Thursday, August 24, 2006

Squirrels and Armadillos???

I just have to comment on this. In fact, I think I comment on this daily around the house. Everyone is about tired of hearing it here.

When we moved to Georgia, I really didn't think it would be that much different from S.C. I mean, the South is pretty much the South when you stay below North Carolina. You can't buy alcohol on Sundays and in small towns, the streets roll up at dusk.

After living in the T.V.Q.* for five days, we had a home. In the military, you have to attend a briefing before the keys are handed over. A briefing? Like in Top Gun? In a secret room? Pretty much. You're given a folder full of rules and regulations that make your eyes glaze over. And it's not so bad. Anything breaks or seems the housing office. They're usually pretty durn good about sending someone over right away to take care of the problem. I could get used to this. Our lady "briefer" (is that a word) was very matter of fact and kind of dry. She has since become my friend because I'm her "Old Newbie". That just means that I'm an old lady who knows nothing but am not afraid to call or go by and ask questions. Not to mention she and I have WAY more in common than the 18 year olds that flit in and out.

Anyway, Patty (said briefer) gave us the lowdown on the local wildlife. We are located in an inlet area. There are snakes. Uh, okay. There are alligators. Uh, okay. There are armadillos. Uh, okay. Wait a minute....there's WHAT????? I actually stopped the briefing at this point to make sure I had heard correctly. Excuse me, please. I thought such an animal was located in places like TEXAS? I seriously did not believe her. I thought she was pulling our legs. And to the point I actually wanted her to go get one right then and show me!

Well, folks, they're here. And they're ugly. And like a possum, they become road kill quite a bit. This is what messed with me the most.

Last week I went to pick Makenna up from school. As I sat in the long line and waited for the teachers to get their act together, I watched the students start coming out of the school. In the little grassy area, there was an armadillo. I sat up straight in my van and looked closer. I promise you.....that sucker was rambling around like he was a squirrel!! I expected him to scamper up a tree with nuts in his mouth any minute! And the kids walked around him and didn't pay one bit of attention. The horn blowing behind me reminded me to move up in line.

I am still in shock. Armadillos? In Georgia????

* I am becoming better and better at talking acronyms. Because that is how the military talks, you letters. T.V.Q.- transient visitor's quarters. Broken down for us civilians? A hotel on base for active duty. Very nice. Clean. and a room for you for the low price of $22.00 a night.


gnightgirl said...

Armadillo roadkill: Yuk. I thought possums were bad!

Miss Hope said...

I'm pretty sure they can tear the underside of your vehicle to pieces. I don't know how they die....that shell won't break for nothing!!!!