Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Think Again

Ya girl here is TIRED. 

Let me tell you what my dumb self did. Wait, me and Ange (my gym partner) did this. And it was dumb. 

It was a gym day like pretty much every Wednesday. The menopause has me with a little bit of regain. 

Not today, Satan. 

Therefore, I have amped my workouts up a notch. I get to the gym around 30 minutes before Ange and try to get some extra cardio going on. They have this new elliptical that half kills a person. I just started it this week and even on the lowest resistance, I can barely manage a solid ten minutes. Those ten minutes equal around 2.5 miles. 

Stay with me here. 

After those ten minutes, I jump on the treadmill and start going. Today, I managed around 13-15 minutes before Ange got on the treadmill beside me. I decided to see what was on tv to keep me occupied and distracted. 

Say Yes to the Dress? Closed captioned?!! Yes!

Ange put her tv on the same channel and we proceeded to critique dress choices and enjoy ourselves. The show ended and we still had around ten minutes left on the dreadmill. 

Cue the next show. About people searching for their birth parents. 

Lord bless, we got emotionally involved before we knew it. 

Then light bright here said....Hey Ange? How about we skip weights today and just walk? We can get extra cardio in AND finish this show. 

Remember how we started walking during the previous show?

This show we were invested in.....was an hour long. 

We watched the ENTIRE thing while walking. 

I ended up with 6.77 miles overall by the time I finished. Oh, and guess what? The treadmill automatically goes into cool down mode at an hour. Yup. I started it back up to finish watching this show. 

We burned some serious calories because we didn’t just leisurely stroll. We WALKED. 

We were so exhausted by the time we sat down at the diner. What were we thinking?? 

Now I sit here on my front porch with an aching lower back that is solidly pissed at me. (Side note: got DDD (degenerative disc disease)   I checked my apple watch progress and see that I have 19K steps on the books for today. I could go take a walk and aim for 20K. Yeah, that mess ain’t happening. The gym is on the schedule for tomorrow as I need to get in at least 3 workouts a week and I kinda like to spend Fridays with The Man and the gym quit offering childcare (for Ange’s son-who has a piece of my heart) on Fridays. 

I am going to be hatin’ life tomorrow morning when I need help getting out of bed. 

Next time we get on the treadmill? We’re gonna need to think again before we get all crazy like that.


Sigh. My body is too broken for this mess. Why do I keep it up??

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andria said...

I need to lose twenty pounds. I need someone to go to the gym with me.

I fixed my blog. You can read it again at least. I am hoping to start it back up again. These kids with all their things.