Saturday, February 27, 2010

Just a Couple of Thing to Catch Up on

You might just have to forgive me on this one, Internets. I may have already mentioned a few of the things I'm going to talk about, but now I got the pictures to go along and I want to make sure I put it all down because this is really all about the kids. Making sure I record stuff for them and all because I hate scrapbooking. We cool? Thanks for your understanding. Oh, and this might be a tad long because DANG I was too busy to blog for a little while there.

You all may recall that we arrived at the New Edge around 2:30 a.m. on New Years Eve. We were so exhausted from packing up that day, checking out of base housing, eating a good supper, and the five hour drive to our new home. Because I am a seasoned traveller with kids, I always make sure there's a snack or two within reach. This time was no different. Normally, The Boy would have been passed out that late, but adrenaline is a funny thing. We were halfway to our new home on the backside of nowhere when apparently he informed Makenna that he had a loose tooth. What??? She then informed me and I was like, "NO FLIPPING WAY! HE'S WAY TOO YOUNG." I had Makenna stick her finger in his mouth to see if he was telling the truth. He was! There I sat, driving in shock, that my BABY had a loose tooth. A short time later, he asked for a cookie and I had one of the girls give him one. Next thing I knew??? Makenna was losing her mind. When my son went to bite on the cookie, it irritated that loose tooth, so what did he do? Reach in his mouth and yank it out. (That makes me weak just thinking about it.) He had a little bit of blood going on, which is what freaked Makenna out. We grabbed a few napkins and I told him to bite down on them. Calmest one in the bunch? The Boy. I decided not to call my husband who was driving in front of me. When we got to our new home, I had that kid show his Dad a "surprise". The two of us were left standing in the cold in shock while the kids ran ahead to claim their new rooms. I don't think I will ever forget when my baby lost his first tooth.

Before we left lower Georgia, we were running around all crazy-like when Makenna screamed. My poor girl had tried to put something in the car and slam the door before it fell out (we had the vehicles that packed). In the process, she slammed her finger in the door. I think by that time my brain was on overload and I just couldn't process anything else. I really couldn't. We did the best we could at the moment. The next morning, I examined it while the movers unpacked. It looked really bad. I started to worry. We couldn't stop the packers, I didn't know my way around, and The Man had to be there because this was all under his military identity. We promised that as soon as the movers were finished, we'd get it checked out. As soon as the movers drove off, we headed to the E.R. with just a few hours left in 2009. The place was deserted and we were relieved that prompt attention was given. I was feeling so guilty and like the worst parent ever. After an X-ray, we met her E.R. doctor. Wow. We were blessed right then and there. This guy was very obviously physically handicapped. He was short, very odd shaped, and had no thumbs. I kid you not. He was so jovial and all in to Makenna and what was going on. When he walked out to look at the x-ray, we were just in awe over this individual. I love my child. Did she see physical ailments? Nope, she just saw a cool doctor that she liked talking to. When we mentioned he had no thumbs, she hadn't even noticed. I saw her watching him when he came to clean a cut on her knuckle and he had to put on gloves. He never hesitated and kept up a great line of conversation. Thankfully, it appeared to be a bad sprain with some serious bruising. She had her fingers taped together with orders for no P.E. for a few weeks. (Her favorite diagnosis she's gotten a lot in the past year!) She told me later that if she was ever influenced to be whatever she can be? This doctor proved to her that you can't let anything stop you. Not even a handicap. He really inspired her and I want to say blessed her way of thinking. We were also home in plenty of time to bring in the New Year as a family.

I vaguely recalled that I may have mentioned in a previous post how we toasted our new home. The Man and I were doing a W*lmart run when we saw some sparkling fruit drink. We picked up with intentions of toasting our new home...eventually. The kids were all excited over that bottle and we were begged off an on for over a week to get the party started. Finally, one night after supper, we got down my nice wine glasses (that I got years ago and they're mostly dust collectors) and The Man did the honors of pouring it up. We toasted and did cheers a few times because it's just cool to clink your glasses together. My son especially enjoyed that part. Therefore, we clinked glasses with me cringing inside because I didn't want to lose one of my set. I leaning towards making this a new tradition for big deals in our home. Break out the sparkling fruit juice/drink in the pseudo wine bottle and make lots of toasts with loads of glass clinking!

