Monday, March 20, 2006

Second Verse, Same as the First.......

Yeah, this country song life of mine just keeps getting more award winning. I can feel my Southern twang getting richer and fuller every single day.

Second Verse, same as the first......
  • My van started messing up. After a few consults it was decided that maybe it was the alternator. It was. I called the Kia place and took it in. They fixed it pronto.
  • Next day, said van left me beside the road as the engine ran hot. I was on the way to take the girls to the dentist. Paige's anxiety level sky rockets as I call the KIA place in order to see just what in the (loss of religion word) they did to my van the day before. My mother comes to get the girls as I sit for an hour and half beside the road waiting on the tow truck.
  • Just minutes before the tow truck arrived, one man stopped. The whole time I sat there and no one stopped. What is the world coming to?
  • Because I was stranded at the Kia place and could not take the day off and do personal stuff as planned, my business partner comes and picks me up in the charter bus. Very cool. Yet, I had to ride all afternoon to meetings. Between stops I had to pick up the girls and they thought they were royalty having a vehicle with 6 televisions screens AND a potty on board. Talk about tired.
  • Oh, and it was the Kia's place fault. They stripped a hose or something. I did get it back the same day along with an intense flirt session from the service manager. Ick. He told me to tell my husband he would take care of me while he was gone. Double Ick. Whatever. At least he washed my van for me.
  • Paige was sick. Good thing? I called the doctor and told them what was going on and they simply let me diagnose her since we go through this every 6 months. Saved me a doc's visit and some money.
  • And last....the washing machine decided to play Niagara Falls. And all the laundry that was done? Got soaked. I had around 10 loads of laundry to tackle....again. That really broke the camel's back.

Yeah, it was a week....again. My job is getting ready to take off with April approaching. We have to make "appearances" at the games of the teams we have contracts with. Some I can handle since we have extremely good seats as part of the contract. One ball team even has us a box reserved ! No public potties for us. My husband was very excited to learn about our third base front row seats. That we have for the entire season.

My mother in law should hopefully be planning to head this way soon to stay for a while. I am looking so forward to her coming. Another adult in the house to have some decent conversation with sounds like heaven. Because, contrary to Paige's belief...she isn't grown.

My company is planning on purchasing a new charter bus. So why am I choking over the 500K price tag on that bad boy??? Gives me the freaking willies just thinking about. But, hey, it is going to be a sweet deal to ride in. The head partner...who has all the experience......that man can dream big. I gotta hand it to him.

So I'm off to prepare for a new week of intense preparation of our Spring season. In the meantime, I gotta hit the dentist myself, find something that will ease Paige's allergies, keep up with the housework.....and hopefully talk to my husband is has been locked up in a submarine for a couple of days now. (Honey, can you stop playing Navy for a few and come check in?)

I'm not tired of blogging. It's just hard to find time to compose when you have an almost 2 year old in the computer chair behind you playing the bongos on your back.

Monday, March 13, 2006

It Might Be the End of the World

Because it is 8:30 p.m. and all three of my kids are in bed. Granted, the smallest one isn't asleep yet, but we're working on it.

Paige is fighting allergies so she's on a benadryl high. I so appreciate that stuff right now. Poor thing. She needs her rest.

Vitt had to go to bed. He was so ornery that he was beside himself and I wasn't in the mood to deal with twins.

And there used to be so many small things lying around on the floor. Erasers. Lip gloss caps. Cars. I was constantly on the girls to pick them up because Vitt was capable of choking on them. I looked and the floor was clear??? Could it be that my girls were finally listening to me?


Vitt's been stuffing them into the VCR.

Sunday, March 05, 2006


Sir Rick, Master of the English language, Professor of Profanity 101, has tagged me to do another round of "SEVEN". I'll play along since the questions are different and thought provoking.

Seven Things to Do Before I Die
  1. See my children grow up.
  2. Learn how to swim.
  3. Build a house.
  4. Own a Land Rover.
  5. Shop when there's NOT a sale.
  6. Pay off all our debt.
  7. Quit laughing over #6.

