Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hello Number 8!!

Last week around Monday, my boy turned 8 years old. I have to blink because it seems like I just took his chubby cheeked self to 3K with Miss Kerry just last week.

It was a low key kind of birthday for the kid. Spring Break had just started here and we were planning to hit the road bright and early Tuesday morning to head to South Carolina for a few days with Nana and Papa. I put off our trip until Tuesday so The Man would be able to participate in the festivities. The Man missed his first two birthdays, thankyouverymuchNavy. I shall do my best to make sure that doesn't happen again if it is in my power.

Rule around The Edge is that you get to choose where to go for your Birthday Supper. At first, he was dead set on going to Golden Corral. Nothing against the G.C., but Miss Hope doesn't visit those establishments anymore since the surgery. I just can't justify spending that much money for a half cup of food and how on earth can you choose from all of that and only eat half of a cup?? You get me here? After he and I had a small talk explaining why Mama couldn't go there anymore, he decided that Red Robin would do. For the third straight birthday.

Carla Girl let her son Jace come for a sleepover the night before and those boys had the best time. We both are amazed at how well they play together and get along. There are no fights and lots of laughing when those two hang out. Jace decided he would accompany us to supper that evening and we surely didn't mind.

When Dad got home and before hitting the Robin, The Boy got to open his gifts. Yeah, good times. He got upgraded to a DS 3D. It was a last minute decision and I'm pretty glad we did. He takes care of his games and that little deal will save my sanity in tight situations when he needs distraction. We had the pleasure of cousins Cristin and Travis plus friends Sherry and James join us for supper. It was a full table with plenty of laughing and eating going on.

Boy of mine, I absolutely adore you. You make me laugh with your crazy sense of humor. I love how you want building kits and you tackle them with complete concentration and they always turn out amazing. I could some times live without  your play by play commentary when you're playing a game because you tend to get louder and louder. Those are the times I could use a volume button for sure. I love your compassion and sympathy when I can't eat a certain food and how you pay attention and remind me when I can't do something. School and all its wonderful structure makes you happy, but you dig a day of wearing pajamas, too. I am touched at the fact that you and your Sissy have already promised skype dates when she goes to college in the Fall and I'm even more touched when you two have "sleepovers" when there's a bad storm because the two of you hate storms at night. I love watching you grow and it's a privilege to be your Mama.

I had to get the whole birthday kid with presents shot, of course.

This is the kid I was telling to smile, but he wouldn't because I was making him wear shoes he didn't want to wear. I do believe he won't get another wear out of the birthday shirt. At least we were able to get three years out of it! He may be pouting, but he's still cute as can be!

The two buddies, Jace and Vitt. Truly a good pair of kids together.

We took the cake and the staff at Red Robin were amazing. They brought it out with candles blazing and singing loud. It was a great time and I can't help but wonder what he was thinking at this moment.

Yeah, this is my boy. I love him so good.

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Krys72599 said...

Those are some awesome b'day photos, Miss Hope!
Glad he had a loverly b'day!
And the Robin is a favorite place of ours, too... In fact, that's where I had Easter dinner with my hubby and my mom - it was just the 3 of us so why bother cooking a huge meal? No cooking? Eating out? That's special in my book!!!