Tuesday, April 29, 2008

What I said.....

I was sitting here window shopping on the net a while ago. Not really looking to buy anything, mostly passing time. I thought I would see if I could find a cute pair of black sandals because I personally believe you can never have too many pairs of cute black sandals. Right, ladies?

So, here I was, minding my own business when I came across this incredible pair of shoes. I thought to myself....HOLY COW! You know I had to click on them to get a better view. Then I started snorting.

I looked to my left to where my hubby was sitting in his recliner throne. I said to him....."You know I would totally get these shoes and wear them just for you." I turned the laptop to share this treasure I had stumbled across.

He laughed and proceeded to tell me that I would end up hurting myself if I even tried to wear them.

He knows me so well.

7 inch stiletto heels. I've always wondered what it would be like to be 6 feet tall. Dudes, the star is sparkly. In it's clear plastic goodness. And don't you just love how I made you scroll down to see these magnificent pair of heels?

Sunday, April 27, 2008

A Boy's Life

There are times in a boy's life when the pro's and con's of having two older sisters are very apparent.

A pro can be when he's older, he can hit on older gals and boost his manly abilities.

Then there are the cons.

Bless his heart. All those years of dance recitals and now he gets to wear the costumes.
He is so gonna hate me later in life for taking this picture.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sub Ball 2008

What a Ball. What a good time. What a bunch of tipsy people because some much higher up decided to attend at the last minute then decided to be an hour late (so not fashionable, man) showing up. Of course, no one could eat until he arrived, so what did a majority decide to do? Drink. It was getting right interesting before the food finally got served!

The ceremony of the Submarine Ball is always a humbling thing to be a part of. The bell is tolled for all boats that have been lost. The room is silent as each boat's name is read and the bell echoes throughout the room. When our National Anthem is sung, you see service members stand at attention, proud to be wearing their uniforms. I find my eyes getting more misty from seeing the pride and emotions on their faces, more so than for the song that particular time. It makes me want to burst with pride that I am a part of this community where the love of country prevails.

This year was much better for me personally. I got people now. I got a group of ladies that guarantee I'm going to have a good time if I'm with them. We didn't get to all sit together as you have to sit with whatever command you are with. Carla was all the way up at the front at the stage. My table was next door to D.'s table who had J sitting with her...at the back. And we surely don't mind the back near the door. Makes for easy get aways. K. was clear across the room but we made sure to keep her updated on what was going on. Oh, and M kept checking in, too, and keeping up with all that was happening. We met up regularly to walk out and we had attitude about it because we were a Posse!

This years event was held in the same place as last years. Jekyll Island is a beautiful place and I love going to there to visit. Miss J brought her fancy schmancy camera and we went outside to take pictures with our handsome hubbies with the ocean in the background. Miss J's hubby is out protecting our seas at the moment, and Miss D's hubby....who is on the boat with J's hubby accompanied her so they could partake in the festivities. I love that about Navy Wives. They can stick together and still enjoy such events, even if the hubby isn't home to go with them.

I had a delicious time doing my People Watching with a table mate. She is the wife of an office mate of The Mans and we love to get together at shindigs such as this and just dish on those fortunate or unfortunate to walk past us.

Please don't think I'm a vicious mean person. I truly am not. I know my own personal limitations and flaws and am sure someone might've had something to say about me at another table somewhere in that vast room.

I just hope they saw some of what I did!

Like, for instance.......

Miss Thang who was three tables away? I am just blown away that you decided to put the pink streaks in your hair to match your gown. Wow. Your ability to match the shakes of pinks is just remarkable. I apologize for staring like I did when I walked past you.

Miss Wonderfully Done Boob Job? Girlfriend, you are 40 if you are a day. No one over 35 can own ta-ta's like that naturally. Kudos to you for wearing a gown that worked those girls to their fullest advantage. Money well spent, Sister.

I was also glad to see that electric blue eyeshadow hasn't completely gone extinct. I fondly recall the days back in the 80's when I had my own love affair with the stuff. So many times I was sent back in the house to remove at least 90% of it because I was blinding my parents with it's electric loveliness. It was also awesome that the gown matched that electric blue eye shadow. Work it, Girl!

There is one guy I'd like to mention. I don't know your name, man, but you have to be made of rubber!!! I kid you not. This guy was around 6'3" and he could move like nobody's business. He entertained me every time he hit the floor and I would literally stand up at the table to watch him because he just looked like he was having the time of his life!

