Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Couple Things.....

First off, I'd like to wish my parents a Happy Birthday. Yes, both of them. They share a birthday and are a year a part. Smart move on my Mama's part if you ask me. This way? Daddy can't forget her birthday unless he forgets his own. I've always thought this was a cool thing about them. All my life everyone would think I meant it was their anniversary. How smug was I went I would then correct this sad person and tell them it was, indeed, a birthday that was shared. HA!

I called my mother this evening to give her good wishes. She told she had a good day at work where a cake was provided and lunch was bought for her. Her favorite moment? Was when my Dad called to wish her a Happy Birthday and he told her he loved her. She and I agreed that was worth more than a dozen roses.

I called my Daddy later. He's mellowing out, Internets. We chatted a few and at the end of our conversation, I told him I loved him. He responded in kind. I'm his daughter...stubborn. I was determined to hear him say that on a more regular basis and I think he finally gets it.

I haven't mentioned it a lot, but I'm sort of running a program at our base Chapel. It's a little thing called Crafts and Conversations. A Chaplain had a vision of seeing spouses come together to meet.....make connections......see that they aren't alone in this military life. I surely didn't want to take it over as this Chaplain moves to her next duty station. I keep promising myself that this won't be for long, the next Chaplain is due in July and SHE can get her feet wet quickly. It's not an easy thing to do, but *sigh* I believe in it's vision. I believe in the idea of the program and what it can offer to young wives away from home for the first time. I love that older wives are participating and helping lead, guide, and direct as much as they can. The creative abilities we are tapping are just amazing.

Yeah, I dig my Thursday morning job.

I thought I would even go so far as to give you a little taste of what we do. We try to keep the projects/crafts to a 2 hour minimum. I want to keep it fun.

This week really qualified for fun.

I also decided this week's craft would be given to my adoring husband. For his desk. So that all who enter his office will see it immediately. They would admire this gift and wish they had one of their own. The jealousy might run rampant through his building upon its arrival.

Without further ado, I give what has been affectionately named.....Phillip.

Ya gotta admit. Phillip the Pig has personality.

Alas, he has a job to do as he sits upon my husband's desk. Go forth, Phillip, and work for the future. Make us proud!

I love Crafts and Conversations.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I blinked

I blinked and almost a whole entire week was gone! That's what happens when you age, Internets. The last week was so busy and full of things, it's a wonder we made it to the other side. Yet, we did.

Guess what? My washing machine broke Friday. Again. How about that. I will tell you right now, I won't EVAH buy a Fisher and Paykel* again in this lifetime. High dollar machine and I had to get a lemon. Second time in less than two years it died on me. We called Fisher and Paykel....they said the warranty was still good. Suffice it to say...the place we purchased it from said they had no record of us buying it. Did I lose my cool and start foaming at the mouth? Oh no. Daddy has always told me you get more flies with honey than you do vinegar. I plan on giving more details later, but right now I am in possession of a brand new washer and am awaiting to see if I get a refund for that hunk of junk we purchased first. I will be more than happy to tell you about it once I find out what's going down. Miss Hope do love her toys. I compare my washer and dryer to a man's Harley. I'm sure all the ladies out there can nod their head in agreement.

The Man got his new golf clubs in. That man tracked them all the way from California on the internet. He was here when they were delivered and I didn't witness it personally, but I do believe he met the delivery guy on the sidewalk and even skipped a step or two. He immediately brought them and started unpacking the box. When he was done, he turned to ask me if I thought having hernia surgery would affect his game. Because golf clubs aren't heavy, you know. Surely, he could go play a few rounds while he is recuperating. I am curious as to what the doctor will tell him on that one. He doesn't have an appointment until June 12th. He's gonna see if he can get this taken care of sooner. Now that he's been diagnosed (by me first!!!), he wants it taken care of. Who knows? Maybe he'll get a week off for the summer to help me holler at these hooligans we call kids.

Paige started PT (physical therapy) yesterday. Wow. They worked her but good. The therapist seems to think we can get these ankles working right and her feet taken care of in 13 visits. She made need special inserts. Whatever it takes.....whatever she needs....she'll get it. That's how we roll around here.

I most certainly did take pictures last week at different festive events. Kenna had awards day in the morning and The Boy graduated in the evening. I was so glad when that day was over. Wednesday, The Boy had water day at his school. They put a few pools on a tarp, set up a slip and slide, gave the kids squirt bottles and let them go. Vitt thought it was a water park. On the way home, he informed me, "I had the mostest fun." 'Nuff said. Make it worth sitting outside for an hour and a half. We celebrated Memorial Day with Carla and her gang, Emily and her gang, and a little with Dulcie and her gang. We are proud owners of season passes to the local water park and we intend to get our moneys worth out of it. The kids love it. There are shaded places to sit so we love it. A little cook out later with lots of good food and we had to call it a day. I think I'm almost allergic to the sun. Too much vitamin D. Too much of a good thing. Man, after leaving the sun, I am so drained it's not even funny. To the point I can't even hardly move.

