Saturday, June 28, 2008

Reason #12 to Wake Up Quick

Paige's toilet has an issue from time to time with flushing. I think it all started when The Boy flushed his cars the first time way back when. Ever since that episode.....the poor toilet hasn't worked right.

Carla & John are bona fide home owners and therefore have some cool gadgets like a plumbing snake. I asked if we could borrow it and see if that would help Paige's toilet. They obliged and Fred decided to work on it a little while ago.

Now, during all this, Paige is sleeping in. Nothing pressing had to be done and I don't mind her sleeping in once in a while. Shoot, my own Mama let me do it when she could. (My Daddy had issues with it and would come wake me up) So, she's sleeping while Fred is in her bathroom "snaking" her toilet.

The Supervisor, also known as The Boy, got a brief lesson on what his Dad was doing. He then proceeded to run in Paige's room to say:


Suffice it to say she woke right up.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Empty Shelf

I do believe I shall never win any Parent Of the Year awards. My parenting shelf is going to remain empty from here to friggin' eternity. No pretty trophies with my name anywhere on them to be found.

Remember how I said I had to make vision appointments for me and Paige? Yeah. We had those appointments today.

I am smooth. The glasses I got two years ago for night driving are just fine. I'm reading great and the eye Doctor told me keep it as it was. Sweet. No age related vision problems catching Miss Hope. That's right, Internets. I dodged the old lady reading glasses yet again!

Paige has been swearing up and down she needs glasses. So my kid loves to hang on the drama side sometimes. I'm just not a parent that goes running for medical intervention at the drop of a hat. I'll surely take you if you're sick, but please don't abuse the system people!

I informed the eye tech and eye doctor that she was wanting some glasses. I felt it my duty to forewarn them she would probably do what she could to score some. They welcomed my advice, patted me on the back, and sent me out so they could face her down.

After a short while, I saw my daughter coming down the hall way with the doctor.

Gall dangit.

She's got 30/50 vision.

Are you serious?? I honestly thought the doctor was trying to pull one over on me. She had an eye exam in July of 2006. Got fully cleared. What is up with this??

I was just floored.

I let her pick out a pair of glasses there. Very spendy, modern, perky, adorable, diva-licious glasses. I got her prescription so as to buy a cheaper spare pair.

I can't believe it.

My baby is blind!!!! At least that's what she told her Nana when she called. "I tried to tell Mama I can't see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Whatever.

Sometimes I feel like I am so screwing up this parenting gig I'm doing.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Trucking right along...

We're doing that thing. You know, where you move on along with life. Days slip by you and next thing you know? A week has passed and you didn't take care of a few things you might've needed to. I hate when that happens.

I have GOT to make myself take care of a few things that have fallen by the wayside this week. Like dental appointments for the oldest and myself. Vision tests for me and the oldest. The Boy got put in the wrong class at his new school and I got to go begging that he be changed if at all possible.

The Man is busting his statistics class wide open. He has proven that he has the self-discipline to do his work and turn in his assignments on time. So far so good on his grade. Lowest grade so far is a 94. Well, it was originally a 92, but Mr. Anal checked his work and emailed the professor about it. Mr. Professor emailed him back and said there was, indeed, an error in the book and adjusted his grade accordingly. Way to go, Man. Methinks he'll be keeping an even closer eye on returned grades from here on out.

Paige is learning Navy Brat life the hard way. Her very bestest in the whole wide world never to be replaced friend is leaving. M.B.'s dad has retired and entering the real world. And it's not here. Life is ripping these two from each other's lives and it's all just plain out sucking right now. They are already making plans to save money so they can buy plane tickets to visit. Thing is? Paige will really do it. That sister can plan a world take over if she puts her mind to it.

Instead of soccer for The Boy, we are contemplating some martial arts class. That means we are THINKING. Not committing. Because if he gets some skill in that brain of his? He might just whup up on his sisters all proper like. He's just got the energy of a nuclear power plant. I told my MIL last night that once it gets past 5:30 p.m., my nerves just go raw until he's in bed. Nothing is sweeter than putting him down for the night. You can sneak back in his room an hour later and he's sprawled out on his bed looking like he's dead. I could literally lick him then.

Mak had her first golf tournament yesterday. She and The Man left out at 11:00 a.m. for the afternoon. Lunch was served before they tee'd off. I am quite miffed that The Man didn't take pictures for me. Because I'm all about the first of anything in their lives. His reasoning is that they got started and was focused on the game, man. Whatever. There were two age groups. Each age group(8 couples) played 9 holes with a parent. Out of her age group, she placed 3rd. Yay, Mak!! She's so competitive about it all. She was huffy about how she and her team mate didn't do better. Their score was a 56. PLUS, she was the only girl competing. How cool is that? Because of that, when Mr. Golf Pro handed out caps and sleeves of balls to the kids....she got to go in the pro shop and pick out her own "hat". In the form of one very nice pink visor with built in sweatband (her words) and the golf course name embroidered on it. She was right proud of that visor. We're right proud of her. I'm glad she's found something she enjoys so much. Plus, I think the golf pro has a soft spot for her because he let her drive a golf cart.

