my family is coming to visit this weekend! I am in shock and so excited. You gotta know my dad and brother to really appreciate this. They are home bodies of the highest order and do not to venture out of their comfort zone. But they are! My Daddy will tell you that he moved alot growing up and went to Vietnam, so he's done his share of travelling in this lifetime and home is a fine place to be. That, and the fact that there's where his recliner and big screen t.v. are.

We have been cleaning like mad people. I've been ordering everyone around like a bona fide drill sargent on crack. I want it all as perfect as possible so they will have a good time and come back! Jeez, it's taken almost a year to get them to do this much.

I am beside myself with excitement. Seriously. I've never had a home big enough to accommodate visitors and now I do. It's spacious enough that we won't be on top of each other and in danger of scraping nerves raw.

My mom and dad's birthday was the 29th. Yep, they have the same birthday and are a year apart. My Daddy is 60 years old. I just can't wrap my brain around that. He's always been larger than life to me and to face the fact that he is finally aging is beyond my comprehension right now. My mother is still clinging to the 50's for another year and probably won't give it up next year when it's her turn. I remember giving her at least 3 birthday parties when she turned 50. Humph...I was skinny then with only child and able to mastermind such a feat. Now? Not skinny and brain fried from having three hooligans to deal with. But, they're MY hooligans.

I plan on doing some cake and ice cream in honor of them. We're cranking up the Man Stove to grill out Saturday. They are all coming because of Makenna's ballet recital. We couldn't make it home for Toot's recital as Fred and I were both sick, but thankfully, she's not holding that against us. I told her to pack extra clothes and stay with us a while. Yeah, like my brother'll let that happen.

I've already warned my brother he has to sleep in the pink room. (Mak's room) He assured me that was okay as long as there was a bed available for him. Yes, there is! Just don't freak out when the morning sun comes through and it looks like Pepto B*smal threw up in there.

I'm going to try and sneak some picture taking in as proof they came!
Off to do more cleaning.............

Monday, May 28, 2007

Military Glue

I've been mulling this around since Saturday. Thinking about how I wanted to word it and get my thoughts and feelings across to those of you out there in Internet Land. I've even woken up at night with a thought that I wanted to put down to prove my point and then I've fallen back asleep with a smile on my face.

Let me tell you about Military Glue. It's a strange substance that you don't even know you're covered in until it's too late. It is mysteriously poured over your head when you start talking to that active duty person. It seeps into every corner and crevice to form a seal so tight that Ajax can't take it off. What's amazing about it is that it can stretch for thousands of miles before snapping back into place when that man or woman returns and steps off the plane into your view or you finally pick him out of many getting off of a boat or ship. It's water proof, able to withstand the deepest seas and oceans. It keeps you connected to that person on a level that you sometimes can't even feel or see. Every email...even if it's only two sentences long...can put a shot of strength back into it that would amaze the average person. And I don't even think it's ever entirely broken even if you are the person who has to sit in a chair where you are full of grief and look a somber faced uniformed man in the eye as he hands you the flag off of a coffin.

This past Saturday we took our kids to a local water park as a celebration. School is over and grades were good. We survived an entire school year in a new place, in a new state, in a new life. New friends have been made all around and life was just feeling pretty durn good. Some friends of ours have three kids also, so we packed picnic lunches and went to enjoy the day.

C (that's my friend and I haven't asked for permission to put her name on here yet...) and I were sitting on lounge chairs watching the kids and people around us....just enjoying a beautiful Saturday and the fact that the men were out there in front of us with the kids. I happened to start looking around us and this thought became apparent. We are a predominantly military town here. There are a few of those across this great nation. A majority of the people there were military families. From the very young to the old ones like ourselves. I saw men with buzz cuts and golf tans holding bald babies while sitting in 4 inches of water. And loving every minute of it. I just know those golf tans aren't from golf, but from wearing BDU's* (battle dress uniform-camouflage) day in and day out. There were alot of cries of "Daddy, look at me!!" floating in the air. I'm not excluding the women in our military, but ours is a submarine community and, therefore, most of what you see here will be active duty men....very few women. There were some extra pale men and I will assume they probably haven't been home long from riding under the deep blue in a sub.

I made the comment to C that military families are an extra close breed of family. As a former Marine Brat and now Navy Wife, she completely agreed. You see, being close or not being close isn't an option for us. We are shifted around from base to base** every three or so years and when you get where you are that is with you is all you have. I know from personal experience it's made the five of us extremely close in the past year. We've had to learn how to live together and work together in a house. (Okay.... so we're still working on that one). If you're lucky, you'll find a friend or two to click with. Someone to go shopping with or just hang out and know you have enough in common that conversations won't be hard. You will pray that your kids find a friend, then you dread the day that family packs up and moves to their next station because it will break your kid's heart. And secretly? It breaks yours, too, when your new friend has to do the same.