Now we'll move onto the Show and Tell portion everyone loves. This new laptop makes it easy enough for a toddler to put pictures on it and I, for one, appreciate that sweet feature.

I told you he had the mostest fun. It's a wonder he didn't have mud in his teeth. Mama had the fore sight to bring extra clothes so he got hosed off before getting in the truck. Long live Water Day!

The camera phone isn't too smooth on long distance pictures, but this is my baby on stage with her awards. She scored on all fronts. Even got the Citizenship Award...which is an awesome thing to get. It came with a lapel pin she had to wear the rest of the day, of course.

I love this one simply because they are acting like they like each other and no licks are being passed. Hmmm...I might have to frame this one.

Graduation theme was patriotic. Look at the flag on his shirt. It's made with his thumb prints!! Go ahead, lick the screen. I totally understand.

A year ago, this child of mine bombarded us with pleas to wear eyeliner. I refused to bend to her will and told her when she got to high school, she could wear some. I don't remember when or if my Mama gave me permission to do so, but I remember wearing it in high school. I even went so far as to tell her she could "practice" wearing it the summer before entering 9th grade. Why did I do that? Because the very next day after her last day of 8th grade, that sister was ready and waiting. In the past few days, I've watched that eye liner get darker and darker. Yesterday, I told her she looked like a raccoon that got in a bad fight. *insert eye roll here* Finally, I realized that being subtle about it wasn't working. I had to tell her to tone it down or lose it. I think I'm in for a battle of wills here. Guess who is going to win? (Call your bookie....)

That's a brief catch-up as to what's happening here at The Edge. I'm telling's non-stop action around these parts.

***I never mention brands or companies because if they aren't paying me? I ain't promoting. I mentioned this brand as being hard to deal with because I like to put my consumer research/input in***

Friday, May 23, 2008

Un-named Hurricane headed this way.......

Okay, so it might not be a storm that is being monitored by super duper weather people, let's call it a storm of a personal nature.

A few weeks ago, I happened to notice my husband's belly button. Why would I notice his belly button? I don't know, to be honest. It caught my eye and I made mention that it didn't look right. I knew he was an "innie" and it wasn't looking so innie-fied. I asked him if he was okay. Perfectly fine was the reply. The next week, I noticed again that belly button wasn't exactly right. Again, I asked if he was okay. I'm okay, said he. The beginning of the week, that durn belly button mocked me. Of course I asked if he was okay and if he was hurting because hernias usually present themselves through the belly button and it looked like he was working on one. He assured me yet again that he felt fine and I had to drop it.

Every six months, the Navy requires that you prove to them you are in top physical form. You must weigh in, measure, and run a little ways in a specific amount of time. You pass or fail. The older guys...and I'm leaning towards submariners....really dislike this. They work in small confined spaces and time to work on physical fitness usually is nonexistent. You are required to run a mile and a half (time to be determined by age). How many submarines are a mile and a half long?

Anyway, my husband is counting down his PFA's (physical fitness assessment). He only has a few left before retirement and he can't be finished with them soon enough. He has been excused from running, but has to do hardball with an elliptical machine. His 42 year old knees can't handle pounding the asphalt and he's perfectly okay with the elliptical.

The other day he headed off to do that dreaded PFA. I didn't think anything of it. It's part of how things are done. When he didn't come home after an hour, I assumed he was waiting in line for a machine. What I didn't expect was a call from him...from the clinic. It appears he started feeling alot of pain after some push ups, sit ups, and a starting run on the elliptical machine. His Master Chief (who happens to be a corpsman) sent him to medical.

My husband has a hernia. An umbilical hernia. How about that. Now he has to see a specialist because he will need surgery to repair it.

I have requested that he have put in his medical records that his wife diagnosed him THREE WEEKS AGO. Validation, Internets. I'm sure you understand.

On top of all of that, there's Paige. What about Paige, might you ask? Well, let me tell you about Paige.

She has flat feet. Courtesy of her bio-father. That man's feet are so flat they suck to the floor when he is barefoot. I kid you not.

After one broken foot, and three sprained ankles...her doctor felt it would be wise for her to get some physical therapy to strengthen her ankles. I thought it wise, too, because how many people have shoe boots, two sets of crutches, and wraps on hand around the house? (and they were all from Paige)

The Man took her for her initial consultation on Tuesday. Apparently, she has potential for bad feet. Her arches are already falling. Without proper help, in ten years (at the tender age of 24) she could be having major foot problems. She was told by a concerned therapist she has to wear GOOD shoes from here on out and keep the cute sandals to a minimum.

Enter intense therapy starting next week. Three times a week.

Enter a surgery in the near future with recovery time for The Man.

Enter a summer of all these people being here in the same home.

Miss Hope can't have mild storms in her life. Sweet storms with gentle falling rain.

No sir. She has to have full fledged storms. Loud, with lightning and thunder..with wind thrown in for good measure.

