Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Mission Accomplished....I Think.....

I'm here. I'm still alive. I might question that at times.....

We've moved. We're in Georgia. I believe I'm still in a state of shock that I actually went through with it. Even when I pulled out of the yard in South Carolina behind my husband driving a was surreal. My family stood in the yard waving. I tooted the horn and off we went. I think around 100 miles later I was thinking......I AM CRAZY. THAT WAS MY MAMA I LEFT BEHIND. THIS IS ALL I OWN EXCEPT WINTER CLOTHES IN FRONT OF ME ON THE INTERSTATE. I kind of had a nervous breakdown en route. Well, you would too if your husband called you on your cell and informed you that there was no house available on base and you might have to live out of a hotel room....for 14 days...with three kids.....and a U-Haul in the parking lot. I told him to turn that buggy around and head it back home. And he didn't. I had to follow him...he had my stuff...and Makenna. That kid digs riding shotgun.

It was a helluva month. There's no nice way to put it. I've got so many stories that I've called my Mama to share. I intend on sharing with you folks, too.

We've been through raging viruses...flu-like sickness.....and have come through to the other side. I am now able to appreciate alot of things around me. Like trash pick up.....garbage disposals.......DSL...OMG...why didn't ya'll tell me how sweet that is? I am getting spoiled to the point I may never be able to live in the country again. Boy, will that piss my Dad off.

I've learned that I am old enough to be the mother of alot of my neighbors. The sweet couple above us? Ages 18 and 19. How nice. Remind me to tell you about how their bedroom is above Paige's room. Oh yeah. She could really entertain you with that one.

Went to the clinic the other day with Fred (another story for another time) and I noticed some young fellows checking in at our base. Fred noticed the look on my face and asked what?? I said...someone needs to feed them!!! They looked like they had 15 inch waists and the pants were STILL falling off of them. What on earth were they doing? They needed to be in the bathroom putting clearasil on while eating cake. Seriously.

Let me get my stories straight so as to entertain you.

While I do that...please tell me how to get Sharpie marker off of the wall. (Thank you, Son).

Where do I start?.......Palm trees? the social life of a tween? fire ants? Armadillos?............