Those are just a few observations from the night that I thought I would share with you. I can't really diss the guys because they all wore the same kind of thing. There were some tuxedo versions of the uniform, some regular dress blues, and jumpers for the younger generation. I admire each of them. Soon after dancing started, jackets were coming off and so were the heavy jumpers. Sure, this is breaking the military dress code, but come on! It's a special occasion!

My favorite moment of the night was when we got to the dance hall. People were still coming in and my friends and I had snagged a table. A few of us were sitting (and already shoeless, might I add). A good friend of mine was standing up catching her groove as she was feeling no pain. At the end of the song, she proceeded to put her fingers in her mouth and let loose the loudest most ear piercing whistle. It got silent as people stopped to look at her. I took advantage of this quiet moment with a few hundred people to half way stand up, point my finger at her and say on the loud side, "THAT'S MY FRIEND RIGHT THERE!" To where she replied with a proper rebel yell and the silence was broken. Only a true friend would make a properly loud claim such as that, you know.

I managed to snag a few slow dances with The Man. We're not into the fast moving dances because, well, we're old. He's got knees that have seen better days and I didn't want to pay the next day with being too sore to even move. I love slow dancing with him. He's smooth on the dance floor, Internets. And Lawd....he sure smelled good.

We didn't stay that late as Paige was manning the home front in the child care department. She had her siblings and Carla's three kids. Her friend Maribeth (shout out to you, girl, since you read now!) came to help and they did a fantastic job. All under the age of 9 were sleeping and had not a care in the world by the time we rolled in (before midnight, thank you very much!).

I managed to take a few pictures of the evening and will now share a few with you. I do not have permission to post them, but my girls know I love them and would not put anything embarrassing up. (I'm saving those to use on a case by case basis....)

This is before we left to head to Jekyll. I don't like The Man to wear his glasses in pictures because he doesn't wear them on a regular basis. I would have used a different picture but I like me in this one. So, you're stuck seeing him in glasses. Yes, my hair is naturally curly. I have to work hard to get it straight! I just thought I'd do it different than last year's straight style.

This is a few of my Posse. From left to right: Donna, Carla, Jordy, Me, and Kerry (that's Vitt's teacher, too!). This is at the dance hall and and we wanted a whole group but D was somewhere on the dance floor with M and we just couldn't corral them to the table.

Ed (Kerry's hubby), Fred (A.K.A. The Man), and John (Carla's hubby) in all their uniform fineness. I love this picture of our guys!

This concludes my re-cap of this year's events. J said she'll send me some pictures to post on here, so I'll be sure to share when she does. Blogger seemed to be working against me as it has taken three days to finally pull this post together! For some odd reason, the pictures didn't want to work for me. I'm glad whatever was wrong has righted itself.

Thank You All

I'd like to thank each and every one of you who stopped by The Edge and just visited or left a kind word for Spencer's family and for my family. The grief hasn't abated and my heart still physically hurts for my friends/family.

The moments you took to read and just momentarily share in our loss of a beautiful person means more than you will ever know.

I felt it important to keep Spencer's post up through his funeral. I've had many phone calls telling me it was a wonderful service.

The Edge will return to it's regular programming now, but that doesn't mean that we will forget.

Sunday, April 20, 2008


There are times in a person's life when all color that makes things bright and beautiful are gone in an instant. One phone call, one knock on the door, one look, can be such a life altering moment.....you have doubt that you can ever fully recover. Life as you know it is no more.

This past Friday evening, I received a phone call from back home in South Carolina.

It became one of those moments.

Our friends, Davie and Michelle (mentioned in previous posts), had a forever life changing altering moment. They were informed that their son, Spencer, had been in a car accident. Within an hour of the accident, I received the phone call from my Mama telling me to pray. Pray hard.

And pray I did. I prayed for mercy. I prayed for healing. I prayed for a miracle. I sent text messages to my friend to tell her that we knew and were praying. A simple "thanks...." was my reply. My own mother's heart was literally aching over what I imagined my friend to be going through. I had flashes of this beautiful impish toddler that had the whitest hair when he was The Boy's age. I flashed through all the years of seeing him grow up to the age of 16. Yes, Internets, 16. I remembered the last time I saw him on our visit home and how when I spoke to him the shock I felt when he responded in this gruff man sounding voice. How I grinned knowing the girls were crazy about that voice and that same impish smile he had as a toddler.

I called first thing Saturday morning to hear my Dad tell me it wasn't looking good. Fred and I immediately started praying. I was flat out begging by this point. I got everyone I knew of that believe in prayer busy for Spencer. My Dad called not long after to tell me he was gone. Just gone. At age 16. I'll be honest. I refused to believe it. Would not believe it.

