Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Part 1- Summer 2009 at The Edge

I am just right put out with blogger right now. I had this incredibly long catch-up post about our summer and it just got all wonked up. I must say the happy pills the doctor gave me must be working because I didn't throw the laptop out of the window or lose religion. I simply decided to start all over and break it down into parts. There truly was too much to share to put it all into one post. This way? I get to entertain you more!

This summer found us with a tight budget. What else is new in this economy, right? Can I get an "amen"? I am nothing if not determined. Summer as a child passes too quickly. You wake up one morning and you're ten, the next morning you're 23, grown, with bills, and having to go to work. Summer is a special time and I want my children to remember growing up fondly with smiles as they do something special with their own children.

We discovered the public library for starters. Oh, Internets, Makenna do love her a library. It's like a drug to her and she begs to go get books on a daily basis. Once she hits the door, we lose her until it's time to go. You'll find her in a corner in a chair with 5-10 books beside her. She will already be immersed in a story and won't hear you call her name. I have that child that if we want to punish her (which is rare) or get her to do chores (which is ALL the time), we have to take her books. I love it!!! The Boy loves a good book, he just doesn't want to find them. Therefore, he goes to the children's section to play while I get the pleasure of picking out five books for bedtime reading. He loves for his Dad to read to him and I love to hear them during their night time routine. I've always read to my children....it's just a precious gift you can give them that doesn't cost a dime.

When I found out our base chapel was going to do a morning Vacation Bible School, I had The Man go sign them up. The church we attend was going to do an evening session and that just wouldn't work for my son. Evening time is when he comes off of his medication and how bad would it be for him to get kicked out of Bible School? (I am totally not joking.) Mornings are his prime time and this was a great opportunity to get some Jesus going on for Makenna and The Boy while Paige was working. They had a blast and I'm so glad they got to go. I volunteered and helped a day or two and it was just a pleasure. There were service members who were volunteering and working with the kids. (Volunteering is encouraged in the military and there are medals and such that can be earned. The military is a great supporter of their local communities.) We were sad to see VBS end, but I am so glad to have found such a great morning session for my baby to attend!

I think we also moved to Florida when I wasn't paying attention. This has been the Summer of Storms. It seems we've had thunderstorms every single blessed day. Okay, so maybe it hasn't been every single day, but I can promise you we've had way more stormy days than sunny days this summer. I told my Daddy that it's to the point that when I hear thunder? I know it's time to cook supper. It cut down on outside activities drastically. If it wasn't raining, the humidity was so thick you felt like you were breathing water. No lie.

I also started delegating household chores more. No longer do I stand guard over the laundry and dare anyone to touch it. Both of the girls are able to wash and dry loads now because, dangit, I need help around here! I feel confident with Paige's cooking skills. No, she's not a gourmet chef, but she can follow directions with the best of them. Not to mention, she can cook a mean omelet. I've never been able to master the omelet but she has it perfected. It was time for Makenna to take her turn in the kitchen. I've had her helping me with simple things right now and her specialty dish is Shepherd's Pie. I keep telling Paige she will have many friends in college because she knows how to cook and do laundry.

Something else happened that was really special to me. My husband came into our relationship with a tattoo. For those of you who know him, I know you're probably shocked because he doesn't seem the type to have a tattoo. What can I say, I calmed him down but good! This tattoo had the initials of his ex-wife. Uh oh. It's not all bad, though. This is how my son got his name and there is no other name in the world more perfect for him. So there were three initials. Many times I studied that tattoo on my husband's arm. Finally, it was decided that because the initials were V. P. T., all we needed was an "M" in there for Makenna. We have been together eight years, married for almost six. It took a while for him to come around to the thought of needles. He is not very strong when it comes to the needle. How he managed to get the tattoo in the first place is beyond me. I'm thinking he may have had some liquid courage at the time....and that's something he doesn't do anymore. The perfect opportunity presented itself this summer and he bit the bullet and got it fixed. I am so very proud of that symbol of love on his arm. These children are our world and they know it without a doubt.

This your first installment of how the summer went. We did a few more fun things I'm going to share in future posts. I may have neglected the blog for a month or two, but I had you in the back of my mind because pictures were always taken!

Since blogger is still acting all wonky, the pictures are out of order according to how I talked about them. Sorry, but I can't switch them around for some reason. Enjoy and I'll be back sooner rather than later!

Baby Girl thought making biscuits was awesome!

See that line of storms? I took this picture to send to Neighbor Debbie when she was in Miami visiting in-laws. Everyday we had storms come through with dark ugly clouds. This was around 4 p.m. and the street light is already on. Crazy, I tell ya!

How cool is this?? I love how the tattoo artist was able to make the "M" blend right in. It is in blue to be separate from the "V" and the "P". I went with The Man to talk to the guy and he asked if I wanted my name or initial on there. "Oh NOOOOOO, " I replied. "I don't want any part of that voodoo. I got the ring and birthed the kid, so I am good!" For a while, Paige would pick on Makenna and tell her "you're not in the circle so HA!" Girlfriend can't say that anymore!

My baby loves this section at the library. I usually pick out his books and sit to the side and let him have playtime while Makenna gets her stack of books. I highly encourage visiting your local public library.
Bible School rocks!!! Crocodile Dock was the theme and the crocodile hat was too cute.


Anonymous said...

Hope that's what the Vacation Bible School was here too. Is it a "national theme" or something. I think that's cool. And of course, my grandchildren are cuter than ever. M

Anonymous said...

That was supposed to read -
Hope, that's what.......
LOL. Just getting too old to make sense anymore. M

Joe and Samantha said...

Crocodile Dock is adorable :)

Busy Texas Dee said...

I love the pictures. Sounds like you had a busy summer just like I did around here. The boy looks soooooooo much like his daddy. I can hardly wait to get my arms around him. See you soon.

Anonymous said...

Are you positive we didn't have storms every blessed day? I was just remembering the spread of 13 or so days straight when I had to change clothes 3 times in one day because I just couldn't put off getting to the commissary any longer. It was a wicked summer indeed; and I'm loving the tat! Awesome creativity.

Kristi said...

We love the library. Free entertainment...what is better than that? The only bad part? My two year old HATES to leave, so it always causes quite the scene. That is never fun. :)

Lishak said...

Oh, how I enjoyed catching up on your blog. You have the best writing style! I'm glad you guys had such a great summer. I need to go catch up on my blog posts too!
Looking forward to reading about the rest of your summer and that retirement coming up!

Michelle said...

nice post. Why I didn't know about Freds art work I don't know...cool!

I finally broke away from FB and did a catch up post too. I did it all at one time otherwise I would have never gotten back on track.
You started me with this blog thing so please slap me if I get this far behind again.

Looking forward to seeing you all this week:)

I Am Boymom said...

I'm behind too, but slowly catching up. Didn't blog this summer like I needed to. I love hearing about your family. The Bible School looked like fun. I love Crocodile Dock!

Mellie said...

Miss Hope, I sure have missed you; it was nice to sit a spell and catch up with you.