Thursday, June 08, 2006

You Decide...Stolen Property? ....or not?

I hate dealing with cell phone companies. I love my cell phone and the liberties that it provides, but I lose more enamel with some serious teeth grinding when something goes wrong.

Fred, Paige, and I had the same phone. Was a nice phone. Took pictures and all. Fred and Paige's started to literally fall apart. Fred and I took them in and got an upgrade on ours. I passed mine on to Paige. Now it's fallen apart. You want to talk about a sky high level of anxiety???? That sister is falling apart without that phone, man.

I find out that I can not upgrade hers because it is a secondary line. I look into the VERY young face of the guy telling me this and I say: "Fine. Then cut it off and waive the drop fee. I will not pay a monthly bill for a phone that I can not use and is obviously defective." I love the expressions sales people get when I climb on that high horse I keep in the back stable. I did take a tiny bit of pity on him and said..."Can we borrow a battery so she can at least get phone numbers?" The bottem had fallen out of the phone so the charger wouldn't work. He led me to the tech support desk. He went in back and brought a battery around. As he went to walk off, I asked what to do with the battery when I was finished? He said just hand it to the tech support guy. Cool.

That sister had almost 150 phone numbers in that phone!!!!!!!!!!! There's no way she knows that many people!!!!!! I started writing them down and got tired real fast of that crap.

I got the frustrated look and said...we're leaving. I'm not doing this. Paige is starting to freak...she NEEDS those numbers. I do the battery thing and hand one back to the tech guy. I turn and walk out of the door with one very upset tween and one clueless seven year old following behind me.

That chick grumbled the whole way to the van. When we got in and started to drive off...I said...."Paige turn your phone on." "BUT MOM...IT'S NOT CHARGED....IT WON'T!" I calmly told her to turn it on. It came on.

So, yeah, I kept the charged battery and gave them the dead one. It wasn't hurt. Just dead. I didn't have 30 minutes to sit and write phone numbers down.

Paige didn't know if I was cool or a thief.

I say no harm done. It was taken out of a bin of batteries and we needed the extra minutes to get the numbers down. The battery they got was perfectly fine.

Makenna kept looking to see if the law was coming to get me.

So. You decide. Am I a thief?


Pro-Divorce said...

Jeez, I've done stuff a lot worse than that and not thought twice about, no, you're not a thief.

Crazy Me said...

You so ROCK!!! I hate those cell phone stores. The lines are long and the people working there could care less. Mind you, I probably wouldn't either if I were getting paid min. wage but seriously ... is a smile too much to ask for?!

zerodoll said...

i would've done the same.