I know there are times that it's easier to forget the ones left behind when men and women go do their duty. Be it on foreign land, in the air, or upon the sea, when you support the troops, you support the families. We know we love these people. There's no doubt. While they are gone, we will post pictures around the house of Dad to keep him fresh in young minds. We will record that missing parent reading a bedtime book that will be watched over and over until the real deal comes home to do it in person. We will dance with joy over phone calls so filled with static that last thirty seconds because we heard the words I LOVE YOU and it's validation that our loved one is still day closer to coming home. Although we will still wish we could have had another minute so we could tell them the car is broke down and which mechanic did he say to use????

We, and I say we in the collective spirit of the military family, need you to love our people. Our people love every inch of land you walk on so much they would die to ensure your next step upon it. Our people cry no matter where they hear the National Anthem played because it means something to them so deep down in their soul, no one but God can touch them there.

Yesterday in church the pastor asked for those who had lost a loved one in the military to stand up. I didn't have to. My grandfather came home and my Daddy came home. I was glad I didn't have to stand up, but I could only imagine the strength of that glue that held them close in their family's hearts while they were gone.

My glue might not be what I want seeping into my crevices sometimes, but it's there. It started pouring over my head on May 27, 2001 when I spoke to my husband for the first time and it's gotten nothing but stronger every since. And it has had to stretch quite a ways and for a long period of time.....but it has never broken or scared me into thinking it was going to.

So, I guess my thought to you on this Memorial Day is to go beyond putting a magnet or bumper sticker on your car as a "show of support". Let the Military Families out there know that you love their people, too, because they are just like you, Internets. They are our brothers, sisters, Mommies, Daddies, sons, daughters, aunts, and uncles. We need our glue to stay strong and true.

**I am fortunate. I won't have to do this but one time before Fred retires, but there are many who have done this so much they've lost count. One parent couldn't remember where one of her children went to first grade because it was a time her hubby's orders got changed at the drop of a hat and they had to move so quickly. It happens.

**BDU's. Our boys here, for the most part, don't wear BDU's on a daily basis. They DO wear uniforms with short sleeves and it depends on what they're doing as to which uniform they will be wearing. Most people associate BDU's with the military, which is why I used them in my post.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Big Ol' Mama Brag Going on Here

I gotta brag on Makenna for a minute. I'm sure you'll understand. I am so blessed to have kids that love to read. Well, Paige and Mak love to read. I'm not so sure Vitt will inherit the love.

Most schools have an Accelerated Reader program. This is where the kids read books, take a test on the book, and score points for the right answer. Paige has won awards for this back at her old school. In fact, she won out of the whole entire school in 5th grade. (and it was a school with 5th- 8th grades!) Back at Spring Break, we started Makenna on the Har*y Po*ter series. She was a fanatic reader. She moved from one book to the next quicker than we could keep up. She's already reading them the second time around. Anyone who has seen these books will know they are HUGE. Or, as each is written, the longer it gets. Mak scored major points with just a couple of books.

The rule at her school was that anyone who has over 200 points would get a limo ride and lunch at the Piz*a H*t. She was all over that. Girlfriend wanted to ride in a limo and get pizza...FOR FREE. (I say it like that because she always stressed the FREE part when talking about it).

She succeeded. She ended up with 229 points and a guaranteed seat in that limo. Yesterday was the big day and Fred, Vitt, and I were on hand to take pictures. Do you honestly think I'd let something as cool as this go by without pictures???? I dressed her in a cute outfit yesterday morning and begged her to stay clean. She called around 10 a.m. to tell me her shoe had broken. She then informed me which shoes to bring. Her nice church shoes with the sparklies on the straps. I tried to talk her into a lesser pair, but she said firmly that the sparkly shoes would match best and to please bring them. Gotcha, sister. She wasn't too thrilled that I put a "big hocking bow" up in her hair, but I love big hocking bows in long pretty hair. I'm sure she will fight me tooth and nail next year not to wear any and it will then be time to give up the fight as she will be too old. But, for now? Hocking bow it shall be.

This is where she turns to give a thumbs up because..."the limo is here and I'm going! Woo hoo!"

This child will strike a pose automatically when a camera goes up and she was in fine form standing beside "the HUGE car".

Mr. Limo Driver was so cool. He told me to go to the driver's seat so I could get a good interior picture. I didn't ask Makenna after she got home, but I wonder if they tried to mess with the nice pretty glasses that were all set up. Six kids. Real glass glasses. Oh, my. (note: big hocking bow)

As you can see, The Boy copped him a sit-down. Looks right comfy there, doesn't he?

Yeah. I'm the dorky Mom that will stand there and take a moving picture of the limo as it drives off into the sunset. The driver totally tooted the horn for me, too. I'm cool like that.

This concludes my Big Ol' Mama Brag for the moment. I'm very proud of the hard work Makenna put forth. She earned every single second of this special treat. I was shocked that Fred and I were the only parents to show up and take pictures. Ask me if I care? She'll have proof now!