Because to believe it would take such beautiful color out of this world. The color of Spencer. Each and every one of us come from God's palette and we have our very own unique color because He loves us just that much. The color of 16 is so bright and full of promise. It's multi-layered and complex, but simple in belief and innocent of most of the ways of this sometimes cruel world. For color that rich and amazing to be taken away......I just feel it has a way of taking away something that is good in a person's life.

How is a parent supposed to handle such a loss? The reality of losing a child is powerful enough to steal the very breath from your lungs and leave you gasping for understanding. How is a sister supposed to function without her little brother being an integral part of her life? How are grandparents supposed to face the loss of one their precious grand children?

Through all this trauma, one shining light prevails. Spencer's parents are helping God shower blessings on other individuals in this world. They let him be an organ donor. My knees hit the floor in prayer again that God will use this very precious gift to bless others in this very special way. To me, it keeps the color alive to mix with another unique color that is a human being. How wonderful can that be, Internets?

We are unable to make the trip home to be with our friends. Our Family. This family is heartbroken, but know that no matter what.....there is no doubt that all who are there know where our hearts are right now. We are crying with them and praying for them. We, too, are trying to get past the disbelief and cling to the thought that God is in control.

Spencer, we shall miss you. You were a beautiful bright shining light in this world. May the legacy you've left behind in beautiful parts of you heal and help those who would be lost and hopeless without you. We look forward to seeing you again one day.

Spencer T. March 1, 1992-April 19, 2008

Friday, April 18, 2008

Formal is the Tone

This weekend is the Ball!! The Submarine Ball, to be exact. I call it prom for old people. This really isn't true because there will be some girls there wearing the same dress they wore at their senior high school prom last year.

My posse of friends have been planning on this for a few months now. We have shopped for dresses and accessories with purpose in our stride. We have consulted with each other on colors and shoes and what type of jewelry would work. We take this very serious, you know.

Well, I kind of take it serious. I didn't spend a whole lot on my dress as I believe I'm too old for floor length flowing gowns all chiffon-y and tight. I have a simple navy dress that I fondly refer to as a "Mother of the Bride" dress. I will be comfortable yet put together. It's unfair that the guys can wear the same thing over and over again...all they have to do is get their uniform dry-cleaned. I do have to admit, though, they all look mighty dashing as they walk around the building with medals ringing on their chests.

I went last evening to get my toes and nails done because my shoes are all silver with a touch of sparkle and I just feel I need to do them justice. Come to think of it, I think the shoes cost more than the dress. Never mind that, I promise I will use them more than once. I'm not quite clear on what jewelry I'll be wearing as of yet. I have a couple of sets in the jewelry box, but still have time to run get another if I'm feeling froggy about it.

It's one of the few dates nights that The Man and I get that we thoroughly enjoy. I think it's one of the very few times he can get away with holding my hand while in uniform. The other day we were on base walking to a building and our habit is to hold hands and we literally walked 3 feet apart as he is not allowed to do that while in uniform. He is also not allowed to walk with his hands in his pants pockets. You know I put my hands in mine just to give him a hard time. Cuz that's how I roll.

I still have one side of my home full of boxes and whatnot that we brought back from Edge I last weekend. I am putting off unpacking because to me, that just makes it that much more final. I know. I know. It's on the agenda to be done and it will be. Eventually. Right now I'm wading through the usual mountains of laundry as I've been busy and out of the house for most of the week. Me being gone isn't going to change soon because we have Compass next week. I've been working on doing registrations and other duties with that when I've had a spare minute. Ahhhhh, the busy life I lead at times. I might piss and moan from time to time, but right now? I wouldn't change it.

Of course I shall post some pictures from the weekend's festivities if at all possible. I can't wait to do hang out with my friends in such a beautiful setting and do some serious people watching. One of this year's contests might be, "Who has the most visible tattoos!" That's always a good one. Last years winner was a chick who had angel wings all down her back. She was right proud of them. I know this because she wore a backless gown.

Have a good weekend, my Internets! Keep it out of the woods.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Proof is in the Pictures

Back in the day, about six months ago, The Boy went to the dentist for the first time. That was an experience I don't think I shall ever forget. Being the cool blogging Mom that I am, I took pictures of this first visit.

