Friday, October 27, 2006

Life Happens

Life happens sometimes, ya know? For someone who is a stay at home mom, I'm too busy for my own good sometimes.

Makenna started dance. I bit the bullet and put that baby back in dance class. This studio is a little bit more professional than the one she attended back home. When I went to sign her up, I noticed the owner/teacher was a tad uptight. I say this because I tend to shoot off my mouth when I don't like something. The teacher informed me that Makenna would be wearing a pink leotard. Really? I said...I have at least 4 black ones at home, surely she can wear one of those. (Leotards are pricey, people!) She blinked. Hard. Then she informed me that Makenna wasn't up to that level as of yet. I see. Then I said...what is this? Like karate class? Colored leotards for levels? I was told that yes, indeed, it was like that. This woman was really into her studio and classes and I didn't want to burst her self imposed bubble and tell her that I have no intentions of sending Makenna to Julliard. I just want my kid to do something she enjoys...socialize a little bit...learn a little bit of grace and posture. So, I bit the bullet and went shopping. Quite a few dollars later, we had the pink leotard and new tights.

She came home from the first day ticked off. Apparently the teacher told the class they "were boring and needed to jazz things up." But, does she want to quit? Nope. She's gonna jazz it up some more. Next class was better. Either the class cooperated or the teacher was over whatever snit she was in the week before.

Paige got into the gifted class. YaY! For a moment. This school is kicking butt and taking names. She's struggling somewhat and she's never had to struggle with school. It's always come easy. She's already wanting to ditch the gifted and move down a level to AP classes. And I'm not going to let her. She hasn't really given it a chance yet and I won't raise my children to bail at the first sign of trouble. No sir. But to be honest? It's probably gonna end up kicking my butt and Fred's, too. The "discussions" we have to have with that kid are wearing us out. But I'm not giving up. Middle school is some hard junk. The girls are mean....the teachers are hard...and the boys act stupid. Ahhh, remember the good old days, folks?

Makenna. This is sweet. She came home from school with a paper for me to sign that stated the school wants to test her for the gifted program. She was so excited. She ran up to me with the paper and said....."Look, Mama! They want to test me for gifted! I think this means I might be a little bit smart!" Bless her heart. I agreed that she might be a little bit smart, too. She's blooming before my very eyes.

Vitt. He's a snob. We're working on potty training and while he's not completely ready...he will cooperate and go alot. I've bought Luv diapers and Pampers. Luvs are around the house and Pampers are overnight and go off. He refuses to wear the Luvs. Apparently he likes the stretchy goodness of the Pampers. The snobbery? He gets that from his dad.

So, that's a brief catch-up on our household. I still can't discuss Fred and how he's not on a boat right now and how I'm back to belonging to nothing and how the Navy is just a bunch of negligent overpaid jerks. I'm afraid I might get charged with treason and sent to Guantanamo Bay...........

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Good to hear an update on all of you!