Monday, October 04, 2010


You know what I love about my country? Until things change (and I sure hope they don't!), I am allowed to have my very own personal opinion. How cool is that? Actually, it's a good thing since I am a very opinionated person. I have many many people who can attest to that fact.

Just so we're square with each other, let's please understand that my blog posts consist of MY opinions. If you share my opinions? Awesome! If you don't? I'd love to hear your side, but don't go and get ugly on me now. Respect is a mighty fine word if used correctly!

I support Arizona and what they are trying to do to control the illegal immigrant issues that are happening. I live in Georgia, and that's quite a few miles down the road from Arizona. We have serious illegal immigrant issues going on here. Everywhere I look, I see people who aren't here legally and I get so angry over it. Why? Because they are taking jobs away from American citizens. Our country is struggling and we're giving away jobs to people who are here illegally.

The other day, The Man, The Boy, and myself went on post/base (I say it like that because apparently the Navy and Army call their homes different terms) to run some errands. Do you know what I have to do to drive my vehicle past the armed gate? I have to have a certain sticker on my car (that states it is registered with government and approved to drive on base/post.), I have to show a military I.D. to the guard and it has to be current. I have to PROVE that I am allowed to go past that gate. As I drove to the commissary, I quietly fumed over the fact that I have to prove on a regular basis that I have the legal right to be in this country when I was born on American soil.

If a member of law enforcement were to approach me and ask to see my identification, I would have to prove that I am who I am. I have a driver's license that proves I have complied with the LAW and went through proper channels so I can drive a vehicle in this country. I have proof of insurance and a registration that also shows my willingness to comply with the law governing vehicles on our roads.

If I am away from my home, I can guarantee you I will have at LEAST two forms of a picture I.D. with me. I am perfectly okay with this. You want me to prove I am who I am? Hold on a second and let me get my wallet. I'll be GLAD to show you my identification.

Now, before you go and get upset with me, let me tell you this. I have a Hispanic last name. Oh, yes, I do. My handsome husband is either 3rd or 4th generation (on both sides) Mexican and Czechoslovakian. What a combination that man of mine has flowing through his veins! He has his mother's anglo features and his father's coloring. Many people think he's Italian when they first meet him. My son has my chin, but he looks like his Poppies (my father-in-law) spit him out. When I see the two of them together or pictures of my FIL when he was a young child, I am amazed that this kid who is 75% Caucasian, 12.5% Mexican, and 12.5% Mayan Indian looks as Hispanic as he does. Why, his last name is more Hispanic than him!

My favorite recent moment was at open house for 1st grade this year. His teacher asked us if The Boy spoke Spanish. I stopped. Blinked. And looked at her. I said, "Why?". Her eyes got real big and she stuttered as she said, "Well, his last name is Hispanic.....?" I looked at myself and back at her and said, "I am the original white girl, and you ask me that?" She looked as if she had put her foot on a land mine and was deathly afraid to move. My husband went on to explain to her that we don't do the African American, Hispanic American, Asian American, Native American terms in our home. We are all Americans and we speak the language of our constitution-English. (Personally, I wish we did speak Spanish some at home, but the only person who knows any is Paige and she's only in Spanish II in high school.) Let the record show that when I have to fill out forms for anything, such as school, or doctors, I never check the ethnicity box. I always check "Other" and fill in the blank with "United States of America natural born citizen". The color of skin shouldn't matter.

*I know I'm rambling and I'm pretty sure there's a point in here somewhere, so hang with me until I find it, please.*

A few weeks ago, my next door neighbor decided to build a retaining wall between his house and ours. The houses are built on hills here with each house a few feet higher than the previous one. Erosion dictated that he needed to shore up his side. I was excited that he was doing this because we also need to build one on the other side between us and the next neighbors. I told him to bring the crew in and if they did a good job? Then we'd get them next! I ran an errand a few days later to come home and find two guys in his yard making plans on how to build this wall. I walked over, stuck out my hand, introduced myself, and expressed my excitement and hopes of getting my own wall. They were very friendly and outgoing...picking up Prissy and chatting. I left them to make plans and went about my business. The next week a work crew shows up and get busy quick. I took Prissy outside for her personal business and strolled over to the edge of my patio. I spoke to the crew working. A simple "Hello"..not expecting great conversation. The one white guy in the group laughed and hollered back all good boy sounding and said, "They don't none of them speak no English." This was one of the guys I had spoken to earlier. I said, "Really?" He replied with a "No ma'am." I then said..."So, none of them are here legally." Didn't ask, simply stated. He froze and I just turned and walked back inside. I was so livid and angry. I so need that stupid retaining wall but it will be a cold day in Hades before I'd use this company.

I have a brother-in-law who was laid off from work. He is a very talented carpenter(journeyman). He has put in resumes all over the flippin' country but is too qualified to get hired or won't work for $25.00 a day because he has a family to provide for and raise. He WANTS to work. Therefore, he is having to take simple handyman jobs to make some money when he should be working 5 days a week with some occasional over time thrown in.

I get so put out with the whole issue. By the way, if you think I'M opinionated on this subject? Please, please, PLEASE, don't open this subject with my conservative, originally from Arizona, of Hispanic heritage husband. I love visiting Arizona (that state is so beautiful), but I don't think we need to go until things settle down some. I can see my husband opening his mouth at the wrong time in the wrong place it getting ugly quicker than you can blink.

So, I believe that if American citizens have to comply with American laws, then those who are here legally and/or visiting should also. I believe if you are here illegally? Go home. Come back the right way. I would never leave the USA without an American issued passport and there are very few countries I would even visit to need one. If you disagree with me? I'd love to hear your opinion!

p.s. Please, don't tell my husband about this post.


Karen said...

Right there with ya Hope!

Krys72599 said...

Amen! And Hallelujah!
And btw, I think Fred reads your blog. I'm just sayin'...

The Man on the Edge said...

Besides, you shouldn't have put on your facebook that you posted.

You know I feel the same way. You see, we don't have anything against immigration, just when it is done illegally.

I don't even have a problem with people wanting to come here to work, that's what work visas are for.

Other countries expect us to respect their laws when we go over there, it should be reasonable for us to expect people to respect our laws. And, don't go giving me that bit about how they are law abiding citizens, if they were law abiding, they would have gone through the proper channels to be here. Also, you can't say you are law abiding when by the very fact that you are here, you are here illegally.

Now, I am just saying.

The Longs in Italy.... said...

Oh I so agree!! And my sister who lives in Arizona, well, don't get her started on this subject! The crime rate for murder and rapes is high there, who is the majority doing those things? Yep, you guessed it! The only thing I feel bad about is that I live in another country, yet I do not speak Italian besides the words I need to know. So, shame on me!

I will add this.. being that I live in another country.. I DO abide by their rules!

Lishak said...

While I agree with you on most points, those workers could have been here legally. You do not have to speak English to have a work visa. Just saying. :)

Michelle said...

another reason we are friends:)