Thursday, August 12, 2010

Eleven Year Old Logic

I believe it was last week when my middle kid came up to me and The Man with her simple request.

M: Hey, Mama and Man? Can you put me in some kind of medically induced coma or sleep for the five years that I'm going to be a teenager?

Me: What?

M: repeats request

Me: Why on earth would you want to do that, Sweetheart?? The teenage years can be some of the best years of your life!

M: Because if it's anything like Sissy makes it out to be? I don't want no part of it.

Me: Look here. You can't set any standards by your sister. She's is a one of kind original.

M: But, she makes it seem so hard and dramatic. I figure if I could just sleep through all of that? Then I wouldn't have to deal with it.

Poor kid. She's serious as she can be. This is where you have to dig deep and try not to fall on the floor laughing and very seriously explain that everyone is different and handle things in unique ways. That, and her sister is plain crazy.

I have a feeling she intends to get lost in her golf game. She has big plans.

And I'm perfectly okay with that.


Krys72599 said...
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Krys72599 said...

Oops - found a typo I had to correct...
Oh, Miss Hope, you sure do have yourselves some awesome children!
I wish with all my heart we lived a bit closer to each other so we could meet and be family friends, but we'll have to settle for meeting the next time one of us travels in the vicinity of the other... Would love for this to be sooner rather than later, but we have no vacations scheduled soon...
My tip to your middle one: "If you're already aware of the drama that can be your teen years, you're already ahead of the game! You'll handle it JUST FINE!!!"

Monogram Queen said...

Lord she is a smart one Hope! I like the way that girl's mind works