.........proof that her Mama made her wear the big hocking bow.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Good Things

What kind of week would it be if I didn't post about my son's adventures? Yesterday was Monday and I do believe The Boy was fullfilling his weekly requirements all in one day.

Potty training. He is potty trained. When he wants to be. I think he's decided he wants control back. What control, I have no idea. Paige did this same thing when she was potty training, but I was young and able to ride the wave until she turned back to my way of thinking. I am now much older and my bank of patience is not as full as it used to be.

First thing he did? Poop his underwear. ARGH. I took him to the bathroom and we had a really long talk about how we don't do that and we come to potty etc etc etc. THEN I made him sit on the potty for a good five minutes to further press the point. We were cool.

Second thing he did? A couple of hours later he pooped his underwear. Again. It gets better. I was distracted doing some laundry. It might have taken me all of five minutes to finish up? In that small amount of time, he had decided to become an ar-teest (artist) and do some finger painting. With his poop. Oh, Sweet Lord Above. I come around the corner and it was on the floor. On my folding card table. All over him. I was pissed. I high-stepped his narrow tail to the bathroom and proceeded to give him a good scrubbing. Then I wrapped him in a towel...took him back to the scene of the crime. I cleaned up the floor with some Clorox spray AND wipes. The table was a lost cause at that moment. I put it outside to deal with later. I took him to the living room and dried him off. Then? I.Tore.His.Butt.Up. Uh....sorry. Naked. Butt.

Then I put him on his bed and dared him to move. He took me at my word. He buried himself under all his Spider M*n bed clothes and proceeded to take a nap. Good for him. Good for me. We needed to be in separate corners for a little while.

Paige was the coolest big sister EVAH and took him outside to ride his bike when she came home. They stayed out for a couple of hours and while she was out there, she bleached and hosed down the table for me. She's a good kid.

Last night was a chore. Because of the nap, The Boy felt he didn't need to go to bed. Dad might put him IN the bed, but it's a given he won't stay there for long. I was on the tired side, so I took all my cool meds along with the Amazing Cough Medicine. After a small nap on the couch, I decided to head to the massive comfort of my 800 thread count sheets. As I walked to my side of the bed, a little voice drifted from the corner...

"Mama? Ou (you without the y) go to bed too?"

"Yes, baby. I'm going to bed. Go to sleep."

"ooooooooooo kay."

A minute later.......

"Mama? Dad go to bed too?"

"I don't know. Tell him to come on if you want."

"Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaad. Ou come to bed, too?"

"In a minute, son."

"oooooooooooooooo kay."

The kid kills me sometimes. Just to catch a break today, I might just duct tape a diaper to him.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Feeling Better

First off, I'd like to give out a HUGE THANK YOU for those of you who took the time to comment on my last post. I think I read them all at least a dozen times. Paige read them all a few times, too, and she got past being a teenager for a few minutes to express that she, too, appreciated each of you caring enough to post a few words of comfort and support. Sometimes it's hard for a child to realize that the parents have had their own share of heartache. We're automatically old in their eyes, so how could we possibly know what it's like to be 13?? Thing is....I remember ALL too well what it's like to be that age. I kind of feel like I'm living it again through my child. If I could only get her to not make the same mistakes I made my own self...we'd be cooking with fire then, People.

I am officially feeling better. I didn't want to harp on it too much, but I was sick for two weeks. It was a run-in with a stomach virus, an inopportune encounter with a cat, and dealing with smoke for days straight (due to the wildfires). I went to the doctor last week (Wednesday). It did not go well at all. I originally was going because I've had an issue with heartburn the past few months. The kind that sits in your chest and makes you feel like you're gonna have a heart attack. It wakes you up at night to make you run frantically through the house to the medicine cabinet, bumping into furniture in the dark, so you can get to ANYTHING that might provide some relief. And I watch television. I was educatin' myself on all this stuff that could be wrong with me. Not to mention g*ogle searches that usually end up saying you're eat up with cancer or will have a mortal heart attack in the next five minutes. When I talked about it with my mother, she insisted I get seen by a doctor. She's paranoid, too.

My brother and Daddy have issues of their own that are similar. I'm putting a little bit of their business out there and hope they don't mind. Trust me...if my brother minds, my Sis-in-Law will be on the phone shortly telling me to come edit this thing. And I will. Anyway, my brother was diagnosed with G.E.R.D. a few years ago. I remember how miserable he was after he ate and how he had so many tests run and finally put on medication. My father has acid reflux and a high-hernia that really gives him a fit from time to time. I remember growing up and he would rush outside to be sick because food just wasn't settling right with his system. And I was so glad it didn't affect ME like that. Until recently. After telling the doctor my family's medical history, she nodded very solemnly. She was skipping all those tests and treating me for G.E.R.D. Since there's a diagnosis in a close family member (sibling or parent), it was highly likely I, too, had that same malady.

I now have relief that I didn't have before. Well, I contribute alot of that to Diet Coke. It has saved mine and Fred's life. Apparently, the carbonated drink line will force you to burp, and therefore, relieve that bad pressure in your chest. I spoke with my brother at length last week about how he handles the issue and got his advice on what I could do. We had a six minute conversation, Internets! That's like a record for him! He's not a phone talker by nature.

