Thursday, October 21, 2010

I Believe

I believe every woman (or man who likes to cook) should know how to make a pot of rice. There's alot you can do with rice. Being from The South dictates that I know how to make rice because there's going to be a church potluck or family dinner that will require this dish. For some people, this is an easy dish. Two cups of water for one cup of rice for twenty minutes covered just doesn't cut some times, Internets. You have to be one with your stove and pots. I have one pot that can cook perfect rice. If I get all wonky acting and grab the wrong pot? My rice isn't up to par. My stove in Saint Marys was older, but it would cook that rice perfect in 18 minutes. My new flat top I now have? Takes 22 minutes to finish it up to perfection. Know how to make rice is good advice.

I believe that everyone should own a nice set of dress clothes. Two sets would be perfect. People die and get married all the time. There's nothing worse than having to attend a wake and funeral and you have nothing to wear. What's worse is if you're the one grieving and having to shop for something appropriate. My family goes to church so I am prepared for such occasions. Little boys need those khaki pants and a button down because tennis shoes at the funeral just aren't right (in my opinion). Black pants and a black skirt are essential to a woman's wardrobe. You can work whatever season is happening if you have those two staples sitting in your closet. Don't forget shoes. If you don't dress up often, you don't have to spend a fortune on dress shoes. Get those cute ballet flats for the ladies and grab a pair of dress shoes for the guys. Having them on hand is really a good thing.

I believe in being nice to your spouse. Some of you may have a raised eyebrow at this, but it's very important. I always try to tell my husband "Thank You" when he does something for matter how small it might be. Fixing my cup of coffee, doing a home project, paying a bill, taking a kid for an appointment all warrant a heartfelt thank you from this gal. I know it sure makes me feel good when my husband tells me thank you for something I've done. This is my second (and last!) marriage...I want to do it as right as I possibly can. Besides, in the long run, it shows our kids that parents who respect each other and use manners is a good thing. Hopefully, they'll grow up and do the same!

I believe in Santa. Oh, yes, I do. That kindly old soul leaves me a little something under my Mama's tree every year because of my belief. To believe in Santa is to believe in magic. (good, not evil) I love the Christmas season because it's Jesus' birthday and giving is just so much fun! Now, when I was kid, the receiving part was my specialty, but as I've gotten older? I love to give. I love to find that perfect present for a friend or family member and when they open it and their eyes light, that's good stuff.

I believe in a can of good hairspray. Yes, I am a child of the 80's and we who grew up then know what a good can of hairspray can do for a head of hair. Alas (and thankfully!) the days of high hair are gone, but there will come an occasion where you need that hair to stay fabulous and nothing helps better than a good can of hairspray. I have a regular every day can that I lightly spray over my head to tame those blasted flyaways, but underneath my bathroom sink is a can of high dollar liquid cement. I love that can of hairspray and secretly get thrilled when I have a reason to use it. I'm 16 again and freezing my hairstyle before hitting the door.

I believe everyone should be good at something. I don't care what it is you do. It can be cooking, cleaning, painting a house, gardening, singing, or dancing. Just find something that you excel at and can be proud of your ability in that area. I'm good at babies. I have been called The Baby Whisperer at times. I love babies and have this knack for figuring out their problems when they're fussy and I have ether in my arms when I hold them. I can lay my hands on a baby's forehead and tell you if they have a temperature and what it is to the degree. (The new digital thermometers throw me but I can usually get it to within a point range. For example, I'll tell you a temp is 99.8 and the digital thermometer will say 99.9 or 99.7.) It's true! I thought I had lost my touch and was tested a couple of weekends ago with a 14 month old. I was barely off from the digital reading. Made me brush my knuckles on my chest and bask in the knowledge that I still got it. I don't know if I'll be able to retain this indefinitely since I don't have access to baby sweetness on a regular basis now. If not? Then it'll be time to find something else I'm good at doing.

I believe raising kids will be the hardest thing I've ever done in my life. I never knew how hard it would be to let my children grow and make their own mistakes. I never knew that I could hurt so badly in my heart when I see my child suffering or hurt (mentally and/or physically). I'm not a violent person, but loving my children as much as I do has shown me that I would hurt anyone in my path if they meant my child harm. I never knew that opening myself to love my children unconditionally would have the power to make me grow as a person, woman, mother, sister, daughter, and friend. I would never ever trade my life with my children. Nothing can compare to the richness of color they've added to my life.

I believe I will go tackle the mountain of laundry I have waiting for me in the hallway. I'm trying to conserve energy and bring my light bill down a little bit by doing larger loads in my front loader. So far? It seems to be working. How about that? Oh, and Wynonna Judd is on Good Morning America and I have loved her since the 80's. She's one of my all time favorites.

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