Monday, February 06, 2006

I Heart Coffee

I never thought I would love a beverage this much. And I blame my husband for this. My ex used to drink alot of coffee when we were married. He works for EMS and they pull 24 hour shifts, so the need is there for caffiene at times. I would drink an occasional cup in cold weather, but never really craved it.

My husband? He would fix a cup first thing before he even took a decent full breath. He showed me how incredibly cool it was to just sit and drink a cup while watching headline news. I used to avoid caffiene at all costs. Wouldn't let it pollute my system as I was healthy and all that rot. Now? My husband has been gone for over a month with the Navy. (You SO don't want me to get into that one right now). I find myself getting up and fixing a pot before I do anything productive. I even bought the coffee disposable cups from the store so I could take a cup with me when I take the kids to school. I fit in even better now with all the other parents. I have a minivan with at least two car seats. I wear shades to hide the fact I have no makeup on. I put on a headband to hide the fact my hair is not up to par. And I proudly hold my coffee cup along with 95% of the parents I pass each and every morning. You will find that some of us even raise our cups to each other in the "parent salute".

I think I started drinking more coffee just as a way to stay connected with my husband. Made me feel comforted knowing that he was doing the same thing. My quota is no more than 3 cups a day. In the morning know...just to the get the motivation to kick in.

Now if I could just get rid of the heart palpitations I get around noon.

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Crazy Me said...

Diet Coke is my coffee. It's the first thing I grab when I get out of bed, even before I smoke!

FYI - My Navy brother just got 14 hour notice that he is shipping out to Japan and then on to the gulf. 14 hours!!! Not cool, especially considering his wife, young daughter and newborn son left behind!