I'm finally past the sneezing, runny nose, fever, messed up stomach.....and can see the light at the end of the tunnel. And did I mention she gave me a kickin' cough medicine? I was out of the good stuff. I told her what I wanted/needed and, by golly, she gave it to me. Mama said she did it to get me out of her hair. Whatever works. All I know is I better head to bed within 15 minutes of taking it or I will be falling down messed up. Yeah....good stuff.

This past Saturday found us wanting to explore our surroundings. Jaime joined us as we drove and looked and tried to see exactly what there is to do around this place and near by. We found the best place to eat. We drove by...turned around and gave it a try. I'm giving you the link so you can see the awesome crab cakes I got to eat. Fred got tuna steak, and while I'm not crazy about tuna, it was just amazing. Paige got coconut shrimp that was better than any I've ever tasted. Click and take a peek!

So that's an update on the Edge. We're all feeling better and obviously eating well!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

So Proud

There are times when we parents wonder if we are teaching our kids the right things. Are we teaching them how be good people with kind hearts? Are we teaching them to have good ethics and morals? Are we succeeding at all?

Then we are blessed beyond Love's boundaries. Such a thing has happened this week for me.

Paige tried out for the cheer squad at school. She wants to be on a squad so badly you can just feel it radiate from her. Paige went out for the squad even though none of her friends did. She was alone with a bunch of girls she had no bond with. She surpassed her fear of tumbling and tried to give the instructors what they were asking for. Even if it seemed physically impossible for her, she stepped past her fears and gave her all. Fred and I, as parents, went every single day to pick her up at 5:30. We sat in line with the parents of all the other hopefuls to pick up tired girls in short shorts and pony tails. We knew how badly she wanted this and were willing to do our part to give her the chance to try.

Yesterday, the coach put up the list after first cuts. It was to be posted on the gym doors at 6:30 p.m. so we went and got a bite to eat, then headed back to see this sacred list. And I'll admit it. I prayed. I prayed for my baby to make this cut. I begged God to give her at least this one thing because she's worked so hard. We pulled up to the gym and she bounced out of the van to go read this list. She came back with no expression and I finally couldn't stand it anymore. I had to ask. She didn't make it. My baby didn't make the first cut.

And I cried. And I'm crying now. There comes a time in your child's life when you have to step back and let them make it on their own. There comes a time when you have to just be there for them. You're not guaranteed to understand how or why things happen and it makes it hard as heck to explain when you don't get it your own self.

When making the cheer squad is the most important thing in your life at the moment, it's hard to get past that huge swallow of disappointment and keep going. I know this. I've had many times like this in my life. But, that doesn't mean I don't want to spare my kids from the pain and heart ache.

I could only tell her how proud I was of her for trying. I told her how she was the bravest person I knew because she stepped out of her comfort zone and didn't let harsh words from others and doubt from friends cloud her determination. And deep down, I know this is one of those stupid life lessons we all have to learn eventually but it just sucks. I just wanted her to catch a break for once. Get something she worked so hard for.

Who knows what God has in store for her. There might be another venture she's supposed to go on instead of cheering. That doesn't mean a hill of beans right now, but hopefully, it'll happen soon and she'll be happy within herself and love who she is and what she does.

Ro, I am so very proud of you. You are so brave and determined and talented. You'll see that one day, Baby Girl.

And so will the rest of the world.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Just so you know. Chivalry is not dead. Yesterday, Fred and I were doing that parent thang. You know....where we run one kid to dance, pick up another kid from cheer leading tryout practice, while finding something for the Boy to eat so he'll ride better.

During one of these trips, we were heading back to house. Fred pulled into our cul de sac and came to a stop. I just looked at him because Jaime wasn't outside for me to speak to (she lives right at the front of the sac).

Out on the main sidewalk, there was a lady walking with her baby. The baby was in a stroller. There was a small group of vehicles with men standing outside of them talking. Our base is going privatised (don't ask-long story), so we have more civilians than usual around getting ready for the switch over. These guys were surveyors and were finished up for the day, standing around shooting the breeze. She had to walk through the middle of them.

My husband stayed there until he was sure she was safely through. He felt that a lone woman with a baby in a stroller needed extra looking after.

That's the kind of husband I got. Ain't it cool?


I tried to tell that hard headed girl of mine. I really did.

Paige is a force to reckon with now that she has her new bike. I've been pleasantly surprised that she rides it as much as she does. I guess for a 13 year old it is the equivalent of having a car. Girlfriend is mo-bile, People.

I've told Paige quite often that if she is going to ride outside of our cul de sac, she needs to have her helmet on. It's kind of the law on all military bases. You know, safety and all that rot.

So, she goes riding the other day with a fellow Navy brat. And I'm cool with letting her go because shore patrol (military police) constantly rides around keeping us safe. Seriously, they ride by my house at least 4 times a day and who knows how much at night time.

