Monday, December 31, 2007

It's Been a Year

Because we aren't party animals, I got time so close to the ringing of the New Year to jump on here and post a little something.

Christmas was good as always. We visited The Edge I for a week. Saw our kids believe in magic once again. Was reminded of how bright the season can be when Santa stands up in a crowd of people and says, "Who's been naughty?" ....and your son raises his hand. The Boy is honest.

I can't get into the subject of driving home. About how our normally 4.5 hour drive turned into 7 freaking hours because of congestion and idiot drivers. We were smooth, Paige and I, because she had the thingy that would play the IP*D through the van radio. Sweet. Fred wasn't so lucky travelling behind me with Mak and the twins (who are spending their normal week with us while Mama and Daddy are on a cruise). He had to listen to a few movies that he would have preferred to watch.

I won't piss and moan about the weather being so wishy washy and making me have this nasty sinus crap. You know...the "Exploding Head" deal? Yeah...don't ask me to bend over right now. My eyeballs might pop clean out of my head. I just wish it would make up its dang mind. Cold or hot. I don't care. Just pick one already!!! Dang.

I could tell you about taking the kids down to my Grandma's house to ride the 4-wheelers on Friday. The niece and nephew got mini gas powered deals that are perfect for two kids to ride on. Little Brother took his massive one and when everyone took a break from riding...Miss Hope thought she might take it for a spin. After a quick lesson from The Man, I took off for the back field. Honestly? I didn't even know that field was back there in the middle of the woods. So, there I was riding along the edge of it in previously made tracks when I get to a corner that seemed on closer inspection...a tad bit more muddy than I liked. After I did a little Tokyo Drift around it, I realized that: a. I had the only machine able to get back there. b. I had no way of letting someone know if I didn't make it through the drift. c. I needed to ease it on back to the house. Big fun.

So, here we are, back in Georgia. Glad to be home with our stuff and back in our own beds (Dear Lord. Thank you for 800tc sheets. Amen. P.S. Thank you for the 450tc mattress pad underneath those sheets, too. Amen.) Life is good as my husband is enjoying Auburn and Clemson at a bowl game. GO TIGERS! (that was for Em and Carla's benefits)

Happy New Year to you, Internets. I wish you peace, happiness, and money in 2008. Hey...I know those three things would work splendidly for Miss Hope.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Green Love

I'm sure I've told you how Vitt loves the color green. He is obsessed with all shades of the lovely green goodness.

Fred and I worked fiendishly (is that a word?) to get all pictures off of the old cell phones so I would able to preserve precious moment forever.

I came across one more from the "Cell Phone That Took Awesome Pictures" and thought I'd share it with all of you.

This is what happens when you decide to decorate a tree at your South Carolina home because you know you'll be there for the holiday and you decide on a simple ball theme and the hubby goes to the local dollar store to purchase some and Nana donates some to the cause. Your son puts his whole self into the decorating mindset.

But, only with green balls.

I wouldn't let anyone touch them when he was done. This was his vision and to mess with it would have told him it wasn't any good. And it's just perfect for me.

Oh...and here's one of Makenna. Best guess I got is that she was playing with the phone and was feeling the need to do self portraits. I worry about her sometimes.

Monday, December 17, 2007

All I know ....

All I know is that I will not ever take my son with me to finish Christmas shopping again. EVAH. By the time The Man and I headed home all exhausted, I wanted to find a place to hide the body more than I wanted to shop. You know it's bad when you drop The Boy off with his Sissy so you can make a quick final run to Wa*mar* and while standing in line to check out, you lean over and put your head on a box in the cart. Then, your husband bumps the cart and you jump because you were literally dozing. Standing up. That wasn't funny.

Miss Hope has a new phone on the way! It almost took an act of Congress to get it. I've been on the V-name carrier website for a couple of weeks window shopping at night. I narrowed it down to two choices, which The Man and I took a gander at while at Best B*y this past Saturday. I cared not which model we decided on, as I was pleased with both. Last night I settled down at the trusty old laptop to finally make a decision. I let the hubby sit down and look so he could make the final choice. After going back forth a few dozen times, he found he could put both on the same page and compare. Therefore, it required another period of time to do some serious studying. (This is where I roll my eyes and say to other sub wives..."He is such a NUKE." And get sympathy looks thrown back my way.)

We found, to our delight, that one of the phones ended up being free due to a promotion. Merry Merry Christmas to us!!

Now I anxiously await my silver EnV, while Fred awaits his EnV in green. Hey, C? Paige said I couldn't have the orange one because she thinks it's all "ninja" and wants it for herself when her upgrade becomes available. Since you have an orange one...I guess that makes you extra cool already.

