Monday, June 06, 2005

A Pool...Issues...and Hawaiian Trunks

It is done. My brother, his wife, my parents, and my family are the proud owners of a pool! And this sucker is huge. After long debate and discussion it was decided that the purchase of one might help us maintain a grip on our sanity considering we have 5 kids. We talked about the 3.5 ft. compared to the 4.0 ft. It was determined that we would get the 3.5 ft. due to the small stature of 3 of the 5 kids. Well, suffice it to say, I got to Walmart and just couldn't pass up the 18 ft circumference of the 4 ft. one. We are big people! Well, I am and my hubby ain't no little boy. (have I told you he's tall, dark and handsome? I am so lucky!) My SIL loves the fact that I caved and the Big Boy. We had a fun time tonight getting it started. Mr. Anal Man aka My Dad...what are we going to do with him? He is hating this pool idea and grumbles the whole time we are setting it up. Excuse me? Is that my Dad out there on his hands and knees with a level? Is that my Dad out there making us move the tarp/ground cover 4 inches this way and 2 inches that way? humph. He complains about putting up with women (that would be me, Mama, and Des) I tell him there are men out there tonight that would kill to be in his shoes. He rolls his eyes. Did I mention the psycho kids running around ready to strip naked and swim?? Such sweet babies. It just couldn't sink in that it will be 3-5 days before we can even think of swimming because it will take that long to fill The Big Boy due to the fact we have an inground well and my father is convinced we're going to drain the water table below us and have to fork out 3K to dig another? For those of you who are not familiar with these kinds of pool (and you would have to be on another planet not to, because every other freaking house has one I think), you blow up the ring and as it fills with water the ring will rise and VOILA! have a pool. My sweet baby discovers he can throw himself OVER the ring into the inch of freezing water to run 18ft to the other side. And he didn't know the bottem would be slippery and he would bust his butt halfway there and skid the rest of the way. No fear has that kid. My dad mutters under his breath that he is putting up a death trap. My SIL and I choose to ignore this time. Oh yeah, good times will be had if we have anything to say about it. The Three Amigos (me, mama, and Des) are even talking about a picnic table and chairs. I even made the comment to my Dad that he and Mom could come out at night and that we could get some tiki torches......hook up a radio under the shed.....oooo la la. I say this while doing a sorry imitation of a hula dance. My oldest starts gagging. Daddy asks her what's wrong? She mom's a pervert. Girlfriend, you have NO idea! LOL.

We are going for counselling tomorrow. This will be Paige's 2nd straight week and I think it will be interesting. She had a big blow out on the phone with her dad this past weekend and I can't wait to see how she retells it tomorrow. Watch that poot-head not let me in on the session and I'll miss it all! No fair giving her the power to let me in or not. Dangit, I'm paying for this (or writing the check for it!) and I want to be nosy and know what's going on. Sometimes I wonder if my little girl is the only one with issues, then I get an email from an old friend whose daughter is dealing with issues too. Where on earth did all this stuff come from? Is there really a conspiracy with Happy Meals? I know they use steriods in the meat, but it can it really affect them this much? whew.

All in all, it was a decent day. Decent Mondays usually make for decent a week. I am going to cross my fingers.

Did I tell you my Dad does NOT wear shorts. I believe the last time I saw him in shorts was down at Santee when he swam. I might have been 14? TTA* have decided that he needs some bright Hawaiian print trunks so that he , too, can enjoy the Big Boy and drag a shorty kid around who is over their head. My husband is in on it and will check at the Navy Exchange tomorrow to see if he can find some. Ten bucks says he will wear them and will get in the pool. Any takers?

* The Three Amigos

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