These are a few things I really wanted to make sure I recorded. As you can tell, it's nonstop action around here. I am still taking pictures of the house when I do a little something. I think I may have enough for a post this week! I'll be looking for opinions and suggestions so be prepared, my friends.

Ready to enjoy some picture goodness? Thought so!

This is the picture I took before the movers got here to unload. I then sent it to every one I possibly could. Now he's lost two teeth and has great fun sticking his tongue through that bottom gap. I think kids with missing teeth are the cutest and I am thoroughly enjoying my last baby with a gap'd up mouth!

Those fingers looked really bad in person. We really made sure to follow doctor's orders and so did Makenna...especially the no P.E. part!

Look at that, would you? He may not have drank the fruit juice, but, by golly, a clinking good time was had by all!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Family Time

The Man and I have always agreed on no televisions in the bedrooms. I, personally, didn't grow up with a television in the bedroom. Probably because we were too poor and/or didn't have cable or satellite? All I know is that I wasn't influenced badly by the fact. I don't remember when my parents finally got a television in their bedroom but it was long after I moved out and was an adult.

Now, here I go again with my personal opinions. Okay? How I think and feel may not be how you think and feel and guess what? That is perfectly fine.

I personally feel that everyone going to their separate ways to watch television tends to separate the family. If you look at it, time with your children really is fleeting and short. We like to watch television together as a family. Okay, my kids may not agree with that statement all the time, but they do sit with us in the evenings.

We have put a television in the spare room upstairs with the Wii hooked up. The Boy goes up there and has his downtime when he gets home from school. An hour or so of playing one of his games frees his mind and lets him get the wiggles and jiggles out from a long day at school. The Elementary school starts late and gets out late (well, later than what I'm used to). He only has a short time to play before supper, homework, and preparing for the next day.

Because we purchased a new television, we had a "spare" one, The Man and I reluctantly put the spare in our bedroom. I am truly surprised by how little it gets used. The Man irons the next days clothes at night. (Yes, he irons. Twenty years in the military teaches everyone how to iron beautifully and no one is allowed out the house looking toe up.) Most times, he'll turn the television on when he irons to watch news or the Olympics.

Speaking of the Olympics. We have really watched them this season and thoroughly enjoyed the sports. I have a new found love for the snow boarders and think they are just adorable. The kids weren't too thrilled about this at first. We've explained that watching the Olympics is like supporting your country. It is where countries come together to compete and it's just flat out cool. The Winter Olympics really seem to empathize the agony of defeat to me. Each night we've been able to watch, there's been some injury or drama. Even The Boy has gotten into watching a little bit before heading to bed. When we win gold? We put our right hands over our hearts when our anthem is played. I'm also a huge fan of that Apollo guy. To the point where I tend to scream encouragement at the television and almost get up to see if I can help him go just a little bit faster. It's right exhausting for me to watch him compete. It's right embarrassing to Paige when I do.

There are some shows we don't watch anymore because the sexual content is just inappropriate for a kid Makenna's age. We had a favorite show that we always watched and one night, we were just blown away by the sexual innuendo and such. The Man and I decided right then that maybe it wasn't a good idea for the kids to hear such language and talk. Do we censor? Absolutely. I don't condone Paige watching R-rated movies. Why not? Because they're meant for older audiences. She's perfectly able to go see PG-13 movies now and I've told her I can't stop her. She is now her accountable to herself. She hates when I play the moral card. Drives her crazy.

This past Sunday, my husband was watching his beloved car racing. (I'm not mentioning their names because when they sing the national anthem at the beginning, the heathens (okay, some do but alot don't!) won't put their hands over their hearts and most still chat and act like respect is a thing of the past.) Makenna was put out with his choice of viewing and stated her displeasure. I stopped her and said that he adores sports with all his heart and he doesn't ask to watch every football or baseball game that comes on. (For those who know him? I'm shocked, too!) I feel it's fair that if he has one thing that he really likes to watch on the weekend, then he should. Yeah, I pulled the "who do you think goes to work and pays the bills around here?" card. I hated when my parents did it to me so I find it only fair to pass it on. I even offered for her to go to our bedroom, chill out on the bed, and watch what she wanted. Her response? "No thanks, I'll be lonely."

Every once in a while, Paige will go upstairs to watch a show by herself. I have no problem with this because she might do that once a week. Hey, I respect needing some alone time. I don't respect deliberate separation.