One more day of school until 2008. Four more days til we head home. One week until good stuff happens!

p.s. Pardon me while I make Paige's nerves bad. Hey, Paige? You are going to have an AWESOME Christmas! heh heh heh

Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Christmas Party

Last night found my husband and I going to his command Christmas party. (This is the office party for you civilians out there) I adore any reason to get all dressed up and wear my expensive makeup that makes me look decent. While I was getting dressed, Makenna told me I looked twenty five. Hmmmm.....makes you wonder if she was sincere or angling for more presents. I'm gonna go with sincere because she told me she liked my shirt because it matched my bra. Both were black.

We headed out to a local country club to enjoy the festivities. The turn out was really great and I saw a few here and there that I knew. I spoke to some and pretended not to see some that just rub me the wrong way. (I have a talent at doing that...learned at my mother's knee.)

I am a people watcher of the highest order. I was fortunate enough to sit with a fellow watcher of stupidity and we proceeded to have a ball looking at the fashion choices made for the evening.

Take for instance:

Girlfriend in the tight tube dress that only came 3 inches below your butt? No amount of tugging will make it longer and that totally means you can not do the white girl dance of waving your arms in the air. Not unless you want to give a really good show.

Captain, sir? I know this is your party and you can do what you want. I also know you drove your spiffy golf cart over because you live there and have to be cool like that. But, really? You couldn't iron that button down shirt and maybe tuck it in? You know....look put together somewhat?

To the girl in the short turquoise dress with black lace trim along the bottom? That sure is an unusual color you got going on.....but I think I saw that same dress at my prom back in 1989. I'm just saying.

To the girl who wore the beautiful formal gown. First, why didn't you ask what the dress code was? We save those dresses for Balls and such...whatever will you wear come April? And if you were going to bump convention and wear the dang thing anyways...why didn't you go ahead and get the hair fixed? I'm really curious about that.

To the guy who wore his suspenders and orange tennis shoes? Because you are a big guy and can move like nobody's business, you are totally forgiven. You were the best dancer there. You proved that some white boys can dance.

To the dorky 40-something guy. You can't dance. You will never be able to. You weren't entertaining us like you thought. We were laughing at you in a not so nice way. But, hey, you put it out there. Oh, and by the way? You're still a jerk. Beer does not make you any nicer and I don't get paid to be nice to you.

After watching the usual line dancing and other interesting dances, I turned to my husband with my hand over my eyes and declared, "There are people out there who are truly embarrassing my ethnicity."

All in all, it was a really nice party. The door prizes were really good, even though we didn't win anything. It's always fun to see if you will walk away with a good gift card or flat screen television. The food was amazing. Well, it was after we sent that raw piece of steak back for a little more cooking. I have no shame in asking for done meat. Everyone at the table minus my husband saw those steaks coming with horror in their eyes. Make that four steaks well done, please! They were worth the wait.

I scored a couple of slow dances with my handsome hubby. He wore a red dress shirt with a Christmas tie and, by golly, he looked good. We weren't able to dance at last year's party because of his knee injury, so this year we were determined to get at least one in. We requested our song (which is also my ringer for him on my cell phone) and hit the floor when the music operator complied. Another slow song followed and we circled a few more times before heading home.

Today finds us cleaning and heading out to finish shopping. We are determined to "wrap" it all up and enjoy this last week before the big day. Can you believe it's one week away?

Tomorrow is Jaime's (of the airport moving sidewalk story) birthday. Carla and I are hosting a small cook out here at the Edge in her honor. It's not everyday you turn 20. I tell everyone that Jaime is my extra daughter, but HER daughter is NOT my grandchild as I am way too young to be a grandma. I am "Auntie Hope" and like it that way.

Have a good weekend, Internets. School lets out Tuesday here, so I'm sure there will be a few more stories to share before too long.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A Few Thoughts

Just sharing a few thoughts with my nearest and dearest out there....

Don't volunteer to provide something for one child's Christmas party at school. Because next thing you know? You're fixing stuff for all three. Sunday and Monday will find me with some flour on my nose. Ha ha. Not really. The Man is cooking the cupcakes since he's the baker in the family and I'm slicing and baking some frozen cookie goodness for the rest. Hey, don't judge. I got sprinkles, people!

Realize that if you forgot a Christmas card for someone, pray they understand. I get one shot to do all the family letter printing, addressing, and actually getting in the van and driving to the post office to send them off. If you don't get one? It's nothing personal. My house is full of supervisors with no laborers. That's how it goes.

When your son hollers that he is done pooping and he needs you to come wipe his butt.....don't put it off. If you take an extra minute to finish whatever you're'll give him time to figure out he can finger paint himself and the commode with his poop. Yes. It was nasty.

