Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Thought from a Kid

I love my Makenna. She has been such an easy child to love and raise. She is by no means perfect because that sister is lazy as all get out and hates cleaning and has high aspirations of being rich and hiring a house cleaner for me and her later in life. I'm not going to argue with her thoughtfulness.

She's the kid who sits in the background and observes everyone and everything around her. Trust me, there are times I have to look around and see if she's listening because  her eavesdropping will come back to haunt you later. *shudder* Trust me on that one.

Remember I had a talk with her before I had my surgery? She has moments when she is sad for me because of certain foods I can't eat anymore. We both gravitate to the chocolate during that time of month and while she eats her monthly quota, she will look at me with sad eyes because without that chocolate goodness, she is a hot mess. I only get to enjoy sugar free chocolate pudding. I makes you sad, too.

The other day, out of the blue, she shocked me. She casually mentioned she had read my blog. I raised my eyebrows in question. I know my kids read my blog but after so many years of blogging, they kind of shrug it off and may go months without reading. It's cool, I don't mind.

She told me that she was worried when I had the surgery. When I asked her why, she said she was worried I wouldn't look like her Mama anymore. She went on to tell me that when she got to the progress post with the pictures, she was just blown away. She said..."You still look like my Mama, but you look so much healthier!"

I heart that kid.

I laughed and said thank you. I then commented that I think we favor more now my double chins are starting to recede. All my kids (and my niece Toot!) and I have the same pointy chin and cheeks. I can see it more now that my face isn't so swollen and puffy looking. It's the little things, friends.

I have to keep a closer eye on that sister. As calm and laid back as she looks on the outside..she worries on the inside. I need to make more of an effort and communicate better, I believe. The other two? If they are worried, you know it. There are no doubts what's going on with those two.

I wish I had a picture of the two of us, but the new phone (that wasn't dropped in the toilet) doesn't have one. I'm excited to take pictures this year and compare to last year. I promise to take pictures to share.

Speaking of pictures. I haven't taken any of my Christmas decorations. Can you believe that? I will, of course, take care of that soon. See, my husband has been out of town with a class for 15 weeks. Yes, 15 weeks. That's longer than a dang sea patrol. Sure, he's been home a few times for short weekend visits, but I need him HERE. I still can't believe I had this surgery and two weeks later he took off and I've been on my own healing with three kids. What was I thinking?

Anyway, he will be coming home this weekend. I am so excited I can't hardly stand it because he's taking Monday off to take me to Atlanta to a certain store that starts with the letter "I" with "ke" in the middle and an "A" on the end. My love knows no bounds for that place. I intend on doing some serious shopping and will be wearing the good shoes that day. No, the kids are not going. I don't have time for that mess. I need complete focus!!

I have now lost 73 pounds. When The Man and I went to that first initial visit with the doctor, Doctor C casually said that he bet I could lose 75 lbs before my husband got home from up North. I remember thinking, "Dude, you are high." Wow. I kind of wish I could lose those last two pounds before Saturday, but overall? I'm good. I still have a ways to go, but I'm chipping away at it every day.

If I don't see you before, you all have yourself a Merry Christmas.

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