Thursday, May 04, 2006

Males and Magnets

We all know something about magnets. I won't get into the scientific aspect of it, but I will bring back to mind an old saying or two. Remember "Opposites attract." or " Polar opposites"?

Men believe that they have magnetic personalities. Some are sadly disillusioned that they can just draw women in. Come on girls, we've all experienced a few like this.

Well, I'm going to go a different route with men and magnets.

I personally believe that ALL males are born with dirt magnets under their skin. Especially the face, hands, and feet. I can dress my son for church and sit him down in front of the television while the girls finish and I promise you, he will have a dirt smudge somewhere on his person before we get to the church. And it's not in my house, that's for sure. I have no idea how he does it.

And men. Grown men. How is it I can cut the grass and do yard work and barely have a speck of dirt on my person when I'm done, yet my husband looks like he's been farming? In black dirt? I just don't understand how a man can wear a uniform and come home with grease all over it. Especially when he has a particular uniform to wear when he's in the engine room working. I've given up asking him where he and boys are playing on the way home from work.

Just to point out here. My husband is gone a majority of the time and therefore has to do his own laundry. It could be that he just doesn't care to treat stains like the fanatic that I am, so by the time he gets home, the stains are set for life. Who knows.

I just know it's not only my husband and son. I've talked with friends and they have the same exact problems. We are perplexed and want to have certain tests run to confirm the "dirt magnet" theory.

I guess as long as I have spit, I'll be able to clean Vitt up. At least until he gets totally grossed out when I do it and runs away.


Pro-Divorce said...

I think the reason is because of how men go about things. By nature, men are agressive. We don't just "cut the grass." Women might cut grass, but men "cut the shit out of it."

Miss Hope said...

Point taken, Pro.

Crazy Me said...

I completely understand. After a day of working in the sun, I smell like fresh roses (LOL!) but my boy smells like a goat. I'm telling you .... a goat!!!!