Imagine my trepidation around 5 weeks ago when the dentist office called and said it was that time. I deflated like a balloon thinking I just didn't want to experience that again, but knowing I would because I believe in oral hygiene. Why, oh why, couldn't I be one of those parents who could care less about teeth and keeping them healthy???? Alas, I am not a non-caring parent, so I knew we would fight the battle of taking him to get his teeth cleaned. I put a reminder in my phone and proceeded to forget about it until this weekend when the reminder alarm sounded. Crap it. I'm sure you can picture my smiling face when The Man informed me he wouldn't be able to go because Tuesday is when he has his weekly meeting he has to attend. I've given birth three times, so I knew I could do what needed to be done.

We woke up yesterday morning to me building up the excitement. Yeah, right. When I told The Boy he was going to the dentist, he replied, "No I not." When I said he had to let them look at his teeth and see if they were okay, he replied, "No I not." Lovely. The dread crept in over my soul right then and there and I just KNEW it was gonna be another experience to blog about.

For those of you who joined us here at the Edge recently and for those of you who are old like me and tend to forget? This is where you want to click to see how it all went down last time. You'll understand when I say all those involved broke a sweat. Some even did some very loud screaming. I'm pretty sure there was a torn shirt somewhere in there. My girls even saw a flash of daylight from him pulling my shirt in a panic. Now do you see why the last thing I wanted to do was go to the dentist?!? I couldn't even get him to sit in the stupid chair last time.

Miss Heather came to get us and we headed back for a cleaning. She took both Mak and The Boy at the same time. Nice. She cleaned Mak first while Vitt stood beside the chair and watched very closely. VERY closely. Miss Heather talked to him the whole entire time explaining what she was doing and Mak was doing her sisterly best to smile encouragement with her mouth wide open.

Then it was his turn. Oh boy. Here we go.

Imagine my surprise when he actually got in the chair. You know I couldn't whip that camera phone out quick enough to snap a picture to send to Dad.....because I knew he'd find it hard to believe without proof.(The shirt reads "Good Looks Run In The Family"...heh heh heh)

Can you believe this?!?! I was there and am looking at the picture right now and STILL can't believe it. That Miss Heather talked to him the whole time and praised him like nobody's business. I made sure to find out if we can request her from here on out. Not a problem.

Miss Heather was so confident in The Boy that she suggested we try and get x-ray's while he was cooperating. I just looked at her and said..."You sure like to push the envelope, Woman." And by golly!!! She got him to do x-rays too!!! What is up with this?? Is this my child? It sure looks like him, but I can't be positive. The dentist gave us high praise for having beautiful teeth. No cavities were found in either mouth and we were told to keep up the good work. *pats self on back*

Last visit The Boy wasn't allowed to get a sticker or a prize. Because I don't reward froot loop behaviour. This time? He got TWO stickers and a prize. He scored bigtime. I left that office with my nerves intact and have told anyone who will listen that he was PERFECT. I could not have asked for a better child. I feel like I won a lottery.

Monday, April 14, 2008

It's Yo Birthday, Girl!!!!

Today is Paige's birthday.


Fourteen years old. FOURTEEN YEARS OLD. Can you believe it? I can. Sometimes I feel like the timeline is off and she should be something like 18. Or 20. Or maybe even 25. But, I am definitely not old enough to have a 25 year old so I feel good settling for 14.

I could do the memory post here where I talk about the day she was born. I could talk about some of her babyhood memories. Nah. You can go back in my archives to read stuff like that.

I want to talk about the person she is becoming today. I want to talk a little of how shes gotten here.

Paige was fortunate or unfortunate (depends on how you look at it) to mature at an early age. This threw me for a loop as I wasn't expecting it and didn't quite know how to handle it. When she was 10-13 years old, I thought to my self, "Dear Lord, if it's this bad now? How will I handle the true teen years???"

Overnight it seemed to change. Literally over night. All of a sudden we saw this amazing personality shining through. A sense of humor that had been in hiding burst forth like the brightest ray of sunshine. Her ability to come up with stuff on the fly blew us away. Next thing you know? She finally "got" the chore requirements. Paige now understands how the chore system works and we really have no problems getting her to do her kitchen work daily. Sure, every once in a while she lets it go and I'll kick in and do it to give her a break. This will heap loads of guilt on her shoulders and I reassure her that everyone needs a break now and again and I don't mind. That's how family works. Her tolerance level for lazy siblings isn't very high at the moment. She hasn't quite grasped that they won't be able to work at her level. We're working on that part of understanding.

She is an amazing big sister to Mak and The Boy. I know when I leave them in her care, I don't have to worry. She will protect them and care for them in our absence and the peace of mind from that is worth more than she will ever know.

Paige isn't afraid of work, either. She pretty much has her own business going with babysitting. Working on Friday night and going to church with her friends on Saturday night is usually how she rolls. How many kids this age are so self-disciplined? She pays for her own stuff when she wants it, but doesn't mind sharing.