Get a kick out your son loving the color green to the point of obsession. You can put a pile of rocks in a green gift bag and he will declare that he "LOVES IT!" He doesn't care what's inside. I can deal with that.

Also, a big thanks for all the input on a new cell phone. I still haven't decided what the final choice will be, but I'm looking forward to having a phone that will work for longer than three hours.

For those of you who have kids, more so boys, under the age of...oh, around 8 years old? You have GOT to go by your local Hess gas station and get this years truck. It rocks! We get three each year for my nephews and Vitt. Hess even provides the batteries when you purchase one. The other night Fred and I were up wrapping gifts and he was in charge of the trucks. I believe in making sure it works before wrapping and giving. Fred likes to take it up a notch and give each truck a good five minute play. I do have to warn you....they're loud. I almost jumped out of my skin when he found the right button to crank it up. Good times.

After midterm grades came out, Paige had to pull the fat out of the fire again. We allow a B in math since it's hard gifted stuff, but everything else has to be an A. Oh, hush...the kid is capable. So, she usually ends up with restriction until she brings them up. I am proud to say she's out of jail early with freedoms and fun returned. She is a happy baby.

Last thought before I go.........

Remember how I've talked about surprise vehicle inspections coming onto base? Yeah. My advice to those who have to enter the base gates is this: Just because you're in your pajamas and Carla is in her pajamas because you made a Secret Santa gift drop off and you had no plans on getting out of the van because Paige is dressed and she's gonna run in to get you some milk does not mean the guards will understand. They will still make you get out and stand there whilst they search for weapons or contraband. Carla was sporting her pink jammies with polka spots while I was in nappy jogging pants and a toe up shirt. I thought Paige would die of embarrassment.

Kind of made it all worthwhile.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Calling out for some help....

Miss Hope needs some help from all her Internet friends.

It is time for me to upgrade/update my cell phone. And not a minute too soon, if you ask me. She's been a good companion, but her time is about up. Her battery has lost the ability to recharge and her outside is beaten and scarred. You know how much I love my cell phone. Her picture taking abilities just can't be beat. I also believe I got a magic cell phone in that I have been able to take more pictures than I'm sure her memory can hold, yet she continues to let me snap away when needed. I shall miss her but the good memories will live on.

I am with that V-named carrier. The choices available on the website are just overwhelming once you start really looking. Let me tell you what I would like to have and if you have a phone I can get with V, then I shall look closer at that particular model.

I need the following:

  • picture taking abilities. I don't like Paige's razor because it has a delay before taking the picture. Too many moments will be lost. When I press the "ok" button, I need for the picture to be taken right then.
  • that said pictures will turn out decently because The Edge is where I usually display my picture taking talents and I know you don't want to see blurry messed up images. Neither do I.
  • I'm digging the text message pad thingy. I text alot because of having a teenager, but now that I go to meetings, the ability to do so is a major plus when I need to tell Fred I'm bored or to pick up milk.
  • music is not something I have to have. I know there are those mp3 deals or whatnot now available, but I feel that would be wasted on me. I mean, if I had it, I'd probably put some kid's tunes on to entertain the boy in tight spots, but it's not that important.
  • it has to be on the affordable side. I am a Mom with a small kid who will sometimes get his hands on the device and see how far he can throw it.
  • oh, and that touch screen thingy? Might could learn to live with it, but a friend has that chocolate one and it drives me crazy when I try to help her do something on it. At least, I think it's a chocolate.

I'm so excited to get a new toy to play with. I'm one of those anal people who will sit with the book and try and learn all the tricks a new gadget can do. Paige, on the other hand, will sit with the device itself for 30 minutes and have it all figured out on her own. Some people are just talented that way, I guess.

A friend has the EnV, which I played around with the other day to see how I liked the feel of it. I liked it, but am still open to suggestions from all you other cell phone users out there.

My husband, who does around 10-20 texts a month, thinks he has to have a keypad also. (rolls eyes) I think he's just afraid I'll get a cooler phone than him and he just can't let that happen since he's a certified gadget freak. He tries to tell me he enjoys us having the same phone. ~snort~ Ok, man. That's why I had to put a sticker on mine so as not to get the two confused. He's not fooling me....he just wants to be cool like me.

Thanks in advance, my friends, for helping a sister out.

p.s. For all of you who are not with the V-named carrier? No matter how fast you turn around, that guy with the glasses and his posse will not be standing there. What a rip off. So, don't worry, you're not missing out on anything.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Mr. and Miss Smooth

You've all been so good to me, I thought I'd give you two posts in one day. Please don't forget to read the next one with the Santa pictures.

