Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Summer Miss Hope Went Crazy

People, I am losing my entire mind over here. No joke. After surgery, I quit all prescription medications while healing and the anti-anxiety pill was one of those. I never started it back because I thought I was cool and handling this thing called life pretty good.

Yeah, I started those bad boys back last night.

Two months until college.


Next week, The Man and I are taking our Baby Girl (a.k.a The High School Graduate and/or  The Legal Adult(am reminded of this on a regular basis)) to orientation at her university.

To say I am overwhelmed is a tiny little massive understatement. We have no clue where we have to go or what we have to do. I finally had my child pull up some kind of link on the computer with an itinerary of sorts.

Looking at it made me blink really really hard. It was confusing and of course they split us up from our child because *cue club music* she gets to go experience college and see how fun it is(!) and how cool life is going to be (!) while my husband and I get to do the adult fun stuff. What?? We get to go to a financial aid seminar while she has small group and gets a SOUVENIR!! (My sarcasm level is so high right now, you should be glad you can't hear my tone of voice.)

Now Miss Hope is a good person. If you're my friend? I got your back. I can take a lot and keep truckin'.

My truck ran out of gas right at that moment.

What did I do?

I clicked on many "contact us" links and I started emailing.

I mainly told them that there's nothing like dropping a few hundred bucks to go walk their campus and not knowing how to get to the flippin' campus. I also stated that we're not paying for college so how come we're attending the financial aid seminar?? (Hold your britches now. -okay, now go back and re-read that word. It's Southern for pants- We are helping her with expenses and such, we just can't whip out the checkbook and write a check for cool ten grand or more.)

I sent those emails last night when the anxiety was high and, therefore, I may have been a tiny bit  obnoxious, verbose, and not so nice. (I wasn't UN-nice....I was Southern Belle pissed off nice- there's a difference, you know.) Kudos to the university because I've already received two responses and methinks I may know a little more than I did last night by the end of the day.

I am a first time college student parent here. They need to recognize my need for communication and need for knowledge on how much debt they're going to give my child. You know, the kid that started out at 3 lbs 7 oz and right now? I just can't get past the whole watching her lay in the incubator deal thinking she would never grow up.

Medication, oh how I need thee.

Of course, my actions make my child roll her eyes and count down to the minute when she leaves this house and my froot loop acting self. *sigh* When do we stop being our kid's strongest advocate? I obviously didn't receive that instruction upon her birth and so now I don't know when to just let her do her thang.

You need to feel sorry for Makenna, too. Every road block we hit or what have you, I turn to her and point my finger and tell her she's not to do this or do that or she WILL do this and she WILL do that. Bless her laid back heart. She simply agrees with the Crazy Mama and goes about her business.

I hope and pray that the anti-anxiety medication won't take long to work in my system. That's another thing there. I don't know how the new plumbing inside of me will react, so it's a wait and see kind of deal. Hopefully, my system will say, "Hey, Celexa!! Where ya been? Welcome home, friend!" and open its arms and give it a big ol' hug and let it start where it left off ten months ago. I think my family is praying harder than I am at this point.

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andria said...

Mail me some of that stuff because I am already crying about kindergarten and it doesn't start for another six weeks.

You know I've been praying for you and will continue to do so. You lead the path for me, I will learn from you so I'll be prepared when I get there in seven more years.

*fanning myself lest I pass out*

Also, I would love to know where Paige is going to school. I know you don't want to post it here, I know I wouldn't, but if you are so inclined maybe message it to me.