I am so proud of Paige. She is turning into a woman that I am honored to know and have in my life. Is she perfect? No. That's part of her charm, though. She can laugh at herself as easily as anyone else can. I'm not her friend, I am her Mama. Maybe one day we can be friends of a sort. I still have to go toe toe with her and try to teach her to the best of my ability before she heads out in this world. We're so much alike that we butt heads on a regular basis. But, we get each other. It never lasts long and we recover fast. I'm sure there will be occasions where she'll be the typical teenager with attitude.....but I've seen glimpses of her true self. I see what she has potential to be and places she has potential to go.

I can honestly say I'm looking forward to this upcoming 14th year of her life. Paige starts high school this year and a whole new chapter and phase of growing up. Sometimes I even get a little smug knowing that what most parents go through with hormones and whatnot with their typical teenager ages 13-16....I've already encountered and survived with Paige. Sure, we're gonna have more moments here and there....but I already know we'll make it through to the other side, so that means I can face it.

Happy Birthday, Baby Girl. We are just so dang proud of you and love you so much. You are the Ninja of ninjas.

She was leaving out this morning and I told her that I needed a picture for my blog for today's post. I whipped out my trusty camera phone and before I knew it, she took it from me to do a self portrait. I just could not be trusted to do a decent picture.

Friday, April 11, 2008

A New Phase

We got that girl registered for high school yesterday. It was almost a kind of a surreal experience.

First off, the high school campus here is so freaking huge! I firmly believe it's bigger than the college I attended "back in the day", that is now a university. We had no clue where we were going at all. Finally, I called my neighbor who has a kid in high school and warned I was about to lose religion and needed some help. Debbie came through for me like she usually does. Well, she did after I got all turned around and finally handed the phone to Fred. I have to admit...I was about ill when we finally got to where we were going.

Honest to the Good Lord above, the 9th grade center is as big as my high school back home. Probably bigger. They keep the freshmen separated from the older kids and integrate them during the year. I suppose this is to keep from overwhelming them. I was overwhelmed by the size of the campus and was so glad I wasn't the one having to deal with it.

We sat down to discuss next year's choices for classes with a teacher she has now. I'm not so sure I like this teacher. She's older but she has a fake smile and laugh. She just didn't rub me right. But, then again, I could have still been ill over the whole finding the right building issue.

Paige is determined to do ROTC. Argh. I just don't want her to! I'm not going to tell her she can't. I flat out told the teacher that my family had done enough military time and maybe it was time for others to kick in and make the sacrifice. (man, didn't that almost sound bitter?) I just want her take other courses, like business law, or advanced computer technology. Of course, Paige and I butted heads right there in front of God and everyone. You know...when you talk through clenched teeth while smiling (even though you're not fooling anyone within a 3 ft. radius)? She's taking all gifted classes. She's eligible and by golly, she's going to do it. She got pissed because she wanted to take a basic math to have things easier. No ma'am, not happening. Then I got the "Mama, you gotta let me make choices!". No, I don't. By law, Fred and I make the choices until she is grown and gone out of our house and relies on us for nothing......money, food, clothing, and insurance. Deal with it, Sister.

How can you just disconnect the "BAD CHOICES" button on kids? Because you know they're gonna make choices that aren't the smartest and you know this because you did it your own self. You know they're gonna fight you tooth and nail because you fought your own parents. Although, my parents weren't involved really in any of schedule choices. I was left to my own devices. I just got massive restriction over bad grades when I made them. I swear I stayed on restriction my senior year. Sometimes, it felt like my Dad would just look at me and put me on it. Looking back, I'm sure I deserved it, but I sure wish he would have been more involved than just handing out punishments. Ha ha ha. I'm involved AND I hand out punishment. See how cool I am? (And my Dad now has the nerve to tell me that I'm hard on her. Anyone see the irony here?) Okay, done with the Daddy Bashing. It's old stuff that needs to stay in the past or I just need to go on and get myself some therapy and exorcise those demons.

Anyone who knows me understands that keeping my mouth shut just isn't an option sometimes. So, when the teacher handed me some papers that had Paige's reading list for the summer, I just looked at her. I said..."What is this?". She said...."Paige's books she has to read over the summer and the assignment that has to be completed for first day of school." I said....."I'm sorry, but this is just wrong. Where's the joy of summer? Why are you making kids who work all year work even more? There's no vacation to be had if they're still doing work." And the teacher just looked at me. I think I'm the first parent that has complained about this. I'm not worried about Paige reading. She'll do it. But, dang, when do the kids get to be kids? I think the teacher was done with us then and ready to get us the heck out of there.