That concludes my mini-update for all the nosy people out there in Internet Land. We're enjoying our summer, yet still looking forward to the new school year.

Life goes on. You get done what you can, when you can.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

And just where have you been?

I've been visiting with family, that's where I've been.

The Man and The Boy have been kissed and hugged by three women a gazillion times a day. When The Man leaves the house, he has to go around pass out sugar to me, his mom, and his cousin before he can hit the threshold.

Paige has more female opinions to get.

Makenna has a better chance at getting some attention without Vitt sucking all of it away.

I just got things to talk about and share, but I'm tired.

Today was Mrs. M.'s birthday. We slept late. Ate a carb filled breakfast. The Man got off of work early and we headed to the beach for the late afternoon.

I had Mandi (Maker of All Cakes That Are Awesome) do a Bailey's Irish Creme Cheesecake. Trust me when I say it was beyond amazing and we are enjoying every single rich bite we can get past our locked jaws.

Let's just say good times are being held all the way around.


I always love a Feet Picture.

We looked like a Gypsy family as we gravitated to the water.

Monday, June 16, 2008


Still on the sick side here. Coughing kills me! The Man and I have been coughing so much it's not even funny. Of course it gets worse when you lay down at night and the sinus drainage kicks in. Our past few nights have consisted mostly of dozing and trying to cough in harmony. I'd rather sleep.

Now, I'm on the fast track (isn't that a ride at Disney?) to getting my house as straight as possible before the Mom in law and The Man's cousin get here this evening. It won't be perfect but it'll be clean.

Got a big juicy roast cooking in the crock pot so supper should be mostly taken care of. Crock pots rock.

Just a small ditty to share with you from last week.

We came home from our visit to SC. Most of the time we were there, The Boy stayed with my brother and his family. The Boy refers to my sister-in-law as "Ma". Doesn't bother me a bit. He knows who Mama is.

After arriving back in Georgia, we were mostly busy with getting back into the routine and getting sick. (Lovely combination, huh?) Next thing we know? That kid is dressing himself, packing a bag, filling his pillowcase with pillow and toys, slipping on his galoshes (it was raining) and was telling us he was going to Carolina. Uh...excuse me? Yes ma'am, he informed me. He was going to Ma's house to play with Cayden. I see. When asked how he would get there, he replied "big truck". Now where this truck was coming from, we had no clue. We had to start keeping a close eye on him because he would slip out the house with all his hobo essentials to go sit on the sidewalk/curb. We believe he was awaiting the big truck to come get him for the ride to Carolina. Each time, he was brought back in kicking and screaming and crying. Poor baby. He had such a good time. Who can blame him for wanting to go back?

I just realized yesterday that I now have to purchase my boy a backpack for school. That makes it more formal, you know. I am a big fan of Land's End backpacks. Makenna has had the same one since 4k and it's not hurt a bit. I even wash the sucker when the pencil marks get bad and it's still holding like a champ. (Yeah, a little free advertising here) When asked what kind of pack he wanted, The Boy insisted it had be...what else? Green. Can do, my baby. He better like green for a long time, because Mama gets her money's worth out of these things. At least 4 years worth.

Now I must go upset my daughters' slumber. Things must be finished around here before the big arrival and I fully intend to incorporate child labor. Hey, I had to labor to get them here, didn't I? Turnabout is nothing but fair.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Ugh and Atchoooooo

I know it's been a week since I posted last. And, no, we weren't gone that long. Got back Monday.

I came home with the intentions of getting my house all ready for the mother-in-law to arrive the first of next week.

Ah. Good intentions.

When my husband was going through his health problems recently, they decided to go through his medical records. Saw that he was late on some yearly blood work (like AIDS testing, etc etc). They also saw that he didn't get his flu shot last year.

So they gave him one.

The first week of June.

Now tell me how much sense that makes???? So he missed it last year. He didn't get the flu. Catch him this year how about it?


It made him sick.

And guess what happens when you live in close proximity of someone that is sick?

Yeah. I got the fever, chills, coughing, and all around nasty feeling.

In June.

I do not have time for this, you know. My life and all it holds does not include time for sickness.

Do you know how gross it is for your neck to sweat??? Think about it. When you're sick and got some fever going on, your neck sweats. And it's about the nastiest thing. Yuck.

I have lovely pictures from a sweet graduation I shall post soon. Right now, I just want to sit here in my chair and sip on my coffee.

