Sunday, April 10, 2011

We have Lucky Number 7!!

Here I go again. I'm doing my best to earn that Mother Of The Year title...not. My baby turned 7 on April 2nd. That was like a week and a day ago. Thing is, the kid's Spring Break happened last week and I just enjoyed being with my kids. We had a power outage on Tuesday that last well into the afternoon and I got to see my kids actually communicate and show off their UNO skills. That was my favorite day. It was probably the first Spring Break we thoroughly enjoyed. No rushing. No plans. Just letting the days happen. Yeah, it was awesome.

Now, about that Boy of mine. He is seven. How did that happen? I just had him like a month or so ago?!? I don't know how those of you with more than one kid keep it all "even" between  your kids, but I don't sweat it at all. Paige is getting the big amazing birthday party this year. (O-M-Geeeee!! Wait til you hear what's going on with that!!!) We sat with the other two and told them they wouldn't be having parties because it was Sissy's turn this year. Do my kids care? Nope, not at all. They know they'll get a present or two and Mama will have some sort of special kind of cake going on that day. All is good. I am one blessed parent to have three kids that aren't jealous of each other.

Just because a party wasn't happening doesn't mean the day wasn't going to be super duper special. My boy woke up to get his first present and pancakes made by Dad. We had a relaxing morning until it was time to get dressed and head to Mouse's House and I ain't talking D*sney, Internets. I'm talking about Chuckie's house where all the fabulous games reside! He has been begging to go there for almost a year and we thought his birthday was the perfect excuse to go visit. (Truth be known, we were not the excited ones. That place is a flippin' madhouse.) My boy isn't about pizza, so he was all for the games. We went. We played. We had an awesome time. Afterwards, we hit up the Chinese buffet that we love and adore. Home was where we headed to open the last present of the day and enjoy some amazing cake. The Boy informed us that it was one of the best days ever. 7th Birthday= Success. A Mama sure likes to have a happy Birthday Boy.

Happy Birthday, Kid. You are the joy in my steps and when you smile, my heart skips a happy beat.

Everyone should have the chalkboard for the fridge. This is what my son woke up to and a week later, it's still there!

How do you make a birthday better? Spread the opening of gifts over the day. We are aware that all the gifts are green. Did you expect any other color? Really? This was the first gift of the day. I picked out this really cute card and he opened it, read it, and looked at me and said.."What??? No dollar??"

There were plenty of these to go around. We are an arcade loving family and we all play games. So why it may have been a madhouse in there? We got our play on and those tokens went fast!

This is the shirt from last year. It fit this year and there's nothing wrong with representin'!

What focus! What determination! Seriously, though? Kid needs to grow another foot or two so he can reach the pedals and not bust a blood vessel trying to play.

The sisters got in some quality game time, too. This was a tag team effort with the basketballs.

Mama had a little fun with this game. It was seriously addictive. I may have to join a support group.

I had my eye on The Boy and when I glanced up, I saw my husband throwing a few footballs. Games are so hard to resist.

This is my favorite picture. He is so happy and content and I suppose contemplating a wish or two here. I love this guy to pieces. I really do.


The Man on the Edge said...


Mellie said...

That sounds like an awesome day! Since it's rather late in the game, I'll just say happy belated Vman! Where oh where did you get that fridge chalkboard - I HEART IT!

Monogram Queen said...

Happy Late B-Day Vitt! We had the Mouse House party this past year, no more. I had a headache the size of North America! I don't play games, but Stacy does.
I love the chalk board on the Frige.

Mellie said...

20 days with no word from Miss Hope - the world just ain't right.