So, you can say The Edge is big on family time around here. We eat meals together. We watch television together. We hang out, the five of us. We're cool like that.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Blankie Two

Most of you will recall when I crocheted The Boy his very own afghan. Neighbor Debbie (who really was my neighbor at the time!) patiently helped me recall basic crocheting and taught me a few new stitches. I decided to make him one because both girls had a couple of afghans a piece from family members, but The Boy didn't have one of his own. I went large with that afghan. I didn't have a pattern, just some basic instincts. It was, of course, green with some brown mixed in. That boy of mine is very possessive of "Blankie" and it has travelled all over Georgia and South Carolina since its creation.

Little did I know it would raise a little bit of discord at The Edge. Next thing I knew? He and The Man were almost fighting over it. The two of them would sit in the recliner or lay on the couch before bedtime (to wind down) with that Blankie. When The Boy would go to bed, Blankie went with him. No matter how much The Man begged for him to leave dice.

Down the road of life a little ways, military life intruded and my friend, Coty, moved North. Before moving, she did some purging and offered me the yarn she had no plans for. I happily accepted because I knew eventually I would use it for something.

That "something" soon arrived. One day I was looking at my basket of yarn and I noticed there were quite a few skeins that were the same brand. Hmmmmmmmmmm. I decided to take all the hodge podge colors and make The Man his own Blankie. It wasn't going to have much rhyme or reason to it, just something to keep him warm when he was relaxing. I decided not to make it as thick as The Boy's because his weighs so much he can barely tote it! (What was I thinking??)

Crazy me tackled this project at one of the busiest times of my life. Planning and executing a retirement ceremony and starting a new chapter in our lives. The few minutes I took here and there helped me focus.

Christmas arrived before I knew it and I so wanted that blanket done for Christmas. It wasn't like it was a surprise but it was Christmas, Internets! I finished all but the border and decided to go ahead and put it in a gift box. No lie, I put the two skeins of yarn AND the crochet hook in that box. I had to! We were in the midst of moving and I needed to keep it all together. The Man was so appreciative and I promised over and over I would finish it soon.

Fast forward a month and I found that box. I took out the blanket and yarn and set it to the side. A few days later I decided to finish that border so my husband would have his blanket. The Boy was all excited and telling his Dad that "Blankie Two" was almost done!

I am soooo glad to say that Blankie Two is officially done and has already been broken in properly by every member of the family. The Boy can hoard Blankie One and not have to share with anyone, but insists that Dad share his.

Like I said, no rhyme or reason, but I think in the end, the colors kind of go together pretty good. The yellow stripe in the middle is my favorite. I think it keeps it from being too "earthy". (Pretty little pillow with pineapples in the corner courtesy of Carla Girl.) Note there are no close up pictures to show the many flaws that seasoned crocheters (is that a word?) could see. Maybe now I can focus on getting projects around the house done!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Snowy New Edge 2010

Suffice it to say we were one of the 49 states that woke up to snow on the ground on Saturday. I know there are some of you from up Northern way who chuckle at our excitement over snow. You just have to put it in a little bit of perspective, if you please. My son will be six in April and he has never seen snow. I take that back. If you said that statement in front of him, he would be quick to correct you. He HAS seen snow. There are pictures and the television shows it right regularly. How sad is that? His amazement and wonder when the white stuff started falling was just precious. It was like something he had waited for all his life.

My husband would just shake his head in disbelief because he has lived up North where people drive on frozen lakes and snow is common during Winter months. He exclaimed that he lived in this area of the country to get away from that weather present called snow. That this is why he won't visit his parents in Nebraska during cold weather months. I was quick to remind him that their snow lingers and lingers while ours is usually gone within 24-48 hours. Then, we don't see it again for another five or so years.

