Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Tasty Good

We interrupt our regularly schedule programming to bring to you a cute pet moment.

We are in a new world here at The Edge. The world of raising a puppy. How educated we have become since Prissy has joined our family. She's cost us money we didn't know we'd have to spend and has brought great entertainment value to our evenings.

A week or so ago, we were all settling in to watch some television. Most probably, it was a season finale we were looking forward to and excited to see. All of a sudden, Paige hollered and jumped up off of the couch.

There was a huge green spot on my light colored carpet. Apparently, Prissy had found Makenna's watercolor paints and chose the green one as her new thing to gnaw on. Oh, what a fun marvelous time she was having with that little square of green goodness. When Paige finally got it away from her (it was half way gone), there were more than one green spot for her to scrub up immediately so as to keep it from settling in and staining the carpet further.

Our focus was on getting the carpet clean...then we saw Prissy.

We were laughing so hard then, it was hard to breathe.

We started asking her if she enjoyed eating the leprechaun as she had a green beard around her mouth. Her tail would wag like crazy and she literally grinned. This was caught on camera.

Therefore, I find it necessary to share with you what your pet would look like if they, too, were able to enjoy a leprechaun snack.

Why, thank you! That leprechaun snack was tasty good! She may have been yawning when Paige took the picture. I choose to believe she's grinning.


Krys72599 said...

As absolutely cute as Miss Prissy is, your story is that much better!
LOVE the way you write, Miss Hope!

Monogram Queen said...

Girl you will get so much enjoyment out of that little bundle of doggy sweetness!
All they want to do is love you and make you happy.
It is plain as day she is grinning!

Anonymous said...

What a sweet girl Miss Prissy seems to be. It's amazing what our furry children show us.

Lishak said...

How utterly adorable! They sure can be stinkers, but they are so lovable too! :)Thanks for sharing that pic. Made my day!

Anonymous said...

Most definitely a grin!! And since Miss Prissy enjoys those leprechaun snacks, send her my way - seeing as how Miss Ma'am is still insisting that "a nasty little leprechaun did it."