Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Love Taps

We try to teach our kids not to hit another person. That it's violence and if they get into the habit, they'll end up in jail later on in life with an assault charge.

Now Paige has what I call a "free hand". She's quick to hit her siblings when they disobey her or just tick her off. But, this is teaching Makenna and Vitt to think quick...move quick. More often than not...she misses the mark.

Last year my friend Patty who teaches at Makenna's old school said she was standing in the hallway talking with another teacher. It was between classes and the hallway was full of students going in both directions. All of a sudden, she felt this pop on her butt. She turns quickly and as she scans the hall.....she sees Makenna looking over her shoulder grinning. Patty was the recipient of a good old fashioned love tap.

I also have a habit of having a free hand. I won't hesitate to pop my hubby on the butt when he walks by or I walk by him. I do it without thinking. I can guarantee you it's full of love, though, when I let that hand fly.

As I was standing in one of the kitchens* this son went running by. As he flew by to the other side of the house, I felt this pop on my butt. I couldn't help but grin. Then I heard the sweet little slap of bare feet on a tile floor coming back my way. I stood still to see if I would be fortunate enough to get another.......

I was. Got another love tap as he flew by.

So my wish for you this Wednesday is for you to give your own little love tap to someone special.....and remember to enjoy the ones you get.

* Have I mentioned how I love this house? I have two of everything due this being that sweet thing called a conversion unit. I've taken one kitchen and turned it into my laundry room. Pure heaven, folks.

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