Monday, April 19, 2010

Legitimate Reasons

My oldest had her 16th birthday last week. Wednesday, to be exact. She is now a tad bit upset with me because I haven't done her birthday post as of yet. I've been working on it, but this one is pretty special. Plus, I took lots of pictures that evening that I want to share with you.

The following reasons are why I didn't get her post out on time.

1. I went to the doctor on Tuesday and she gave me a new nerve medication. That I took Tuesday night. Wednesday, I was in a stupid fog. Drove me crazy. I finally had to sleep a few hours Wednesday afternoon so I would hopefully have my wits about me to enjoy my daughter's birthday supper. I have not taken that medication since.

2. Wednesday, after we got home from the birthday supper, my husband sneezed as he was getting out of the truck. He then started complaining that his chest hurt. I chalked it up as he pulled a muscle when he sneezed.

3. Thursday, my husband calls me from work to tell me he is going to the hospital since his chest still hurt. I met him up there around noon. Approximately six hours later I came home and left him there as an overnight guest. Of course, they were running many many tests on his heart and it was going to be an overnight deal with a treadmill stress test first thing Friday morning.

(All tests came back fine on his heart. It was either a pulled muscle or acid reflux.)

4. Friday morning found me cleaning house like crazy as Neighbor Debbie and Neighbor Greg were coming for the weekend. Losing Wednesday and Thursday threw me way off in my cleaning. I spoke briefly with my husband who had not had anything to eat since the previous evening. I kept cleaning and calling periodically and he finally got that test around 11 a.m. I was getting very frustrated as I still needed to get groceries before our guests arrived.

5. I picked my grumpy caffeine deprived hubby up around 2-ish (with Diet Coke in hand) and we did a quick run through the commissary. We arrived home to guests waiting on us.

6. I did not get to see much of my laptop the whole weekend as I was enjoying time with my friends.

See? I have totally legitimate reasons for not having her post up yet! I want it to be special and fitting for her. Plus, I have a new laptop and haven't figured out how I want to upload pictures to it. (I know, bad grammar.) Last week was honestly a blur (with one hazy drugged day-won't do that again.) Please say that when I get her post up and available, we can all pretend it's still her birthday and you'll say great wonderful things? Thanks, Internet. You are the bestest.


Dani said...

Of course Miss Hope ... I've been looking forward to your birthday post. Those are legit reasons ... and she wants it to be good I'm assuming. Better late and of great quality than rushed and on time.

I Am Boymom said...

Waiting with great anticipation for the b-day post! Glad to hear all was well with hubby. The great thing about good friends/neighbors? They understand when you have those days and waiting for you to get home is no big deal. Glad you made it through the week intact.

The Longs in Italy.... said...

Hi! I just found your blog and I LOVE you background! Also, you have a beautiful family! I hope all is well in SC! I sure do miss it there!