How on earth can I dance in the rain if there's a chance I can get hit by lightning. Answer me that, would you?

What do I do? What needs to be done. I've called my Mother-in-law to let her know what she might be coming into when she visits. Bless her, she's still planning to come. I called my Mama to tell her she might have to come spend a day or two with me. There are times when you just can't do it all by yourself. I have friends here who wouldn't mind helping out, but considering they're all heading out of town soon....that might not be an option for them. Plus, friends who are still here might've just gotten their hubby back from "vacationing in the deep blue" and need quality time with their man. That, I can totally understand.

I have to recover from being a bad wife, too. This all happened Wednesday and I told The Man when he called from the clinic to not plan anything for yesterday (Thursday) because we had too much going on. Awards day and graduation for The Boy. Like he could help having a hernia and all that goes with it. I told him to make it til Friday (today) and we could do whatever needs to be done. Well, Friday isn't good for him because he's taking part in a co-worker's retirement and can't let a brother down.

Life can be pretty durn inconvenient sometimes.

This is how it rolls at The Edge. Never a dull moment, I can promise you.

I have lovely pictures from yesterday that I plan on sharing with you very soon. Good stuff that'll make you smile.

So, you go on now, and have a right decent Memorial Weekend. Remember our men and women wearing the uniforms to serve and protect this country of ours. Remember the ones who've gone on before. (Thanks, Daddy!)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Last Time

Please tell me when this week got here, would you? Last I checked, it was around February to March and there was plenty of time left before summer. Next thing I know? It's now the LAST WEEK OF SCHOOL.

Today is my last morning of "freedom" until school starts back in August. My baby will have his last full day of pre-school and it's right sad. For him. For me. He has just flourished since that first day he walked in last August. He can write his name! (as proven in all Mother's Day cards sent out....) He knows his colors and can do really long sentences. I've seen him grow at light speed. I have found some of that person that has been put by the wayside. You know that gal....the one who was Hope before she became Mama? I found out out what a brunch was-child free. I discovered some lazy shopping (compared to quick shopping where you run and out because your kids are hooligans and do not love the sport as much as you do).

Paige is done with Middle School. That sister has packed it up and is moving on. This last week, she seems to be doing the faculty at the Middle School a favor by blessing them with her presence. See, in her mind, she is a HIGH SCHOOL FRESHMAN. No more baby stuff for this sister. Now I gotta tighten the seat belt a little tighter so as not to be thrown from Life's Vehicle while we speed through High School.

Then you have Kenna. Ahh, my sweet girl. She informed me the other day that she has no desire to attend 4-6th grade. When I asked her why? She responded....because they split up the girls and boys and make them watch yucky movies about puberty. I see. I told her that it was, unfortunately, a part of growing up. Her best bet would be to watch those movies and learn about how things are going inside her body. Then, come home and ask me anything she can possibly think of. I would not be afraid to answer any question. (Paige can vouch for me here) I don't think the thought is as bad for her now...this moving on up to 4th grade. Her summer plans include reading as much as she possible can. And staying cool. That's my girl.

I am looking forward to not having to get up at the butt crack of dawn every single day...but I am NOT looking forward to feeding this brood all day long and having them all up under me. But, I'll go with the flow and enjoy it all. The Mother-in-Law is coming for a month very soon and I'm so very excited to see her (and the Father-in-Law who will be visiting the 4th).

I'm sitting here knowing I have to get up and get busy. The boy does not need to be late for his very last full day. He has to rehearse for his graduation this coming Thursday evening (I think I'll sniffle a little bit). I have to meet some friends for my last brunch...where I shall enjoy a tiny tea shop and it's goodness. Paige has physical therapy for her weak ankles starting today (13 visits for the summer coming our way!). So much to do this week.

The last week of school.

Sunday, May 18, 2008


When that husband of mine moved me here at the end of June 2006, I looked at it as a sentence of sorts. For what crime? I really can't tell you. I just resolved myself that I was going to be here for two years and I just wanted to get it over with. My, how the military can laugh at the best made plans. The US Navy did NOT consult with me on how I wanted things to go. I am a Taurus. I have to HAVE plans A-Z. To have plans helps me to feel in control and to not have control is not good for Miss Hope.

I reckon I had to grow up some, huh?

We chose to live in military/base housing because we already owned a home in SC. I just didn't want the hassle and headaches of dealing with the ownership and upkeep of two places in my lap. I did decide to make this "loaner" home just that...a home. I put up a few pictures. Had my knick knacks strewn about. Familiar things, you understand. Nothing extraordinary graced this place, and that was okay. Every now and again, I might would find something smallish to pick up and put in this place. My heart wasn't completely in it.

NOW, the Navy has decided, along with my husband, that we will be here until his retirement in 2010. We've sold our home in SC just recently (I am still grieving its loss). Why not buy a home here, you say? Because the old issue of not knowing where we will be upon his retirement arises. The way the market is now? Might be how it is in a couple of years. We may buy and not be able to sell if this isn't where we end up. Besides, I like not having to pay for electricity, water, and trash pick up right now. Let me enjoy it a while longer, if you please. I can promise that soon enough, I'll have those bills coming back to my mailbox.

