Thursday, March 22, 2012

Fixing up the House

So, for two years, I have waited for this painting gig to happen up in my house. I got a company with high ratings on that girl's List site to come in and give me quote. The lady showed up with her swanky pantsuit and matching scarf. She had the nifty laptop she could write her lists on. So impressive. I found the quote fair (after a consult with my Daddy, of course) and set up the date for them to get started.

This woman told me it was going to be one week from blah to fabulous. I lifted an eyebrow and asked if she was sure all this could be done in a week. She laughed and assured me that would be nooooo problem.


We are now on week two. They will finish up tomorrow. Two weeks of having my house torn to pieces. Plastic covering doorways to rooms not being painted. Dust here and there from repairs done to the wall prior to painting.

I can say that I am in awe of how much color can change a space. I find myself looking around and happy with what I see. I can't wait to finally get my furniture back in place with knickknacks on the shelves, but seeing the transformation has been fun. I won't get to do this again for quite a few years as (OMG) it costs an arm, leg, three fingers and two toes to have it done.

I am still trying to wrap my mind around the yellow I picked for the kitchen. I have always promised myself that I would have a yellow room and thought this was pale enough to not shock the eye. Everyone keeps reminding me that the curtains will tone it down and having blinds back in the windows will help. It's growing on me and I think the color is going to be right snappy when I pull all the accessories together in the breakfast room and kitchen next week.

Right now I am just trying to hang on in this mess of a house until everything is done. I am enjoying my new pendant light in the foyer and the prop engine off of a plane I am now calling a ceiling fan. No joke, that sucker has 70 inch blades and the motor really is an engine I put gas in once a week (okay, that part is a joke). It moves air in this two story living room like nobody's business and I really think it was a smart call when the hot Georgia weather hits this summer.

I didn't want you all to think I wasn't on my game here. I've taken pictures here and there for the before/after section you know I'll have to provide for you on here. I'm still in a quandary over curtains. I HAVE to have them now, though. The look won't be complete until they are up.

So, here I am, hanging on and anxiously awaiting having my house back to where I can snazz it up and have it ready for Paige's graduation reception in May.

Just a hint about the living'll crave ice cream if you come visit and see it in person.

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Krys72599 said...

OMG! No photos yet?!?!? We're dying here in NJ, dying to see pix of the wonderful burst of color you've added to youe home...