While Paige and her friend were out riding, they were getting ready to cross the road. A shore patrol was coming so they decided to wait until he passed before they crossed on over. Mr. Shore Patrol pulled over.

"Where's your helmet?" he asked.

" home." Paige replied.

"Well, don't you think you need to be wearing it?" he came back with.

"Yes, sir." said a red faced teen.(I wasn't there, but I know Paige and I'd put money on the fact that she was blushing.)


The girl doesn't even have her driver's license and she's going to lose driving privileges on base. Jeesh.

Bet she won't leave home without it again.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Final Say on Royal Weekend 2007

Sources say it was a successful weekend all the way around. I'd say the sources were right. The sickness never abated, but we trudged on through it. I think at one point, Fred and I tried to see who was sickest. Then we figured we were both bad off and would just be miserable together. It can't be good when you go to bed and instead of love between you, there's a box of tissues. Yeah, too romantic by far.

I honestly believe Fred had the best intentions yesterday morning. He was going to get up earlier than everyone and fix a lovely Mother's Day breakfast for us to enjoy before church. Well, that never happened. He came back to the bedroom and confessed to how bad he was feeling. I told him to please just lay back down. I got up with the grand idea of getting the rest of us up and dressed for church. It worked for all of about 15 minutes. I ended up sitting in the recliner "just to rest a minute". The fever was talking trash to me, People. Next thing I knew, it was around 10 a.m. No clue what happened.

We did manage to pull it together to go out for lunch. Sufficient drugs in the system helped that idea along. I told Fred that we either got up for an hour and went to eat, or I would have to cook and I just didn't think I could pull that one off. We met our friends and their three kids out and really had a good time. Miss C brought me a lovely birthday gift I wasn't expecting. We enjoyed a huge pile of seafood (with plenty of leftovers!) and knew we'd definitely go to this place again.

OHHHHH. Get this. As we were dressing, I set my train case on the table. My train case holds all my makeup and I adore it. It might be on the old fashioned side because I really don't know of anyone who actually has a train case, but it's mine and I think it's cool. I sat down and proceeded to put on a smidgen of makeup so as not to offend small children with my sick, pasty skin. I finished up and went to put the train case up when Fred huffed loudly and proclaimed, "You are killing me here." I was confused. He told me to open the train case back up all the way, pulling out the trays and such. He removed the compact and mirror I just put back in there and Lo and Behold! There sat the lipstick collection from Merle Nor*an I has asked for in it's little case. Being sick had my skills of observance broken. I was thrilled and knew that my weekend was complete. Even if he had to practically shove my nose into my present.

We came home from lunch to sleep. Again. All afternoon we slept, wrapped up in blankets on the couch and recliner respectively. It was just sad, People. The girls needed to attend church last night because of obligations. I volunteered to take them. I literally sat in the van and slept the entire time they were doing their thing at church.

So, today, I'm going to insist that Fred go to Sick Call, or whatever it is they do with the military. I have a doctor's appointment this Wednesday already and I will be on my hands and knees begging for some kind of relief. After a week of this? It's all tired out and I'm ready to feel better.

Thanks for all the phone calls and well wishes on my weekend everyone. Everything was appreciated more than you know.

Just an FYI? This will occur again in approximately six years. Plenty of time to prepare.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Royal Weekend Update #2

It just gets better and better, People. I know some of you are resenting me whilst reading about my weekend and that's okay. I'm still gonna tell you anyways.

Today we had the Mama's Day Cookout. Four families came together at our house to cook out and have a good time. I think I might prefer the grilling during the day instead of in the evening. Our table was packed all the way around with people who were enjoying ribs, steaks, and chops. It was just a really nice time and I'm glad we thought to do this because all Mama's should be recognized.

After my nap*, I awoke to see that two of my neighbors were back over and my husband had something up his sleeve. I was told not to move and await further instruction. Uh...sure. Here he came around the corner with my children. I quickly held up a hand and said..."WAIT! Don't give me this unless you got a present for tomorrow. Don't give it all yet!" My husband said..."I got you covered tomorrow." I was happy to let them come forth bearing gifts.

The Man is good. Paige came forth bearing a porcelain pineapple with a candle inside. I adore pineapples. I collect them and have them all over my house. Makenna came forth bearing a gift basket from Ba*h & Body...with the new pineapple scents. Fred was able to get this even though the scent itself will not be released until Tuesday. Then came Vitt. With the new Michael Buble cd. How perfect was that!?!?! I am a big fan of Mr. Buble and was all crazy acting when I saw a certain song on this cd. Me and Mrs. Jones. Oh, yeah. That song has alot of memories for me and The Man. Pardon me while I go hum a few bars...........

What a weekend this is turning out to be. I feel totally justified in making it a Royal Weekend instead of just a Day. The kids are rolling their eyes when they don't think I'm looking, but I'll be sure to remind them of this when they are grown and gone with kids of their own. All in all....everyone is being good sports.