Here comes the revelation I just had while sitting on the stool in my kitchen.

I was sitting there watching my daughter and husband hang a few new things I received for my birthday on my walls. Pineapple lovelies that my friend Emily gave me. Because I love pineapples. I love what they represent over here down in the South. They mean hospitality. That you are welcome in our home. "Please, come on in and have a seat" goodness.

As I sat there looking around, I noticed something. I was truly and finally making this place a bona fide HOME. I was stamping my personal style in this loaner of a place to enjoy while we are here. I laughed to myself because I have a dear Aunt in California who made a comment years and years ago that I recall to this day. She had visited another Aunt of mine and talked about how busy her walls were. She had stuff on every surface and it just gave her a headache. As I walked through my dining room to my glider rocker here in the living room, I laughed again because I knew my walls were almost to the point to cause pain in her head. (Aunt A? You KNOW I love you dearly!)

I have come to a turning point yet again. *Do these things happen very often as you get older, I wonder? Because I seriously thought turning 37 would kinda smooth things out and not be so 'enlightening' every time you turn around* This loaner is now what we have. No more do I have that home waiting in SC for us to come back to...this is it, Internets. I can either continue to look at this as a sentence I have to serve....or I can look at it as another wonderful chapter in my life that I can live and enjoy until this one ends and another begins.

I choose to have fun and love it.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Royal Times

It was not my intentions to leave you hanging all week long. It has literally taken me the past couple of days to recover from the Bestest Birthday EVAH. I can't even begin to tell you how amazing it was and how I will never forget it as long as I live. I will tell you what I told all the girls as I sat at my party Tuesday evening.


"When a female puts a tiara on her head, her whole demeanor changes. It doesn't matter if it's plastic or real diamonds. You BECOME royal immediately. You stand up taller, you move with grace, and you have big hair." I wore that pink and silver plastic tiara all during the day with grace and style.

I have asked three of my girls to guest blog for the occasion. Carla was the mastermind behind it all. She is the Queen of Party Planning. Her parties are always researched and planned to the tiniest detail. When she told me months ago she was working on mine? I got ten kinds of excited because I knew girlfriend was going to make it a day to go down in history. She did not disappoint. I am blown away by her thoughtfulness and love. She had some partners in crime who just make my heart squeeze with joy to know them.

And now I present my girls, the ones who make my life so good here in Georgia!!!


Internets, this is Carla. I am guest blogging for Hope's big day. I had ideas for her day months beforehand... We were going to kidnap her at midnight for a breakfast to start her day...but I thought better of not telling her. I knew she would be in the bed and NOT answer the door. Dulcie, Megan and I met over at Hope's house close to midnight and we all rode with Debbie in the Suburban(along with Jaime and Donna). We are mostly big girls so it was a tight fit seeing as how there were 7 of us in it!!!!!!!!LOL Half of us didn't even wear our seatbelts. We met Jordy at Waffle House. The 8 of us had such a great time. We laughed so hard and just cut up constantly. The waitress actually thought we had been drinking. We told her NO that this was just a FUN group of girls! LOL And to make it more fun...we were all in pajamas. Some were even in slippers. We were definitely a sight to see. Some of us ordered breakfast but Dulcie and I ordered hashbrowns ALL THE WAY. Dulcie's stomach still hasn't forgiven me I don't think. But, I must have a stomach of iron because I didnt have any problems. LOL

Our Walmart trip(at 2:00 a.m.) to get Hope some toilet paper turned into almost an hour of running all over the store looking at different things and taking tons of pictures in various poses. Dulcie, our resident photographer, has enough pictures on us to blackmail us for YEARS to come.

I had presents made up for her to open all day long starting at 8am and going every two hours until the party. I even made her take them with her to run errands so she would be on time. I think I had as much fun watching her open them as she did opening them.

Our evening party was a hoot. We were all wearing pink boas and of course Hope had her Tiara on. She even had pageant hair to go with it. She was beautiful as usual. We played a few games and just cut up again. At one time when we were all there, it was a party of 12 with one big dog. My house was full to say the least. Our first game we had to go around the room and describe our first kiss and our worst kiss....I won't name names but this one had us laughing for sure!

Hope, you are my best friend...and a true friend. I hope you had a blessed day. I had such fun planning this for you. I have cherished our friendship over the last year more than you will ever know... it saved me from a year of depression I swear! I tried to show you with your "royal day". I love you girl!

Next we have Miss Emily. She and Dulcie kept the cameras flashing for sure!

Thoughts from the Bartender...

