Wednesday, September 20, 2006

It's all Good, I guess.....

My mother in law left this morning after being here for two months. ~sigh~ I miss her already. Yes, I'm serious. She was such a HUGE help getting settled and into a routine of sorts. She was my partner at night when playing computer games. She taught my son sit in the corner for punishment. She got him started on using the potty. She tried her best to teach Makenna to put her shoes in her room when she takes them off.....I hate to say I think she failed at that one. She let Paige cook hotdog weinies on the George Foreman grill. Have you ever tried that? They are seriously good that way.

We had only been moved for a couple of weeks when she arrived. I still had many boxes left to unpack and sort through. We had no routine to speak of. So, in getting settled, we settled in with her as part of our lives and routines. Fred went out to sea and half-way through, came back in with an injury*. She considered going back home then, but we convinced her to stay. This was a perfect opportunity for her to spend time with her own baby...time she hadn't really had alot of in the past 16 years.

She helped me to discover the world of cheese. There were...and I counted.....8 different types of cheese in my fridge at one time. I'm not sure if I appreciate knowing that now I will have block mozzarella....provolone...and shredded Parmesan on hand because they taste good cooked in just about anything.

We were blessed to have tasted the bestest home made lasagna in the entire free world....TWICE. I wouldn't trade that for anything.

When I told her how much I was going to miss her....she told me it was time for us to be a family. Then I told her at least we knew now that if she had to come live with us when she was old and feeble...we could get along. She agreed.

She taught me that I can teach my kids how to act but in the end, it's their choice if they do it or not. No need to be embarrassed by their actions. I'm not saying I won't smack 'em if they forget their manners....or if they (they meaning Paige) decide to back talk an adult. It just helps to know I'm not the only parent to ever have to deal with it.

Yeah, Mrs. M., I'm gonna miss you.

Same time next year? I'll book your flight.

* Yes, Fred injured his knee. I can't post about it yet....because that would involve another "GOD, the Navy is SO stupid and negligent" post....and I'm just not in the mood.

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