Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Where Things Don't Belong

Random thoughts about where things don't belong:

Paige lost her cell phone. After calling it to see if we could find it that way? It was in the VCR.

A stool in front of the washing machine. Hmmm. Open washing machine.....too many things to count floating around.

The Creme Brulee creamer I've discovered to go with my favorite beverage coffee? Poured out all over the floor.

The car keys? In the oven. In a pot of grease I keep for french fries. Keyless remotes DO NOT float in grease.

The last little piece of a block of cheese? In its zip up bag. Behind the t.v. With lots of things growing from it. Eww.

Remotes. Books. Magazines. Library books. Homework work book pages. Thrown behind the couch.

Box of wipes? In the commode.

Bottle of parmeson cheese? Shook out on top of the creamer.

The other shoe that belongs to the bestest and coolest pair of Wiggle bedroom shoes you ever saw? The kind that will make a two year old scream with glee? In the trashcan in the bathroom.

We've stopped getting upset over the new location of things in our house. It's become an adventure to see where something will turn up.

Man, I hate adventures sometimes.

1 comment:

Crazy Me said...

Seriously? In the VCR?!! WOW!