Monday, March 20, 2006

Second Verse, Same as the First.......

Yeah, this country song life of mine just keeps getting more award winning. I can feel my Southern twang getting richer and fuller every single day.

Second Verse, same as the first......
  • My van started messing up. After a few consults it was decided that maybe it was the alternator. It was. I called the Kia place and took it in. They fixed it pronto.
  • Next day, said van left me beside the road as the engine ran hot. I was on the way to take the girls to the dentist. Paige's anxiety level sky rockets as I call the KIA place in order to see just what in the (loss of religion word) they did to my van the day before. My mother comes to get the girls as I sit for an hour and half beside the road waiting on the tow truck.
  • Just minutes before the tow truck arrived, one man stopped. The whole time I sat there and no one stopped. What is the world coming to?
  • Because I was stranded at the Kia place and could not take the day off and do personal stuff as planned, my business partner comes and picks me up in the charter bus. Very cool. Yet, I had to ride all afternoon to meetings. Between stops I had to pick up the girls and they thought they were royalty having a vehicle with 6 televisions screens AND a potty on board. Talk about tired.
  • Oh, and it was the Kia's place fault. They stripped a hose or something. I did get it back the same day along with an intense flirt session from the service manager. Ick. He told me to tell my husband he would take care of me while he was gone. Double Ick. Whatever. At least he washed my van for me.
  • Paige was sick. Good thing? I called the doctor and told them what was going on and they simply let me diagnose her since we go through this every 6 months. Saved me a doc's visit and some money.
  • And last....the washing machine decided to play Niagara Falls. And all the laundry that was done? Got soaked. I had around 10 loads of laundry to tackle....again. That really broke the camel's back.

Yeah, it was a week....again. My job is getting ready to take off with April approaching. We have to make "appearances" at the games of the teams we have contracts with. Some I can handle since we have extremely good seats as part of the contract. One ball team even has us a box reserved ! No public potties for us. My husband was very excited to learn about our third base front row seats. That we have for the entire season.

My mother in law should hopefully be planning to head this way soon to stay for a while. I am looking so forward to her coming. Another adult in the house to have some decent conversation with sounds like heaven. Because, contrary to Paige's belief...she isn't grown.

My company is planning on purchasing a new charter bus. So why am I choking over the 500K price tag on that bad boy??? Gives me the freaking willies just thinking about. But, hey, it is going to be a sweet deal to ride in. The head partner...who has all the experience......that man can dream big. I gotta hand it to him.

So I'm off to prepare for a new week of intense preparation of our Spring season. In the meantime, I gotta hit the dentist myself, find something that will ease Paige's allergies, keep up with the housework.....and hopefully talk to my husband is has been locked up in a submarine for a couple of days now. (Honey, can you stop playing Navy for a few and come check in?)

I'm not tired of blogging. It's just hard to find time to compose when you have an almost 2 year old in the computer chair behind you playing the bongos on your back.


Jacinda said...

What a life, Hope! What a life! I miss talking with you!!!!!!!

Crazy Me said...

I feel your pain about the blogging. I don't have a kiddo banging on my back but I have a slave driver boss that I have determined is trying to kill me!!