Wednesday, September 06, 2006

A Conversation with Paige

I feel sorry for Paige sometimes. I really do. Her world right now is completely black and white. No gray no where to be found. Almost two weeks ago Paige had everything taken from her. Yes, I pulled a Dr. Phil. When I went to get her bedclothes to wash and fell twice between the door and her bed....I got extremely irate. I cleaned her room. Took me four hours. We had a "Come to Jesus" meeting when she got home from school. Life was not good around this house. Fast forward to last night. She's gotten her stuff back. She's happy ...for about 30 seconds. Her "friend" Dustin called. He's off restriction, too. YAY! Here's the conversation that followed.

Setting: We're all at the table eating supper. Paige is to my left.

Paige: Dustin and I get to talk again! I'm so happy we're both off of restriction. I felt naked without my cell phone.

Mom: Did you tell Dustin you got all your stuff back barring your mouth doesn't overload your butt?

Paige: Huh?

Mom: ~repeat above sentence~

Paige: Huh?

Mom: ~repeat above sentence~

Paige: I don't get it. What are you saying?

Fred: Do you know what the word barring means, Paige?

Paige: Is that the same thing as clubbing but with more alcohol?

Oh, Sweet Lord. She was serious. I sat there for at least 3 full seconds before I started laughing.......and couldn't stop.

Fred: No, Paige, that's BARHOPPING.

I gave up on the conversation after that.


OneHungMan said...

God, that's great. YoungHung is still too young to have the 'come to Jesus' talks. Naturally, OneHung gives them, it's just the YoungHung ignores them.

Glad life seems to be getting back to normal.

How is that beautiful little girlfriend of mine doing?

Crazy Me said...

That's funny! I wish I had time for some bar hopping!