I'd say it was a successful trip, wouldn't you? Paige got some good classes lined up. I ended up embarrassing the pure snot out of her by not being cool at all. We now know which building she's supposed to be in on the first day. I must not forget to mention she was also having a good hair day to impress the 9th graders there helping out.

Now, I have to do the paperwork for The Boy next week at his school. This going from high school thinking to 4K thinking might just be the end of me. Oh, and don't forget Mak will be heading into 4th grade next year. When did that happen???? I need to keep an eye on that girl...she's slipping by under the radar.

And that concludes the big High School Registration ordeal.

We are off to SC yet again this weekend. Our house there has been sold and I need to say good bye to it and bring back some stuff that was there. It's been a sudden kind of deal where there were no choices and I'm having some mental issues over it. Nothing life threatening, just being too rushed through the process to let it all sink in. It will make our visits there fewer and further between, but that can't be helped. I'm already stressing over the email I have to send Santa to tell him there's a change of address and I don't know where he's making a drop at this year. Everyone here is wanting him to come to Georgia since he's never seen our home here. I still feel drawn to S.C. because that's where he's always been for me. We'll have to stay tuned for that one.....we have a month or two or three to figure it out.

Have a good weekend, my Internets. Keep it legal.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The Boy's Life

The boy has had him some kind of life in the past week. He officially turned four. He got presents. He had a well child check up with FOUR shots for vaccines.

It only seems right that I dedicate this blog post to him. It only seems right that I accompany this post with a few life pictures. Just because he's so stinkin' cute. Even the doctor at his appointment got so tickled at him she had to ask how we keep from squeezing him to death. I told we usually give into the urge and squeeze the stuffing right out of him. When she asked if he could sing the "ABC" song, he told her no. He then went into a great version of "Row Row Row Your Boat"...straight into "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star"....straight into "ABC's". When he wrapped it all up, she very reverently said that in all her career, she had never had a montage. She was very impressed.

I told you The Boy loves green. And all that is green power ranger. My friend Mandi is a pastry chef and makes the most amazing tasting cakes. Even if it is green. He thought this was the most AWESOME cake evah.

I love balloons on a birthday. Nothing makes a kid happier than a HUGE balloon bouquet just for them. Add in a pack power ranger ones and you've scored big time.

Going to the doctor isn't so bad when you get the exam room that has the fire truck table in it! Since he isn't a sickly child, he doesn't see a room like this often so he hasn't grasped the concept that it's not polite to go snooping behind closed doors. This table has at least 5 doors on it he had to see behind or die. (ha ha ha...just noticed he wore the same outfit to the doctor that he wore a week earlier at his party!) Emily would say it's perfectly alright to wear Auburn colors on a regular basis.

After shots were over with, we had to wait around 20 minutes just to make sure he didn't have an immediate reaction. We went in the waiting area where the television was and I told him he needed to make a sad face because of the shots. This was the result. I think he could trip over his bottom lip. The rest of the day he walked around moaning and saying..."Ooooooooh, my shot hurts" as he rubbed his poor aching thighs.

This was on our last trip home to South Carolina. He jacked Mu's blanket and when I turned, I was sore afraid of his pink ghost-liness.

Sissy went and bought that famous guitar game for our whee. It HAS to be a genetic kind of thing. Note the wide-legged stance he automatically falls in to when the strap goes around his back. He can't play this game at all, but he has the attitude, look, and heart. That's what's important, right?

Wasn't this just worth the wait, Internets? I have enjoyed being this kid's mom all week long. It's like he hit four and just started growing wide open.

Four must be the magic number for him.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Lu's Day!

Lu is my bestest friend from child hood. Not many people in this world, unless you are from a small town like the one I come from, can say they've had a particular friend since 2nd grade. Well, Lu and I have been friends since the 2nd grade. Internets, that's a mighty long time.

This is the kind of friend you've been through just about everything imaginable with. Good times, bad times, and times where you just hated each other so good it ain't even funny. In the end, though? You know you love each other and you can't argue that God Himself put you in each other's lives.

We both ventured out in this world on our own at the age of 19. That was a long time ago, Internets. Ahhhh....to be room mates was a trip. There are stories that I have to keep to myself on that one. Rest assured, we visit the past from time to time and laugh ourselves silly over some of the things that happened. We were both in school and working at the time. Oh, to be young and able to do such energy draining activities like school AND work. I fondly recall the both of us having a weekend off together from time to time and putting a sign in her Accord saying something to the effect..."Single, Beach Bound, And Lovin' It!!" as we headed to Myrtle Beach for the weekend. Good times.

