Sunday, March 05, 2006


Sir Rick, Master of the English language, Professor of Profanity 101, has tagged me to do another round of "SEVEN". I'll play along since the questions are different and thought provoking.

Seven Things to Do Before I Die
  1. See my children grow up.
  2. Learn how to swim.
  3. Build a house.
  4. Own a Land Rover.
  5. Shop when there's NOT a sale.
  6. Pay off all our debt.
  7. Quit laughing over #6.

Seven Things I Cannot Do

  1. Swim.
  2. Keep my mouth shut.
  3. Control my facial expressions.
  4. Deal with my ex.
  5. Turn my back on coffee.
  6. or chocolate
  7. Resist taking a nap if possible.

Seven Things That Attract me to Blogging

  1. I can run my mouth.
  2. I can write down what happens and maybe laugh about it.
  3. It's my personal corner of the universe.
  4. Therapy..the cheap way.
  5. Meeting other people who have issues, too. (stating no names here)
  6. Some family can keep up with what's going on.
  7. I can vent about the Navy.

Seven Things I Say Most Often

  1. Can I get a quote? (thanks to the new job)
  2. I will cut your butt if you do that again.
  3. You have GOT to be kidding me.
  4. Bless his/her heart.
  5. Do you mind?
  6. Dear me to.......
  7. I don't think so.

Seven Books I love

This one is impossible. I read too many to list any particular ones. I've read the Harry Potter ones more than once, so that should qualify them. And they're so freaking big, they should count for 3 sometimes.

Seven Movies/DVDs That I Watch Over and Over

  1. Fifth Element
  2. Men in Black (both)
  3. Dazed and Confused
  4. Sixteen Candles
  5. Top Gun
  6. Grease ( I can SO sing the smack out of Stockard Channing's song)
  7. Forrest Gump

Seven Celebs I Could Be Friends With

  1. Matthew Macoune....I have no idea how to spell it but I would love to hang out with him one time.
  2. Robin Williams
  3. Reese Witherspoon
  4. Oprah (cuz, dang, I want in on her favorite things)
  5. Madea (yeah, I know it's a man dressed in drag, but I LOVE those movies)
  6. Queen Latifah (she's the coolest, plain and simple)
  7. Rev. Billy Graham (just imagine)

Seven Friends I want to Join in

  1. Fred (I mean it)
  2. Mar (find time, girl)
  3. Jacinda (oh, go ahead and do it again!)
  4. Crazy Me (yeah, you too, girl)
  5. I'm blank now. Does this mean I'm not popular?


Crazy Me said...

I would love to join in but I just updated my blog but I will say, I would love to be friends with Oprah too. I bet she gives GREAT Christmas gifts!! LOL!

Pro-Divorce said...

How do you not know how to swim?