Wednesday, May 17, 2006

This is What Happens

What happens when you are twelve years old and you have the weight of the world on your shoulders?
When everything that everyone does just pisses you off to no end?
When you believe that God made you the only intelligent life form on this earth?
When no one understands the black hole that is your mind?
When no one understands that there is NO GREY!!!! It is all black and white!!!!!
When you have to hate the very air that your mother breathes?
When there is no solution but to dramatically turn and walk to your room and slam the door to drive your point home?
Over...and over....and over......and over.....and over(to infinity) again?

Your door falls off the hinges. That's what happens.

I am so not gonna get it fixed.


Crazy Me said...

Wow! Off the hinges, that's impressive!!

Jacinda said...

Signs of my life to come perhaps??!?

*sigh* Hope, Gracie is already exhibiting such signs of drama at 5! You better still be my friend when she hits 12!!!!!!! Please!