We were room mates for three years until I married. In that time we grew up quite a bit. Or maybe not. I'm still unclear on that sometimes. She had her son Jeff during that time and we both raised him best we could. In fact, during the courtship before I got married....that man was convinced Jeff was my child no matter how much I denied it. That baby went everywhere with me. I almost had to show a birth certificate to prove his claim was false. Jeff is a teenager now (lovely age of 16) who still loves his Aunt Hope. Why, just the other weekend, when we were home for a visit, I was on my Mama's front porch when a Jeep drove by with some guy hanging out of it hollering, "HEY AUNT HOPE!!!!" We have love for each other.

She has twin girls that I just love to pieces named Emily and Erica. I was there in the delivery room, pregnant at the time with Makenna. I held them both first and carried their tiny selves to the nursery. I would not trade that experience for anything in the world. I still feel honored that I was allowed to share such a beautiful and special time in their lives. They know Aunt Hope loves them and they are at home here with me as they are in their own home.

Let me tell you something. Anyone who has has the job of taking this girl for a surgery will tell you to just let me do it. That is one ornery gal when she comes to and I have been about the only one that can handle her mouth when she regains consciousness. I've had to miss one or two since my move, but I can guarantee you I got plenty of updated phone calls during the day and I don't rest until I hear her voice.

Lu was a bridesmaid in my first wedding. She was close by me for the second marriage. She was one of the first people I saw after giving birth to Vitt. She wouldn't leave until she laid eyes on him herself and touched his sweet face. I believe that nurse thought she was crazy when she met her at the door and gently took the rolling bassinet from her hands and said..."I got it from here." She cried a solid month before we moved to Georgia and tells me on a regular basis that she is anxiously awaiting our return to our home state.

I have been blessed to have this friend I call my Sister in my life. She has been a solid rock for me for so many years. I know in my heart that if anything ever were to happen to either one of us, we would be completely lost without the other.

There's not enough space and time to write of all we've shared. We should've written it all down as it happened. Wait. Strike that. I'm not so sure that's a good idea. Statute of limitations and all that good stuff, you know. Plus, Mama reads this from time to time and I'm pretty sure she'd still have grounds to put me on restriction. No...it's best left to being mostly memories.

On the phone yesterday I told her she no longer had birthdays. Now? Now we celebrate the anniversary of our birth. Doesn't that sound so much better?


p.s. You get no picture post because when cameras come out, she either hits you (and it hurts!) or you end up with a shot of the side her head as she turns away. She never cooperates with picture taking.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

No Violations, Please

The other night I was sitting here minding my own business. Not bothering a soul. Keeping my nose clean and enjoying a few rounds of blackjack online.

Paige come around the corner to whisper in my ear.

I stopped what I was doing when I heard the urgency in her voice.

I made her repeat herself and then I started laughing.

Holding my sides laughing at my child.

All of a sudden she freaked.


Dangit. It was good, too.

Gotta respect the HIPAA.

For those not familiar? Maybe you can understand here.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

No Upgrade Needed

One thing I don't think I'll be upgrading or trading in for a newer model is The Man. He secured his place in my heart today for a long time to come.

Miss Hope has had some issues occurring back home in SC. Now I'm not one to air dirty laundry because that's just tacky. Suffice it to say, it's been nerve wracking and since I no longer have any current nerve pills (they've all expired), finding peace of mind has been somewhat hard to do. Today, he understood my need to stay in my gown for the duration. Not one word did he utter. In fact, he went so far as to head out into inclement weather to purchase some comfort foods for us. I know. I know. Junk food isn't the answer and can only cause damage to a perfectly good body. Shut up. When the need is there...it must be fed!!!

Back he came in the pouring rain loaded with chips and oreos. Double stuffed. Oh, how I love The Man. I did not hoard this mother lode. I shared with all so that we would share the junk food high on a stormy Saturday.

No, no upgrades are needed on this model. He is top of the line.

On another note, The Edge hit the 10,000 mark. How about that. I do have to say, though, that the counter wasn't established until summer of last year. Therefore, who knows how many hits were left unaccounted for before then. That's okay. What's life without a little mystery?

We can assume there might have been a thousand or two. One of the smartest things my ex ever said was, "When you assume, you make an "ass" out of "u" and "me". " God Bless him.....he was an assuming kind of guy.

