Sunday, February 19, 2006

Interstate Blues

I had the opportunity to go see my hubby this weekend in North Carolina. I've done this a few times and even though it was only for one night......I packed up the kids and off we went. We won't get to see him again until April so we'll take any minute we can get.

So I'm driving home and started thinking.......

  • Why is the speed limit 65 mph for 5 miles.....70 mph for 10...back to 65 mph. Everyone is going at least 80. Let's all get along and fix these signs, people.
  • And my understanding is that the left lane is used primarily for passing slower vehicles on the right and IF this is true why on earth is that dilapidated van..held together with rust and duct tape .....blowing exhaust in my face going 60mph? IN THE LEFT LANE?
  • And just how am I supposed to focus with the Wiggles blaring in my right ear while my oldest HAS to listen to this cool song on the radio LOUD and I'm trying to talk to my husband with my cell phone headset so my left ear is occupied?
  • And the interstate signs are mostly in green and blue. My kids know to look for the blue signs on the right side of the road for rest areas and such. What about color blind people? Is this discrimination?
  • And I-95. Such a conglomeration of sights to see. I made mention to my husband that I always pass a boat being hauled. I thought I was going to make it all the way back without seeing one. No such luck. This HUGE boat was being hauled..taking up one lane and a few hairs of another. ITS A BOAT. A BIG ONE. Put that bad boy in the water and ride it down the coast. JEESH.
  • And the girls who rode across country? Twice? Without a whimper of complaint? What happened to them? I got a seven year old who had a gameboy, mini dvd player, AND 4 barbies tell me....Mom? I'm bored. Okay, baby. Pour that pain out.

These are just a few thoughts I had as I drove along. One other thought I had?

I'm glad I'm moving to be with my husband in a few months. Me going South and him going North? That's no way to be. I need someone there beside me to make these observations to. It's how it should be.

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