Wednesday, July 06, 2011

What an Edgy Summer thus Far

I don't feel like I've slowed down since the summer started. I'll give you a brief re-cap of all the action we've had going on since the kids got out of school.

Last day of school, Neighbor Debbie showed up with her three kids. Why, you ask? Because Neighbor Greg got himself a job at the same company as The Man and I was going to have her here with me! I didn't say anything on the blog earlier because of "The Jinx". You get all excited and junk, and the universe steps in and laughs at you. I am excited to say, though, that they are living in the same neighborhood as we are and we are exactly .8 miles apart. We are two very happy women. I know we're meant to be friends because her family lived with us for almost a month while their house was being completed and we're all still alive! We did much walking through her house as it was being built/finished and observing details with slitted eyes. Many things were caught and fixed early but the builders hated us on sight. I know they had to have a champagne meal when closing happened and we weren't coming up with stuff on an hourly basis they needed to fix. Alas, they still have a year warranty to fix mistakes and we are not through looking yet. Every time I go over there (and that's quite a bit), I see a little something here and there that I draw to her attention and she takes note. Good times all the way around, Internets.

While the Neighbors were staying here, we went on a vacation to the beach in South Carolina. I did not take my laptop and it was quite a change not having my trusty 'puter near to my side. We went with Lu and her family and had quite the blast. I went in the ocean for the first time in twenty years and just thoroughly enjoyed myself. We did quite a few touristy things with the kids. Henna tattoos, zip lines, 20 story Ferris wheel rides, beach, pools, shopping, and golf cart riding. It was a full week that we needed badly. It was the first time in twenty years my husband wasn't rushing to go visit his family and rushing back to work. He relaxed and wore his new phone out playing games. I did way to much deck sitting and did not regret it one bit. I have quite a few pictures, but I'll address that in a moment.

We left the beach on Father's Day and headed back to my family (who live 30 miles from the beach). The Man was working with his company at another company in South Carolina that week, so we hung out at my parents for a visit. It was nice to have a few days to do some porch sitting with my Mama. On Tuesday, I took her all around shopping and out to lunch with my niece. We had ourselves a right large girl's time out. On Wednesday, I had to head home with the kids because real life just had to intrude with doctor's appointments and such.

Upon arriving home, I had to unpack/unload truck, catch up on Neighbor Debbie's house situation. We got home on Wednesday evening and they closed on their house on Friday. Suffice it to say, the next week was a blur as we helped by either painting or keeping the lovely Miss Nani (95 lbs. blond Lab) here with us and out of trouble. I am still a little dizzy by how fast things were moving.

Things may have started slowing down to where I could finally sit down and come talk to you and guess what happens?? MY LAPTOP DIED. Up and flippin' died on me. I am using The Man's computer at this moment and while it's sufficient? It ain't mine. He uses different programs and I'm set in my old ways and much prefer MY laptop and all the bells and whistles I know how to operate. Hopefully soon, he'll manage to get it to a facility that will fix it so I can ride the Internet in my own vehicle the way I like to do.

Oh, yes, many things going down this summer. Makenna failed the skin allergy test bigger than day. I have pictures of that mess. She starts allergy shots soon for who knows how long. Paige was allowed to get her nose pierced at the beach. What a story that is I'll have to share with you soon. Paige is also getting her wisdom teeth out in a week or so because they are impacted and her braces aren't going to work just right until those teeth are gone. Both girls have been selected to represent their orthodontist's office next week by singing the National Anthem at the Augusta Green Jackets baseball game, so this Mama has dragged the newly retired chorus teacher (Makenna's teacher last year) away from selling her home and packing up to train the girls with the new chorus teacher so they're comfortable and ready to represent the right way. Makenna starts her second golf class this evening because golf is her thang. School starts back in a month so there's preparation for that since my son will be attending a brand new school (we were re-zoned). My saving grace there is that his 5K and 1st grade teachers are also moving to the new school so my routine lovin' ADHD kid will have someone he's familiar with as an anchor. Paige will be starting her senior year and I'm the one having issues with that while I'm sure she has some kind of ticker hidden somewhere from me that has the countdown to graduation and her turning 18.

Hmmm...I'm about to think I may need to up my nerve medication a tad bit, don't you think? I have another single parenting gig to do before the year is out as The Man has a 15 week course (THAT ISN'T HERE) he has to complete for his job. I got this. This isn't my first rodeo and I have a teenager that has a license so I'm not afraid of any bull!

You will pray for me, right?

And I promise to provide some really awesome pictures when I get my laptop up and running again.

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