What a pleasure it was to spend the evening with Miss Hope. I say evening because I wasn't able to partake in the midnight or noon festivities. Blame it on two things - #1, this whole single parent gig I'm in the middle of courtesy of the Navy, and #2 - a little thing I affectionately refer to as, "The 24 Georgia Bug from h-e-double hockey sticks!" So thanks to a good nap in the afternoon, followed by some chicken noodle soup and a few glasses of Cherry 7Up, I was good to go! Heck, I HAD to be there...what would the party-goers drink if I wasn't in attendance? Probably just some plain old punch. Pitiful.

I got to Carla's house early. Bout 4pm. I walked into the land of pretty pretty princess. There was so much pink a 6 year old would be jealous. All this for a lady who is turning how old?? Hmmm.. I hope she's worth it!

And she is!

Once the guests started arriving, it was all good from there. We laughed, we wore pink boas, we ate, we giggled. Just a bunch of good ol' fashioned girl time. And I must say for all of was much needed!

I served up some pink deliciousness (not too much, Hope's Mama. We're all too old, with kids who wake up at early hours of the morning), and we got to gabbing some more. Finally, it was time for PRESENTS! Now if you're coming from SWC - not those kinda presents, real ones...that you purchase and wrap up in pretty paper. You with me?

I had to save mine for toward the end cause I knew Hope was looking forward to it just that much. I had her a purse made. Designed specifically for her. Throw in some pineappley swag for her house? She was good. I'd like to say my gifts were the creamo-of-the-croppo, but dang! Miss Hope made out good. She sure scored some high quality stuff!

My favorite part of the night was this, though....

No, it wasn't the laughter. It wasn't the drinks. It wasn't the good food. It wasn't even the pink feather boa that will be put to good use la-ter!

It was watching Hope with tears in her eyes as she thanked all of us from the bottom of her heart. It was feeling tears come to my own eyes as she talked of her first year in Georgia and how different things are for her now. It was knowing that she's here...and she's happy.

I looked around the room and saw a smile on every single woman's face. We all knew exactly how Hope was feeling because we've all been there. We've all been "the new person" in town. We've all been forced to make new friends. We've all been pushed and prodded out of our comfort zones. And we've all...succeeded.

Here we sat in the comfort of friends. Here we sat celebrating one heck of a woman. Here we sat so thankful that she's a part of our lives.

Yes, it was one great night.

Hope - this is just for you... I am so thankful that you are here in Georgia. God knew what he was doing when he pulled you away by the heels from your house in South Carolina. God knew that you had work that needed to be done here. God knew that after a lonely season your first year here, you'd have your pants blessed off by so many friends! God knew that you'd now be so busy you couldn't even see straight. God knew that He was leading you to another place you could call home. God knew that you would make some friends you'd be honored enough to call family. God knew that you'd be happy. He just knew it. Don't ever doubt it for a second, girl. All this that you have right here? God knew it was just what you needed. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your life. Thank you for sharing your life and the lives of your family with me. I'm honored to call you friend, but I'm even more honored to call you family.

See? I am just blessed. I will come back and add a word or two from Dulcie. Her Mama is ill at the moment and all her focus is on her. As it should be. Thoughts for her would greatly appreciated.

Now come pictures. I love pictures. I'm not happy with how I look in them, but that can't be helped. I am what I am right now. Remodeling is coming up on the body of Miss Hope (saving that for a future post).

So, getting past what I look like...or don't look like....what I am?

Is happy.

Miss Mandi, maker of all cakes that are good, made this beauty. And it was really really good.

Now how many people on this Earth can say they've opened presents at the Waffle House at midnight on their birthday in pajamas while wearing a tiara? I thought so.

That had to be a scary site..seeing this group of gals walk in with nightclothes on. In the middle of the night. I know the old guy working had to think we were up to no good. Look at Miss Hope in the middle turning back to wave. My foot kicks up with flair no matter what time it is. I swear it was the tiara!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day 2008

I guess I could have posted earlier today, but I didn't.

See, I was too busy sitting around in my gown. With my cup of coffee. While playing games on the laptop. And was it ever so nice.

I woke up this morning with over half my voice gone and on the feverish side. That didn't bode well for my day. Some medication and a cup of good hot coffee found me feeling much better.

This wasn't on par like the Royal Weekend from last year. I wasn't playing that card two years in row. Although I am somewhat royal...even if it's in my own mind......I figure I'll save the Royal Weekend and all it's star treatment for those years when the birthday falls on Mother's day. Trust me, I can milk that cow for all it's worth when it rolls around.

No, this year has been low key and just laid back. When asked what I'd like for my gifts, I just kept drawing blanks. Seriously. I really don't need anything or really want anything for that matter. The only thing I could think of was a picture I saw at a store I thought would be really nice over my couch. I didn't HAVE to have it at all, but I sure did like it a lot.

Carla made me take a breather Saturday afternoon. I was just worn out from my single parenting week and needed a break from it all. I was feeling issues with my throat indicating I was worn down and was just flat out ill acting. She convinced me that I needed a new outfit to wear for my birthday and a few other errands were taken care of. I went in the store with that perfect picture and just stood there and looked at it. I then made the call to my wonderful husband and asked it would be possible if I could get that picture for Mama's Day/Birthday. He left it up to me. Gawd, I love that man.