I have to head back to good ol' South Carolina for a few days this coming week. Not by choice, as we just left there, but it'll be the last visit for a while I'm thinking. I'm going try and catch up on some good stuff I'm doing my best not to forget before I leave. Never fear...I'll be back soon enough to keep up my good works.

I just had to give The Man an "Atta Boy"! He came through when I needed with what I needed. He's cool like that.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Banner Day for The Edge

This should be a banner day for The Edge. I noticed this morning that my hit counter should hit the 10,000 mark today. All I can say is


I am just blown away by all the nosy people out there in Internet Land. Makes me feel good knowing I'm not the only one who likes to peek into the lives of others on a regular basis. I've read some blogs for so long, I feel like an invisible member of their family. Something can happen on a blog I regularly read and I can remember reading a post from a year or two ago so I don't have to click on a link that would reference me to that particular post. Make sense?

I want to say "Thank You" for visiting and sharing my life. Even if you all don't comment so I can go be nosy about you in return. It's all good. I know some of you don't have a blog to share...maybe it's time to start one?

I hope that you've come to realize that I don't play to an audience. This is my answer to scrapbooking. I hate scrapbooking. Not dissing all of you who participate in that lovely venture. I even enjoy looking at other's books. I just don't have the patience and fortitude to chronicle all we do around here in book form. Ergo, my blog. Hopefully, my children will read it one day and know I did this for them. I want them to know about good times, bad times, funny times, etc etc. This is for the Babies!!! (who will cringe when they are in their 20's over being called "babies") Ask me if I care?

Keep on dropping by. I can't guarantee it'll be clean and straight....but I'll be glad to share my coffee and Diet C*ke.

"Borrowed this little pretty from google images....to celebrate the occasion!"

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Your Fault

Just so you know, Internets.

Years into the future you will all be responsible for the therapist bill for my son. Because it was my sweet baby's birthday and all he got was two comments? (Thanks, Dulcie and C!) Dang, that's going to be rough on him when he goes to read my memoirs one day.

It's gonna be your fault. Not mine. Well, not this time. I'm betting he'll be in therapy for a thousand other reasons he'll end up blaming me and his Dad for.

Just so you know.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

My Boy is 4

I must hurry and make this post before the clock strikes midnight! The day has been so full and busy, that time has slipped right by me in slippers so as not to hear it creep. So, is this how Cinderella felt?

My boy, my hand full, my baby.....turned 4 today. What a milestone this seems to be for him. No longer does he qualify as being a baby except in my eyes. Even his Dad calls him "Little Man" to which he always answers to. He has literally grown over night into this little boy who is ready to take on the world. Speech is much clearer than last year where it mostly sounded like alien talk. Potty training has been successfully completed and any parent can tell you that in itself can be one HUGE accomplishment.

His eyes are bright and the world doesn't scare him one little bit. I look into his brown (almost black) eyes and see a mind that has begun it's trek of learning and the amount it that it does learn in one day is just amazing.

I declared this year the Year of No Planned Birthday Parties. Yet, my house was full to bursting this evening as friends, whom I refer to as my Georgia Family, came to celebrate The Boy's birthday. There were children screaming, adults laughing, and noise in every crook and cranny. Pizza was eaten, and the coolest cake of all devoured by evening's end.

In the midst of it all stood a young child who whooped and hollered with every present he opened. He was ever so polite as he screamed out "THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU" over and over. I was blown away by the love shown to him by his extended family in amazing gifts that might have beaten this past Christmas haul hands down. I just can't express my gratitude to those who showed my child how special he is to them.

I no longer cringe and get all weepy over my children growing up. I don't yearn to have them helpless as an infant in my arms. I'm starting to get excited to see where they are going. I'm anxious to know what great things they will accomplish on their own.

Beyond all that, though, one thing remains clear.

I don't care if The Boy does grow to be 6 feet tall. He must forever until I draw my last breath have this exchange that is personal to the two of us.

Me: That's MY BABY!

Him: That's MY MAMA!

Son, you are exactly what I wanted. I'm so glad God sent you to us.


(p.s. Pictures to come in a later post!)

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Is this right??

My oldest child will register for high school next Thursday.

I am too YOUNG to have a kid going into high school.

Ok...not really. But, jeesh, this is aging me. Next thing you know, she'll want to do something crazy like DRIVE. MY vehicle.

It seems like only yesterday I was taking her for the first day of pre-school. Her little teeny tiny self.

Hold up.

Didn't I just register a kid for pre-school about a month ago???


I might need medication in order to help my thought process change from high school thinking to pre-school thinking in a blink.

This just isn't right.