Let me tell you about Mr. and Miss Smooth.

Mr. Smooth would be my son. He is just adorable and I see lots of girls calling my house in the future. When we were at the base last week standing in line for the inflatable obstacle course, he absently wrapped his arm around the thigh of the woman standing in front of us. I think he believed he was loving on some Miss Carla...but it wasn't her. The lady was a good sport and when he realized it wasn't anyone he knew, he moved away. Only to go back and rub her thigh again. Lord help me.

Miss Smooth would be the daughter of Dulcie and Brandon. Look to the right of your screen and you'll see a link to her blog "House of Hayes". Miss Smooth's name is ErinLee and she has got to be one of the cutest little girls you'll ever lay eyes on. She and Vitt attend school together and are in the same class. She is as sweet as Vitt is wild.

I talked Dulcie into bringing ErinLee to eat breakfast with Santa and was glad to see them walk in. ErinLee immediately came and sat with us and left Mom and Dad standing.

She proceeded to enjoy her breakfast with the boys while waiting on Santa to arrive.

After some of the excitement died down, I ask if she would take a picture with Vitt. She popped up in the seat with him.

Vitt then, like it was the most normal thing in the world to do, put his arm around her shoulders. Then, ErinLee, like it was the most normal thing in the world to do, put her little hand on top of his, and there it remained.

I started taking pictures. I never got one with both of them looking at the same time, but you gotta admit they're just adorable.

Vitt is sporting a black eye he got from a head on collision on the play ground at school. But, girls love that bad boy look. Even if he does have a dorky face going on.

p.s. Dulcie, I apologize if I wasn't supposed to capitalize the "L" in Miss Smooth's name. Let me know if I need to fix it!

Santa Magic

We got some Santa Magic going on around The Edge. Last Saturday, we went to eat breakfast with Santa! Well, we ate breakfast and then the kids got to visit with Santa and tell him all about their wishes. I love the fact that the military does special things for families. They sponsored this breakfast at our base exchange (sort of like a department store) and the turn out was amazing. They had 100 tickets to sell and I believe they had to be sold out.

We arrived and seated ourselves with the U gang (that would be Carla, John and kids). Excitement was in the air as little kids waited on the Big Guy to make an appearance. How smart they were to serve breakfast first and try to get pancakes in little stomachs. Then he showed up.

After settling himself into the big red chair (no relation to the blue dog on t.v.), the line formed. Our kids got in line immediately. It was so cute to watch some of them earnestly tell Santa what they desired to have.

Vitt has finally realized there might be something to this bearded guy. He now has no fear of him and will gladly approach to speak. When you ask what he wants, he will promptly tell you that he wants a sleeping bag and "that's it!". How easy is that?

Makenna, on the other hand, is proving to be a little difficult. When asked what she desires, all we get is, "Oh, all I want is artsy crafty stuff. Santa will know." Well, I hate to tell her, but Santa is NOT a mind reader. I just hope he comes through with some cool stuff and that it will make a decent mess for her.

Then you have Paige. I honestly think she believes most of all. My baby girl has always adored Christmas to the fullest extent. I believe she got that from her Papa and Uncle Brian. My Daddy and brother live for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day all year long. I get the biggest kick out of watching them every year. Paige has no shame in giving her list out. It's long and expensive. Would you expect any less from a teenager? There are IP*D docking stations, flat irons, digital camera, etc etc. See what I mean? All Paige is being told is that she is going to have an awesome Christmas. She's to the point that she tells us to HUSH because to her it's still so far away and her nerves can't take the excitement anymore. Of course, we continue to torture her on a daily basis because we have an "in" with the Big Guy and have a good idea what's coming her way. She is the best sport and partakes in anything. Plus, she wanted a pic to put on that space thingy of hers for all her peeps to see. Whatever, girl. I'm just glad you played along.

I took the picture of Paige and walked up to Santa to thank him for his time. He took a shine to Miss Thang and told me he had her list and it looked good to him. I said....but, it's an expensive one! He said it wasn't a problem. I'm glad HE'S got a good wallet.
We had a wonderful day full of good stuff. We went later that day to the tree lighting ceremony on base. They had all kinds of jumping inflatable thingys the kids all took a turn on. There was free hot chocolate and cookies. Every time I turned around, Makenna was jacking another cookie and cup of chocolate goodness. Thanks, Navy, for giving our family an awesome day we'll always remember!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Tell Me....

Tell me something, if you can.

Why on earth would glue stick makers make colored glue? It's all pink or purple or blue. Cool in some small mind somewhere.


Cool enough for a three year old who has a love for chapstick.

Don't even guess again. You got it right the first time.