Thursday, February 09, 2012

A New Teenager has Arrived!

My kids keep growing and becoming more awesome and I just get older. What's up with that?

This past Monday, my Baby Girl officially hit the big 1-3 !!! Yes, Internets, I now have two teenagers residing in my home. Makenna has hit that mysterious age bracket where emotions run high and life has potential to be one huge drama filled adventure. We've all been there, right?

When I asked her what she wanted for her birthday, the only thing she wanted was a gift card to that place where JoAnn sells fabric and may be some cash to spend at Michael's store of craft goodness. Seriously. She got that sewing machine for Christmas and is itching to teach herself how to make her own fashions. Who am I to stop a designer in the making?

The past weekend was a bit hectic. My mother is in the hospital and we had to go check on her. She is quite ill with another stroke and aspiration pneumonia. ~sigh~ I am so thankful that her mind is sharp and her speech is unaffected. I spent my allotted ICU visitation time with her and hated to leave her on Sunday to head back home. Any thoughts and prayers you can send her way would be greatly appreciated.

Back to the Birthday Girl. Saturday, after a visitation with Nana, we went to grab a bite to eat. Thank goodness for Aunts who figure out the where and when for such a great occasion. I just had to really just show up with the Birthday Girl and family and just enjoy. Makenna picked her place of choice and there was a decent turn out to celebrate. I wish I could have gotten everyone to go but I just didn't have my full mental thinking going on with worrying about my Mama. We all enjoyed a good meal and headed back to the hospital to spend another 30 minutes with the greatest Nana on earth.

The Man has to work evenings this week. Ahhhhh..gotta love the joys of getting a nuclear power plant up and running. I don't even try to understand all he has to do. I do know it's a great responsibility and I'm proud of him and so glad I don't have to know the wealth of information he has to know daily. (I solemnly state on a regular basis that if we depended on me to know what he knows? We'd be living in a shack.)

I did not put off Makenna's birthday supper on Monday night because of The Man's schedule. It was her day and we were going to celebrate! Her choice of restaurant was a Japanese steak house. Her siblings rejoiced because that's a favorite special occasion place to eat. It was my first time going since the surgery and I admit to being a little anxious about it, but I did just fine (that fried rice has potential to be my downfall!). We had a wonderful time and fully enjoyed the food.

Makenna, you have to know how proud The Man and I are of you. I am in awe of your abilities on a daily basis. You don't wait for knowledge to come to you. You seek it out and absorb it like a sponge. You are the peacekeeper of the family and we some times cling to your calming presence like a life line. Your sarcastic humor reminds me of someone...could it be me? I love how you're happy with people and being alone with just yourself. I'm so excited to see the woman you will become as I watch you grow day by day. But, you know, you could slow down just a little bit and I would be perfectly okay with that. You are so loved and without you, our family would be woefully incomplete.

And just so you know? Give me a few more pounds and I am totally gonna smoke you on that dancing W*i game. Where do you think you got that rhythm from?? Humph.

Of course, I took pictures to share with our friends! I can't let such a monumental day go by without pictures!

Yes! This is the shirt I bought her in 2007. Little did I know the child would be able to wear it so much. Definitely a good purchase on my part. This year she snazzed it up with a cami underneath and pulling it tighter in the back. This was the morning before school. Paige let her wear her tiara (for all intents and purposes for the school and their dress code? This is a fancy headband.) and she was definitely a Princess.

Lawd, I love this Sugar Face. He is so tolerant when his Mama does stuff like this.

There is a plastic wine glass here at the house that I have no idea where it come from. Makenna loves to drink out of it and says she feels "all fancy" when she does. After a quick drop in at that Pier place, I thought it perfectly okay for her to have her very own real bona fide GLASS to be fancy. She, of course, adored it. *Note the kid in the background who loves to sneak in pictures.*

My reasons for living. Paige is gonna shoot me for this picture. If I disappear suddenly? You'll know why.

We were waiting for our table and I kept looking at her and marveling at how much she's grown and I just had to take a picture of the moment.

She will always be my Baby Girl.

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The Man on the Edge said...

Yes, Makenna, as your mamma said, we are very proud of you and wish you would stop growing sow fast!!

Folks, this IS the child that asked us if she could be frozen so she could skip her teenage years.

Lastly, thank you, my love, for the shout out. I am proud of you for all you do as well. Who knows what the kids would look like when they walked out the door if I had to worry about it daily? Let alone get them to all their appointments and such.