I'm off to get some more of Jaime's dessert instead of supper. Because it's good. And because I can.

I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!

*Am still not 100%. The nose is running and the cough still lingers. After all that today, I had to nap or die. I really had no choice in the matter.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Royal Weekend Update #1

Am so sorry if my weekend bores you, but it's my weekend and I'll update if I want to. So there.

I awoke* from my nap today to receive my first present of the weekend. Yes, first! I assume I will be getting one every day until Sunday because, if not, I'll be on the upset side if there is nothing for me on Sunday. THE DAY.

My husband had taken it upon himself to order me a box of chocolates! Oh. My. I love me some chocolates. I opened them quickly and proceeded to share with my family. Well, I let them pick out what piece they wanted except for the one in the middle. No matter who makes the chocolate, the middle piece is always THE piece to get and they ARE my chocolates. There are two of everything, so one had to be left for me because I want to taste them all! Milk chocolate. No tacky yucky nugout centers in these bad boys. It's all good stuff. The box is now stuffed in the freezer where Vitt doesn't know where it is because he was all "Ummmmmmm" when he got his piece and I know he'll jack my box and get hurt in a major way if he can get his hands on it.

Makenna wants to give me her present and I won't let her. Said it has to wait to Sunday. I'll give her until tomorrow evening before she cracks under the pressure.

* I am still sick and out of sorts. I had a minor temper tantrum today and vented to Fred that it wasn't fair that everyone else had happy HEALTHY birthdays and I'm sick on mine. I was just going to call the whole thing off. Mother's Day and my birthday. Just cancel the whole deal altogether. I must really think I got some major super powers, huh?

What Happens When.....

What happens when you get a bunch of Navy wives together in one place?

It gets loud. And you get to commiserate. You get to laugh. You get to vent. You get to have fun.

An impromptu get together was planned last night at the bowling alley on base. I decided I needed to attend because I've missed out on alot of such gatherings in the past few months. Taking Vitt out in public is not my favorite thing to do and most happened during the day. Honestly? I'd rather stay home than fight his froot loop self any day of the week.

I also needed to attend because I had the cutest baby gift for a baby that is now 2 months old! I can't go visit this sweet thing at her home because they have cats. Cats have a unique power of me. They have the ability to make me very sick. I'm talking E.R. visit sick. Therefore, I avoid them at all costs.

Nine showed up. Some I've met before. New ones that are just joining the group. Ages ranged from young to ancient (that would be me, Internets).

My friend Coty and all her pregnant glory was there. This is the woman who never ate ketchup with her fries until she got pregnant. I, of course, had to ask her when she was eating..."You want some fries with that ketchup?" She's a hoot and she's literally glowing. (Coty? Remember you said you'd be nice in your comments? Okay?)

I've been sick all week long and doing my level best to get over it because you all know about the ROYAL WEEKEND. I am determined to be at least mostly recovered by then so as to enjoy it to the fullest. I walked into that place last night and got totally stopped up. I couldn't breathe and I sounded horrible. So much for good first impressions to the new girls, huh? And I called my mother the other night in the midst of my sickness and informed her that "I am sick. Fred is sick. I'll get the kids ready. You come on and get them." She laughed. What? It's only 300 miles to my house. Lord, I sure do miss living next to my Mama and getting help in times like this.

It's really been a banner week all around for me. I went to lunch at a new friend's house Wednesday and had a marvelous time. Vitt actually behaved and played well with her son and we got to enjoy good food and chat time. I told her the food reminded me of my mother's cooking and I didn't inherit that gene. I'm all about returning the meeting out somewhere and picking up the tab! I can cook. I just don't have the flair that most women are born with.

By the way.....I decreed that the Royal Weekend would start on Thursday and end on Sunday. My official birthday. I'm Royalty. I can make it a four day weekend if I want to. Right? I'm going beneath my station today to get some cleaning done because when I say I'm not doing anything this weekend? I do believe I'm going to mean it whole heartedly.

Remember Jaime? My neighbor? The one that I SO did not do the sidewalk thingy at the airport with? Yeah, her. Her hubby and mine are cooking us lunch on the Man Stove tomorrow for Mother's Day. It's her first Mother's Day and I felt it necessary for us to be somewhat pampered.

Oh...and...uh.....yeah. About the Mother's Day cards. We got them weeks ago. I....uh...just forgot about them until last night. We're gonna get them mailed Mama/Nana, Mom/Mimi, Grandma, and B. They're probably gonna be late, though. It's all good.

Happy Mother's Day Weekend to all women out there. I firmly believe that if you love a child, you qualify on Mom's Day. Because that's what maternal love is all about. Aunties totally qualify.