This past Friday (along with Monday and Tuesday) were days off from school for all three kids. I'm not sure why. Someone said something about a Winter Break? I had told the girls they could each have a sleep over on separate nights during the break. I just wanted them to connect with other girls and what better way than through a sleep over? Makenna chose Friday night and we were worried that none of the three girls would make it. They all came. Parents brought them before the weather got too bad. I have to admit....the parents were from states where snow isn't that big of a deal so it was just something they shrugged over. I was excited for Makenna because all three of the girls were cute and giggly. Until the power went off around 8'ish. Crap. I lit a few candles and everyone gravitated to the living room. I anticipated a bad time until those ladies started bringing out the DS's and cell phones for extra light. Well, sir. Technology won without power! The Man, The Boy, and myself headed on to bed a short time later and left them gaming and giggling in the living room. We put The Boy in bed with us. I had an ulterior motive on that one, you see. The two of them together are a flipping furnace so Miss Hope was right toasty warm. The power graced us with its presence around 11:30 so heat was welcomed with frozen fingers!

Saturday morning found some very excited children ready to hit the white stuff. Then Miss Hope handed down the law. No playing until everyone ate a good breakfast. No going in the front yard until I got my pretty pictures of the house. After those two things were taken care of, snow play commenced! By the way, can I just say I am so glad we lived near a beach and I have an amazing supply of beach towels? Not just for a sandy beach, Internets! (We ended up with around 5 inches of snow give or take.)

I took some really good pictures but did not get out in the white stuff. Miss Hope doesn't like snow. It's wet and freezing cold. No thanks. I'll take the pictures and threaten your very life if you come near me with a snow ball. I enjoy seeing the beauty of how God blankets everything and makes it look pristine. After an hour or so of this? I'm ready for it to head on out of town.

Another surprising thing is how much Prissy loved the snow. She was crazy! Paige and I took her on the front porch as it's covered for her to potty. Oh, no! Miss Ma'am went right to the snow and buried her face in it. Of course, we went and grabbed the camera. Next thing we knew? She was bounding around in it and having a large time. She also got to go outside with the kids and she came in shivering and shaking. After warming her up in the towel, a hot bath, and some food? She was passed out for a couple of hours. We had to watch her after that or she was right back in it.

I am thrilled my son got to experience snow and my husband wasn't out to sea or gone. That Man was right in the middle of them having a great time. I have to agree with a friend's status on F*cebook: "Southern children know how to build sand castles, not snow men!" While I was warming Prissy up inside, The Man brought his snow skills forth and helped these Southern kids make a special surprise for me. (Paige was in charge of creativity)

Oh, and to my mother-in-law? I know you told your son to get me good with a snow ball. Don't try to deny it! Thing is? He valued his life too much and his side of the bed to follow through! (Love you, Mrs. M!)
Thanks for the snow, God! We thoroughly enjoyed its white goodness. Wait another few years for another round?
P.S. I'll put pictures up on F*cebook now...the blog gets first dibs...loyalty and all that mess, you know. By the way, I've gotten notifications on FB that I've got a few new followers on Network Blogs on there. Thanks for visiting! If you have a blog? Let me know and I'll drop by!

Hope you enjoy the pictures...I sure enjoyed taking them!

Just couldn't wait til Saturday morning. I gave in and let everyone go out Friday evening and get some play in. This is one very happy kid right here.

This is Saturday morning. Miss Hope is inside and much warmer than those outside. Let's look at the background, shall we? The Man made pancakes from scratch. He makes amazing pancakes. He just doesn't put stuff back up and clean that well. If the pancakes weren't so good? I'd have to smack him one.

The Man recalling his snowball making abilities. Note Makenna to the right. I'm sure we're all on the same page that she is preparing to attack one of the three in the picture. My backyard looked like a war zone.

How cute is this?!? See where she hopped to get around? The snow was as deep as she is tall but it didn't stop her. Oh, no sir. She was a snow happy pup. (front yard)

Please, wear your hat. It's cold. I don't care if it messed with your peripheral vision. It's cold.

The Boy had just surprised attacked his sister and ran for it. He's quick as lightning, that one.

We took more pictures than was legal of this puppy and her "snow beards".

Post card picture of The Edge!

The best picture of all. This is what my kids made for me. Of course, this is going on my sidebar because it's one of kind Edge Goodness.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Makenna's 11th Birthday!

I may be a few days late, but I surely won't forget my baby girl's birthday post! It was decided a couple of weeks before her birthday that we would go to South Carolina to celebrate. We could get our taxes done (!!!) and be with family at the same time. It was to be a short visit but we knew we could pull it off. Her request was to eat at a favorite Mexican restaurant and have Nana make her cake. I didn't think that was too much to ask.