And be right pissed at the Navy for doing something stupid like giving my husband a friggin flu shot this time of year.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Best Money

A few months ago, Carla and I deemed it so that we needed passes to our local water park. It's not a grand huge one, but sufficient enough to keep our 6 kids entertained. Not to mention it lets us get a better handle on our sanity. Nothing is better than kids who are worn out from sun and water. Emily got in on the deal with her sweet Noah and we have lovely times at least twice a week. Jaime grabbed the idea, too, with Jordan and we just have good get togethers! It's nice having season passes. We don't have to buy a day pass for a big family and then stay for 4-6 hours to get our moneys worth. A couple hours here and there and we got some good sleeping kids that night. There's always some one there we know to chat with and I'm pretty sure we have stock in some sunscreen company somewhere.

On Thursday evenings, the park stays open until 8 p.m. It's called Late Swim. We have decided that Thursday evenings will belong to us. We pack a picnic meal and head off for water fun around 4-5 p.m. Can't beat it with a stick. Last night was the first Late Swim of the season and we did it up in style. It was good stuff and I think we made the right decision to make this a habit.

Kids remember stuff like this, you know. They remember small things from their childhood like picnics. Driving across country when Kenna was 4, we stopped at a rest area in Mississippi for a quick lunch. She still talks about her picnic in Mississippi. The next year when we went through again, we stopped at the same area and did another picnic. I think that one small thing we did, she will remember forever. I want my kids to look back and remember the cool simple things we did as a family.

Now I'm off to pack us up for a weekend trip to South Carolina. Not looking forward to the gas it's going to take, but looking forward to seeing my people. I miss them. We all miss them. Another memory for my babies. The small road trips here and there. What grand adventures, huh? Heck, we live closer to the Mouse in Orlando than we do our home town. Methinks a trip there might be in order some time.

Have a wonderful weekend. It's graduation time all over the country. That's the purpose behind our trip. I can't wait to see this young woman I held in my arms as a baby walk in her cap and gown. Where's the waterproof mascara???

I'll leave you with the word "fun" defined:

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Need a Pill

Dudes. I'm letting myself get overwhelmed here!

I got The Man's family due to arrive the end of next week. I'm so excited about seeing them I can't hardly stand it! But, the house isn't right yet. And I need it to be right. At least for the first few days. It ain't happening like I want it to. Argh!

I have to send out my very first newsletter for the Chapel program this week. D-Day, so to speak. Our first week alone. With our beloved Chaplain gone. Sink or swim time. I can't swim!!!! Where are the floaties????

We're going home this weekend for a graduation. First visit to SC without a home to go to. This doesn't faze my family there. They still have their homes. We have been put in my Grandma's house since she is ill and residing with my Aunt. Are you kidding me? You can eat off of her floors! I have three kids. Makes my nerves bad thinking about it. Plus, I have to face it head on that my home of 15 years is gone. No longer mine. I so don't want to do this.

I am not having a good rational thought kind of day. Ever have one of those? Might be a combination of PMS and the summer joy of having chaos surrounding me all day long in the form of my kids. There's no downtime to be found at all.

Add in the fact that your husband is busting his butt to do online classes in order to get a degree to better support this family and you know he has to study and work hard and you can't keep the house quiet for him and dangit it just sucks you have to do most of it but you'll do it because you know how important it is and you want to support him because you love him. It's kind of like a sea tour with no sea time. He's here in body but his mind is in the statistics book.


I need a pill or something.


p.s. And I can't believe you guys didn't think the post on The Boy wasn't funny. We're still laughing over it.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Pay Attention

We must be ever diligent in raising this boy of ours.

*Admit've missed stories about The Boy.*

My son is of the independent sort. He may be only four, but in his mind and heart, he's at least ten and capable of much.

Take reading, for example. I believe he thinks he can read.

Yesterday morning, he and Kenna were watching some Saturday morning goodness, as kids have a right to do. He grabbed the remote because what was showing on the screen was not to his liking. I wasn't paying a whole lot of attention because ....well, I just wasn't. I was doing something here on the laptop (about 3 feet away).

Next thing, I know, Kenna was screaming "NOOOOOOO". She grabbed the remote from him and changed it. I asked what was going on and she said Vitt ordered a channel on the satellite. She told me to hit recall to see what it was.

I did.

Uh oh.

My son, in his Independence, had ordered the Playboy channel.

I immediately hollered for The Man to call the satellite company right that minute to tell them we most certainly did not want that channel.

He did. They were totally cool about it and made a note on our account. Which was right nice of them.

I've never had to implement parental controls except one time. That was all in my first marriage and so not worth mentioning here.

I guess it's time to brush off the parental lock here and now.

Can't have my people getting educated up on Saturday mornings.