I think my husband thinks there is a conspiracy abounding. We went to the commissary yesterday for groceries and every single meat I bought could be grilled. And his suspicions were further confirmed when we got home and I had the "Great Idea!" to grill the pork chops on the Man Stove. He is becoming one with the grill, People. Those chops that had Paige's Special Seasoning along with Fred's growing expertise with cooking outside? They were to die for!!!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Present From a Friend

Dear Lord, it's such a hectic day,
With little time to stop and pray,
For life's been anything but calm
Since You called me to be a Mom.
Running errands, matching socks,
Building dreams with wooden blocks,
Cooking, cleaning, finding shoes
And other stuff that children lose,
Fitting lids on bottled bugs,
Wiping tears and giving hugs,
A stack of last week's mail to read
So where's the quiet time I need?
Yet, when I steal a moment, Lord,
Just at the sink or ironing board,
To ask the blessings of Your grace,
I see then, in my small one's face,
That you have blessed me all the while
And I stoop to kiss that precious smile.
My friend, Michelle T., sent me this in an email yesterday. She said when she saw this, she thought of me. ME! When someone takes the time to actually sit down and compose an email just for you, it's special, People. Our lives are so busy these days, just finding a minute can be a difficult thing to do. The last line in the poem sums it all up for me. My son may be a "spirited"** child all of the time, but he can be the sweetest thing I've ever seen when he climbs behind me in the computer chair and wraps his arms around my neck and almost chokes me to death trying to turn my head so he can kiss me and tell me he loves me. I won't have that for long, you know. Soon, he'll be too cool to kiss Mama and will be making his own way in this big world of ours. Makenna still curls up beside me on the couch. Especially when Ghost Whisperer comes on. That show scares her to death, but she's addicted to it. Not to mention she usually has to sleep on the couch near our bedroom on Friday nights afterwards. Paige is a different sort. She's not too cool to love her Mama yet. She still shows public affection with hugs and "I love you's", BUT she won't let me take her to the salon to get her eyebrows done because I might embarrass her and that place is wayyyy beyond cool. She has to hang with the neighbor upstairs to do that. Whatever.
Thanks, Michelle, for thinking of me. I miss my home, family, and friends so much. Small things like this sure helps. More than you know.
** I have a friend who calls Vitt spirited. I think that's the kindest thing that's been said about him.

Monday, May 07, 2007

How to Blow 200 Bucks Quick

I can tell you how to rid yourself of $200.00 quick-like. It's very simple to do.

Let my son come to your house for a visit.

Because I know he flushed two cars down the toilet and that's how much it costs for the plumber guy to disconnect the toilet from the floor and wrestle with TWO stuck cars that almost refused to budge.

THEN I get parenting advice from Plumber Man as he leaves.

1. Put a toilet lock on. (no can do, man...because we'd all end up peeing on ourselves trying to get the thing undone)

2. Keep the bathroom door locked. (see number 1)

That is when I just nod my head and act as if I treasure his parenting advice and will follow it to the letter.


p.s. The cable is out. Again. And I am very unhappy because I can't tolerate watching the Mick*y Mou*se Playhouse movie but so many times before I start digging in the back of the medicine cabinet for nerve pills I no longer thought I needed.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Tidbits from the Edge

I've been playing around a little bit this morning with my blog. I finally got my column to the right arranged the way I want it. I've also added another friend to my list. She's a fellow Navy wife and, although, we've never seen each other in person, I value her friendship! Oh, and she posts recipes, too. That'll make my Mama happy because she's all about a good recipe. Doesn't mean she'll cook it. She collects recipes like a crazy person.

The jazz shoe has been located. I think. That thing just really bugged me. You gotta know Makenna to really understand. This child is very laid back and easygoing. But, Airhead is her middle name. I'm not being mean, this is my child! She's very easily distracted and you can send her somewhere for something and before she gets there, she's already forgotten what she's been sent for. She has amazing grades in school....has read ALL SIX HARRY POT*ER books since Spring Break. Every single one of them. She's in second grade. I believe her reading level is somewhere around the 6th-8th grade level. She's a smart cookie....that lives in her own world. Oh, where did we find the shoe? Well, it was no where to be found here, so we headed to the studio before we went out for The Man's birthday Tuesday night. Fred went in and came back out with a shoe. My philosophy was...if it'll fit on her's ours. Good news? It was a left shoe to the one right one we had and it was the same size and same amount of wear and tear. So, I'm inclined to think that this really is her shoe and, therefore, have no guilt about keeping it.

AND. AND.AND. I left this up to go refresh my coffee and when I came back, my son had found a PAINT PEN. A PAINT PEN?!? WHITE. I didn't even know we owned such a thing, People! Suffice it to say, the computer screen was completely decorated and the whole desk and keyboard. I am just beside myself. This lets me know how tigers can eat their young. It truly does. I've gotten it off of the screen. How, might you ask? Fingernail polish remover and cotton balls. Someone once told me to use that magic eraser for this, but I've seen what that eraser can do to a paint job on the walls and the finish on tile floors. I opted for the lesser of two evils. ~sigh~ But, it's not coming off of the desk and keyboard. Any suggestions on that? Pardon me......THIS JUST PISSES ME OFF. And, yes, I tore his butt up. Might even do it again if I feel like it. And right now...I really feel like it. That's why I'm talking to you whilst gritting my teeth.