Time does have a way of healing wounds and feelings, you know. I invited Makenna's other side of the family (her bio-Dad's side) to come eat with us and spend time with the girls. We have all hashed out whatever happened in the past and now we just have a good time when we are together. How surprised we were when so many showed up! Makenna was the bell of the ball and Paige was the hostess with the mostest. They flitted from family member to family member and really soaked in some family goodness. It's good for the girls to see their parent's families getting along. Girl cousins giggled and squealed at their shared table. Little boy cousins ran around and were just boys. Adults caught up on happenings and laughed at the kids. It truly was a good time. I happened to have my old camera in the truck and I begged that thing to take just a few more pictures (she's old and worn out). The camera complied and I am so glad I was able to capture a few great family moments.

I can't believe I now have an official tween living in my house. Overnight she's turned into a five foot tall giggling girl! One minute she's picking on her brother and driving him crazy...the next she's hanging out in her sister's room just chillin'. (Their words, not mine- so don't be embarrassed I used your slang Paige.) She is a book-a-holic where she gets lost in her own world on a regular basis. The Boy calls her constantly to help him with games as she's pretty darn good at electronics, too. I know I personally call on her to help me set up the DVR on a regular basis. I could figure it out, but she already has it down and can fix whatever I want in 2.5 seconds. What would you do? She loves to bake and even has her own special dish she prepares for us that we love.

Makenna is just an all around good kid. We are so blessed to have her in our lives sharing her humor and love on a daily basis.

I bought this shirt for her three years ago. I'm sure if you search the archives, you'll see this shirt every year. As long as she keeps growing UP, she'll be wearing it a while longer. Everyone needs a Birthday Princess shirt to wear, don't you think?

Cousins are awesome! These four are close in age and close in heart. Emily, Erica, Makenna, and Trinity...a fabulous foursome when they're able to get together!

Yet another sweet cousin! Claussen and Makenna adore each other to pieces. We always get tickled because one will try to stow away in the other's car while the adults are talking. One day they might just succeed! These two are almost exactly 9 months apart. I always tell C's Mom that she got baby fever when she held Makenna in the hospital.

This kid lives for the sombrero. She honestly does. She wore this hat around the restaurant for a good 45 minutes after being sung to. I finally had to send an uncle or two to remind her that the hat had to stay. She was sad but already has plans to wear it again next year.

What a wonderful time it was and I'm so glad it was another memorable birthday for an amazing kid!!!

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Need, Want, and Wish

I am learning how differentiate between what I need, what I want, and what I wish for. This new house we're living in has really turned that particular light bulb on. Good for those who can have whatever their heart's desire. We simply can't. We are learning to how prioritize what needs to be done.

I challenged my husband last night. I told him to make his list of needs, wants, and wishes. I would make my own and we would compare the two lists and maybe come to a good understanding. There hasn't been any disagreements going on over household issues, but I am curious as to how we classify things.

For example? He will most probably put tools on his need list. Not me. Give me a hammer and some nails and I'm all tooled up. I might put a high end vacuum cleaner on my need list since we now have carpet and a pet. He would argue that the el cheapo we have now works fine. See where I'm going with this?

Some of my needs might make him a tad unhappy. I want more shelves in some closets and that would mean extra work for him. Then again, it may justify his needs for tools.

Hmmm...this has potential to get complicated, Internets.

I've also issued a Design Challenge to my girls. Since we are die hard fans of HGTV and DIY (I just totally advertised for them- think they'll find out and be good to us?), I have decided to let my girls do their bedrooms. I haven't given them amount yet, but they are going to be responsible for bed sets, accessories, and what not. We will provide the wall paint if any is needed. When I told them this, their eyes got bright and I could see wheels turning. All they need now is an amount. I thought I'd let them window shop first and get an idea of what they want. They're old enough now, I think, to express themselves.

This isn't all that's going on around The Edge. We celebrated Makenna's 11th birthday this past weekend. I was unable to do my usual birthday post because we were out of town visiting in South Carolina. It turned out well and I got a few pictures to record this great event. Of course, I'm going to have to do a blog post or she'll feel slighted in ten years when they read my blog. Paige will be 26 then and Makenna 21 and I can guarantee there will be statements like "See? Mama just didn't love you, man." said and the drama will ensue.

I need to go work on my list now and and figure out how I can put a thing or two on the "need list" and convince everyone that I'm right.