Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Is it really a gift?

I have a gifted family. Well, that's what the tests say. It's not a brag, either. Dealing with gifted people on a regular basis can be hard, Internets. I know first hand. See, I used to be gifted. I was in gifted classes all through school from 2nd grade through high school. I was so smart I was stupid.  My Mama will be more than happy to testify that I'm telling the truth.

Paige and Makenna both are in gifted classes and have been since early ages. Now that Paige is in high school, she's ignored her abilities somewhat and The Man and I have to show our butts, get all strict discipline and mean to get the right results. Wears us out on a regular basis. Paige is quite funny, too. She can't stand stupidity. It is like one of her major pet peeves. Since she was young, she's been able to carry on a decent conversation with adults. She has an air of maturity about her that is quite scary when people guess her to be in her 20's and she's ...say 14. (Imagine how it is now that she's 17.)  I know teenagers believe themselves to be experts on any and every thing there is in life. Add in being gifted and you got yourself a  hard road to ride some times.

I believe I am no longer gifted. Thank Goodness! The Lord had mercy up on me because some one in this house has to have some common sense!!! I am perfectly fine with this but it does give me a headache at times when my smart people go too far out of the thinking box.

A few weeks ago we were outside in the back yard flying kites. My son has become obsessed with kites and their flying glory. I appreciate the local W*lmart selling them for a buck, too. As Paige was helping her little brother, she started telling us about what happened in science class that day.

Story goes:

Teacher asked the class how many transformers there are and what are their names.

My child immediately shoots her hand up in the air (I personally want to picture a Horseshack kind of thing going on here) and exclaims that she knows!

She then smugly tells the teacher and the class:

"There are two transformers. Autobots and Decepticons."

And sits back confident in her answer.

The teacher looks at her. The students look at her.

That wasn't the answer.

If you don't get this, Internets? I'll be praying for you. If you DO get this? Please, be praying for me.

After I caught my breath from laughing, I declared, "And that, ladies and gentlemen, is my gifted child!"


Krys72599 said...

Never met her but I love her!
That was a funny story and I just about spit my green tea all over my keyboard!
And the BEST part? "See, I used to be gifted. I was in gifted classes all through school from 2nd grade through high school. I was so smart I was stupid."
I'm on that wagon with you, ma'am. Skipped senior year in HS to go to college early.
Was SO smart then, but learned me some stupid real fast! Now hubby tells me all the time how much smarter than he is I am - but I can promise you, my smarts done left me years ago!!!

Paige said...

I don't know you, but I love you too for drinking green tea!!

Cae said...

This is such a funny story, and I can totally relate with Paige. It sounds like something I would say actually.
You have such an adorable family Hope.

God bless,

Anonymous said...

I love my Paige!!