Seven Things I Cannot Do

  1. Swim.
  2. Keep my mouth shut.
  3. Control my facial expressions.
  4. Deal with my ex.
  5. Turn my back on coffee.
  6. or chocolate
  7. Resist taking a nap if possible.

Seven Things That Attract me to Blogging

  1. I can run my mouth.
  2. I can write down what happens and maybe laugh about it.
  3. It's my personal corner of the universe.
  4. Therapy..the cheap way.
  5. Meeting other people who have issues, too. (stating no names here)
  6. Some family can keep up with what's going on.
  7. I can vent about the Navy.

Seven Things I Say Most Often

  1. Can I get a quote? (thanks to the new job)
  2. I will cut your butt if you do that again.
  3. You have GOT to be kidding me.
  4. Bless his/her heart.
  5. Do you mind?
  6. Dear me to.......
  7. I don't think so.

Seven Books I love

This one is impossible. I read too many to list any particular ones. I've read the Harry Potter ones more than once, so that should qualify them. And they're so freaking big, they should count for 3 sometimes.

Seven Movies/DVDs That I Watch Over and Over

  1. Fifth Element
  2. Men in Black (both)
  3. Dazed and Confused
  4. Sixteen Candles
  5. Top Gun
  6. Grease ( I can SO sing the smack out of Stockard Channing's song)
  7. Forrest Gump

Seven Celebs I Could Be Friends With

  1. Matthew Macoune....I have no idea how to spell it but I would love to hang out with him one time.
  2. Robin Williams
  3. Reese Witherspoon
  4. Oprah (cuz, dang, I want in on her favorite things)
  5. Madea (yeah, I know it's a man dressed in drag, but I LOVE those movies)
  6. Queen Latifah (she's the coolest, plain and simple)
  7. Rev. Billy Graham (just imagine)

Seven Friends I want to Join in

  1. Fred (I mean it)
  2. Mar (find time, girl)
  3. Jacinda (oh, go ahead and do it again!)
  4. Crazy Me (yeah, you too, girl)
  5. I'm blank now. Does this mean I'm not popular?

Saturday, March 04, 2006

My Life is a Country Song

There is an old joke about country music. That if you play a country song backwards, you get the woman back, the dog back, and the truck back. Many people have told me how depressing country music can be. It's all about the trials and tribulations of life itself. So many times I've listened to a particular song and had to nod my head in agreement. Some songs even make me shed a tear or two.

As I was fixing my pot of coffee this morning, I had an epiphany of sorts. At the moment, my life is a number one hit country song. I had to laugh to keep from crying. Case in point. I will give you a few details that could possibly win some singer a grammy.

  1. My Makenna has the flu right now.
  2. She also has a flare up of her eye ulcer going on.
  3. My Paige thinks she's grown and refuses to be a child.
  4. My husband is stuck in a boat and I haven't talked to him since Thursday morning. Don't exactly know when I'll get to.
  5. I'm working a new job that I love but can't get a handle on because of numbers 1-4.
  6. My dishwasher is quite possibly leaking. (I came to that conclusion when I stepped in water this morning in that vicinity)
  7. My commode is still broken. The back tank is open and exposed and I can flush it...just the redneck way.
  8. I ran over the stray dog that took up here...quite by accident. No one liked her but I've been treated like mean person because she ran in front of my van. Thing is? She's still alive and seems okay for the most part.
  9. My house has suffered due to the sickness and I am overwhelmed at the thought of buckling down and cleaning it.
  10. Last but not ex is driving me crazy with his stupidity. No country song can be complete with an ex mentioned somewhere in there.

This doesn't seem to be alot of grief really. But, add it all in and you got one hockin' good country song. I'm sure of it.

I really think that most of the country song writers have to have been in therapy at some point in their lives. Maybe some need to go now.

That's why I've been a little lax in posting. The fiddles, steel guitar, bass fiddle, and acoustic guitar have been a little bit distracting.