The Man cooked us some chicken on the grill last night. Our neighbor noticed The Man rolling the grill to the West Wing patio, and came down to admire. Nothing cuter than watching two men through the door with their arms crossed looking at a grill. I convinced him to bring his pork chops down and throw them on. I'm sure he'll be getting his own very soon. I'm all a flutter trying to think of things we can...ahem....HE can cook on his Man Stove now. *

Now I'm off to try and get some of this paint off of my desk. Am still pissed about it, too.

*You know Fred had to get the propane tank yesterday so we...uh, HE could try out the new grill. And the cover to protect it from the elements. Word of advice to all the ladies out there. Get your man a grill for a major thing like Christmas, Father's Day, or Birthday. Have you seen all the accessories you can get for just a Man Stove? The possibilities are endless, People. I figure the kids and I are set for quite a few holidays with all that Low*s has.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The Mack Daddy Grill

We got us a happy man here. At 9:30 yesterday morning he surprised me by coming home. Apparently the Head Honcho found out it was his birthday and sent him home for the day. I fixed us a nice lunch and he got to sneak off and get a nap.

Fred was presented with his grill that Paige and I had gotten from Low*s the night before. This was done as we were leaving to go out to supper, so he really only got a good glimpse of it. Supper was almost an ordeal because Vitt simply isn't public material. I was wore out from fighting him by the time we left. After a quick trip to Wal*art, we were in for the night.

It didn't take long for The Man to put The Boy to bed. Unbeknownst to me...he had plans. Big plans. I was on the computer in the East Wing when I had need of my cell phone. I went to the West Wing to get it when I came across this.

Dude was puttin his grill together. In my living room.

Note how a headband with a flash light makes a man look FIERCE and all business-like. Complete focus, PEOPLE! This is serious stuff. If the grill isn't just right, steaks and chicken will suffer!!!

He didn't hardly care that I was snapping pictures of him and laughing. Cuz he's got a GRILL, man. I'm thinking he had visions of watching that television behind him whilst cooking up some steaks. Don't know how he was going to manage it, but, hey, a man can dream. Right?

And I'm not stupid. The ROYAL WEEKEND is next weekend. I'm not cooking.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Birthday Boy

Today is Fred's birthday! And instead of making it a good morning for him, I was threatening Makenna's butt because she's lost a jazz shoe and I refuse to pay for another pair and if she doesn't find it, I will literally cut her tail because I bought a bag for her to keep them in and even monogrammed the bag so she would always know it's hers and........

Suffice it to say I'm not thrilled with my middle child at the moment.

Back to The Man.

I have known my husband for almost 7 years now. That, in itself, is very hard for me to believe. And I STILL like him, too. Amazing. Alot has happened in the past seven years, but I want to focus on him for a minute. Shall we?

When I met Fred, he had a touch of gray at the temples. It was sexy and cool and I liked it alot. Now? He's pretty much working on ALL gray and little bit of black. And that's okay. I've seen him go from being a bachelor with no worries, to a Dad of two then three. I saw him just step into those shoes with no hesitation whatsoever. Well, none that I saw or that he let me see. He's still a freaking math genius who won't keep up with budget. He's quite handy to have in the store when I'm trying to figure out what 15% off is. He can whip it right up in that noggin of his.

The other night I was laying there going to sleep and got to thinking about things. I have friends. I have alot of friends. There are those who are mainly acquaintances. There are those that I'm working on establishing friendships that will hopefully last a long time. There are those who mean the entire world to me and I know that I can count on no matter what. There are those who go far enough back with me that we will be friends til our dying day because we know too much on each other. (you know who you are!)

Then I got to thinking. When something goes on in my life, no matter if it's good or bad...who is it I want to talk to first? Fred. Who listens to me talk about me and acts interested every single time? Fred. Who makes me believe I am the most wonderful person in the world? Fred. I would sometimes hear those women who would say that their husbands were their best friends. I would snort and laugh and say "yeah, right." I apologize to all those women out there I laughed at.

I can laugh with Fred. I can cry with Fred. I can voice my opinions (which I do frequently) and he listens. He doesn't agree most of the time, but he doesn't put me down for how I feel. I guess what I've heard all my life is true. When you find the right all just falls into place. I am content and happier than I ever thought I could be with this man. Why, he's even promised to hang around til all is said and done. Through wrinkles, walkers, and our kids being teenagers.

Happy Birthday, Honey! I love the man you are, the father you've shown you can be, and I can't wait to grow old with you.

Oh, and please don't go and write something all sappy-like that'll make me cry and everyone else who reads this gag because we're all lovey-dovey and as Paige would put it..."Ewwwwww, old people love."

p.s. And, yes, we did go get your birthday present last night. Like I would admit it to you. You'd drive me crazy trying to guess what it is. And if you discovered what it is, you better act all surprised and excited when you finally get it or I'll be mad.