Sunday, May 02, 2010

She's Sixteen

You won't believe how hard this post has been for me. I feel like a really bad Mom because I haven't written this before now, but it's just been too hard for me to find the words that would make for an amazing post and tribute to my daughter.

So many times I've sat down to write and just sat here with my hands on the keyboard. So many times I've had amazing thoughts that, of course, happen when I'm nowhere near my computer to write them down.

I've finally decided to just wing it.

My oldest child turned 16. Wow. She's sixteen. It's one of those milestone birthdays that mark great and wonderful things. Drivers licenses, single dates, and Independence.

That makes me start breathing hard with anxiety right there.

This is my baby girl. The baby that laid in an incubator for almost a month because of being premature. The baby that changed my entire world and taught me the meaning of unconditional love. My heart grew a thousand times larger than possible the first time I laid eyes on her.

I remember sitting by her incubator recovering from my c-section and promising that I would always love her and look out for her. The love part has been easy, but looking out for her? Well, sister is making that harder to do the older she gets. She has a mind of her own and sometimes Mama is old fashioned and stubborn.

I feel so guilty that we moved her in the middle of her high school life, in the middle of her tenth grade year, right before turning sixteen. She hasn't has time enough to make great friendships here in her new home so a party wasn't really the best idea. We had family and friends come visit around her birthday and they surely helped make up for the lack of a Sweet Sixteen party.

It was my goal to hopefully make Paige's birthday as special as I could. She wore a very cute outfit to school that day. I always get the morning birthday picture, but that girl runs late every single morning and I was lucky enough to get a "Bye, Mama! I love you!" before she headed out the door to run meet a waiting bus. Each person gets to pick out where we eat when it comes to the birthday. I have to admit to loving this new home area as the choices are many. Paige chose Carrabas for her supper and I applaud her good taste.

That afternoon, I had some presents wrapped for my girl and they graced our hearth beautifully. One present went with us out to eat and she was allowed to open the others before we left. Being the Mama I am, I had to snap a few pictures of her with the siblings and the parents because I wanted her to always remember this day that was all about her.

We had an amazing supper with the best server in the world. Our server was so awesome, she finagled two free desserts for for each of the candles I had brought with me. It was the perfect meal that we enjoyed to the fullest. The Man and I are on the evil side, though. The one thing that girl has asked for, and has wanted for years is an Ipod touch. We've been hesitant because of the internet abilities it has. We finally decided to get her one that came with rules. When we went to purchase it, we noticed the Zune and had a great salesperson who knew their geeky junk explain the difference. We decided to go with the Zune with the option of bringing it back if she didn't like it. When supper was almost done, I solemnly told Paige that we finally decided NOT to get her an Ipod touch. Even though she tried not to, her face fell. I could tell her enthusiasm for that last gift (that she just KNEW was the Ipod) was gone. Finally, I gave her the go ahead to open her gift. When she finally realized what she opened, it was hilarious. Seriously, kid, we do stuff like that all the time! You know you should only halfway believe us when it comes time for gifts!

Paige, you are amazing. You are such a bright light in our lives. I feel so blessed that God has let you be in our lives and He gave me the gift of raising you. From your naturally curly hair to your feet that look like your Nana's...I love you. When you tell me your plans for the future, I almost burst inside because no matter what you decide to do, you're going to rule it and love it with a passion. While we know that right now I am your mother and not your friend (it's the way it has to be at this point and time), I look so forward to our future when we can be friends...because I know you will be one that I treasure. I am a little sad that it won't be too long before you spread those gorgeous wings of yours and fly from our nest. I do have to say I'm proud as heck, though, because you'll know how to wash your clothes and cook the best omelet in the world. You will go far and you will go the distance with your head held high looking the world right in the eye. One thing I ask? Never get tired of hugging me and telling me you love me.

Let that light of yours shine, Baby Girl. You're sixteen and beautiful.


*Now for the picture show that we all love!* I apologize in advance for dark pictures. I was able to lighten them up in a photo program I use, but for some reason, am unable to access that program to get the fixed ones to use on here. What can I say? I got a new camera and so far, it has gotten the best of me.

I love these bags! Found them at Walmart and had to get the matching set because it was just so cute!

Perfect bag for Miss Thang. I pray that she realizes that she truly is fabulous.

I was able to lighten this up and make it pretty in my picture program. My girls. My beautiful girls.

One of my favorite pictures. They are starting to become friends and this picture shows the love they have for each other. This is one I treasure.

When you have a wild child and a puppy to photograph? A good picture might be hard to come by.

This is what you usually end up with when everyone is in the picture.

Me and my girl. Can I just say I'm so glad I got my hair done and that yucky deal I had going on is gone! Whew.

Love love this picture! I did get a great one of the two of them, but you have to love this one the best. Yep, I got the perfect teenage look here.

Every lady should have a special birthday hat. Wait until you see mine. Heh heh. Yes, she wore this out and she put it on in the restaurant. We are cool like that.

Oh yes. Two fabulous desserts we all thoroughly enjoyed. Very proud of myself for remembering candles and for having an amazing server who went above and beyond the call of duty to help us make this a very special occasion for our girl.


andria said...

Girl, I couldn't find the words to write about my middle turning five. That was in January. Everytime I try I tear up. FIVE. I also sobbed trying to write about the three year old. You see what I got there. Sixteen would kill me.

ThePaige said...

(: I love you Mama...

Monogram Queen said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Paige - she's got a pretty awesome Mamma too! Hope your love just shines through like a beacon. I love it!

The Man on the Edge said...

I know that we butt heads on a regular basis, but, I know that part of it is you growing up and pushing your boudaries. And, you know that if I didn't love you and worry about you then I wouldn't worry about how you go about things.

I want you to always remember, that, no matter how much we go at each other, I truly do LOVE you (more than I really ever thought possible) and am proud of you. You will go on and do great things in this life of yours.

I Love You,
Mr. Fred

andria said...

Holy Crap Edge People!

As if I didn't have tears enough (right before church on top of it)reading the finished version, Fred's comment pushed me over MY edge.

Happy Birthday Paige! 16 (and 17 and 18) can be really hard, but dang, with parents like that to back you up it should be smooth sailing for you.

Anonymous said...

♫♪♥ Happy Birthday X's & O's ♥♪♫ to Miss Paige again!!! Lots of love from all us Parker People!!!!

Roni said...


GREAT photos Hope!!

Kristi said...

This got me all choked up. My oldest is 10, and he seems all grown up these days and actually likes spending more time with his friends than us! What?! We are not the center of his world anymore? :) You have a beautiful family girl...we are all so blessed!