Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Day for a Memorial

We went home for the Memorial Day weekend since The Man had the day off and it was my parent's birthdays (same day- year apart (I always feel like I have to explain that so people won't think it's a typo!)) and my beautiful niece had her dance recital and first solo. It was a busy weekend like always. I was happy to see a few people at the recital I haven't seen in a while...almost like a mini reunion. Add in going to our home church on Sunday and we were the last ones to leave the parking lot as we were talking to every person we could as we miss them so much.

Anyway, my husband was thanked many times for his service with it being Memorial Day and all. He was kind and gracious, yet felt compelled to tell people that Memorial Day is for the fallen military members. I would then be kind and gracious enough to touch his arm and remind him of how many times he fell down on those submarines where he served many years.

I am sad to say that I never really appreciated the military and all they do until I married my submariner. You really don't have to understand the sacrifices the families make. If you haven't walked in those particular shoes? You really can't fathom their day to day lives. And that's okay. It's not a bad thing. I met someone this weekend for the first time and we got to chatting (you always get to chatting when I'm around!) and I found out that her father was military and I stopped her and said "Thank You." She got it. She simply said, "You're welcome." and we kept talking. I need to tell my Grandma "Thank You." She was a military wife for a short time and then had to turn around and let her only son go to Vietnam. She prayed all day long every day for his safe return and didn't breathe good until he was back home. I get that. My Daddy lost one of his good friends to Vietnam. Forty years has lessened the loss, but he doesn't forget. Ever.

You want to hear one of my shameful secrets? When Paige got to high school and wanted to be in the NJROTC (Navy ROTC), I was dead set against it. I hated the thought of her doing anything military. Let me tell you, my family knew exactly how I felt, too. She went ahead and did it, but I did NOT support it in any shape or fashion. I remember at the open house the school had, another parent was in the ROTC room with their kid and they were all gung ho about their kid being in the program. The more they talked? The angrier I got. We were all walking out at the same time when my temper just flared. This guy made a comment (and I can't remember what it was), but it set me off. I turned and looked at him and said, "I do NOT support my child doing this program. Let someone ELSE'S child do the military family had done enough!" I turned and walked off and left the guy standing there in shock. I'm so sorry, Mr. Guy, for how I acted. That program was one of the best things my child could have done. She excelled at it, won awards, found a family of friends, and had an amazing teacher in her crusty ol' retired Master Chief. I am so ashamed of how I felt. Looking back, I think it was fear more than anything. Fear that my child would join the military and leave me and be in danger. Now? If one of my three decide the military is the way for them? I am going to suck it up best I can, smile, and support the mess out of them...busting with pride the entire way.

I want to also mention that while we were in South Carolina visiting this weekend, my "sister" Lu's intended, Chris, lost his father in a tragic motorcycle accident. The girls were out to supper while the men were watching the kids when he got the call. Chris called Lu while we were eating and she immediately took off to be with him. It was just a bad deal. I am grateful that the way the circumstances fell, we were in town at the time. We spent some time with them before heading back Monday evening. My heart goes out to Chris and the family as they bury his father today. Please, if you can, keep them all in your thoughts and prayers. It was just so unexpected and Mr. Randy will be missed by many people.

I have a few things stirring in my blog pot that I'm going to be sharing soon. School is out now so I have company during my day. Paige is doing a summer school gig to get her credits straight so she can enjoy her Junior and Senior years. She's being a good sport about it all, bless her heart. She's doing AP English next year so she has homework the whole summer for that subject. Craziest thing I've ever seen! She has homework assignments due for that class all summer before school even starts. My understanding is they have a big test the second day of school in August when they start back full time. She's already read her two assigned books (remember "Catcher in the Rye"?) and has started the drudge work. I have issues with bogging kids down during the summer months. Childhood only lasts so long, people! As it stands, though, I will take and pick her up for the next five weeks and make sure she has internet to turn in her English work.

You go on and try to enjoy this hot weather that's going on right now. It's time for me to see exactly what these new air conditioning units can do in this house of mine!


Krys72599 said...

Love this post! Love the honesty, love the love, love the friendship, and love the promise of great blog posts to come!

Anonymous said...

Love You, Hope!