Isn't that just all Southern Magnolia Goodness right there? It's about 5 feet long and just makes me smile every time I look at it.

This morning my babies came bearing gifts they made at school. Oh, how proud they were of their hard hand made crafty work. I just love this stuff. I save it all and bring it out from time to time just to enjoy.

My sweet baby was proud as punch of his "pink hand fower" . It's on a ceramic tile that I have no clue as to how I will preserve for the next 30 years. I shall figure it out, though.

Kenna made this cute flower wheel thing full of things she loves about her Mama. She is so creative and artistic. I love seeing things she comes up with.

Not a bad score from the younger two, huh? Of course it's stuff I'll treasure forever and try to keep just that long.

Paige was gracious and kind enough to cook most of our "Lupper" today. (that would be the meal between lunch and supper). I got to sit back and let The Man grill the meat and my baby girl cooked the rest of the meal. I am so proud of her and how comfortable she is in the kitchen. She is her Nana's child when it comes to that stuff. I say that because she enjoys cooking.....I don't.

There are no group pictures from today because Mama stayed in her gown and didn't go through any pains with her appearance whatsoever.

I would like to wish all the ladies out there a Happy Mother's Day. I've said it before and I'll say it again....You are all a Mother figure somehow somewhere. Being a woman should be qualification enough in my eyes.

Now we head into The Birthday Week. I am all a wiggle and excited over it. I have no clue what's in store, but what ever it is? I am seriously looking forward to it! Hang on, Internets, I've been told it's going to be some kind of ride!

Friday, May 09, 2008

Swirling Thoughts

This week has brought forth a lot of thoughts for Miss Hope. Ahhh, there's nothing better than having thoughts swirling around your head and you try to sort them out as you go about life because you know you'll probably end up blogging about them. Bloggers are a vain bunch of people. We are just positive you want to hear our thoughts and opinions!

For those of you out there who are regular U.S. citizens? God bless you. Really.

I have experienced firsthand this week the anxiety, frustration, and confusion of a parent being gone. These are all feelings I'm pretty sure my son has felt whole heartedly. His week has gotten progressively worse since his dad has been gone. Which was really strange to me at first because I assumed that since The Man was gone for most of The Boy's first two years, it wouldn't be a hardship for The Boy to handle one measly week of Dad being gone. How wrong was I? I have seen my son wake up every morning with sleep swollen eyes, come straight to me and inform me that it's "time to get Dad". I have seen disappointment on his face when I firmly tell, this is Tues/Weds/Thurs and Dad doesn't come home until Friday. At off moments during the day (be it riding down the road or just sitting watching t.v.), he has out of the blue said..."I miss Dad."

The girls have fared better because they remember what it's like for Dad to be gone. A week is more easily handled by an older child. Yet, I have heard one make a comment that she misses him. I've had another one call him herself because something was going on and she needed to "discuss" something with him.

I have been reminded the hard way how hard it can be having a parent/spouse in the military.

I'm sure there are those of you out there who will be quick to say...well, HE signed up for this and you did too. You should've known what you were getting into.

I'll address that statement. You DON'T know what you're getting into. All you know is that you want is pretty much what every other red blooded person on this earth wants. Someone to love, honor, and cherish, and the right to marry them, have kids (if you so choose), and grow old together.

Trust me. You don't sign up to have a spouse who can be gone more then they're home. You don't sign up to have a spouse in harm's way on a regular basis. You don't sign up to be on your own when everything in the house decides to break, clog up, or explode. You don't sign up to be the one to have to make important decisions financially or medically for you or your children with no one to consult with to make sure it's the right decision.

You just sign up to love this person. You sign up to be proud of them for defending your country. You sign up make it work the best you can...even if it might involve a nerve pill from time to time.

Can I just say I am so glad that we are ending this career on a shore duty? After going through this week alone, I have discovered I am just too old to handle it all on my own. I think my husband has discovered that he has no desire to go back out to sea anymore if at all possible. Those days are over for him and he is perfectly okay with it.

Please don't misunderstand me. I know life isn't hard just for military families. I see the price of gas (and I get so completely ticked off over it it's not even funny). I see my grocery bill and know we're not the only ones affected by rising prices. I see there is a shortage of jobs in this country for anyone who is trying to make ends meet in the middle.

I do ask that you have sympathy for our babies. They have it the hardest of all. You might not be a supporter of what's going on with our military, so I ask you to understand that where ever our military members are? It's not necessarily by choice. They are there because that's where they have been told to go and they are doing the job they have been told to do.
And if they are good? They are doing that job to the best of their abilities. I ask that you not forget that there are spouses who are keeping the home fires burning while worrying about the safety of those who are gone. I, for one, will be remembering my military families more in my thoughts and prayers because I have been there and hopefully won't have to go back. I also will remember the families of those on the civilian side of the coin who have spouses/parents gone on a regular basis because that's what has to be done to simply survive and make it to the next day.

