Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving this Year

How was your Thanksgiving? Mine was dangit hard. In more ways than one.

This was my last Thanksgiving with my Paige where I knew she was going with us to her Nana's. Next year, she may have a boyfriend who will whisk her away to spend the holiday with his people. College sucks. I want her to grow up but on my terms, Internets. Yes, I know this is impossible and improbable, but I can think whatever I want in my head, thankyouverymuch.

I got a small taste of the future this Thanksgiving. She has a very close friend from childhood (Wait..she's still still a child, right? So they've been friends since they were 11 and 12 years old.) who was home from college for the week. They simply adore each other and always try to see each other when in the same area. She asked to go with A. on Wednesday evening to see one of his friends perform somewhere. I said sure and told her to be home (at Nana's) by midnight. I love A. He had her home and she was in the door by 11:34. *snort* Not me. I would have made it in the door at 11:59:59. The next day, Thanksgiving, I was making my list for Black Friday and checking it twice, when I received a phone call from A. He politely asked if Paige could accompany him and his mother and Aunts shopping that night. *sigh* This was to be the first year she was to go with us. Family rule states you have to be sixteen to go Black Friday shopping and we didn't go last year. I was looking so forward to having her go with us this year. (Family rule was just made last year. It's our family and our rules, man.) I told him sure she could go and have a blast. And she did. She hung out with A. and friend N. and they did massive people watching and laughing. I wasn't worried because we were all in the same area shopping and I even ran into her around 3 a.m. She made it home by 5:30 and we weren't far behind at 7:30 a.m. Some of you may think that's alot of freedom to give a teenager. She's a good kid. A. is a good kid. She doesn't go and do much because she hates high school. I loved high school and find this sad. I want her to love high school like I did, but she's an old soul. Always has been. High school is just a chore that has to be done in her mind. She's so excited for college and I can't really blame her. I think that's when she'll bloom and blossom and become even more fabulous than what she is now. (Is that possible??)

Now, we are starting to do early admissions for college. Graduation announcements have been ordered and her page in the yearbook in school has been designed by yours truly. I have to order her cap and gown this week and I already know who is catering her graduation reception here at the house.

Life is here. It doesn't matter if I'm ready or not. That kid of mine is sprouting wings and it won't be long before she spreads them and jumps from my nest.

Side note on me personally now. Thanksgiving was hard with the food. I won't lie to you. There was a lot I couldn't eat because carbs are not my friend at all. My sis-in-law and Mama made the sweet potato casserole with splenda, God bless 'em, but I still couldn't eat it. It's really hard to explain, but when you take a small bite, you'll know within minutes if you can handle it. I took two small bites and my system told me "Yeah, not now, girl." So, I listen. I was able to enjoy a piece of ham with giblet gravy on top so I was happy. My awesome husband wouldn't eat red velvet cake in front of me. How cute is that? All in all, I lost 2 pounds last week because food and I aren't the greatest of friends right now. Maybe next year I can have a taste of all that I missed out on this year. I am loving having more energy and being able to walk. Black Friday shopping was flippin' great because I could stand in line without my back breaking. I could walk and look as long as I wanted without desperately seeking out a bench to sit upon. So, all in all, Thanksgiving was great. Just the food part was hard.

I didn't take pictures like I intended to do because...well, it just didn't happen. I snapped a few with my camera phone but haven't put them on the laptop yet. I have a few games on my phone for the kids, especially The Boy. His favorite is a states game. (Stack the States on that little "i" phone thing.) Who would have thought that  a trivia game about the United States would be a seven year old's obsession? Anyway, I let him play from time to time and the Thursday before Thanksgiving he asked to play with my phone. I said sure. Little did I know he was going to take it to the bathroom with him and try to pee and play the game at the same time. Yep. It fell right on into the toilet. I didn't lose my mind. No need and because I didn't want a mouth full of fever blisters from stress. I put it in rice and did all the suggestions that was given to me on the book of faces. When it wasn't working again by Saturday evening, my husband ordered another one because we pay an obscene amount of insurance on that piece of technology and an even bigger obscene amount to replace it. I had it by Monday before we left out on Tuesday but many things were lost because Miss Hope didn't sync like she should. (She does now.) Hey! You should all go one day without your phone. Seriously. Monday, the kids were already out of school for the holiday and I had a dental cleaning. Afterwards, I met Neighbor Debbie and Sherry-Do for lunch. I had to run get some makeup from MaySee's when we were done. After that was done, I decided to wander around the store a little bit. I didn't buy anything, but just wanted to look. It was kind of nice not having my phone go off every few minutes from kids wanting/needing something or the hubby checking in. Don't get me wrong, I feel all naked without my phone and really hate to be without it but I did find out that I can survive and do well without it. Side note: We were all sitting around chatting at Mama's last week and I made the comment to my Daddy that I don't know how on Earth he let me out the house as a teenager without a phone. His reply? "I don't know how I did it either!!" Ahhh...the advances of technology!

Look how my explanation for not putting a picture on this post turned into some long rambling paragraph. Methinks I may have had just a tad bit too much coffee to drink this morning.

I am in the process of decking my halls. There will be pictures. I promise. Just a piece of useless information to put out there. Last year my whole budget went to the fabulous 12 ft. tree that graces my living room. I wasn't able to decorate my banisters and such but this year? Miss Hope pretty much spent as much in decorations as I did the tree last year. The Man is still recovering from me taking decorating classes and HAVING to have certain things to deck my halls. My mantle is giving me fits. I want elegant and gorgeous and it's not heading that way at the moment. Inspiration is eluding me right now with my mantle. Hopefully, it will all be done in the next day or two so I can share with you!

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