Now that I've gotten those run-around-my-brain thoughts out of the way, I can go forward with my day.

I am beyond ready to pick my husband up at the airport this afternoon.

I am so very thankful to have my friend Carla, who had pity on me last night and let us eat supper at her house. Nothing soothes the soul better than sitting around the table with friends while kids run crazy. I do believe there is magic in pizza and chips and dip. Don't forget a seemingly endless supply of diet coke.

I am looking forward to Mother's Day this weekend and spending it with my entire family unit.

I am REALLY looking forward to the anniversary of my birth next week. Big plans have been made and I don't think I've anticipated something this much in a long time! Expect to hear from guest bloggers next week!

Have a wonderful weekend, my Internets. If you can't get to the store to buy a card? Make one. Mom's love those. We'll keep those quicker than anything else we might get.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008


I have come to a few conclusions while The Man has been gone.

1. Trash detail is a man's job. I don't care if you women libbers out there get all riled up. I stand by this and am putting my foot down on it. I've done my share of taking the trash and although I made the girls do it this time? It's a man job.

2. I may be The Boy's Mama and he might love me good and give me sugar on a regular basis, but he is a Daddy's boy. He can handle the day just fine....yet when night time comes....he longs for the Dad. I'm good with this until he fights going to bed. My patience is lost fast then.

3. I can't keep up with the quick and easy foods. I get the heartburn too bad and it's just not worth it! I am enjoying sitting in The Man's chair while he's gone. Might have to fight him for it on his return home....

4. Last time I did this single parenting gig, I was new here and knew no one. Therefore, I pretty kept my de-pressed butt in the house and ventured out only when I had to. Now? I'm so butt crazy busy, I feel like I'm never home! Before I counted the days until his return and marked them off with a red marker on the public calendar. Now? I just want to be able to get done what I gotta do this week before the plane brings him home on Friday.

5. No relation to The Man being gone, but I have discovered that if every room in my house is clean at one time? I shall fall over and quite possibly pass out. How freaking hard can it be? I start in one room and I promise before the Good Lord above, when I get back to where I began...I have to start all over again. That just plain sucks.

6. I have also discovered that kids will have no pity on the Mama on her own. The only thing that works is this..."I am not taking your butts to school. You will be ready on time and out the door or you will walk the whole way there. " This wouldn't be so bad for Makenna except for her being lazy. She's not about overly exerting herself. Paige, on the other hand, wouldn't make it there by noon. She knows I'm serious, so she's been cooperating on that score.

Those are a few conclusions I've come to in the past couple of days while on my own with the kids.

I haven't done too badly and I never doubted myself. It was just one of those situations you knew was coming and you were gonna have to do, but ya didn't have to like it. Make sense? We're fine here, but we miss the manly influence. It's cool having a complete family unit.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Where'd He go?

Haven't really advertised it but The Man is gone.

Yep, left out on a plane today for a week . Vitt and I dropped him off before noon at the airport and he headed to Tennessee for an ADCO (Alcohol and Drug Coordinating Officer) conference. When I asked him what and all he was going to be doing, he really didn't have a clue. But, he took a steno pad just in case. As of right now, he and the East Coast group have gone out for Mexican. We'll see how tomorrow goes with the first day of meetings.

I was doing that ostrich thing where I bury my head in the sand and refuse to acknowledge or think about him being gone. Because, that would mean I'm single parenting. Our three kids. Alone. With no other adult in the house with me. It could almost cause a case of hyperventilating to be sure.

Sure, I did this scene for 18 months when he was stationed in Norfolk and I decided to stay in S.C. I did it again when we first moved to Georgia and he left out for open seas. Now, that he's on shore duty until retirement, I can honestly say I didn't anticipate anything like conferences happening. What's up with that?

Of course I can do this and survive with flying colors. If I have to pop a kid on the back of the head a time or two in the meantime...who cares? Right?

I do know that last week when I went to the commissary, I did my shopping with one thought in mind.......I don't have to cook big meals if I am not inclined. And I do believe that I am not inclined. The Chef of Le Boy R Dee will provide a meal here and there (like tonight). Salads will be a choice meal one night. I'm gonna find a good box of cereal somewhere for our main meal one night, too. Oh, my gosh, don't forget pizza bites, dude. See what I mean? This is the week of food choices we don't need to talk too much about lest child protective services raise their eyebrows a tad.

This time, single parenting will be easier. The Boy will be at school some and so will the girls. I have things to keep me busy. I keep telling Carla that next year when The Boy is in all day school? I'm gonna take me a day here and there and I'm gonna come home and put my butt right back in bed. I intend to sleep the whole school day away. Chances are, I won't be able to unless I am deathly sick because now that I am old, I can't seem to sleep late. Yet I dream and hold those future plans close to my heart because I can. So there.

We shall see what new and exciting adventures the Edge has while The Man is off busy working. So far the two girls have tried to claim dibs on sleeping with me. I've informed Paige that I won't be getting up at 5:30 a.m. to wake her up. She's on her own. Her Dad might be kind enough to provide that service, but Mama don't play that.

What the two of them don't know? The Boy has already claimed his Dad's pillow and is snoring away in my bed as I type.

Friday, May 02, 2008

A Record of the Celebration

The family headed out last night to celebrate The Man's birthday. I'm always excited about going out somewhere because that means I don't have to cook. Paige gets excited because then she doesn't have to wash dishes. Makenna gets a thrill because then she doesn't have to clean the table off after the meal. See? Going out to eat makes all the females in this house so very happy. This means we were more than willing to head out to a restaurant in order to celebrate.

Good food was had by all. Vitt ate so much salad and pasta he was complaining that his tummy was hurting by the time we left. I can safely say he was an eating machine. I got a Shrimp Parmesan and I promise he ate more of the pasta than I did.

I was disappointed that the place we chose to eat informed us that the dessert we desired was no longer served in the big glass (see previous post). Now? It looks like some fancy chef wannabe works in the kitchen.

Presentation was decent, but nothing beats seeing that huge glass full of dessert goodness being set down in front of you. This was thoroughly enjoyed by The Boy and Mak. See the little bowl in the background? That's the complimentary sunday for the birthday boy. Paige scored that because she gets all "EWWWW" about eating after people. She's weird that way. By the way, I am in LOVE with that plate. Was almost, but not quite, tempted to see if it would fit in my purse.

Mak wasn't too thrilled with the present I found for The Man. It was a coupon booklet for him to use at his discretion. She was flipping through reading it and some of them offended her. Like the "Redeem this for a clean car, inside and out, no questions asked." I think all she can see is work in her future and she is not about work. At all. She has begged me numerous times since last night to hide or dispose of the book. (You really thought I'd let him order golf clubs and call it a day? HA! He received some really cool cards, the coupon booklet, and monogrammed cuff links. I've had those cuff links for forever and couldn't wait to give them to him!) Carla and John gave him the coolest big book on submarines he can't get enough of. Dulcie and her gang gave him a monogrammed golf towel that he is more than ready to use. You could say he scored on the presents.

I put this picture in just because he's so stinkin' cute. He has a Sissy who can fix his hair the way he likes it and he found this shirt he HAD to wear because it was "cool". I am almost inclined to say he's growing up rather quickly on me.

I do believe this is now my most favorite picture in the world. Do not be surprised if it shows up to the left for you all to view on a regular basis. That, my Internets, is a picture of the loves of my life.

Yes, a wonderful time was had by all. Now, I want you all to have a good weekend out there. Stay home, gas is too expensive.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

What Day is This?

May 1, 1966 was the day The Man was born to Mrs. M and Mr. C. He is the oldest of three siblings. He is one many many MANY cousins on both sides of his family. He is a Submariner. He is a Chief. He is a Dad. He is my husband.

When I first met my husband, he had a smattering of gray hair around his temples. Now? I do believe he's to the point where there's more gray than dark. He will be quick to tell you he's just glad he's still got a FULL head of hair. Who cares if it's gray? I tend to agree with him and, dangit, it is true, you know. Men with gray are distinguished and seem to look better as they age.

The Man, with his advanced age wisdom (heh heh), has taught me much since I've met him. I've learned to love some Mexican foods I never would have tried. I flown in planes (but would be okay with never doing that again). He introduced me and my girls into this HUGE family that hugs and kisses anyone who walks by. Talk about killing your nerves the first time around. Whew. Makenna was four and she jumped right in and hugged and kissed right back. Paige and I probably had looks of terror on our faces as we tried to out run whoever was coming after us for another hug. Now, we all hug and kiss and easily tell each other "I love you". I am grateful he showed me that showing love is a good thing.

Now, at the age of iklsfourtylkwndktwozmer (the number is in there somewhere), he is getting ready to venture into another chapter of his life. Retirement from the U.S. Navy looms in his future and on his birthday, he starts back to school to finish his degree in order to be better prepared for life when his duty is up with our country.

It feels like we've had birthday cake every other week with the kids since February (that's really an exaggeration...key word here is "feel"). Because of that, he has decided he does not want a birthday cake for himself. He prefers this instead.

I'm thinking he has a good idea going on here and I'm also pretty sure I won't be arguing with him about it. At all.

Also, it's been decided that golf clubs are coming in the very near future. The ones that are owned now were a self gift upon completion of Power School. That would be about sixteen years or so ago. When I had no problem with him getting a new set, boy did he jump right on the internet and start doing some serious window shopping. Did you know you can buy a piece of metal that is called a golf club for over $300.00?? ONE CLUB?!?!? Yeah, we brought that helium balloon down quick like.

Happy Anniversary of your Birth, Man. I sure do love you and wish to share many more and all types of anniversaries with you in this life time!